Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A Spurs fan says Arsenal are a feeder club?!!!!

I've probably made this Spud's day by using his/hers/its comment as a reason for writing this article. Parts did make me laugh, mainly because of the content and the delusional aspect that the Spuds really have.

"Face it, the little shites off next summer, you'll except less than 20million for him and you'll be fucked cos the rest of the team is pathetically overrated and are a bunch of egotistical softies. you wont have the money to replace him cos your board will pocket the cash before they all naff of to switzerland and leave you at the hands of a corrupt russian who will rape the club piece by piece on his way to making a profit for himself. Your a feeder club now so face facts and deal with it. arsenal is a stepping stone you never keep any of your players anymore. why?? because your rubbish and cant, wont and dont win naff all."

Of course White Hart Warrior, protector of all things Tottenham is referring to Cesc Fabregas, his/her/its wisdom is astounding. We should all bow down to White Hart Warrior as clearly he/she/it has the knowledge that us mere Gooners do not possess.

The part of the comment that made me laugh was the feeder club jibe. I'm sorry White Hart Warrior but you are in no position to comment on Arsenal being a feeder club when it's blatantly obvious that Tottenham are Manchester United's feeder club.

It must be horrible buying players knowing after a couple of decent seasons Fergie starts sniffing around, the players head gets turned and as quick as they have arrived they are up the motorway to Manchester.

How can Arsenal be a feeder club? Are you referring to players like Henry and Vieira? Players who were at Arsenal for years and when Le Boss had seen the best of them allowed the player to leave on his terms.

I know whats coming next, Hleb and Flamini. The difference between those two, Henry and Vieira is that Hleb and Flamini had their heads turned by the lure of more coins in their back burner. That's all, we didn't fill the stomachs of Barcelona and Milan because we fed them Hleb and Flamini. They left for their bank accounts.

Arsene Wenger sells players when the time is right for him and Arsenal. When it happens it can appear unbelievable but how many times has Le Boss been proved right? His judgement in releasing players is usually spot on and not many have gone on to improve their careers after leaving Arsenal.

Fabregas will leave Arsenal one day. And I suspect that the club he leaves for will be Barcelona. But when it happens it will be the right time for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. Arsenal are NOT a selling club, but we are club who are going places. Where are Tottenham going? Maybe the Championship.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

wakakakaka.... well explained...

the shrink said...

are we really going places
i mean where are we now in the league we should be on maximun points

last year we should have won the league but again we just fall to peices

once we have done something good we need to take confidence
we win 6 0 we lose next match
we win 4 0 we draw next match

i am worried but still

in wenger we trust

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be a feeder club, then be in relegation zone!!!

Anonymous said...

Im worried that they might be right. we never used to be a feeder club but with the clubs transfer policy i feel that hleb and flamini wont be the only ones.the longer we go on without a trophy the more chance the team will dismantle year by year. the only way to keep them is to offer them all massive contracts but then we'll have the problem that we'll have a team full of overpaid players that dont win anything. ie adebayor.

it a worrying time for arsenal. the only way to stop the rot is to win a major trophy but with the team we have at the minute its going to be another fruitless year. the youth will continue to progress and the longer we remain trophyless the more we make ourselves an easy target to have our best players picked off every year.

have you seen the news about fifa and uefa are planning to use a salary cap and debt control programme. we are the only team in the top 4 that will profit from this as we are already applying these rules to ourselves and have been for years. the others will be fucked as it will take them years to rectify their debt problem, it will b easier for manu but chelsea will be screwed, with there wagebill they wont be able to operate in their own means, and with abramovich not being allowed to bankroll them anymore it will take them years to recover.

i hope these rules happen and hapen soon. we will benefit big time.

Anonymous said...

if fifa do apply these rules all the billionaire owners will call in their loans and leave their clubs as fast as they bought them.

football will become football again and not a plaything for the filthy rich. their money will be useless.

wenger and the board have been crusified over the transfer policy of the club but if blatter finally does something write for football, it will turn out to be a masterstroke. we could be the only team in the top four allowed in europe.

who would imagined that when abramovich came along.

1 sentence to all the chelsea fans that iv been telling them for years. SEE HOw THE MIGHTY CAN FALL.

Anonymous said...


HAHAHA im famous in the world of red and white shite.

Yes its true man utd are always sniffing around but we got 18mil for carrick and 30mil for berba and lverpool paid 20 for keano.

While we are forcing teams to buy our players for extreme amounts, wenger lets your star players go for peanuts, and you forgot to mention ashley cole too, and he was supposed to be loyaler than loyal. So what chance have you got of keeping players who come from every corner of the world, players like that are only happy when they are winning something. You had the chance to dominate the league after the invinsibles, but slowley you have been dismantled, and lets face it all of them players were not exactly young when you let them go and where has it got you? 3trophyless seasons.

Wengers plan has backfired in his face. You are not in a financial position to keep your best players cos of the cost of the stadium and cos you dont win anything it leaves you powerless when the big european teams come calling. You cannot say you are a big european team as you are not winning anything therefore you have become a feeder club.

You buy the best youngsters, train them to become great players and let them go before they have reached full potential for next to nothing.

Face it, the youth coming through will disapear as the seasons go trophyless and you will never have the experienced players you desperately crave. Your time has been and gone. Your back at square one. Chelsea and Man utd are going to dominate for years to come cos they have the financial power and the want of trophies every season. You havent got any financial power and your want is not for trophies. Its to line the boards pockets. You have already(not going to) fallen behind. It is now a top 2, not a top 4, you are top 6 material at best. Liverpool Aston Villa Everton Portsmouth, Man city and next season Spurs, will all be competing with you for them places and its the Uefa cup at best for you boys this year. Count on it.

jeffers said...

oh dear..i think old spurs boy needs to do a bit more research..the youth that we are training up and letting go early. can you provide an example? bentley maybe? oops sorry, no he's not that good after all, never really made the 1st team..I don't recall a 1st team player that we have sold under the age of 27. maybe flamini, but he was only a regular in his final season and saw a chance to leave on a free and take some extra cash. I don't recall spurs agreeing to being called a feeder club when sol did the off.

agreed, we are looking a bit tight for cash because of the emirates and our refusal to let the sugar daddies in, but do you honestly think spurs and liverpool will be able to finance new stadia (if they ever happen) without cutting the spending a bit? Morons like this spurs fan can't see that the emirates is a medium to long term project. In 5 years we'll be the big spenders whilst you will still be wondering how to squeeze a few extra quid out of shite hart lane.

Even better if fifa start to tighten up on the financial rules, we are years ahead of that game.

Anonymous said...

dear oh dear and to think i replied to that white hart gizzard too straight after his post!

Faisal Ali said...

WOW this white hart warrior is an idiot!! just because your selling your best players for ALOT doesnt make u less of a feeder club...just an expensive one!! just because a whore asks for 1000 pounds to get fucked doesnt make her less of a whore!! and every good player we sold were all above 12 mill (except flam)and all were above 26 ie hleb thierry vieira etc...the exception is cashley and we call him that for a reason!! plus we got a captain in return!! so how can you say peanuts?? what makes me laugh the most is a TOTTENHAM fan is criticising OUR transfer policies....having spent 70 million quid and only having two points in seven games....2 points in SEVEN!!! how can you call yourself a team...the worst team ever in the premier league derby county had double your points this time last year......i mean.....COME ON!!! save yourself the embarrasment of showing yourself out in public and stay n rot in a hole till next season! and PREY ure still in the premierleague!

scottpuffin said...

We may be a feeder club to the likes of Real Madrid, AC Milan and Barcelona when our players get to the age we longer need them, but aren't Tottenham a feeder club to Portsmouth? That's got to be quite embarressing hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

portsmouth & sunderland feeder club

touretouretoure said...

really,who gives a shit about what tottenham people thinks?