Monday, 25 February 2013

Give Wenger A New Contract But With Less Responsability

Arsene Wenger's contract at Arsenal runs out next summer and although people are saying it may be time to replace him I think that would be the wrong move.

He's been with Arsenal for a zillion years and sometimes change can be good to freshen things up but I genuinely believe that Arsene has it in him to end his days here on a high. 

Wenger does an awful lot for a manager. He pretty much runs the whole club from top to bottom and I think if he could just focus on the football side of things and get some help then we can compete for titles again.

The board need to help him a bit more because the likes of Stan Kroenke are about as useful as a chocolate teapot at the moment. 

They need to take the pressure of the clubs finances away from the gaffer and let him get on with the playing side of things again. 

We all know that Wenger is incredibly stubborn. In fact I've seen mule's gaze at him in awe. But if he can get some guys with the clubs best interests at heart alongside him then it can only be good right?

I'm sure the likes of Keown, Parlour, Henry and Bergkamp would love the chance to work at the Arsenal again. They hold the clubs values to this day and Wenger can trust them.

And it may put a few noses out of joint but maybe the bullet could be bitten and David Dein, or a man Arsene can work with, could be brought in because that would benefit the club.

What's most important here is Arsenal Football Club. We all want to win things and need the right man to lead us back to those days.

In my view Arsene Wenger can be that man again. Give him a new deal but with less responsibility.

Take the finances away from him. Let him run the footballing side of things and get people in to help. People that he trusts.

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