Friday, 24 October 2008

It works both ways Arsene!

Arsene Wenger has spoken of a lack of noise at the Emirates and while I'll admit that the match-day atmosphere could be improved greatly, I think he has a different motive behind his statement.

I don't really think its the noise issue that bothers him, the atmosphere at Arsenal has been the same throughout his time at the club. I think that Wenger feels Gooners don't have enough belief in the squad, he badly wants us to believe in this squad as much as he does.

Wenger has built a squad that is huge on talent and potential, but in my honest opinion I think we are still a little short. We are 90% there and deep down I'm sure Le Boss thinks so as well. Why else would he have tried to sign Alonso on dead-line day?

The lack of support comment from Arsene is harsh. We have supported everything that Arsene Wenger has done at the club and in recent years we have been very supportive despite a lack of silverware. We have been patient while Arsene rebuilds his latest side and I think he forgets that.

Of course you will get grumbling from the fans, I grumble about Arsenal but its only because I care about and love the club. I think Arsene Wenger needs to realise how lucky he is too have such support from fans because the situation can easily turn. Had Wenger been in charge of Chelsea, Manchester United or even Tottenham, I'm sure there would have been many calls for his head over the lack of silverware in recent years.

We are lucky too that we have such a great manager and thats why we are patient and understanding of what Wenger is trying to do at Arsenal. We realise that the squad is young and needs time, thats why we understand about a lack of trophies.

However, Wenger wants his side to deliver NOW so there are no excuses anymore about the side being young. It's time for the side to win things again and all it needs is one trophy and the rest will follow.

I'm prepared to throw all my weight behind the side and support them (like I always have) to the best of my ability. The side needs our support but the side needs to deliver. It works both ways!

Keep it Goonerish.......


Ole Gunner said...

3rd Day in a row I'm back to disagree with you. Did Wenger really complain about a lack of noise? Or did he say that we have to support the team and stop moaning even if I paraphrase? They are 2 different things.

Anyway, I can count 200 teams in the country much worse than ours who get strong vocal support. I don't think we can predicate supporting the club on anything other than the players and manager doing their best.

Gaff said...

Great blog. Agree 100% with you...

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Wrighty7 said...


Wenger told the meeting: "You are all very quiet, a little bit like the game on Saturday. It is a recession mood, but it will not last - do not worry."

Josh said...

wenger is right. the emirates is a pile of cr*p when it comes to atmosphere. but its also the fault of the club. when you only have one section who is truly supporting the team, and you respond by telling them that they must all stop standing, its sending out a messege. the emirates now has a situation where your the weird one if you stand up and sing and opposed to doing nothing as if your in front of a tv. ive had people grabbing my jacket and pulling me to my seat because im standing up and singing! and due to the fact that i end up in confrontation with fellow 'arsenal supporters' (i presume a season ticket means they do actually support arsenal), ive been turning down the chance to get tickets for a lot of games. why pay 50pounds to have arguements over how people should be singing. ive almost given up and its a sorry state of affairs that people like me are stopping going, whilst the silent season ticket holders remain, albeit for 80mins of the game.
my only solution is that at the end of every season, season ticket holders are moved around the stadium into singing groups an non singing groups. that way, as those who initially arent bothered with singing see how good it is in the singing area, soon the whole stadium, or 75% will be singing. plus there will be no complaints over people standing up and singing, because your in the singing section...
makes sense to me. but then again who am i but a digruntled arsenal fan. arsenal wont change a thing and emirates will go down the pan and will be known as the worst, not the best stadium in the country.

gazzap said...

to be honest even if Arsenal were top of the league and playing perfect football I doubt you'd see a great atmosphere at Emirates. The noisy fans are either gone or too spread out to make a difference, or being told to sit down all the time.
at times I am the only person singing within 10 rows of me. its disgraceful to be honest but thats the type of fan that is at Arsenal these days. maybe ticket prices have not helped the situation either.
But wenger has got a cheek having a go at the fans. he has to look at himself first.

chakravo said...

No, I don't think it works both ways. We can moan all we want, criticize Wenger's decisions (and God knows some of his recent ones have been a wee bit touched), BUT when we are at the Emirates (or away support) we need to bring the house down. The team doesn't really need us when they are playing well; they need us when they are not.

Wrighty7 said...

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Gaf said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Wenger, try managing fans expectations better, you could hardly be any worse at it. Everyone knows we're short quality in key positions. We don't follow blindly when you make blunders. When you screw it up, we'll let you know. And yeah, the intimate atmoshpere at Highbury you ended. Ever been to a big stadium, it's like having a big wake.

71and2004 said...

Those of us that pine for the atmosphere of yesteryear need to realise it isn't likely to be like that again. Standing in the North Bank/Clock end jumping up and down and surging back and forth as the Arse attacked was great fun and generated noise and passion. Seats ruined that for the most part - although it is still possible to leap around and make noise in seats if you aren't told not to...I can remember Dennis scoring his hat trick at Leicester and leaping over about 4 rows of seats like everyone else - imagine doing that at the Emirates? However it can happen (look at Fenerbache on you tube) - you need all like minded people together so maybe if Arsene wants noise he could arrange it?? Whilst he's at it he could also get rid of stewards in that area of the ground, reserve it for 'the lads',let us bring in flags and stuff and give everyone a few free pints before the game??