Saturday, 18 October 2008

At last PROPER football is back!

Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased that England came out of the International week with six points and are top of the group but I'm more pleased that it's over and we can concentrate on some PROPER football again.

The International week bores me and the propaganda that comes with it bores me even more. At the moment in the eyes of the hypocritical English press England are heroes and world-beaters, how soon will that change?

I love England but I love Arsenal a whole lot more. I find it difficult to support England when I see the team sheet. It would make me a hypocrite to support any non-Arsenal players when at the weekend I see them playing for the Manchester United's or Chelsea's and I want them to fall flat on their arses!

Someone at work asked me if I had a choice of England winning the World Cup or Arsenal winning the League what would I choose. My answer of course was Arsenal being champions and I'm sure most Gooners across the globe would reply the same given that question.

I think that the fans supporting England nowadays are most likely to be supporters of clubs from the lower leagues or fans of clubs with a low status. It may sound arrogant but most fans from the big four and the other clubs competing around them just want players to come back injury free from these Internationals. In theory the Arsenal's, Liverpool's etc have bigger fish to fry.

It's good to be looking forward to an Arsenal game again. The feeling of being at the Emirates is back and what a feeling that is! I'm sorry but England games don't compare to this, proper football is back and let's hope that Arsenal get back to winning ways.

Keep it Goonerish..............


Anonymous said...

Can't see us winning today with some good difference.

AussieGoon said...

Great article and I one I completly agree with.

I'm Australia and I while I'll never see them have the chance of winning a world cup given a choice I'd say Arsenal.

2-1 today fellas!

Anonymous said...

aussiegoon needs to learn how to spell.

Anonymous said...


Danish Gooner said...

Has Wenger gone mad claiming Walcott has the edge on Messi not even your worst alcoholic would claim that.

Anonymous said...

100% agree