Friday, 28 December 2012

David Villa - Will It Happen?

I don't care that David Villa rhymes with Aston Villa, serial killer, chincilla or a tub of ice-cream flavoured like vanilla.

I love him. Like a brother. Always have, always will.

And if there is a smidgen, even just a smidgen, of hope that we can sign him, I hope Arsene Wenger goes all out to do so.

If people complain about his age (Villa has just turned 31) then they have no right to whinge when Arsene signs another teenager do they?

David Villa is exactly what we need. Experienced, classy and a born winner. He can play anywhere across the front-line and I think an arrival like him would be a massive Cadburys boost for the whole club.

There are some players who's career you follow. Villa is someone who I have followed since his days at Real Zaragoza. Not like a stalker, just watching from afar. I mean I've never sent him a valentines day card or anything.

Now I know he has suffered a bad injury (broken leg) in recent times but Villa is no injury crock. Abou Diaby's place in the treatment room is safe.

Along with David Villa we are being linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Namely Demba Ba.

I won't moan if Ba comes in, but I wouldn't be overly excited. Especially since its seems we're after either Ba or Villa and for me the Spaniard would win that race every time.

Maybe I am blinded a little but I honestly think Villa is a genuine world-class player and that Ba is a decent Premier League player. So I know who I want.

In the past Wenger has had a transfer policy of not signing anyone over the age of 12. In more recent times he has relaxed this a little and maybe there is substance in the Villa rumours.

I hope so, because in my opinion Villa would hit the ground running.

Yes, David hasn't played in the 'intensity' of the Premier League before but he plays for Barcelona. And I don't know a team out there who play with their intensity or desire to win the ball back.

He would be fine for Arsenal.

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

The English Media. Xenophobic or Arsenalphobic?

Let me start by saying I hate divers.

I hate Tom Daley, I hate the entire Chinese Olympic diving team and I hate the biggest diver of them all, Gareth Bale.

There is no question that the S*urs man is the biggest 'cheat' in the Barclays Premier League. Bale has had 4 yellow cards this season for diving alone. That's 3 more cards than I received for my 30th birthday.

However, Bale says he isn't diving, just trying to avoid injury. So that makes his simulation all right then.

Perhaps after the uproar created by Santi Cazorla's dive yesterday, and it was a dive, the Spaniard should use the same excuse.

Now I don't like the fact Cazorla went down like he had been clubbed with an imaginary right-hook from Mike Tyson, but after the way many outsiders (not Gooners) have reacted to it then I think if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Diving does my head in more than a migraine but after seeing the likes of Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney and Ashley Young get away with it regularly, and nothing hardly being mentioned about it, I think the reaction to Santi diving is a bit over the top.

Many Arsenal fans didn't like it, and rightly criticised little Cazorla for doing his impression of Bambi on ice, however the usual overreaction from the English football media pisses me off.

Over the years I have often wondered whether the media in England are xenophobic or just plain old Arsenalphobic.

When Eduardo 'dived' a few years back against Celtic, in the Champions League, the reaction was astounding. At one point I genuinely feared for Eduardo's life. I thought he was going to be lynched with Alan Brazil at the forefront of the lynching. The lynching bastard.

This reaction was way over the top. More over the top than a Stoke City long ball and I wonder if the media would have acted the same if it was Wayne Rooney, the media darling, who had done the diving.

When Arsene Wenger was interviewed yesterday the interviewer put the debate about Cazorla diving straight to the gaffer. And Wenger, as usual, answered.      

However when Wayne Rooney or Ashley Young do their Tom Daley impressions it seems to be brushed under the carpet. I may be wrong here, but I, with my own eyes, have never seen Alex Ferguson questioned about it.

Luis Suarez is vilified for his play-acting. Now don't get me wrong, he annoys me for doing the things he does. But had he been born in Liverpool, had the name Lewis Smith and played for England, would he get slaughtered as he does?

Going back to Gareth Bale, again, he has been booked 4 times for simulation this season. An outrageous amount of yellow cards that if someone had picked up over a period of 5 years they would be branded a serial diver.

Bale has picked 4 yellow cards this season alone for diving yet isn't vilified a quarter as much as Cazorla was yesterday. In fact, on Match of the Day a while back, Bale's diving was laughed off. Seriously I haven't seen as much laughter since I saw Lee Evans live in 2011.

This persecution against overseas players has to stop. It's double standards and hypocrisy to laugh off Bale, Rooney and Young's play acting yet destroy foreign players for doing the same. It's not fair.

As I've said many Arsenal fans were annoyed with Cazorla yesterday. On my twitter time line I only saw a handful of people (myself included) who didn't condone it.

My reasoning, however flawed in my deluded state it was, was say I don't care he dived because I knew what the media reaction would be. After all, Cazorla isn't British, he is a foreign player who plays for Arsenal. The worst kind.

Lets not forget Santi Cazorla, that diving foreign cheat, stayed on his feet against Sp*rs, when fouled, to set up Arsenal's third goal in our recent 5-2 victory over them. I seem to remember Bale diving in the corresponding fixture last season to earn a penalty for them.

Diving is cheating. Easily as cheating as John Terry or Ashley Cole on a night out. But when a British player does it its okay. Don't sweat. But them bloody foreigners....

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mick Jagger Has The Moves Like Olivier Giroud

Do you know what I hate in football? I hate it when people are quick to write someone off before they've even had a chance to prove themselves.

At the beginning of his Arsenal career, Olivier Giroud was never going to have it easy. He was following in the footsteps of Robin van Persie. A player who scores more freely than Marouane Chamakh in a Moroccan strip club. 

People try to compare him to Robin van Persie. And the comparisons are unfair. Giroud is simply Giroud. He isn't van Persie. He doesn't have a little boy inside of him. He is just a sexy French beast who plays in a completely different way to his Dutch counterpart.

It was always going to take time for Giroud to settle into English football, and the Arsenal way. Yet some people were so Giroud, I mean rude, at times to him. They expected instant success and the truth is he needed time to adapt.

How many players come to England and set the league on fire straight away? Not many in my book. And the fact that Giroud was only used sparingly, with a forehead called Gervinho taking his place, at first didn't help matters for him.

He was playing in dribs and drabs and anyone that plays, or played, football knows that getting into the flow of a game is very difficult. Especially with only 10 or 15 minutes here and there.

Of course, Arsene Wenger was only easing Giroud in at first. Completely understandable. But people should have understood they wasn't seeing the real player because he wasn't getting the real chance to showcase his ability.

Little bits of game time here and there is not easy. When a player like Gervinho, who couldn't finish his dinner, is playing in front of him, then I should imagine it can be demoralising too.

However I saw enough of Giroud in these little moments to think we have a decent player on our hands. Unlike Osama Bin Laden he never went hiding. Not only that, he worked hard and was still getting himself into scoring positions.

The movement of Giroud is exceptional. In fact, I would say that Mick Jagger has the moves like Giroud. And that is a compliment. He (Giroud) is awesome round the box, and while I'd say Jagger is awesome round the, um, box too, I think Olivier just shades it. Although Jagger has bigger lips.

We have a real player on our hands here and apparently Fulham turned him down in the summer. Whether that's true or not I don't care because, in my opinion, their loss is our gain.

Now Giroud is getting a run of games we are starting to see why Arsenal spent a few quid on him. Some at first tried comparing him to van Persie, then a donkey and now I am even seeing people say he is the white Didier Drogba. Some change around! 

Its a bolder shout than Steve Bould but Olivier Giroud will go all the way. He will become world class. I know that is hyping him up no end and puts pressure on them beautiful shoulders but he has all the tools to become one of the best strikers in the world.

Time is on his side and I while think he will go on to have a fantastic season this campaign, watch him go next season and in the future. 

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Could Another Manager Do A Better Job In Wenger's Shoes?

There are many disgruntled Gooners out there at the moment and some, more than ever before, are beginning to question whether Arsene Wenger's time at the club is coming to an end.

When a team struggles the first person you look at is the manager. Unless Kelly Brook or Jules Wheeler are part of the Arsenal staff of course. Then you just look at them two beauties.

And it's true that things haven't been great for us Gooners in recent years so I understand the frustration building. 

Despite this I always try to look at the bright side of things. You could say I am 10% optimistic and 90% deluded but that is just me.

That said of course I am worried about Arsenal and where we seem to be at the moment but, when J-Lo's bottom isn't in the way, I see the bigger picture and think there is always someone worse off than yourself.

I understand people questioning Wenger too. I think nobody is above criticism, constructive criticism at that, and there are questions of Arsene that need to be answered.

However it is easy to say 'sack the manager' and get someone new in isn't it? Who do you replace Wenger with if that's the case and would he do a better job?

In my opinion if a man could be guaranteed to do better than Arsene then bring him in. I'm pretty tasty at Football Manager 2009 so I am a possible candidate.    

But seriously nobody is guaranteed to do such a thing and while I agree a lot of the time a change can freshen things up in the short-term you have to look at the long-term picture.

Could you honestly see this current Arsenal board giving a new manager lots and lots of cash to spend if they don't give it to Arsene Wenger? 

I don't.

So we would be in the same situation only with a new manager at the helm who has Arsene Wenger's squad.

And would the new gaffer be happy with the constraints that Wenger has had to deal with in the last few years? I doubt it.   

Arsene has just got on with it, without moaning. And I think he should be respected for that.

Bandying names about to replace Wenger is easy to do but when I see the likes of Harry Redknapp mentioned my eyes bleed.

Seriously? If Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Wigan had managerial vacancies and Wenger or Redknapp was in front of them who would they choose? 

I mean, he was sacked by S*urs!!!

It would not be triffic if Harry was at the Emirates unless he was selling hot-dogs in a burger stall.

In my opinion Arsene Wenger is not irreplaceable at Arsenal. Nobody is. But there is more to this.

I think the board are happy with top 4 finishes and the money it brings in. Wenger delivers that so they are never going to sack him. 

We have a stadium to pay off and the gaffer gets by on what he is given to help the club. Would Redknapp, Guardiola or Mourinho do the same?

They would be out the door quicker than John Terry knocking on his team-mates doors for a quick fumble when they are at training now he is injured.

Of course I get frustrated by Wenger too. Please don't think I'm a Wengerite. But I genuinely don't think replacing him, at this moment in time, is the right thing to do. 

Nothing would change. It would be the same board only we would probably have managers coming and going the door because they wouldn't take it.

Wenger is paid handsomely of course, but you can't doubt that he loves Arsenal and has the clubs best interests at heart. 

And not a lot of people could do a better job in his shoes.

I am speculating here but a bit of honesty, from the board, would go a long way to help a lot of Arsenal fans realise that maybe Wenger isn't so bad after all.

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Monday, 12 November 2012

This Arsenal Team Can Explode Soon

I have no doubt I will get slaughtered by some for writing this piece but hey-ho I am there to be shot at. You couldn't miss this nose anyway!

When I look at this Arsenal squad I see so much quality. I really do. If you look deep down I'm sure most of you do too.

On paper, in my opinion, a first choice Arsenal 11 matches anything that Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United can muster up.

Now you may think 'Hold up, Wrighty has had a liquid lunch again" but seriously have a look at the squad on

That there is a decent squad who, for reasons unknown to me, are underachieving at the moment.

I can't put my finger on why we are struggling at the moment.

I kind of think its a confidence issue because when we are on-form we take the piss out of teams but off-form, well, they piss on us.

Maybe its a complacency thing? I would hope not because I think in the past we have definitely seen previous Arsenal sides think they have just got to turn up and they would win.

All I know is, at this very moment in time, we need something to inspire us. We need a big win. A confidence boosting victory to kick-start our campaign and get us back on track.

That's why I think this NLD coming up is perfect timing and could be the vodka and to...sorry the tonic to get us going again.

Of course that notion could go the complete opposite way. Defeat against that lot could see us crumble like a cookie soaked in milk and really deflate us. In a bad way.

But a victory? A win against them lot could really set us up for the decent season we showed glimpses of having a month or so ago.

Form goes out the window when its derby day. Anything can happen.

And I am optimistic that if, and its a big 'if' going by recent form, this Arsenal side 'click' then we could go on a run of games to change our season and claw our way into contention in that top four.

Last season beating S*urs 5-2 was the injection needed to boost our confidence and I really feel this Saturday could be the same.

I can understand people doubting that but there is a belief I have had since the summer and I won't change my view on it.

This is the most complete Arsenal squad Arsene Wenger has had at the club for a long time and a shit run of form doesn't make me feel any different.

Remember form is temporary, class is permanent and we have lots of class at Arsenal.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Olivier Giroud Needs The Chance To Deliver

I'm starting to feel for Olivier Giroud.

It must be heartbreaking for him to be sitting on the bench watching a forehead, who is naturally a winger, play upfront in his place.

Of course Giroud needs time to adapt to the Premier League. But we are almost in November and he has started less times than my old Ford Fiesta used to on a cold winters day.

He gets little bits of game time here and there and it must be killing him.

I've heard people say that his performances aren't up to scratch. Well, with this lack of action, how is Giroud meant to get a run of form going?

I think that he needs a vote of confidence and needs to be given a run of games to start. Each week. Every game.

Not only is it unfair on all the gay men, and all the ladies, out there not seeing the sexiest Frenchman alive running around in a pair of shorts, but I genuinely think that its not fair he isn't getting a real chance.

Giroud is a natural striker and I have every faith that he will deliver for us. Given that chance.

At the moment he must think Arsene Wenger has little faith in him. Well that's how I would feel if I wasn't hardly given any time on the pitch and a winger was being picked in front of me.

Surely now is the time to unleash Giroud? Let him have a run of games and let him gain some belief back.

People keep saying "he's no Robin van Persie". Robin van Persie isn't Robin van Persie. He's a robot, or an alien, who replaced the Dutchman last summer. How else can you explain the lack of injuries?

And while he isn't van Persie, Giroud is an entirely different threat altogether. More physical. And more good looking.  

I want the man to do well. And he will. He just just needs the chance to prove it.

Wenger paid decent money for him and now its time for that investment to shine.

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Suddenly Per Mertesacker Doesn't Seem So Bad After All?

Last season Per Mertesacker took a lot of stick. He was dug out more than a hole on the beach in beautiful Skegness.

I would bet that at least 78% of people I know had a pop at the German giant. Talking of bets, get great offers and free bets at FreBets

All the Caroline Flack he took was, in my own very humble opinion, totally bare bang out of order.

Big Per was hung, drawn and quartered before he even had a chance to establish himself in the side.

Why people judged him after just a few months was beyond me. But then football fans are quite fickle like that aren't they?  

Here, was a German international, with 42315 caps, and people wrote him off as fast as Kim Kardashian pulls down her knickers when a gangster rapper strolls past.

The amount of arguments I've had over Per has been astounding. But finally now, he is getting the credit he deserves.

Mertesacker needed a chance, and at the beginning he was never given one.

I know he looks odd because he can graze from the top of a tree. I know he probably turns slower than a tortoise in a wheelchair.

But he was always gonna come good because he is a great player. A player with brains.

He needed time to adapt to a different country, a country where football is fast and full of action. He needed a decent pre-season. And he needed a chance.

You don't play for Germany 42315 times without being decent.

We, at Arsenal, are lucky to have Per Mertesacker in our squad. Just as we are lucky to have Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny and Sebastien Squillaci (cough) too.

Arsene Wenger has top, top quality at his disposal in defence. Three superb defenders and its difficult to leave one out.

The system we play means one has to sit out and I fear that Mertesacker will always be the fall guy.

I think he should be first-choice but I'm not Arsene am I? I don't pick the team, I just play Football Manager 2012.

Per brings the kind of calm to the back-line that only Herbal Tea from one of them Chinese shops in the high-street can provide.

He calms Thomas or Laurent down and brings the best out of them. Either of them. Like a soothsayer.

I love all three of them. In fact, I wish they were all my children. But of the three I would choose Per over the other two to start. All day long.

Competition is fine and good. It's healthier than an apple a day. We have that now at Arsenal.

But all those doubters out there, the people that said Per was pony, suddenly he doesn't seem so bad now does he?

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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Arsenal Will Be The Surprise Of 2012/13

There are many people out there spitting feathers over Arsene Wenger not bringing in some 'super, super quality' players yesterday.

Or any players. I even saw some Gooners so desperate for Arsenal to get someone in they wanted Micheal Owen. Even Emile Heskey's name was bandied about.

While I can understand the frustration brewing there's not a lot we can do about the fact we didn't make any signings.

Don't get me wrong I would have loved Arsenal to have brought some new blood in yesterday. In my opinion, and most other peoples, we look a little short in certain positions.

I look at our current squad and I see a very, very, very, very, very strong starting eleven. Probably stronger than any side we've had in recent years. Possibly even stronger than Jodie Marsh on steroids.

Now whilst I think we have a powerful first-team I worry about what happens if we get injuries or suspensions because I hate to say it but we lack options in certain areas.

Honestly, and this is my Pinocchio honest face because my nose is big enough, I think we will still finish in the top 4.

However I genuinely feel had we pushed the boat out, and made a couple of signings, we would have won the league. We still might, but we will need a lot of luck on the injury front to do so.

I am still optimistic about the season ahead, I always am, but I have to concede that Arsene has taken a big gamble going into this campaign. Possibly the biggest gamble since Paul Merson in 1994.

Maybe if Wenger had just come out a week ago and said we wasn't bringing anyone else in then the furious reaction from some would have been less harsh?

Having said that I'm sure he was looking to bring players in but couldn't find someone suitable. I wouldn't want him to sign someone just for the sake of it.  

It's easy to say we should sign, 'A, B or C' but this is real life and not Football Manager. There are many factors when bringing a player in.

The player could be an absolute 'C' Bomb and ruin the dressing room harmony. He might get homesick. Some even want a night light and that would piss his room-mate off on away-day trips.

Of course there are many if's and but's. At the end of the day we have brought in 3 very good players, who once they gel with the rest of the team, will benefit us.

I dare say had we signed only two of them a few months back, like we did, but then added the third yesterday, I doubt people would be as angry.

This time last year many had a pop at Wenger for 'panic-buying' on transfer deadline day. This time round however he is criticised for not bringing players in. Fickle? I don't know.

What I do know is Wenger has taken a chance. We all thought, especially me, that things had changed when we signed Podolski and Giroud early doors. Adding Cazorla to the mix and it looked great.

Then we sold our most influential players of last year and things seem grim again.

Despite this I think we will surprise a lot of people this season.

Nobody expects us to do well. And while I think we will fall short of winning the league we will be in the mix and I genuinely think we will win a trophy. I really do.

But there will be that slight niggle inside that says had we really gone for it we would be top of the pile come May.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Let Theo Go

By all accounts Theo Walcott wants £100,000 a week.

That is exactly £99,999 a week more than I would pay him.

Seriously though, he is lucky I don't run the club, because if I did, and he demanded that amount of money, I would hire Jonny Wilkinson to drop kick him and his agent out of the Emirates.

Now don't get me wrong, it would be good for Theo Walcott to stay at the club. But not at that money. And I'm glad Arsenal aren't bowing to his demands.

The thing is we are in a catch 22 situation. People will say Arsenal are mad to pay him that kind of money if we do and on the other hand people will say we are a selling club (again) if we get rid.

Personally I'd like him to stay.

However I wouldn't be too gutted if he left as long as he was replaced PROPERLY and not with some 13 year-old Spanish left-back we stole from Real Betis who Wenger tries to convert into a right-winger.

To be fair Arsenal have to take a lot of the blame for this situation. To have yet another player run into the last year of his contract is diabolical. 

It seems we haven't learnt the lessons from the past and we can't keep making the same mistake. Either we have to tie players down to a 100 year-long contract or we have to incorporate a dead-line of some sort.

A player entering the last year of his contract should be put in a room with Beth Ditto and Frank Lampard told to sign a new deal or be eaten. It's that simple.

Either that or be sold by the end of June.

If Theo goes I'd be disappointed but not devastated. He isn't worth £100,000 a week and if that is what he wants then I suggest he goes elsewhere.

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Its All About The Money, Money, Money

I've kept quiet in the last couple of months. Not because I had my jaw broke or anything but simply because I have been too busy to write.

I am going to try and change that. Ideally I'll try and get on here at least twice a week or at the very least four  or five times a year. Which is more than I have done recently.

Like many Gooners out there in the universe I have been keeping an eye on the Robin van Persie situation.

When he first released his statement I was very surprised. In fact I looked more surprised than Sharon Osbourne after a Botox orgy.

I genuinely believed that RVP would sign a new deal at the club.

To be honest I was so sure that he'd sign a new contract at Arsenal I wagered several bets he would. As it stands I owe about £1323 to several people. Dangerous people. So I could be gone soon. For good.

At first I couldn't get my head round his statement. It was full of self-righteousness and reading through the lines it appears that he doesn't think his Arsenal team-mates are good enough to challenge for trophies.

Because apparently that is the reason he won't sign a new deal. Trophies.

Now don't get me wrong, we all want to win things. I've had my eye on the Footscray Social Club Snooker tournament for several years now, but surely RVP must realize he is part of the reason we haven't won silverware recently?

If he had spent more time on the pitch, and not getting horse placenta injected into his muff, then surely we would have had a better chance of winning a bit of silver?

This trophy winning thing doesn't convince me. It's all about the money plain and simple.

Imagine being in van Persie's position. Loved and worshiped at Arsenal by everyone, but not only that, being a Gooner too.

Surely the biggest challenge in the world would be getting Arsenal back to the top. I know that's what I'd want to do. Look at Steve Gerrard, he'll be known as a legend for ever at Liverpool.

That could have been Robin. Still could be in fact.

All Robin has done is make a rod bigger than Rod Stewart for his back. By saying, after talks, that Arsenal don't match his ambition he's made things difficult for himself.

Arsenal have signed Lukas Podolski, a man who has scored for Germany more times than John Terry scores with his team-mates birds. We've captured Olivier Giroud, and look to be on the verge of bringing in Santi Cazorla. A class act.

The standard of players we have brought to the club has been more unreal than Nicki Minaj's big booty. And if the signings of players with this type of quality doesn't show ambition than I don't know what does.

If RVP released a statement saying, "I'm 29, I'm injury-prone, and this is my last big pay-day" then I would respect him so much more. Instead he hid behind this 'AFC don't match his ambition' excuse.

Well, the problem is now with Arsenal bringing the quality of Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla and possibly Nuri Sahin to the club we have shown a LOT of ambition so unless RVP signs a new contract then it's clear money is his main priority and not trophies.

Of course if van Persie stays then it would be a good thing. He is a world-class player and I'm sure that if he does a Rooney-like U-turn then it wouldn't take long for Gooners to forgive him.

If he doesn't stay however it won't be the end of the world. Arsenal will survive like Gloria Gaynor. We always do.

Like many Gooners I've got used the idea there is a huge possibility the Dutchman won't be at the club for a lot longer. Like many Gooners I've got over it.

I just find it a shame that someone who apparently loves the club would leave for money but hide behind a different excuse.

There is still time for Robin to stay at the club. If it happens, it happens. Whatever the case I can't wait for next season.

Exciting times.

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Should We Send Aaron Ramsey Out On Loan?

I love Aaron Ramsey. I love him like a little brother. So when he gets a bit of unfair stick from Gooners (and he has done) it gets my back up and I have to defend him.

Now don't get me wrong, I see the flaws in his game like everyone else. He isn't perfect and to be honest he probably hasn't had the best of seasons.

Of course people have an opinion on everything, that is the beauty of freedom of speech, and if they want to criticise Aaron in a fair way (not a golf course fairway) then so be it.

But when I see him being slaughtered like the way we ironed out S*urs at the Emirates, I do feel sorry for the boy.

And that is all Ramsey is really. A boy. A lad who has a career-threatening injury already at his age due to some caveman who snapped his leg into pieces.

Think back to before Aaron suffered his leg-break. He was coming on stronger than a world champion weightlifter and becoming a first choice in the team. His progress was astounding.

That progression has been put back a couple of years due to his injury and, to be honest he was hung out to dry a little in the last campaign.

In my opinion the Welshman was overplayed. He looked jaded from February and Arsene Wenger must take a share of the blame.

In defence of Wenger though, the injury to Jack Wilshere had a big influence on Ramsey being more overplayed more than my Barbie Girl cassette.

Nobody, not even medical experts or Stephan Hawking, could put a time scale on Jack's injury. Well, nobody would have known he was out for the whole season anyway.

So whilst Wilshere was expected to be back at any time, poor old Ramsey was being flogged like an old horse. And his performances suffered.

Now I think that Aaron will be much better next season. And stronger too. This was his first full season since his leg was broken.

I wonder though whether he would be best off on loan somewhere to get a bit of confidence back because to me it looked like he had lost some.

I have every faith in him becoming the top player that he was progressing into one day. And I believe he will achieve those goals wearing an Arsenal shirt.

But I think he could do with a bit of 'freedom' (not from George Michael) to help his progression.

When he makes a mistake playing for the Gunners you can hear the moans and groans from Jupiter. And I worry in case he is becoming a bit of a scapegoat. And we seem to like having a scapegoat recently.

At times the support from Gooners this season has been unbelievable. Its definitely been the best year we've had at the Emirates. Most of the time the place was rocking more than a Rolling Stones concert.

As for the away Gooners, best in the land by far.

There is still that little element, borne out of frustration, that gets on certain players backs. Ramsey is one of them.

I know he can frustrate. I get frustrated too, but I can't have a major pop because he plays for Arsenal and it kills me to have a dig at anything Arsenal related.

Maybe he would be best off on loan, to another premier league club, to help him get his confidence back and be able to grow under less pressure?

Then maybe a rejuvenated boy can become the player and man we thought he would be.

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Curious Case Of Nicklas Bendtner

Well, Nicklas Bendtner has walked back through the Arsenal door after his loan move to Sunderland ended and I'm sure many Gooners would prefer it if he just strolled back out of it again.

His exit could happen too if rumours that Borussia Dortmund are set to put a £2.5m bid in for the Dane are true, although I think that amount of money might just cover the price of his ego.

When I look at Nikki B I think its a shame at how his Arsenal career panned out really. Deep down, hidden behind the bravado, is a decent player in my book. I think Arsene Wenger believes so too.

I know that Bendtner borders on delusional with how good he thinks he is and that arrogance doesn't really endear him to anyone. Except Steve Bruce's daughter. Who he slept with. Apparently. 

And that is his biggest problem, that belief that he is better than Pele and Maradona combined. He probably, and honestly, thinks he is better than those two.

Now there is nothing wrong with believing in yourself. Every top footballer has that steely belief that they are the best. Look at Robbie Savage. 

But Nikki went too far with how he viewed himself. He and his father (his agent) piped up so much last season, or the campaign before, that Wenger had no option but to let him leave the club.

He only left on loan though, and I happen to think (I may be wrong) that was down to Arsene not wanting to let him go permanently.

In my view (however misguided it may seem) the Arsenal gaffer wanted to keep Nicklas at the club in the long term and let him go short-term to see what life would be like outside of the Emirates.

To give him a taste that the grass isn't greener on the other side as it were.

I mean no disrespect to Sunderland but maybe Wenger thought that a move to the North-East would bring him down a peg or two. Or three or four. 

What has happened is the Danish striker hasn't exactly set the world alight, at The Stadium of Light, and to be fair the ego remains the same and his comments about leaving means there is one option open to him.

Germany would probably be a good destination for Nikki to ply his trade. The style of football over there would suit him and I honestly think he would thrive in the Bundesliga.

As I've said he is a decent player and I honestly believed that had he knuckled down and stop thinking he was world-class for 5 minutes he could have developed into a seriously decent striker. Or a self-publicist. 

Unfortunately the boy won't be fulfilling his potential at Arsenal and I think when he has left the club permanently he'll realise that he had a good thing here. Or maybe not. 

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Of Course Robin van Persie Is Going To Be 'Coy'

I wouldn't read too much into Robin van Persie being 'coy' about his contract situation at Arsenal.

He is bound to be after all isn't he?

Robin's next contract, wherever that may be, is going to be the most important one he will sign in his life. Well, except for his next mobile phone contract I suppose.

It will be his last 'big' deal and of course he has to weigh up his options. And his free minutes.

If it's any consolation, and I doubt it will be, at least he won't weigh up his Golden Boot to get the best deal on eBay like Samir Nasri would.

I'm quite calm about the whole thing actually. Obviously I want him to sign a new deal at Arsenal, but I also want to marry Kelly Brook, and I realise I'm not going to get everything I want in life am I?

In my very honest opinion, I honestly think that he will stay with us and sign for life.

Now I know that counts for nothing. I have no inside information on him. Its only my gut feeling. Although that feeling could be the dodgy sausage roll I had for lunch earlier.

Regardless of how that feeling in my stomach came about I still believe in it.

Of course some players out there earn a lot more than Robin does. And the worst thing is the Dutchman has more talent in one of his little toes than most of them.

This would turn anyone's head. And I'm sure he could earn nearly double somewhere else.

But, for me, it's not all about money for RvP.

Obviously whatever deal comes his way means he won't go starving. He could probably afford to have caviar at least twice a week. Sharks caviar too.

But there are some thing's money can't buy and more importantly he wants to see his wife and kids happy.

And going by what his missus has said recently she is more than happy with him staying at Arsenal.

I know he wants to win things. And he can. At Arsenal. This season hasn't been the greatest but a bad one has still seen us finish above Chelsea, S*urs and Liverpool.

And I thought we were in a relegation battle.

Robin wants to see Arsenal compete. He is a Gooner and when he wears that Arsenal shirt his chest swells to twice the size of Pamela Anderson's.

He wants trophies, for Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger and the club need to show we will compete next season. The early signing of Lukas Podolski suggests to me a change of transfer tactics and I expect some decent players to arrive.

I've said it before, and been wrong, but I think the penny has finally dropped at Arsenal. We need to start showing how big a club we are and show our intent in the transfer market to do that.

Try to ignore all the 'crunch' contract talks in the coming week or you will end up going barking mad.

What will be, will be. Regardless of what happens Arsenal will still be standing. Unless several raving lunatic Gooners pull it down.

As I've said, I think Robin will stay. I might be wrong but its very rare that I am. I have a 20% success ratio.

Don't get sucked into what the media say. The most important thing is the club and Robin are sitting down, having a cup of coffee with a bit of cake, to discuss the contract.

In the mean time bombard him with tweets, messages and use emotional blackmail to the best of your ability.

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Steve Bould May Replace Arsene Wenger Too

Firstly, I would like to thank Pat Rice for everything he has done for Arsenal Football Club. 

He has been at Arsenal so long that he is part of the furniture. And the shorts. Oh those shorts. It will be strange not seeing Pat buzzing round the technical area in them shorts, that's for sure.

Steve Bould has replaced him as Arsene Wenger's number 2, a move that was possibly the worst kept secret since Harry Redknapp was announced as the new England manag...........Oh. Oh my.

This is a great move in my view. Steve Bould was a fantastic defender and one thing Arsenal need is too learn how to defend a little better. In fact, at times, our defending is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Hopefully Wenger will allow Bould the opportunity to drill some of his defensive nous into the team. I'm sure that he will. 

I also think that promoting Steve to being his assistant is a telling move by Arsene. 

Maybe I am reading into things too much, like I do with a Playboy magazine, but I'm starting to think that Bould might be the next manager of the club too.

Forgive me for jumping the gun here. In fact, I might be losing the plot. But I reckon that the gaffer will have a big say in who is his successor at Arsenal.

I've often wondered who would eventually succeed Arsene. Pep Guardiola is the candidate that has always sprung first and foremost to my mangled mind. 

And I think that Pep would love, yes love, the chance to manage our club. The structure and foundations are here to achieve whatever he would want.

But I'm starting to think that an internal move is more likely.

Steve Bould has played at the club, knows it inside out and would command instant respect. But most importantly, he would continue the philosophy of Arsene Wenger.

I think Wenger's contract ends in 2014. Or is it 2040? I'm not sure, but while he isn't going anywhere yet, one day he will be and this is a big statement for me.

Bould has moved up through the ranks at Arsenal. And it wouldn't surprise me if he was appointed number 1 when Wenger's time as manager ends.  

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I Hope Rooney Doesn't Pip RVP For The Barclays Golden Boot

Robin van Persie has been unbelievable this season. Honestly he has been like Superman on steroids. But recently the goals have dried up, and despite Betfair football betting having the Dutchman as favourite to win the Barclays Golden Boot, Wayne Rooney is hot on the trail too.

Now I really hope that our man finishes as the top scorer in the Premier League ahead of Rooney, like he did after being crowned Footballer and PFA Player of the Year, for obvious reasons. The most obvious being I dislike the Manchester United striker almost as much as I dislike Harry Redknapp. And that's a lot.

Of course I admire Wayne Rooney's football ability though. Perhaps equally as much as I admire his pace when running from an OAP massage parlour. I'd be as silly as a sausage to suggest otherwise. But while I'll begrudgingly admit I think he is a great player, I also believe that Robin van Persie is far better. And that's not me being biased either. 

By all accounts Robin won both of his individual awards by an absolute country mile and that, in my opinion, was more than fair enough. The man has been as unreal as Kim Kardashian's bumcheeks but I have to hold my hands up though and say fair play to Wayne Rooney for even making the Golden Boot a contest.

At one stage it appeared that van Persie was running away with the award but, as I've said, the goals have dried up quicker than Paris Hilton's porn career for him. We need him to find that Midas touch again so he can win the top scorer award to cap off an already outstanding campaign and also to help cement 3rd place for Arsenal.

Although his back must be aching carrying a lot of the Arsenal players this year I hope that van Persie can muster up a few more goals. Our skipper has been untouchable at times and it would prove a lot of the doubters wrong about him.

People said he couldn't sustain an injury-free period for over 24 minutes and he has proved them wrong. Others said he would be a bad choice of captain for Arsenal and he has arguably proved to be Arsene Wenger's best choice for the role since Patrick Vieira. 

And there has always been doubts about his temperament. Sure, he can still be as fiery as a red-headed half-Italian half-Spanish woman, but he really has curbed that side of his game and leads by example. The rest of the Arsenal squad look up to him.

From a petulant nutcase to becoming Arsenal's captain and main man, Robin's transformation has been complete. To top off this achievement I really hope that he adds the Golden Boot to his awards because he deserves it immensely. And I'm confident he'll sign a new deal at Arsenal too.

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Should Yossi Be Offered A Permanent Deal At Arsenal?

Yossi Benayoun has surprised me since joining Arsenal on loan last summer.

I've always believed that he was a very good player, an Arsenal player in the wrong shirt really, but what I have been impressed with most of all is his fantastic attitude. 

He hasn't spent as much time on the pitch as he would have liked but, when he does play, he always give 110% to the cause.

Looks can be deceiving I suppose. I see Yossi and honestly want to take him home and feed him up. He looks so weak and wimpy but surprisingly he is a real fighter. 

His talent is unquestioned. This may seem more outrageous than a pair of Simon Cowell's high-waist trousers but I think that technically he is up there with the best in the league. 

And he has plenty of experience in top level football too. 

Despite his ability, taking him on loan raised more questions than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but its only now we are seeing the best of him and what an influence he appears to be.

It seems the decision to bring him to the Emirates was a good move by Arsene Wenger. Especially at the business end of the campaign where his experience and influence is counting. 

Benayoun has been a little unlucky at times this season that he has picked up little niggly injuries otherwise I am sure we would have seen more of the Israeli on the park.

It's clear Wenger trusts him. He has played in important games and I wonder whether the gaffer might offer him a permanent deal at the club in the summer.

The only thing blocking that idea in my eyes is that Yossi might want assurances of a more active role in the first-team. And that is understandable.

If it was down to me I would offer him a contract at the club tomorrow. Or even right now, this moment. 

I know we are clamouring for signings with names bigger than Frank Lampard's waist size but in my opinion Yossi is one of those unsung heroes in a squad that are needed by everyone.

He might not be a massive name. He might need convincing that he is an important part of the first-team squad furniture, but I've seen enough of Yossi to believe that he deserves a contract at the club.

Or at least be offered one. Because if we don't, I think someone will get a real bargain in him this summer.

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Monday, 9 April 2012

Mikel Arteta, The Biggest Panic Buy Since Petrol

I hope everyone out there who described Mikel Arteta as a panic buy will stand up and apologise profusely until Tottenham Hotspur one day win the league. In other words, you'll be saying sorry for a long time. Maybe forever. And ever.

That man is a complete class act and the fact that he was even acknowledged by some as purchase of panic not only insults him but it insults me too. And my family. Even my cat was pissed right off.

I would describe the hysteria, amongst some, when Arteta signed for the club as bad as when people were rushing out buying petrol in a state of panic last week.  

The truth is Mikel is an unbelievably talented footballer who constantly lives in the shadow of Cesc Fabregas and that is not fair on him. Especially when a lot of people seemingly didn't want to give him a chance to prove otherwise.

It makes laugh more than seeing Harry Redknapp having a twitching episode when I read or see that Arteta is no Cesc Fabregas. Of course he isn't. And he wasn't bought to replace Cesc either. Arteta is Arteta and I am grateful for what he has brought to Arsenal.

And I am not basing this assessment just on Arteta's performance yesterday. He ran the show by the way. I have always believed that he would be a fantastic acquisition for Arsenal and even wet myself a little when he signed in the most dramatic of circumstances.

He has been immense for us all season long and it is evident that he brings the best out of the players around him. Especially Alex Song. His calming influence, and simple yet effective style of football, is a joy to watch at times.

Unfortunately Jack Wilshere hasn't had the opportunity to play alongside Mikel, due to his injury that seems to have ruled him out since the Dinosaurs ran amok on the Earth, but when that day comes we Gooners have a lot to look forward too.

Is it a credit to the strength of the Spanish national team that Mikel Arteta doesn't really get a look in. The Spaniard would get into most international sides but the fact is, unfortunately for him, he plays in an era where this Spain team, despite a lot of them being mugs, is full of world-class midfield players.

That's not to say that Arteta can't force his way into that Spanish squad at least. And I doubt he would turn into a mug if he did. His game has improved even more since joining Arsenal and he seems to be getting better with age. Like a fine wine. Or Jennifer Aniston. 

How he was ever associated with being a panic buy was beyond me. Perhaps if he had cost Arsenal £20m instead of £10m then the words would never have been linked with his name. 

The fact that he was bought on dead-line day may be a factor I suppose. But that is the only logical explanation I can think of. However I didn't see Robinho described as a panic buy. He cost £32.5m though didn't he?

Arsene Wenger has bought a player, with plenty of Premier league experience, to the club and has been proved right again. Of course, he gets many wrong, but Mikel Arteta is one of the signings that even the doubters must now admit they were wrong about.

One thing for certain, in my eyes, is that Mikel Arteta is no panic buy. I'm gutted in a way that he didn't sign a couple of years ago. But he has always been on Arsene's radar and we had been linked with him for years until he actually signed for us.

Whatever the case I'm glad he is a Arsenal player. I always felt he was an Arsenal player wearing the wrong shirt and now he proving all those who didn't believe in him wrong. But do they admit that? 

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Forget Euro 2012 Jack!

Being young and enthusiastic Jack Wilshere will be itching to play football again. 

The enthusiasm to get back out there on the pitch is all well and good but he must not rush his return to action because he could suffer repercussions in the future. Deadly serious repercussions.

Of course he want's to play for England this summer. He is probably as desperate to perform for his country as Rosie47 is to escape her master from hell, Harry Redknapp. The bastard, blaming his dog like that.

Wilshere needs to try and curb that frustration though because no matter how important playing for your nation is, it isn't worth risking an even longer-term injury for one tournament. 

Jack looks about 14 years old so he has many more international competitions in front of him. He doesn't need to rush his comeback this season to play in Euro 2012.

Not only that, he needs to think of Arsenal more than anything at the moment. We have waited patiently for his return and if he rushed back to play for England, and suffered an even bigger set-back, I'm sure some Gooners would be a little cheesed off.

In my opinion, I would write Jack off this season. Like the condom in Jay Spearing's pocket he hasn't been used. So we won't miss him and it really will be like a new signing for next season.

That is probably not what the little maestro would want to hear but it is the harsh reality of the situation. Jack needs to forget the Euro's, get it out of his head, and just concentrate on getting fit for next season. 

Also the way some players are praised to high heaven and then knocked down quicker than one of Manny Pacquiao's opponents by the English media is another reason for him not to rush back.

I have no doubt that if he returned to the England fold he would be hailed as the messiah and a half-fit player, with the expectation of a nation on his shoulders, would be under lot of pressure. Like Freddy Mercury.

Jack needs to grit his teeth, forget about the tournament and focus on next season. No matter how hard that must be.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Alex Song Is (Nearly) World-Class

A few years ago if someone had suggested to me that Alex Song would one day be (nearly) world-class I would have taken them straight to Broadmoor and had them sectioned myself.

At the beginning of his Arsenal career Song looked, in my opinion, horribly out of his depth. When he went on loan to Charlton Athletic I actually believed he had probably found his level. At best.

Well, I'm man enough to hold my hands up, and admit that I was wrong.

I am very wrong. Its the most wrongest I have ever been since 1995 when I believed that Chris Kiwomya would become the highest scoring Arsenal player of all-time. (I didn't really believe that. Honestly) 

The fact is, Alex is now one of the most important members of this Arsenal team and when his name is on the team-sheet I feel more secure than when I do my Internet banking with Barclays. 

His progression has amazed me more than the Tulisa sex-tape and I think that Alex Song is on the borders of being a truly world-class player. In fact, he isn't far from being one at all.

It's my belief that the only thing stopping the Cameroonian from being that world-class player is himself. 

At times he tries to be clever in the wrong areas of the pitch. But maybe Arsene Wenger encourages him to express himself, even in dangerous situations. Who knows?

What I do know is I give it about 20 minutes before the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona start circling Song like vultures. In fact I can almost hear Xavi talking about Song's FC Barca DNA now.

In the past Alex has spoken about his love for Arsenal, and it's that proper deep love, so I believe that he will stay at the club for as long as we, and Arsenal, want him to. So Xavi, and the rest of his crew, can leave well alone.

A player that has really helped with the progress of Song is Mikel Arteta. The Spaniard has rubbed off on him and I think he totally deserves a gee-up for helping turn Alex into the player he is today.

Unless I am wrong about Song, like I have been in the past, then I honestly believe he will make that progression into one of the best midfielder's in the world. I really do. I haven't smoked anything. Or drunk anything.

I'd consider Song to be at his best when holding the midfield. And its a bonus that he can play that lovely little beaut of a pass over the top when needed too. 

Talk of him becoming an attacking midfielder, I think, is the wrong move. He can come from deep and why try fixing something that isn't broken? Because as Rafa Benitez would say, it is FACT that Song isn't broken.

Song has become a very consistent player. Once upon a time he was consistently bad, and gave me a consistent headache, but I have learnt not to judge players so quickly due to his rise as a player.

Its fantastic to see that he has proved a lot of people, including myself, wrong. I would never have believed that Song would become the player he is today. Never. 

So the man deserves a lot of credit for that. And the fact he is currently, after Robin van Persie, the second most important player in this Arsenal team says a lot.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sagna's Return Coincides With Arsenal's Run Of Form

I don't care that Bacary Sagna looks like Serena Williams' ugly brother. 

And I don't care that, except for Cesc Fabregas' mullet, his hair-style is the funniest I've seen a player in an Arsenal shirt ever have.

Because Bacary is a hero for Arsenal. A proper hero. Like Hercules. 

Is it any coincidence, that since his return from a broken leg, Arsenal have shown the kind of fight only ever seen on the battlefields of Scotland by William Wallace and co?

The man is a warrior. His never-say-die attitude, and fighting spirit, is slowly becoming matched by the rest of the squad. 

They look at the example Sagna sets week-in week-out, and think, 'Hang-on, we better match this desire or he will destroy us. Or Vermaelen will Verminate us at least'.

In my, completely unbiased, opinion, Sagna is the best right-back in English football and the second best in Europe. After Daniel Alves. No mean feat.

Arsenal are on a fantastic run at the moment, which makes a change for this time of year, and Sagna is a key reason for that.

You need characters like Bacary around the club. Not only is he a brilliant right-back but he is influential too.

Players look up to him, except Per Mertesacker, and realise that this is a man who gives his all. Every game. That's the kind of attribute we have lacked in the past. 

Even Theo Walcott looks a different player now Sagna is back in the team. 

His form has improved drastically and it seems Theo can relax, playing his game more naturally, when he knows that the Frenchman is behind him. 

Arsenal have shown some amazing character in recent weeks. We have even set records in the come-backs we have produced.

Now, for a change, it would actually be nice if Arsenal went a goal up tonight so I don't pull ALL my hair out but I'd take another win, regardless of how it is done.

Hair aside, this bunch of bananas, sorry I meant Arsenal players, have the kind of battling quality's I haven't seen since the Invincibles. 

They don't when they are beaten. Except when we play Manchester United away.

The players are beginning to match Sagna, his extraordinary fighting spirit, and that should take us into the Champions League again, and stand us in good stead for next season.

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Harry Redknapp Is Rattled

Some bitch must have twisted Harry Redknapp's melon because he seems to be cracking right up.

Having pops at Chezza. Blaming his taxes on his poor dog Rosie, who has never done anything wrong as far as I am aware. And now losing three games in a row has got to him.

I understand it must be hard for him to look in the mirror, what with nearly getting his dog banged up and his ugly baggy face staring back, but he is losing it. And losing it fast.

He has never been in this position before. A man under intense pressure all of the sudden and he can't deal with it.

When things are going well, Redknapp is the cheeky cockney chappy the media love. A guy who has plenty of banter, especially when leaning out of his car window.

But when things are bad, Harry can't take it. He spits his dummy out quicker than my baby nephew. And I haven't mentioned throwing his toys out the pram yet.

This man is meant to be the bloke every one wants as the next England manager. Do you honestly believe he could cope with that? The expectations of a nation of his shoulders.

All season long he has spoke of where S*urs are in the league and that they deserve to be there. I agree with that, they do.

But now he is saying they are punching above their weight despite saying his side is as good as any other in the league. Including Wigan.

Redknapp contradicts himself left, right and centre and for a long time I have told many of my S*urs supporting pals what a shyster the man is. Now even most of them are starting to agree with me.

It makes me laugh to see good old Harry squirming under the pressure because he beginning to show his true colours and blaming every one else for his downfalls. Even his little dog got it.

Its clear to see he is struggling now. When people raved about S*urs being the best team in the world he lapped up the applause faster than Rosie eating her Pedigree Chum.

Now the shoe is on the other foot he is hates it. It wouldn't surprise me if he blamed Darren Bent.

All this plays into Arsene Wenger and Arsenal's hands. We have top four experience. Harry, and S*urs don't have much of it.

I'm not going to start getting all cocky and say we will come above them. In fact, if you offered me the finish of 4th right now I would take it. Even if it meant coming below S*urs.

And I might be taking the safe option there, because 3rd is well up for grabs, but the re-emergence of Chelsea will be a threat too.

Harry Redknapp though, is in trouble. The cracks are showing and that could well mean advantage Arsenal.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Arsenal Have A Siege Mentality

It's almost come as a shock to some people that Arsenal are kicking into gear and are starting to fly like R. Kelly believes he can.

It doesn't surprise me though. Not at all. There is too much quality in the squad for us not to be.

Of course, this current group of players is arguably one of Arsene Wenger's weakest since he joined the club but that just shows the strength of the previous teams he has had.

We aren't title challengers, and we suffered the worst start to a season since 1876 when John Lukic was in goal, but the place is buzzing at the moment.

The players are playing with confidence and really seem to enjoy each others company. I could imagine them all having tea and scones together.

I think Robin van Persie is key to this. Not just going by his magical form on the pitch but also the fact he appears to be a proper leader and captain.

In the past Wenger has often used the term 'mental strength'. So much so, you can be sure he used it in at least 99% of his previous interviews.

Admittedly I often rolled my eyes when he remarked on the 'mental strength' of the squad. I almost thought he was taking the pee a little bit because 'mental strength' was a quality I thought we lacked.

However you cannot throw that accusation at Robin and co. This lot have it in abundance. Not an ambulance.

To come from behind 34 times in a row is an achievement. I even think it could be a record. But this squad don't know when they are beaten.

There appears to be a siege mentality within the squad. Has Steven Seagal given an Under Siege motivational speech or something?

They have been knocked, been popped at more than someone on Poppers, ridiculed and written off faster than my Ford Fiesta.

Yet they STILL are in the top four, only a point off the best team in the whole wide world.

I'm actually starting to get a little excited for next season now. I know that is premature, and that's enough of my sexual problems, but this squad will grow and with a couple of decent acquisitions can really challenge.

The siege mentality developed by this bunch has become a joy to see. They fight for each other and battle as hard as those warrior's from Sparta.

On a completely different level check out the 1 Nil Down 2 One Up site by Dave Seager for a lovely tribute to another Arsenal legend and warrior, Rocky Rocastle, here.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Robin van Persie Won't Go To Manchester City

The speculation surrounding Robin van Persie's future has become hotter than the vindaloo I had just before Christmas. It was so hot, I haven't had one since.

Such is his form, every top club in Europe will be keeping their beady eyes on him and his contract situation at Arsenal.

Roberto Mancini is the latest man to start talking. To be fair he was quite complimentary about the club, and of course, the man he is trying to butter up like a slice of bread, van Persie.

Despite Mancini flirting and sniffing around I'm not worried about Robin leaving Arsenal to join Manchester City. 

I don't believe that he would join another club in England because he loves Arsenal too much and deep down I really believe that he will sign another contract with us anyway.

Of course in the past I have been wrong. I said Cesc Fabregas would stay at Arsenal but the pull for him to go back home was an exceptional situation, what with his Barcelona DNA and all. 

Not too sure but I have never heard anyone talking about Robin van Persie's Manchester City DNA, and I don't think he has any family living in Manchester, so the emotional pull isn't there.

His heart strings are pulled by Arsenal though, and maybe Feyenoord, so his love for the club will be a crucial factor in his future. 

In my opinion, money isn't the be-all and end-all with Robin. Of course he want's to win trophies, and he'd have a great chance of that at City, but most of all he wants to win them with Arsenal.

I have said that even if we didn't qualify for the Champions League next season I feel he will stay if we show intent in the transfer market. I still have that opinion.

The Dutchman has become the darling of the Gooner faithful. We love him more than Wayne Rooney loves the bum-hair transplanted onto his head.

He knows that love can quickly be turned into something more sinister and a move to Manchester City would be the ultimate sin in many Gooners eyes. Seeing him in a City shirt would make our eyes bleed.

When van Persie kisses the Arsenal badge you know that it means something to him. He is a Gooner too and someone who is desperate for the club to do well.

And we will do well. If Robin van Persie stays.

In the past Arsene Wenger has had close affinity's with his captains. But I get the feeling the bond he has with van Persie has developed into something bigger than anything before. 

I think the fact he has seen Robin progress from a temperamental little git into a proper leader of men will persuade him to listen to the striker. And his opinion.

Our previous skippers like Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas have been given the armband based on keeping that player at the club. You could argue the same was done with Robin. 

The difference is van Persie has truly thrived on it and has become a very good captain. In my eyes better than Thierry and Cesc hands down.

Robin van Persie can become a true legend at Arsenal Football Club. Everything is set for him to be spoken about in the terms of Tony Adams, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and most of all Igors Stepanovs.

He wouldn't risk that status to join Manchester City. No way.  

Loyalty is something that is very rare these days in football. Its even rarer than Frank Lampard leaving any of his dinner.

Robin has bundles of loyalty to Arsenal because Arsenal were loyal to him when he was always keeping Tomas Rosicky company in the treatment room. He owes the club and I think he knows that.

He knows the feelings of Gooners. We are desperate for him to stay and he wants to. Now its over to Arsenal to back-up his, and our, the supporters, ambitions. 

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I Can't See This Lukas Podolski Story Being True

There are 'reports' coming from Germany that Lukas Podolski has agreed personal terms with Arsenal and will join in the summer.

A German newspaper called Bild revealed the story but I don't know if this paper is Germany's equivalent of The Sun so I'd take the story with a pinch of salt at the moment.

In fact, I'd say there was as much truth in this story as when Harry Redknapp said he always paid his taxes under oath. Triffic. 

So how on earth Podolski has agreed terms with Arsenal before the Gunners have actually done a deal with his club, FC Koln, then is beyond me.

Then again Cesc Fabregas signed about 34 contracts with FC Barcelona before eventually Arsenal released him from his kidnapping and actually let him join the mugs.

I doubt very much that Podolski has agreed a deal with Arsenal, although I'd love him too. In fact I'd drive to Germany right now in what I am wearing (pants) to bring him to the Emirates.

This is more likely a ploy by his agent to drum up more interest in Lukas or for his club FC Koln to lay down some more Euro's on the table.

I've always been very coy (COYS, ahem 5-2) about stories like this. Unless its on a Bosman, people saying players have signed a deal before the clubs have agreed a fee always brings out my suspicious side.

I haven't got too excited by this 'revelation' just yet. Until its signed, sealed, delivered and the story is covered by the Daily Sport, or Caught Offside, I don't believe anything. 

And I don't believe anything written in German because I can't read it. 

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Monday, 27 February 2012

El Clásico Has Nothing On The North London Derby

El Clasico is regarded round the world as the biggest rivalry in football and is also renowned as the most exciting fixture shown before our very eyes.

Now I completely agree about the rivalry. It probably just shades the Glasgow derby. Just. 

But the most exciting? I disagree with that notion almost as much as that 11th pint I had last night disagreeing with my head this morning.

The most exciting game in football, round the whole wide world, and maybe even the universe, is the North London derby. 

Forgive me for sounding as deluded as the average Spud for saying such a thing but I won't apologise for sharing it with you.

This game has absolutely everything. Every time.

When was the last time you watched a North London derby and was bored? I think it is actually impossible to be bored during this match. Even the neutrals love it.

I think there has been at least a million goals scored between the two teams (that's just in the last five head-to-heads) and in recent times there have been more come-backs than a Take That tour.

After yesterday I have no finger nails left on my right-hand left due to chewing them off.

And I'm sure the missus is happy, because I can't physically speak after dropping the 'C' Bomb on Gareth 'Harry was out on' Bale at least 20 times in 4 seconds when he dived to win their penalty.

Credit must go to both teams for always making this game a fixture to remember. I don't want to give S*urs any credit but I have to because they contribute to this game too.

Barcelona v Real Madrid is the biggest game in football ever seen in my stinking existence but give me a North  London derby any day of the week.

El Norte de Londres derby es la mejor!

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Friday, 24 February 2012

I'm Glad Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Wasn't Called Up For England

Some people like to have a pop at Arsenal for absoluuuuuuuutely any reason possible. We even get the blame for crappy weather or if someone's car breaks down. You name it, its Arsenal's fault. 

One of the main things they love to have a go at us about is the fact we hardly ever seem to have any players in the England squad. And its Arsenal's fault England aren't any good too.

Despite our lack of 'Englishness' the football future of the country rests in the hands of Arsenal. Jack Wilshere will captain his nation at some point and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, AKA the Ox, will become a key player one day for the Three Lions too. 

Yet, just a couple of months ago, people were saying Arsene Wenger had paid over the odds for another youngster in the Ox. Now most of these very same people are saying he is better than Pele and can't believe he hasn't been called up to the latest England squad.

For me, Oxlade-Chamberlain not being called up is a good thing and Stuart Pearce has made the right call in leaving him out. Don't get me wrong, to see an Arsenal player in an England shirt is fantastic, and it sticks two fingers up to the haters, but the right decision has been made here.

The Ox is being touted as England and Arsenal's saviour left, right and centre and the pressure on the boy, and he is still a boy, is becoming as huge as Beth Ditto's right buttock. That is some huge pressure.

I've no doubt Alex can cope with it, he seems a very level-headed kid, but lets not ruin him before he has even began his footballing career. 

To play him in the England senior team right now is a double-edged sword. On one hand he could tear it up but on the other he may have a bad performance and the criticism will come more Fast and Furious than a Vin Diesel movie.

Alex has plenty of time on his side. I mean he has only been able to buy booze legally for six months. We need to give him the opportunity to progress naturally and not rush him.

It's not fair to rest the whole nations hopes on an 18-year-old. It's bad enough for his shoulders to have the weight of Arsenal's campaign on them in some peoples eyes. That is heavy enough.

In his own time the Ox will become an England regular, but that time isn't right now.

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You Can Talk The Talk, But Can You Walk The Walk?

One thing that I have noticed over the years is that there are a lot of Arsenal players who have plenty to say.

They talk a great game but they have to start backing it up with performances on the pitch otherwise it will bite them on their pampered behinds.

This Sunday is the the most important North London derby since we won the title at White Hart Lane on the 25th April 2004.

Its time for this Arsenal squad to stop talking, to stand up, and be counted.

No less than 110% effort will be accepted. Total dedication is needed.

Like a Postman doing his round, Arsene Wenger and his squad must deliver.

So far this season could be described as a nightmare for Gooners worldwide. We have been up and down more times than a pair of Paris Hilton's knickers.

And I'm getting sick from dizziness.

A victory on Sunday would go a long way to curing those dizzy spells and could really kick-start our campaign.

Some of these Arsenal players need to prove they are worthy of wearing the red and white shirt of our beloved club.

They are fighting for their futures at the club but, more importantly, they are fighting for us supporters who worship them week-in and week-out.

Like battle hardened army veterans, our leaders Robin, Sagna, Scezney, Vermaelen must lead the way. The others must follow.

This game has become bigger than Frank Lampard's 15 course breakfast in recent years.

Our 'demise' and S*urs emergence as genuine contenders (I hate to say it but that's what they are) has made the North London derby more important than ever.

The days where we could just turn up and win are over.

However I have confidence in this Arsenal squad to win this week, go on to finish in the top four AND overhaul our neighbours.

Call me deluded, call me crazy, it can happen. But only if we win on Sunday.

It's time these Arsenal players quit talking about what they are going to do and actually do it.

Prove to us Gooners you have pride in the Arsenal badge, prove you are good enough to pull on the Arsenal shirt, something we supporters would love to do.

Prove everyone wrong who doubted you and to those who said that S*urs are nailed on to do the double over us for the first time since the 1992/93 season.

Because if you don't, even those like me who would defend you to the death, might struggle to in the future.

You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Do We REALLY Want Eden Hazard At Arsenal?

Over the last couple of years Eden Hazard has become quite a talented little lad.

The Belgian international has become one of the most sought after players in Europe and he is loving the attention.

Giants of the game like Arsenal, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona have all been linked with a move for the Lille play-maker.

Clubs on a smaller scale have had their names thrown into the hat for Hazard's next destination too. 

Although realistically Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur would be just be happy their names are mentioned in the same breath as the teams above.

Now a player of Eden Hazard's undoubted potential and quality would be more than welcome at the Gunners. 

But I worry about his intentions when he has flirted and fluttered his eye-lids with every single club I have mentioned at one time or another.

It concerns me because I believe that he sees moving to England, his apparent preferred destination, as a stepping-stone to moving to Spain one day.

We've had young talented players in the past, rough diamonds that Arsene Wenger has polished, join the club, only to leave when they begin to fulfil their potential.

And that makes me feel sicker than the time I ate 2 large Doner Kebabs after a night drinking copious amounts of Budweiser.

I don't like that feeling. It is horrible. And after seeing Hazard physically coo at numerous clubs I get an inkling he would do the same to us too.

Of course I wouldn't complain if Eden did join Arsenal in the summer, and I could be very wrong about him. 

But I would be keep an eye on his conduct in a couple of years time if Real Madrid or Barcelona came sniffing around, if, in fact, he isn't on their books already.

Inevitably, if he isn't, the two, slightly-bigger than Arsenal, giants from La Liga will come knocking on Hazard's door and his Barca DNA could well kick in.

And we could be heartbroken like times before.

As I've said, I wouldn't complain if he joined the club, but I would definitely have it in the back of my mind that he wouldn't be here for the long-haul.

In my opinion, not that its worth much, I would rather Arsenal target older and more experienced players. Players who are at the end of their career.

These players will finish their playing days with us and provide the squad with that much-needed wisdom.

Players the age of Mikel Arteta would be perfect in my book. Plenty of knowledge and still having the legs to not get cramp after football like I did in the meat aisle at Tesco the other day.

This type of footballer might not have a sell-on value as such, and we know that Wenger loves a player with sell-on value, but we need to look at a short-term option instead of the usual long-term vision for a change.

I admit after writing this I could be very wrong about Eden Hazard. In fact, I could be being more out-of-order than the condom machine in my local, but its just a fear I have.

I would very much enjoy it indeed if Eden Hazard joined the Arsenal, it'd be a huge boost, but I'd be constantly worried about transfer window if he did.

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Would You Still SUPPORT Arsenal If We Were Relegated To League 2?

You could describe Arsenal's campaign so far in one word: Pony.

If you really wanted too, I suppose, some would feel you could probably drop the 'C' bomb on the season too.

Now I won't drop that word onto the club because I can't physically say the 'C' word and Arsenal in the same sentence but I know plenty of people who can.

The season has been horrible to watch as it unfolds but there is still a Champions League tie (albeit a slimmer than Victoria Beckham chance) to turn round and a top four race to win.

Of course I don't expect AC Milan to turn into Blackburn Rovers overnight, and I know finishing fourth isn't exactly a huge deal to brag about but, unfortunately,  its the hand we've been dealt with.

Because of the way the season has panned out there seems to be a band-wagon forming that Arsene Wenger's time at the club is up. 

Frustrations amongst some of the Gooner community is at boiling point and could almost be as hot as Rihanna in lacy underwear.

I don't like this band-wagon because, in my opinion, Arsene Wenger deserves a lot more respect than being hounded out of the club after what he has done for us.

If you feel the final nail should be blasted into his Arsenal coffin then that is your opinion. But don't start calling him names and ridiculing the man because he is worth more than that.

Admittedly the last few years have been testing as an Arsenal supporter. Being trophy-less for so long has been a grind and Wenger has been a reason for that.

But, we have been spoilt by the Wenger years when we won trophies and now things have changed, and we aren't winning things, people are spitting their dummies out.

Arsenal have no divine right to win anything. Most of the time we can't even win the Emirates Cup, a cup we invented.

And of course its nice to be challenging for silverware, and I have no doubt Wenger could have done things better to do so, but at the moment we aren't, and at the first sign of a truly bad season under the Frenchman, people want him out.

I'm not naive and I know that this feeling towards Arsene has been building up over the years but who's to say sacking him is the right idea?

It may very well be. We could get rid of him and be rejuvenated like Sunderland have been under Martin O'Neill, a new boss, but at the same time it could backfire and be the worst thing we've ever done.

My money is on it being the worst thing.

As I've said these years have been testing but for me, and I might be wrong, it is showing the supporters of Arsenal and the fans of the club.

I support Arsenal through thick and thin. I'm as frustrated as the next Gooner about the way things at the moment but even if we were relegated through the divisions to League 2 I would still love the club.

I wonder if some Gooners out there could say the same?

Many of the Arsenal fans out there become fans of the club because of Arsene Wenger, when we were constantly winnings things and challenging for honours. Now there is a tough and lean spell at the club they don't like it. 

I am not tarring all Arsenal supporters with the same brush. There is probably a lot of Gooners who have supported Arsenal for a long time who may feel the same. 

But they would support the club, like they have before, through these difficult moments.

The way some Gooners talk about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger can get my back up. I admit Wenger isn't blameless for the barren spell we are having. He could actually take most of the blame.

But its during times like this we see the Gooners who make us proud. 

Part and parcel of supporting a football is taking the rough with the smooth. Being there through the good times and the bad. Its like a marriage. For better or worse.

All the ridiculing, the name calling, saying the club is terrible, all it does is make me love Arsenal even more and want to defend it. Like a wife.

And I'd defend it all the way to League 2 and beyond. 

Would you?

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Arsenal Need To Dump Nike

Ted Bundy was executed by the electric chair but I honestly think I was more shocked than him when I saw this monstrosity of a kit that Nike have supposedly designed for Arsenal's 2012/13 campaign.

Now I understand that this 'leaked' design could be faker than Pamela Anderson's fake knockers but, if it is real, are Nike sure?!

I would never associate black with Arsenal, never, but here it looks like we have black socks and black bands going round the arm-sleeves with a black collar.

Forgive me if I am wrong but maybe the person who dressed these mannequins with the strips got mixed up and put the wrong socks on the Arsenal and Manchester United ones. What a dummy.

And what is with the black arm-bands? It looks like someone has died! I mean, I know in recent times Arsenal have seemingly been on the decline but do Nike need to go that far?!

I'm starting to think that a S*urs fan designs Arsenal's kit and is having a right laugh at our expense. It is my only explanation. 

For a long time I have disliked the way Nike make our kit look. I think I have liked one design of theirs since we got a deal with them way back in 1856.

The very least they could do is design three kits and let Gooners vote for their favourite to be worn. That way we might look crap but at least we chose what crap we wanted to wear.

I honestly can't wait until our contract with Nike runs out and I really hope that Adidas compete with them for the honour of designing our kit.

Maybe Arsenal can beg Adidas for forgiveness, after dumping them in the 1990's harsher than Britney finished with Justin, and get a deal going with the three stripes.

Adidas always make a decent strip and if Arsenal are on the decline that much at least we would look good doing so! 

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Big Per Will Be A Massive Miss

Our giant of a German Per Mertesacker's ankle looks as battered and bruised as my bank account after buying a hot-dog with a pint of Carlsberg at the Emirates.

It looks in seriously bad shape and I can imagine the pain Per felt when his 6ft 6in frame went over and buckled himself.

Seeing the photo made me wince. I've done my ankle like that before and I was out injured for about 3-4 months.

Now I don't know the length of time that Mertesacker will be out for. I'm not a medical expert or a psychic, nor do I claim to be, but I do know that he will be hugely missed.

Unlike Harry Redknapp, the jury is still out on the centre-back but I think he has settled into life at Arsenal responsibly well.

I happen to believe some people have been more than harsh on Per.

I know he turns slower than Michelle McManus doing a twirl, but I think it would be fairer to judge him next season when he has had time to adapt to English football.

I've no doubt Arsenal will miss him hugely (excuse the pun) for the period he is out injured and I only hope the injury isn't a season-ending one.

He appears to have a calming influence on the side and there is no doubt that the rest of the squad respect him and his 80-odd caps for Germany.

Mertesacker will be sick at this injury. He has established himself in the side and has Euro 2012 with his country coming up.

I feel as sick as a parrot for him too. He has become my second favourite German after David Hasslehoff and I only hope he can recover quickly because, despite his doubters, Arsenal are better with him.

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