Sunday, 5 October 2008

Are you going to miss the North London derby when Tottenham Hotspur are relegated?

Oh how the Spuds laughed at us last week but now they have been left with egg on their faces. All week I have suffered taunting from several Spuds I know over the Hull City defeat.

"It won't happen to us, the Lane is a fortress!"

"The season starts with Hull, we are too good for bottom place"

"Hull? We'll smash them, they are shit"

The Spuds were last relegated from the top flight in 1977, there is every chance they could suffer a similar fate this season.

There is a saying that goes around "We are too good to go down." I've heard it a lot lately but the fact of the matter is that the Spuds aren't too good to get relegated. It could happen.

The Spuds are showing relegation form. Losing becomes a habit as does winning, the Spuds have developed a habit for losing. They are in big trouble.

I'll miss the north London derbies if the Spuds do suffer an embarrassing relegation but I won't be shedding any tears. I'll be laughing too much.

Keep it Goonerish..............


Anonymous said...

Ey up fella i posted on your site for the 1st time yesterday. i couldnt stand the amount of prats that were calling for your head so i had to give em a piece of my mind.

Put it this way fella the only thing that will cheer me up after another trophyless season would be to watch the spuds go down.

jlp said...


Anonymous said...

Every season we here the same. We are taking your place in the top four, and every season im left with a huge grin of my chops. They better savor the time they beat us 5-1 in the cup cos after this season cup games are the only chance they will have to play us. hahahahahhahhhhhhahaaaaaahhhaaaaaahhahhaahhaaaaaaaaa

Wrighty7 said...

Anon 17:26,

Thanks for that mate.

Legends 5-1 Scum said...

5-1, enuff said.

Anonymous said...

It will soon be 5-1 years since the
last League championship title.


Anonymous said...

legends 5-1 scum said...
5-1, enuff said.

No league wins since February. Enough said.

WeGunnerBeKings said...

Personally I would like to thank Totenham for their unique style and exceptional ability on the football pitch, style and grace so good that it can cheer up every gooner feeling low after our bad results. Bye bye spuds.

Here's a nice fact for the spuds bastards this is your worst season start since 1912.

Well done, to record breaking team!

Anonymous said...

spuds are my 2nd favorite team behind the arsenal . i love nothing better than to watch us play every weekend, then go home to watch the spud highlights. No matter how much the arsenal disapoint me. the spuds always put a smile on my face. Juande you are a legend keep up the good work. i find it histerical when they are playing shite and he starts shouting at them all from the dugout in spanish. i cant wait til we play them. that will be the game that will kick start our season. poor david bentley. he left blackburn to join a top 4 side. dont worry david, be patient, you will probably be in the top 4 next year. Of the championship.

Finestcuts said...

Hey Wrighty, if Spuds get relegated it would be a shame to lose the North London derby, but hey if they deserve to go down, then it's for the best, some teams need to leave every season to make way for winners from the Championship.

Next time someone tells you they're too good to go down. NOBODY is too good down, look at what happened to Leeds United, they were supposedly too good to go down.

Bouncing back up is no easy task either, you get a mass exodus of players leaving, it could even happen in January.

Tottenham are the new and more expensive Derby, I watched the game against Hull and they had no clue as to how to turn things around, Hull were determined to sit on that 1-0 scoreline and weren't budging, lots of scuffs and I don't see it getting better for them this season, they're already knee deep in the relegation zone, they need two wins and for Fulham to stay as they are.

Hull have had a dream start, and their next two games are winnable fixtures as well, early points in the bag is the key to winning another season in the Premier League, something Tottenham have not got. Where's their first win going to come from?

geez said...

I would very much miss the spuds games. It makes me laugh thinking about them getting relegated but I would sooner they didnt as the games v the arsenal are fantastic games we ALL look forward to (but not if we lose, haha). There is always one team that comes up from the championship that does really well up to november and that team this time appears to be hull. That same team is, as of today, my bet for relegation, you will see.
So, in answer to your question, yes I would miss the spurs N/L derby games but its hypothetical cos they wont get relegated.

Anonymous said...

It looks as if the spuds expended all of their energy winning the tin-pot cup! lol

Anonymous said...

What was Bentley's wise words to Theo?
Something like "if you want to get on in your career you need to leave Arsenal"

Mabbs said...

Ha ha ha, you're such a comedian Wrighty. Ramos will be asked to leave tonight if Levy has any sense whatsoever. I want Joe Kinnear and Chris Houghton.

DanCake said...

I would love to see them go down. In fact, I would hold that as high in regards as winning a trophy.

Dare I say it though - I believe they are too good to go down. :-P

Pedro said...


I just wonder if the Spurs baiting has gone too far?

I mean... they are people at the end of the day... they are seriously deluded people and we're all taking the piss out of them everyday non stop... does that make us a bit out of order?

I mean you wouldn't mock the sunshine bus would you?

Actually... fuck it! haha!



When he finally gets sacked, I hope he is knighted or something! No one can deny his services to football!

No more London derby, la laaaa la la OI!

Anonymous said...

At least they won't have to worry about a new ground!

Unless Hackney marshes is fully booked.

Anonymous said...


you scum are muppets. when we get our act together we'll win another trophy and do the double over you lot.Before you critisise our performances you better look at your own. you wont even qualify for champions league, how will it feel when the credit crunch whacks the lowbury flats and you lose millions, and are playing us in the uefa cup next season.

Anonymous said...

How the fuck are the Spuds going to get in he UEFA cup next season?

Your delusion holds no bounds!!

Stu said...

White Hart warrior,

you call arsenal fans muppets but look at all of ye spuds. You think we will be laying each other in the UEFA cup next year, championship teams arent allowed into Europe so shut it.

Its definately gonna happen. Spurs are sure to go down. Its in the cards

Wrighty7 said...

Your right Pedro, I should stop mocking the Spuds.

They are sort of human after all!


By the way, there is a Spud link on my site called White Hart Pain.

Its run by someone I know, he left a message on here. Mabbs is his name. I'm sure he'd like to know your views!

WeGunnerBeKings said...

White hart warrior you need to brush up on your football knowledge. You don't get into the uefa cup when your in the championship. Please don't delude yourself with aspirations of another cup. That's just sad dude!! I think its funny your checking out an arsenal blog I think your a closet fan!

Even if we don't sell the flats it is seperate debt from the club we can only benefit from that deal if it goes bust it does not effect the club toss pot!

About the champions league, when was spurs last visit in top flight european football.

But I would like to thank your club for cheering me up for the next couple of weeks. So dry your eyes mate, i know its hard to take but spurs are just shite!!!

Anonymous said...


Wenger wants you to be patient.

I think hes definately a spurs fan cos in 2-3years time your patience will see us finish above you.

Your kids are crap your teams overrated your debts are building up and your managers going insane.

You reckon we'll be the next leeds. When your finances cripple and you have to sell fabregas, you'll be the next leeds.

Danish Gooner said...

In 1912 Titanic sank.........oh well noone will miss Spurs.

WeGunnerBeKings said...

Your team is not in a good position for to be calling us the next leeds dip shit! And by the way its our profits that are going up not our debts. We have a mortgage and a damn good one with all interest frozen for the full term. Our club is in a very stable financial situation unlike other clubs like..... I don't know.... spurs!!!

There is something Derbyesque about Spurs this season.

Bye bye!!!

WeGunnerBeKings said...

I like the way you said ye will finish above us in 2-3 years. It will take at least one year to come back up to top flight.

Wrighty7 said...

Well said wegunnerbekings!

Anonymous said...


Your only covering your debts and making profit because you are getting champions league revenue. face facts your not qualifying this season. and when you dont you'll be stuffed. the money from the stadium alone wont cover costs. your profits rely on you qualifying for CL. Just as leeds relied on it. after this season its bye bye to fabregas then its a downward spiral.

but you lot keep believing your going to win the league. you havent won anything in 3.

we have.

WeGunnerBeKings said...

Listen mate we're in a champions league place at the moment ye're in a relegation position. So, my point is this, if the league ends the way it is now your fucked and we're gonna have great big 'ol laugh at spurs expense. So like I said before, dry your eyes mate, I know it's hard to take but spurs are just shit!

Quit while your behind!

WeGunnerBeKings said...

It's the new stadium giving the extra revenue. You know that big building down the road from shit hart lane. That amazing new stadium that we built. Thats why we're increasing profit. Your financial knowledge of Arsenal astounds me!

Anonymous said...


Your financial report was there for everyone to see.

Yes your mortgaged interest is fixed but the repayments on the loan is heavily reliable on the sale of the flats which you are losing money on.

The money you make a season covers your debt repayments and provides you with an extra 30milion approx but its more like 25mil.

But the CL earns you revenue of around 35mil. and thats if you make the final.

so my point is that the extra revenue the stadium is making, doesnt cover your costs. You rely heavily on CL and TV revenue. and you sell your players.

If you dont qualify you are instantly 10mil in debt for one season alone. and if the clubs property gamble backfires, which its going to because of the credit crunch, it means the repayments to the bank for the loan will last the full duration of 27years or so.

The club will be declared bankrupt and there will be a firesale.

your even cutting costs in the boardroom. dein and edelman have both gone and not been replaced cos you cant afford to

why do you think you cant spend any money on players. its not that wenger doesnt want to but he knows he cant. its money you dont have.

your a lame duck in a pond of billionaires, your fucked.

Chris said...

WHW, don't talk about things that you know nothing about, i.e Arsenal's finances, it just makes you look stupid.

Chris said...

"banktupt" LMAO!!! too funny

Chris said...

meant "bankrupt"

Wrighty7 said...

White Hart Warrior,

Spurs will be fucked when they get relegated. All that money you have spent will mean fuck all.

You wont be able to spend so big in the Championship because the TV money is all in the Premiership, where you wont be.

Fancy spending all that money this summer and being in a relegation dog-fight.

Must be heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...


90% of the flats are already sold. The credit crunch only affects the people who have little or no money anyway and have you seen the prices on those flats.

Arsenal are now a world wide household name with fan bases in africa america and all over europe. Spuds fanbase doesnt leave the UK.

The chances of us being declared bankrupt are about as slim as man utds and their debt is bigger than ours and rising.

Our debt repayments stay the same every year and we are officially richer than chelsea. 3rd behind only manu and real madrid.

How can you talk about firesales with the departures at your crap club in the summer.

get your stats right you muppet. your jealousy blinds your judgements. your clubs run by a group that couldnt run an orgy in a brothel.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov and Keane.

Who's the selling club?

Anonymous said...


Fuck off mate, you have no chance.... stop embarassing yourself.

Anonymous said...


Wrighty7 said...

No fucking racism on this site!


Anonymous said...

Fuck Off Wrighty7

WeGunnerBeKings said...

wrighty any chance of putting a link to my blog. I just started it. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Who's Wrighty7 - "Your a cunt" - Joe Kinnear's Black & White army "NO ASYLUM SEEKERS"

WeGunnerBeKings said...

I couldn't help but notice our spud friend is still mouthing. He really needs to get his facts straight and stop reading Mihir Bose blogg reports. More holes in his report than a block of swiss cheese. Even if arsenal went into debt it would be nothing compared to the debt of other clubs. Not only that there are a list of multi billionaires that want to buy Arsenal.

All the rich investors that want spurs.............. sorry I can't think of any but if there was they'll just wait till your relegated and get ye for fuck all!!!

Anonymous said...

Racist remarks like that will only get you docked points (if you had enough to dock that is).

Ho Ho Ho.

WeGunnerBeKings said...

Well done wrighty got rid af that racist prick

Wrighty7 said...

No probs matey!

WeGunnerBeKings said...

Cheers wrighty I stuck a link up for this blogg

Wrighty7 said...

Ta pal

Anonymous said...

Wrighty I have looked in my Arsenal dictionary and it doesn't know what relegation means.

Can any Spurs fans help?

Anonymous said...

Spurs will probably just survive & break into the top 4... of london teams!

Anonymous said...
spuds for relegation!

Kamsiak said...

just face the fact that MANCHESTER UNITED will retain the title.

Anonymous said...

you have the nerve to call spurs supporters Jews, when u lot are run by a bunch of fucking penny pinching yids anyway, you cockney cunts

WeGunnerBeKings said...

any chance I could plug my blog wrighty just got my first post up. Could do with a little publicity.

WeGunnerBeKings said...
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Anonymous said...

"Wrighty I have looked in my Arsenal dictionary and it doesn't know what relegation means.

Can any Spurs fans help?"

I can it happened to a certain bunch of wandering scumbags back in our current favourite year of 1912 lets just hope history repeats itself.

Maybe they won't have enough cash to bribe their way back next time.