Tuesday, 7 October 2008


You are a journalist and it's international week, nothing much is happening, nothing really to report on. So what do you do? Whip up a story from the past and watch everyone go mental about it!

The story that Cesc Fabregas dreams of a return to Barcelona is about as old as my pants. Of course he will return to Barcelona one day, I think most Gooners accept that.

This news has recycled itself time and time and it's starting to get boring. Fabregas is very committed to Arsenal, he says it enough and I thoroughly believe the man.

I don't think we need more assurances from Fabregas about his Arsenal future, I'm already assured. The Spanish media love to stir it up and act like whores in my eyes. They are like unofficial agents, trying to whore a move.

Fabregas wants to win things like any top player, but he also enjoys his football at Arsenal. He can win things at Arsenal and he knows it.

He won't be going anywhere anytime soon, but a day will come when Cesc will leave Arsenal. But Arsenal will still be standing, Arsenal remain bigger than anyone.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

i like it wrighty, u speak the truth,

Anonymous said...

In two years (2010/11 season) out goes Cesc Fabregas, the Legend, incomes Jack Wilshere.

Anonymous said...

The media have an obsession with Arsenal, they are always trying to shoot us down - They must be a jealous bunch of know fuck all reporters. That Sunday supplement, they talk utter shite, they are all Man Utd fans - no wonder they always slate us

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it's hard to mask the fact that the clubs prospects haven't improved much since last season. I'd be listening very carefully and bring in some quality to support cesc.

Anonymous said...

paper crap as usual

Anonymous said...

Cesc loyalty to this club will depend on our succes.....

Anonymous said...

fuck fabregas the little spic

Anonymous said...

well said wrighty. wat a load of codswollop. paper sales must be down due to credit crunch. they gotta write something. Cesc aint going anywhere. we got him tied down to a massive long term contract, i think he got 6 years left. he wont go anywhere while wenger is here til 2011 for definate and even then depending on whether we are winning trophies he still may not leave.

Dont forget. It was always Henrys dream to play in spain but cos we were winning cups he dint go anywhere til he hit 30.

Same with vieira, every year he was linked with a move and he stayed til his best years were behind him.

Even if he does decide to leave in the next few years the length of his contract will demand a massive transfer fee. And we'll have ramsey and jacky boy coming through then so dont worry gooners.

Goonaman said...

I think Fab's future is tied to Arsene Wenger, not Arsenal.

Last comment, what a mug you are!

Goonaman said...

I mean the anon 21:06 comment!

Anonymous said...

Ramsey as good as Fabregas, and his british

Anonymous said...


Face it, the little shites off next summer, you'll except less than 20million for him and you'll be fucked cos the rest of the team is pathetically overrated and are a bunch of egotistical softies. you wont have the money to replace him cos your board will pocket the cash before they all naff of to switzerland and leave you at the hands of a corrupt russian who will rape the club piece by piece on his way to making a profit for himself. Your a feeder club now so face facts and deal with it. arsenal is a stepping stone you never keep any of your players anymore. why?? because your rubbish and cant, wont and dont win naff all.

Anonymous said...

the thing is,if man city rate him at 60 mill then barca will have to match that offer,somehow i dont think so!

Anonymous said...

white hart warrior lol,your goin down mate ,end of........top 4 your having a laugh

Anonymous said...

White Hart Warrior. Hahahahaha!!! Sorry, I'm trying to hahahah be serious, its just that...hahahahahhahahahhahaha... I'm looking the EPL league table, and trying to take your comments seriousely and...hahahahah!!!!!!! oh my god I've pissed myself..gotta go!!!

Marko said...

It's always been the same rubbish and then Fabregas comes out and says he never made any comments. In the summer those fucking dicks at Madrid said they had approached Fabregas about a move to Real and then Cesc came out and said he had been on holiday and came back and read the nonsense. There was once a time when I believed that for sure he would be eventually go back to Barca but when you hear him talk about Arsenal and about how happy he is sometimes I don't know, he could stay till he's at least late late 20's or 30 by which time Ramsey and Wilshere will be the dog's bollocks. I think his future might be related to that of Wenger but something in my gut tells me there's still one more contract left in Wenger. I mean who wouldn't want to win titles with Wilshere, Cesc, Walcott, Ramsey and others who are coming through. I mean the biggest person at our club is without doubt Wenger.

Anonymous said...

White Hart Wanker ooops warrior is a comedian...laughing my socks off at a team that sells its best strikers oodles of dosh and buys ermmm a third rate crouch as replacement??????? ha bleeding ha...80 million quid spent and 2 points in return? wow!!!! thats superb tactical brilliance eh

Anonymous said...

s a radio interview. A live radio interview. This was not a newspaper recycyling a story or made up quotes. Unless you want to claim that they had the worlds best Cesc impersonator on the air. He said it alright. It doesn't mean he will definitely leave at the end of the season. He didn't say that but he was very vague and non-committal and given recent results, the timung was bad and the comment stupid - and that is the kindest interpretation.

Deal with it folks. It's not made up.

Goons_with_Guns said...

In other news, today, Andri Arshavin and Samuel Appiah were signed to title-seeking club Arsenal for a paltry total sum of 17m pounds sterling.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty said:

You are a journalist and it's international week, nothing much is happening, nothing really to report on. So what do you do? Whip up a story from the past and watch everyone go mental about it!

Wrong. Cesc was on Spanish radio satation RAC-1 in Barcelona at 7pm on Oct 6th. It was a live on-air radio interview. These are new quotes and they are verbatim. He said, "I am fine at Arsenel for now. I chose to stay at the club because I want to win trophies and I am focussed on giving my maximum to this, but next year we will see. At the moment Barcelona is playing cinematic football..." etc etc etc

He also said in perhaps a more telling quote than the vague one above which doesn't clearly state that he will leave but certainly doesn't make him sound too committed either way, that he really misses Alex Hleb because you could pass to him and you would know that you would get the ball back where you wanted it. It has been cblindingly obvious for most of this seasons games that Fabregas is running around with his arms out, wide open, calling for the ball and in the current midfield, often times not getting it, he isn't enjoying playing with people that he has zero on field synchronicity with.

Anonymous said...

Several points:

I suspect Cesc often says "diplomatic" things because he wants to play for Spain, such as being "flattered" by real madrid's interest when as a Catalan he would probably rather eat his own sh!t than play for them.

Secondly, he very recently said he could see himself finishing his playing career at Arsenal, and somehow I don't think he's quite as fickle as some of the "Gooners" we see on the boards so regularly.

Thirdly, way too many "Gooners" seem to actually want Cesc to leave to "prove" their point.

It's rather sad really, and sometimes I wonder whether they aren't actually spurs supporters on a wind up.

I just find it difficult to believe that Arsenal fans could be quite as stupid as some of them insist on coming across as being.

Furthermore, all we've seen are some newspaper reports of an apparent radio interview.

Personally I think all journalists are scum of the worst order, and I struggle to believe one if they claim the sun will rise in the morning.

I also tend to have a rather large dose of scepticism about people who make claims about what was said and quite how it was said in an apparent interview.

Quotes are not always accurate, are often twisted or taken out of context, and in some recent cases we have seen (Freddie), completely made up.

So far Cesc has said on the official Arsenal site that he can see himself finishing at Arsenal.

I'd believe that way before I'd believe some "report" of an apparent radio interview and/or some anonymous posters claiming they've heard what he's said etc.

More hysteria in the boring international break, fed on by gullible and drama-addicted fans.


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry that reality is so hard for you to deal with. People telling you the facts, can be written off as drama-addicts if you like, but what does the fact you can't cope with the truth say about you? Look he didn't say he would leave, the comment was ambiguous and vague. The comment about Hleb wasn't.

Don't want to believe a "drama-addict" like me? - try http://www.cescfabregassoler.com

it is Cesc Fabregas' official site. Yep. It says clearly in black and white that he will give a live on-air interview on RAC-1 at 7pm Oct 6th. That'll be the "apparent" radio interview. Yes I did listen to it. If you want to know what was said in spanish -

Decidí darlo todo por el Arsenal y no tiro las cosas así como así, me gustaría intentar ganar más títulos aquí, aunque el año que viene, ya veremos

and make your own translation rather than relying on the UK press (though they've been pretty accurate and fair) then go ahead.

I don't want Cesc to leave Arsenal and I was genuinely troubled by the tone of the interview and disappointed by the fact he was vague and left the door wide open to these types of stories, which I knew would do the rounds. I don't know that it was his intention, I think it more likely it was a poor choice of words BUT this "oh he didn't say it, someone made it up, it's just the media crap - is pretty unhelpful because it's just not reality.

Anonymous said...

And here's one last question for you Mike and I say this as a fan of Cesc's and a gooner who wants him to stay. What's diplomacy and what's truth? The stuff he says that we don't like that's the diplomacy and the stuff he says that we want to hear that's the truth? Is it? Are you sure? How do you tell? What if he told them the truth and we are getting the diplomacy? I'm not saying that is the case. I'm just saying in a world this small when you tell everyone what they want to hear, it gets so know one can tell when you are actually telling the truth.

I wont post anymore, suffice it to say, this interview really pissed me off because after recent rsults I felt the timing really sucked and that he owed it to Arsene not to be so damn vague and to make a comment that implied his committment has an 8 month time limit on it.

I admit I could happily slap him up the side of the head, but that sure as f**k doesn't make me a spud, so save your insults.

Anonymous said...

by the time cesc leaves (hopefully much later on in his career) we will allready have aaron ramsay as a complete player and also fran merdia whos suppose to be the next fabregas

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:56 & 8:17

Who said I can't "accept reality"?

I take it that's YOUR reality and YOUR "reading" of the situation.

We have had exactly the same rubbish thrown at us season after season, so I am just not interested in all the little drama queens like yourself who are so determined to make it an issue, season after season, transfer window (and not) after transfer window.

Yes, he'll leave one day.

This season? Next season? 5 years? When he retires?

Who cares, but we had this same story last season, and the season before, so excuse the rest of us, but I think quite a few people are tired of the headless chicken stuff that you and your ilk insist on foisting on everyone else.

So what if he DID give an interview?

If he leaves, he leaves, but we continually get told that he's leaving, then he comes out and says he isn't.

Yes, TH did the same thing, but he had personal issues to cope with as well.

Nothing we can do is going to change anything, and I'm sure he does miss his mate(s), that's life.

We have "reports" on this apparent radio interview, and your anonymous word for it.

Excuse me if I am:

A. A tad sceptical seeing as this is not the first time we've had this sort of "story" waved at us.

B.Not particularly interested in checking it's veracity i.e I really couldn't be bothered whether there was or wasn't an interview and exactly what he did or didn't say.

When I see Cesc live on Sky saying he wants to leave, then fine, he wants to leave, and guess what, there won't be much I can do about it.

Throwing toys out the cot won't help either.

There's way too much "cry wolf" going on, so traipsing out with this sort of story is not going to buy you a lot of credibility or interest, true or not.

I don't really care if you're mortally offended that I and others are not running around like headless chickens and slitting our wrists.

You'll be right one day.

I don't really care when.

Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

I just can't be bothered to get all hysterical about it, and I am certainly not going to start booing him and slagging him off just yet.


goonerbob said...

Mike you're the one being hysterical and acting like a 5 year old with your hands over your ears going "lalalala"

The person you are abusing never said Fab said he would leave. All they said was the interview was real. That it's not a media beat-up. There was a radio interview. They also provided proof so you don't just have to take their word for it but you are still attacking them. Why attack a gooner for not having liked something Fab said? Your loyalty to Fab is just too blind.

That's not their version of the truth and they didn't create this story. I checked there was a radio interview, it checks out.

How about you have the maturity to accept it. The quotes were real and "anonymous"( I hate anonymous posters I admit)was disappointed by them, as a lot of gooners would be. So what.

You can act like if it isn't on skysport it aint real mate lol good luck in your dreamworld.

Now calm the fcuk down. Have a cuppa.

Anonymous said...


I initially made a statement that encompassed several of the posts on this and other blogs.

One poster got particularly upset about my comments.

I responded.

This is not a case of me being "hysterical" (are you in politics by any small chance).

I just stated that many people like myself, are tired of the continual "chicken little" stuff that gets churned out on such a tiringly regular basis.

It is also not a "lalalala" hands over the ears stuff. I just don't choose to get excited about it and start slagging the player off, whether he said it or not.

Btw, everything he's provided is STILL something that has been reported, and reports are done by? Yes, that's correct, journalists.

That's not to say that some of them aren't correct once in a while, but how many times have we been told Cesc is leaving?

How many times has he left so far?

Can you understand why some of us might not feel this is earth-shattering news?


Anonymous said...

and tell me Goonerbob, why are you so desperate that I should take this story seriously?

Do you have some sort of "investment" in Gooners getting all huffy about this?

Do you understand why I think some of these posts might be spurs fans on a wind up?

Or are you and your pals so desperate for company in your headlessness?


goonerbob said...

Mate I don't believe he'll leave but I agree with a bit of what the anonymous poster said. They posted his official site as a source for the radio interview er... does your hysterical paranoia and denial run so deep that you think journalists have hi-jacked Fab's official site and are lying about press he has scheduled? FFS

It was bad timing, it was ambiguous, I don't think much should be made of it but I think he left the door wide open for this. Fab chose to do this interview . He hadn't even joined up with Spain when he gave it. It wasn't team related press. It was something he did under his own steam. We always get this shit when he goes to Spain because he always goes over there and does media. Far more media than he does in the UK and I think he would do really effing well to limit his press in Spain to discussion of the national team. He should avoid talking about club stuff to the spanish media but he doesn't. It doesn't mean hes leaving but it isn't smart.

Now climb out of your own backside mate and stop assuming everyone with a rational view of the world is a Spud. FFS you are doing their fans far too much credit. Not all gooners are blind and irrational.

I wouldn't boo Fab if he did leave and I wouldn't slag him off I'm not one of these effing morons who thinks thats a mature way to behave so I'm not suggesting you should behave like that and it's kind of pathetic you think that's a possible response.

That doesn't change the fact that you should take your head out of your backside and accept that your precious perfect Fab has been saying stupid things and it wasnt necessary.

I repeat I never said he is leaving and anonymous never said he was leaving. Your response is always to say that people are saying he'll leave like headless chickens. THEY'RE NOT. They're saying hes doing stupid interviews making vague comments and causing this fall out at a time when the club doesn't need it. He may well stay forever. Still doesn't mean this isn't effing stupid.