Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Who do they look up too?

Some conversations stick in your mind and inspire you. Gael Clichy has revealed how Dennis Bergkamp gave him some advice and it spurred him on, eventually he won a first team place.

Looking at the current squad it is full of talent but has a lack of experienced heads to pass on some much needed advice.

We need players who have been there and done it. Players like Bergkamp and Vieira, players who know how to win things.

Some Gooners doubt Gallas but he is one of few in the squad that actually can pass on their knowledge.

Arsene Wenger is building a very talented squad but they need leadership. In previous Wenger sides we have had several leaders in the side at once. Take the invincibles, that side was full of leaders, players that the youngsters could look up too.

I've never had the privilege of being a professional footballer but I can't imagine there is anything better than training and taking advice from someone like Dennis Bergkamp.

We need more leaders.

Keep it Goonerish......


Bill said...


Anonymous said...

They look up to the great....Emmanuel Eboue.

You couldn't wish for a better role model as a youngster, showing you how NOT to do things.

the shrink said...

Thats the problem

maybe we dont need an experienced player but an experienced coach
EG striking coach
that used to play for arsenal and won things and can encourage others to stay

for example DB our number 10

Anonymous said...

There are three key implements that all combined together deliver a club silverware.

1. The hunger of talented Youth

2. The knowledge of Experience

3. The passion of Leadership

We have 1 in abundance but 2 and 3 are extinct at the club.

Every team needs a passionate leader, some one who can motivate on the field. Terry is mr Chelsea. Gerrard is mr liverpool, giggs and neville are mr manu. Who is mr aresnal??

Experience is essential. Players who have been there and done it and know all the tricks in the book are what we lack.

The youth are talented but they flap when things arent going their way. They are more likely to do the wrong things at the wrong time. e.g. passing instead of shooting in the box.

Experienced players would calm the situation down and the kids would develop much quicker with the guidance of an old head.

Fabregas, Clichy, RVP seemed to develop at light speed with the likes of henry campbell pires bergkamp and vieira around.

They are yet to have reached their own peak and are the ones that others look up to now. The burden is too big.

And without the presence of a strong leader to gel it all together on the pitch we cant expect too much too soon. None of them have won anything. They dont know how to win any other way then plan A.

Anonymous said...

Many young players have titled out the mentioned Clichy, and Kolo Toure as people they look up to when training.

Anonymous said...

clichy and toure werent key players then. They havent won anything since we lost all the players mentioned so they cant have that much of an influence can they?

Clichy may have seemed to have been around for ages but lets not forget he's only just breaking into the french side now. Although hes a great player he cannot be classed as experienced. He hasnt played the game at every level.

norman said...

Gallas is a flop, a calamity at the back. It's a pity lord wenger gave him the captain armband with the likes of Kolo Toure and Fab 4 present in the team. My friends supporting Chelsea often say their old used scrap came to Arsenal and was given the captain band automatically. I think it's sheer folly by wenger.

I hate Gallas, i think he should be booed when he returns to the squad.

Wonderboy said...

Hey Norman, you're a fucking wanker!

Anonymous said...

totally agree wrighty7.

the team need people with experience of we wont win a thing.

Anonymous said...

Norman. You really are a norman. Go support chelsea with your mates if you want to boo someone. Booing your own players, except if there england internationals, is out of order. it doesnt make them play any better it just makes most of the team realise that fans like you are cunts.

leon said...

i feel that in defence there is no shotege of experience there with gallas toure and silvester and clichy,in midfield arsenal most experiened player risisky is injured and so there is only fab and thats alot of pressure to him,delison and diaby have little but are not realy leaders,but i feel will bring in somepne with some experience and great leader but i think people confuse age with experience to mush and the bottom line some players can handle the presure and some cant

Anonymous said...

kolo should have stepped up into a leader,attacking balls greater an bein more inspirational afterall he was there when viera keown campbell were at their best,instead of becoming the new heart he has performed like a dodgy lung