Sunday 27 October 2019

Should We Cut Our Losses?

Let us have it right, we are shite. 

But the truth is we shouldn't be. 

In my very, very, very, very honest opinion we've got the third best squad in the league but the truth is at this rate we'll be lucky to finish in the top four.

We're in the biggest battle since The Battle of Hastings to get into one of those sought after Champions League places.

At the moment I have to hold my hands up and say I've as much confidence of Arsenal Football Club achieving that as I have marrying that lovely little treacle Laura Woods. 

What a little treacle she is.

Talking of treacle watching Arsenal these days is like watching the players treading through the stuff. Sticky and stuck. Stuck as in they're stuck in a rut and sticky as in it's a sticky situation.

And Emery is definitely in a sticky situation if you ask me. 

This time last year the Spaniard was orchestrating us through an unbeaten run that had quite a few of us thinking that Arsenal were on the verge of winning the lot (slight exaggeration). Including the 2019 Cricket World Cup and even X Factor.

Twelve months on and it's all changed. The feel good factor (that some felt) of 'change' has gone and the 'patience' of many fans has worn thin. Many have had enough and want him gone. 

Now I've never been one to dig out a manager to be honest. 

I like to get behind them and give them time but if I'm being straight with myself (and from time to time I like to tell myself the truth and not keep blagging) I'm one of those as well who feel that he isn't the right man for the job.

Following Arsene Wenger into Arsenal was one of the biggest jobs in world football. Maybe even the universe as it happens and it's becoming more and more evident that he isn't up to it.

I feel as bad as Micheal Jackson Bad for writing this because I wanted him to do well and always said he'd need 18-24 months to truly put his stamp on the club but in the time he's been at Arsenal can any of us truly say he's improved us in any way?

Even a tiny teeny weeny bit?

I actually think we've gone backwards and we should be doing so much better with the players that we have. 

I'm not going to go all in-depth on the reasons why I think we need to cut our losses because I have a slight Irish Whiskey hangover (and Irish whiskey is better than Scotch whisky by the way) and I can't be arsed to be honest but I'll just be blunt.

I don't think he's the right man.

There is plenty of time left this season for someone else to come in and really make this squad live up to it's potential because at the moment it's concerning that that potential could go to waste.

Keep It Goonerish........

Tuesday 9 January 2018

AdiĆ³s Alexis

Let's be straight down the line here. Alexis Sanchez is on his toes. 

It's no big secret. Arsenal have as much chance of keeping him beyond his contract as I do taking Gal Gadot down the boozer and then making sweet, sweet love to her all night. And then having a bit of a bacon sandwich in the morning. 

It ain't happening. 

So the inevitable will happen and Alexis, along with Atom and Humber chomping on their bag of kibble, will be off to pastures new. Most probably in sunny Manchester. The blue side.

The question is when? It's either gonna be this January or in the summer when Manchester hits a sweltering 4°C. 

Now I'm not gonna dig Sanchez out for leaving the club. Obviously when he signs for City I'm going to call him a slag but right now I'm a bit rational.  

He signed a four-year-contract when he joined the club and has basically fulfilled his end of the bargain. Not many players see out their contracts in this day and age and to be honest I've not seen him badmouth the club despite him being apparently 'desperate' to leave us.

I'm firmly of the belief he's not been 'desperate' to leave us at all. I could well be wrong but I think he's been quite happy to sit this season out with Arsenal because he knows full well the riches he will get in 2018.

I'm not going to call Sanchez a money-grabber. Far from it. In fact I say good luck to him to be honest. 

His agent probably had a word in his lughole last summer and told Alexis to keep his nut down and don't bark, sorry, say a word about leaving The Arsenal. 

The man is 29 years old now. This is the last massive contract he will get in his life because in dog years he is now about 129. So I don't blame him.

The contract and bonus offer is humongous as the transfer fee will be tiny or there will be no fee at all depending on when he leaves. 

Who would turn down all that money? I wouldn't. 

Money, in my opinion, is the biggest factor in Sanchez moving to City. And with the riches, and the bitches, for Atom and Humber, it's a win-win situation for him.

At City he will earn serious poppy. He could buy Pets at Home in Manchester centre and play with puppies all day long after training.

And let's be fair, while the money is great he's also going to be playing for Manchester City who, it pains me to say, will be in the mix for titles and Champions Leagues the next few years under a bald git called Pep who is a fantastic manager. 

Now I know I keep mentioning the money he will earn, well for me that the biggest reason he's held out on his contract. But honestly as well, the fact City will be competing for the big trophies in the next few years will be a big factor in his decision too.

For me I am gutted he will be leaving but also it's a relief as it dragged on for such a time and it's become really tedious. It's boring. 

The way I am trying to look at it is that Arsenal have had the best few years of his career. Well, certainly the most productive. He's 29 now and played every summer since 1972 without a rest so maybe it is actually the right time for him to go.  

It's easy to say we should have tied him up on a long-term contract a couple of years ago and yes in an ideal world that'd have been great. Who knows? He might of agreed a deal in principal only for him to turn it down last summer?

Looking at the situation Arsenal and Arsene were in last summer it's a difficult one with Sanchez only having a year left on his deal. I feel for the club, and Wenger, because they were slaughtered by everyone when RVP left the club a few years back for the same thing.

I felt that Arsenal were right to keep him this season, and I'm sure Wenger felt Sanchez would be still be focused but sadly it might not work out. 

Maybe the best thing would have been to try and sell him then but we'll never know if Sanchez may have dug his heels in to see out his contract? We'll probably never know either way.

For me, in my opinion, he stayed knowing he'd have so many options in 2018. And I don't blame him. If he was desperate to leave he'd have handed in a transfer request but by doing that he'd have lost money. 

Make of that what you will..........

At the end of the day I'm not going to slag him off and it's a shame really there's so much animosity and anger over him going for various reasons. 

I'll remember Sanchez as a great player for Arsenal who got better and improved after leaving Barcelona. I'll remember him for helping us win trophies and lastly I'll never forget those damn beautiful dogs.

Keep It Goonerish..............

Wednesday 31 May 2017

Arsene and Arsenal: My thoughts

Football is about enjoyment is it not?

Well, I think so. I enjoy football and I particularly like Arsenal Football Club. I also like big butts and I cannot lie.  

Now let's be honest, last season was a little bit pony weren't it in many ways? 

We were disappointing in the league campaign to say the least and I hold my hands up, baby hands up, give me your hea......Sorry went off track a bit. 

Where was I? Oh yeah, I hold my hands up, I was wrong. I was certain we was gonna win the league. 

Deluded? Maybe.

Mad? Possibly.

I was Jean Claude van Dammmmmme certain we were going to win the league. And we didn't. In fact we ended up 5th. Not even in the Champions League places.

And below Spurs. For the first time in 22812 years. 

However, we still won a trophy, and yes that does cover up a few cracks, maybe more cracks than my mirror has after doing my barnet when it's seen enough of my ugly mug, but it's still silverware. 

The FA Cup is a great achievement and we knocked out some massive clubs in Lincoln and Sutton so let's not knock it. 

Of course the league campaign didn't quite go to plan. It was pretty disastrous at times to be truthful.

And I will admit this, because I feel like I need to cleanse my soul, there were times when I felt that maybe Arsene Wenger's time was up at The Arsenal.

There I've said it. I feel clean again. 

Over the season, at different times, I honestly felt that maybe a change would be needed at the club. Either Arsene or just get rid of the players and use my old Sunday league team instead.

I felt like a right old sl*g to be honest. Like I was cheating on Arsene by having these feelings. 

Now let me tell you straight, right here, right now, them (or those) feelings hurt me. Because I love Arsene. I love him like a brother and I felt saddened. 

The man is a Legend and I would never abuse him. I would never sink to the lows I've seen lot's of people do regarding him. And them people really fricking annoy me. 

At the end of the day we all want what's best for Arsenal. We all supposedly love the club. And Arsene loves the club too. You must remember that. 

In truth if the right man came along then I would be all for change in the managerial ranks. 

But who is the right man? And who is available?

For me, and it's probably about as realistic as me having a second chance with Margot Robbie now she's got herself all married and shit, the only man I'd want is Carlo Ancelotti. 

But would he leave Bayern? What with all that Bavarian beer, bratwurst sausages, first dibs on a sunbed abroad and lovely German ladies? 

The next man has to be steady. He would be. 

It makes me laugh when I see certain names bandied about to replace Wenger. I'll be honest, about 99% of them ain't fit to lace to lace his boots let alone manage Arsenal.

What's certain is Arsene will be with us for another two years. At least. I wouldn't be surprised if he managed into his 80's. 

For those two years he will have my full support. Like any manager who is in charge of the club. I am behind him.

I am behind him because despite having these disgusting thoughts I am confident the 'complacency' around the club is gone. The players, and Wenger, may have took things for granted. 

Something happened to make us go off the rails in December. I don't know what, but it seems to be sorted now.

And you know why else I am confident these next two years can be successful? Because we finally have a plan B! We are not so predictable.

This squad has massively underachieved this season. I'm a firm believer that the players AND Arsene are equally to blame. Just as I'm a firm believer the same set of players, and manager, can turn it round and push on from here. 

On paper, for me, this squad is very strong. Lose a bit of deadwood and add the couple needed and this time next year the feeling around the fans could be very different.

Maybe I sound like a record player but I think Arsene will be ruthless this summer. I could be wrong, like I normally am, but he put a lot of trust in this squad and the attitude was wrong. 

If this set of players can sort out their mentality issues, and battle like they did against Chelsea and Man City week in and week out then I truly think next season we will do more than compete. 

Arsene is here now for another couple of years. You will not drive him from the club, he is here to stay. I understand the reasons why some think change would be good, but it's time to face up. 

The man is the greatest manager in our history and without doubt will be the greatest manager we ever have in my opinion. 

He's been here 21 years. What's another 2 more? Let him have the chance, like he deserves, to go on top. To go out as a champion and for Arsenal to be the best again.

There's every chance it could happen. 

Keep It Goonerish............

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Twitter, The Bane Of The AKB's And WOB's

Let's have it right, the terms AKB or WOB are a fucking embarrassment. 

Whenever I stick my nut on Twitter and see someone having a pop at someone else, and they're calling them either of the above, I feel like throwing my phone/laptop against the wall and looking for a wimp to have a fight with who I can hopefully beat up.

Whoever invented AKB or WOB seriously needs a dry slap round the mush and if I had my way they'd be banished to a prison cell and made to listen to 'What Does The Fox Say?' all day, on repeat, for the rest of their stinking existence.

In all honesty social media does not help. It gives complete and utter fucktards (like myself) a voice. It kind of makes me wanna go back to the days when the only form of social media was a telephone box and you had 20p to make a call.

I log onto Twitter now and the amount of infighting between Gooners is an absolute joke. We have become the laughing stock of English football. Fans of other clubs find us hilarious. And not in a good way.

We have people calling each other the most horrific stuff all because they can't agree on one subject: Arsene Wenger. 

I can read one tweet, it appears perfectly reasonable, and I find myself nodding away like that Bulldog from the Churchill insurance adverts. 

Then, I can read another tweet, and I feel like drinking ten pints of Stella Artois and going on a rampage somewhere. Somewhere like Stoke, and destroying all them inbreds with a toilet brush. 

I understand people get frustrated, I get frustrated, but sometimes people can go over the top with their reactions. 

Constructive criticism is always welcome in my eyes. If someone has a valid point about something I will respect it, even if I don't agree with it. 

But the only criticism I seem to see on Twitter these days is sheer abuse. Trust me, some of the abuse I've seen leveled at Wenger is borderline hatred.

I wouldn't speak to my worst enemy the way some speak about the Arsenal gaffer and if you ask me a smack on the bottom or washing some mouths out with a bar of soap wouldn't go amiss.

Let's face it, Arsenal fans are split at the moment. That's obvious. We're split more than my 32 inch waist Levi 501's after I tried to squeeze my fat arse in them. 

Sometimes I think the only remedy is for every Gooner in the world to get on a field and have a massive tear up, Holligan Factory style. A free-for-all. Then all shake hands.

At the end of the day we all have different opinions and that's the beauty of something like Twitter. We can debate whether Arsene is still the right man for Arsenal or not. Like normal humans. 

Unfortunately the real world isn't like that and people can't debate. Just abuse.

And on the subject of abuse one man I think doesn't deserve that is Arsene Wenger. 

I know you're thinking 'here we go, another AKB' and if you are then I'm gonna hunt you down and suck your eyes out through a straw. 

Let me tell you why he doesn't deserve abuse. Because of what he's done for Arsenal Football Club.

Don't get me wrong, Arsenal Football Club has been very good to Arsene Wenger too. And in truth, Arsenal fans have in the majority been very patient with Arsene during the 'barren times'.

But the things I read thrown at him sometimes is disgusting and he deserves so much more than that.

It appears Wenger's time at Arsenal could be coming to end. I don't think this summer and I hope not too if I'm honest.

He has one more year left on his contract and I would love him to see it out and go out with a massive bang. Not a bang on the chin but a title. 

I'm personally of the opinion it IS a bit stale at the club and a few new faces through the door would freshen that out. Player wise.

Arsene Wenger is the GREATEST manager Arsenal have ever had and more than likely will ever have. One more year for him to put right this season (and it has ended up more horrible than Beth Ditto farting in your mouth) and we go from there.

See where we're at in December/January and if things aren't improving then change next summer. That's where I'm at in the Wenger situation.

One thing you'll never see me do is abuse the man. If the day comes and I think we need change, and maybe that time is sooner than I think, I will air my views respectfully. 

Because that's the least a man who spent 20 years of his life dedicated to OUR club, two-thirds of my life, deserves.

Now fuck off and do one.

Keep it Goonerish..........

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Thursday 22 October 2015

Nacho - Arsenal Player Of The Year?

Seri-arse-ly, and I mean seri-arse-ly, how good is Nacho Monreal?

When he first signed for Arsenal I couldn't believe we'd signed someone named after a Mexican delicacy. 

But all food puns aside, the man has sizzled since joining us. Like fajitas........

He's got better and better and to be completely honest, because I'm an honest kind of guy, he has become un-droppable this season.

Kieran Gibbs must be asking himself what he'll have to do to break into the Arsenal team again at the minute? The only way I think he'll break his way back into the starting eleven is if he breaks Monreal's metatarsal such is the Spaniards great form.

I don't know what Arsenal do to have such fantastic left-backs over the years but we've had some crackers. Some have actually been crackers. 

We've seen some proper talent in that position over the years. In fact there has been more talent playing at left-back for Arsenal than the talent show I saw one night at Camber Sands in Pontins back in 1992. And one bloke blew up a condom on his head too. 

Monreal is unfortunate he has only played for Spain 16 times in his career but the way he is performing at the moment I fully expect him to add to that tally in the future. 

Age isn't really on his side though. He turns dirty 30 in February and although that is the age he'll reach his peak of sexual confidence it also means he's at the age where things begin to sag too. 

I wish Naaaaacho, Nacho maaaaaaan was a bit younger. Had he arrived at Arsenal a few years previous to what he did I truly believe he'd have become of Europe's top, top left-backs a lot earlier. 

You know what else I like about Monreal? His attitude. He has a top class attitude. 

When Wenger played him at center-back he just rolled up his sleeves and got on with it. Despite playing in a position he'd never played in before he did a job. A good job.

I think Wenger was actually a bit harsh with Nacho to be honest. He kind of hung him out to dry like a pair of pants but Monreal didn't complain. He put in a shift and that earned my respect. 

If the Spaniard continues to improve and play like he is then I think we're looking at a possible Arsenal POTY here. He has become an unsung hero and an integral part of the side. 

Quietly going about his business without fuss. It's been a pleasure to see. 

Keep It Goonerish........... 

Tuesday 11 November 2014

What Have We Become?

Let's have it right, things ain't great with Arsenal at the moment.

In fact it's a horrible time to be a Gooner. 

Losing is part and parcel of supporting a football club. I'm 31 years and 12 months old so I've seen quite a few defeats in my time.

I can take losing. Sure, it hurts for a while. It can drive me absolutely mental but I can take it on the chin.

The worst thing for me though, at the exact time I am typing this, is the split between Arsenal fans. 

That hurts.

Of course supporters won't always get on. That's inevitable with so many different opinions.

But the amount of abuse I see Gooners throw at each other whether it be on the terraces or social media is scarier than the sight of Piers Morgan naked.

It's almost as if nobody can just have a debate these days without resorting to name-calling or just being a complete thunderbastard to someone. 

I recently had a little break from Twitter because I swear I was losing the plot with some of the hatred spouted all over the gaff. 

Talking to a pal of mine recently, who happens to be a Spurs fan, really opened my eyes.

He said he found it really funny how some Arsenal fans are acting at the minute. Not because any of us are comedians but because of how we bicker among one another.

I found that embarrassing coming from a Spurs fan because I used to laugh my tits off at them lot doing it all the time.

I never believed I would see a set of fans more fickle than lot from down the road but let me tell you I don't think we are far off them now.

Winning the FA Cup, just 6 months ago, I believed would put a lot of this to bed. Instead I feel like the split has intensified more since.

I can understand the frustration at the moment. Believe me, I get frustrated too. But the way we are behaving at the minute is not normal.

I go on Twitter because I enjoy interacting with fellow Gooners, people who supposedly support Arsenal like me.   

I've met some great people on there. But I'm starting to not enjoy it so much anymore. 

The constant arguing and bickering is becoming vicious.

I genuinely thought that lifting the FA Cup would help unite the gap between Arsenal fans. Because it was all about winning silverware. 

But I don't know what it is and what can be done to get Arsenal fans to stop this bullshit and just support the club like they used too. 

It's not nice.

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Keep It Goonerish...... 

Sunday 9 February 2014

The Abuse? Is It Needed?

Don't get me wrong, yesterday was embarrassing. 

It was nearly as embarrassing as the time I saw Kelly Brook in Bluewater Shopping Centre. I shouted Kelly and then, as she looked round, I hid behind some cookie stall.

I've had people ask me how I was so calm in defeat, especially in the manner we lost, but I think it was easier to take because it was all over within 20 minutes if that makes sense?

Had we lost to a last minute goal after playing well, and competing for 90 minutes, then I believe I'd have been in bits.

That said it was embarrassing. And I don't want to see anything like it again for at least 100 years. 

Now I know people deal with things in different ways. Going on Twitter after a game like that is like a minefield.

I can read one tweet, it appears perfectly reasonable, and I find myself nodding away like that Bulldog from the Churchill insurance adverts. 

Then, I can read another tweet, and I feel like drinking ten pints of Stella Artois and going on a rampage somewhere. Somewhere like Stoke, and destroying all them inbreds with a toilet brush. 

I understand people get frustrated, I was frustrated, but sometimes people can go over the top with their reactions. 

Constructive criticism is always welcome in my eyes. If someone has a valid point about something I will respect it, even if I don't agree with it.

Criticism is good, when it is warranted, and I reckon that the performance by Arsenal yesterday deserved plenty of it.

What I don't agree with though, and it makes my blood boil hotter than the sight of Shakira doing one of them bum wiggles, is when people, especially Gooners, feel the need to call Wenger, or any Arsenal player, names.

The amount of times I've seen Wenger or Giroud is a c*nt, or any other player, recently astounds me.  

Is there a need for it? I understand people can get angry. When I get angry I too can have the mouth of a sailor,  I hold my hands up, but is there genuine need to be abusive?

Arsene Wenger is not above criticism. I love the man to death. But I know he has faults. I know he does things wrong and at times he can drive me insane in the membrane.

Yesterday I felt he did things wrong, I felt the players did more wrong, but some of the venom I've seen spat his way is more deadly than a King Cobras.

Why? Is there honestly a need to drop 'C' bombs on him? Is there a need to call Giroud a 'useless French c*nt' just because he miscontrolled a pass? 

I've done it in the past I'm sure, so I'm not painting myself as whiter than white but it makes me cringe. 

Some people need to show a little more respect. I don't drop abusive swear bombs on my dad if he burns my Yorkshire puddings on my Sunday roast. I just knock him out. Seriously though is there a need for it?

As I've said, I understand why people were pissed about yesterday. It was a bad day and I know people need to vent their fury, but have a little more respect because you wouldn't like to be called a c*nt would you?

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