Sunday, 28 February 2010

Crocodile Tears/Sick Stoke Fans/Rooney/Ramsey

I still feel absolutely sickened by events at the Britannia Stadium yesterday.

The image of Aaron Ramsey lying there in agony won't leave my mind. I feel for the boy so much. I don't mind admitting that I had tears in my eyes and was on the verge of crying.

I feel distraught for him. I really do. Nobody wants to see anything like that. The looks on Thomas Vermaelen and Cesc Fabregas' faces said it all.

Speaking of tears, don't fall for Ryan Shawcross' and his crocodile tears. By all accounts he is 'deeply upset' and 'there was no malice' in his tackle. His Stoke City team-mate Danny Pugh said that Shawcross is not that kind of player.

Well, I'm sure that Aaron Ramsey doesn't agree and I'm also think that ex-Gunner Emmanuel Adebayor may have something to say about it.

I don't care what anyone says, idiots like Ryan Shawcross go into these type of tackles with intent. Especially against Arsenal. It's happened too many times in recent seasons to not be coincidence.

Sides like Stoke City believe that to level the playing field against Arsenal they have to 'rough us up'. I understand that football is a physical game but when tackles fly in that borderline on assault then something has to be done.

How do you deal with it? Le Grove make a good point about introducing foreign refs. Ref's from overseas will not be influenced by the media and their 'it's OK to kick Arsenal' ways. If xenophobia runs through our media then you can't tell me that referee's don't feel the same. There needs to be more protection and perhaps even season-long bans for players who commit horror challenges like Shawcross did.

I often wonder how the English media would react if golden boy Wayne Rooney was the victim of such a tackle resulting in him having a career threatening broken-leg. I have no doubt that there would be outrage.

What we've seen is a little Welsh boy hurt by an English man and it's OK. I'm actually English and I can see that we live in the dark ages in regards to football. Until the day comes when we actually see the light and admit that tackles like this are disgraceful I can't see any progress made. England will never win the World Cup with this attitude and we will never deserve too.

This caveman attitude is the reason England will never win a World Cup in my lifetime and I'm not surprised. We'd rather see players kicked than encourage skill and some of the nethanderal Stoke City fans prove this.

I'm not blaming all the Stoke fans, some were admirable and actually clapped Ramsey as he was stretchered off the pitch but the others; I just hope that someone close to you doesn't suffer the same way.

It was sickening to hear some Stoke supporters mocking Aaron. Chants and hand gestures were aimed at this 19 year old who had just suffered a career threatening injury. There are many words for those type of people but I'd think two sum them up; Scummy Cunts.

Yes, those two words are horrible but I think they are correct.

I'll finish by saying that I wish Aaron Ramsey all the luck in the world. I hope that Arsenal win the title for him. Two years ago we were in the same boat when Eduardo suffered from another assault.

Maybe we didn't have the mental strength to win the league that season but yesterday we showed the kind of bollocks that Wenger says we have. To win after what happened to Ramsey showed courage.

Ramsey must show courage now and I'm sure he will because he is a ballsy little character. I'm confident that he will come back stronger and hungrier as a result of his horrible injury.

My fingers are crossed for you Aaron and I'm looking forward to seeing you bossing the Arsenal midfield for many years.

Keep it Goonerish................

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Harry Redknapp Stitched Up Pompey, Not Sol Campbell

So Sol Campbell is a 'cunt' for trying to get back the £1.7m he is owed by Pompey in wages.

Those are the words of a mate of mine who happens to be a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

"He is already loaded the greedy cunt" were the exact charming words.

I agree that Sol Campbell is already loaded. He probably could survive without the £1.7m but that's not the point. Why shouldn't he get the money he is owed?

Is it Sol's fault that he hasn't been paid?

Put yourself in Campbell's shoes, would you do the same? I probably would. Not because I'm a greedy cunt but because that is what I am owed.

It is not Campbell's fault that Portsmouth Football Club are in danger of going bust (I must add, I hope they don't because I like Pompey) but it is the fault of the management.

The likes of Peter Storrie AND Harry Redknapp have fucked Pompey over. They created the mess at Portsmouth.

Pompey "lived the dream" in recent times. Winning the FA Cup and having 'fantastic assets on the pitch'. Good time for the Portsmouth faith full.

Despite the good times we were on the verge of a credit-crunch. Did that stop Harry Redknapp spending over £60m on wages and transfers from the summer of 2007 until his departure?

Of course it didn't because good old Harry only cared about himself. He proved that by fucking off to Tottenham when the going got tough.

Yes, Portsmouth received £5m compensation for his services but it was too late by then. Redknapp knew he had created a monster and jogged on out of Fratton Park quicker than he could fart.

He spoke of Portsmouth as his 'spiritual home' so why did he leave them not once but twice? Not only that he also took charge of their most fierce rivals.

Top Geezer that cheeky chappy Redknapp.

When I hear what a great man Harry Redknapp is it frustrates me. He isn't. He is disloyal and only cares about himself.

I have no doubt that if a club bigger than Tottenham came in for him he would go. When at Portsmouth, he had an interview with Newcastle United. People say he was loyal to Pompey then. He wasn't. Newcastle wanted Kevin Keegan more. That's why he stayed.

I think Arsene Wenger gets a raw deal from the media compared to Redknapp. Maybe it is xenophobia. As far as I'm aware Wenger never hides and I'm pretty sure that he never fucked over an entire club. Twice.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Monday, 22 February 2010

Would You Or Wouldn't You?

I've seen and heard rumours that Gael Clichy could be on his last legs at Arsenal.

Now whether you believe that Arsene Wenger is ready to cash in on our number one left-back or not, I think that many Gooners are split on what Wenger should do.

The fee that I've seen bandied about is £16m. Now don't get me wrong, that is a lot of money, especially for a full-back but would that tempt you to let Clichy go?

About 18 months ago I would have said jog on. These days I have to admit that I would be tempted, especially when you know that Kieron Gibbs seems pretty capable of filling Gael's boots.

Clichy seems to have had a rough time in the last 18 months. He has been injured a lot and that has affected his form. He almost seems to have at least one clanger a game and the days of saying that he is better than Ashley Cole appear long gone.

To even compare him to Ashley Cole is a tribute to Gael Clichy. Without doubt (I have/hate to say it) Cole is the best left-back in the world. I still feel to this day he could have gone on to become an Arsenal legend and would probably even be our captain. As we all know he fucked that up.

I, and many others, said that Clichy made it an easy decision for Wenger to let Cole go. Gael was that good. Having said that, it appears that Gael has gone backwards over the last 12-18 months. I think it was the mistake against Tottenham in the 4-4 draw that begun his 'apparent' decline.

There is a saying; 'Form is temporary, class is permanent' and I would hope that this applied to Gael Clichy. We didn't say that Clichy was better than Cole for nothing.

Despite being tempted I wouldn't sell Clichy. Not even for £16m. Somewhere inside Gael Clichy is still that player who I believed would overtake Cole and become the best left-back in the world.

It could be a matter of belief. If Clichy regained that belief in himself I'm sure that he could become the player we wanted him to be.

I would hate to see Gael at another club. We talk a lot about loyalty to a club in football and when I see Clichy I see a player who loves Arsenal and is extremely loyal to us. Look at his interviews, he always conducts himself well.

In Kieron Gibbs we have a player for the future, Clichy is a player for now. I have no doubt that one day Gibbs will be Arsenal and England's number one left-back but I'd still give Clichy a chance to fulfill that promise he showed and get back on track.

Keep it Goonerish............

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I'll Be Glad To See Him Back

The partnership between William Gallas and Thomas Vermaelen is good, but I believe that a future Johan Djourou and Thomas Vermaelen partnership could be even better.

Don't get me wrong, I love Gallas and I hope that he stays at the club. The man has been immense for us this season. An unsung hero.

Our former skipper, like Eboue, has won round many Gooners with his attitude. He really has impressed me with the way he has responded since the captaincy was taken away from him.

He has shown true character. Gallas is a winner and the more like him at Arsenal, the better I say.

Having said that, there is a chance he could leave the club in the summer. He is in the last few months of his contract and if Arsenal have learnt from past mistakes they had better sort it sooner rather than later.

Or it could be too late.

I look at Gallas and Vermaelen and its enjoyable to see two players who clearly like playing together. I think that our Belgian centre-half looks up to his partner.

When the day comes I'm sure that Thomas will enjoy playing with Djourou too. Johan signed a long-term contract with us and I'm sure that Wenger sees him as an important player to Arsenal in the future.

I really rate Djourou. I think he is a class player and with the right attitude he could go on to become one of the best centre-backs in Europe.

Tall, pacey, good in the air, strong in the tackle and comfortable on the ball, he could really thrive alongside someone like Vermaelen. Then again I think anyone would be happy to play alongside the Belgian. He is that good!

Djourou has been at Arsenal since 2003. That's a long time for someone who is only 23 years old. He has been unlucky with injuries and it must be frustrating for him.

I'm frustrated because, as I've said, I really rate him and I honestly believe that he would be knocking on the first-team door if he was available.

By all accounts Djourou will be back in March. I'm happy with that because, alongside Sol Campbell, we will have quality options at the back.

If I were in Arsene's shoes I would advise Djourou to be Campbell's shadow. Sol could mentor Johan and I couldn't think of a better role-model in the art of defending.

I hope that injuries don't afflict Djourou in his future because he could have a great one. This injury nightmare is almost over for him and I'll be glad to see him back.

Keep it Goonerish............

Saturday, 20 February 2010

I Think That He Deserves A Massive Gee-Up....Don't You?

The date was 06/12/2008. Arsenal had just beaten Wigan 1-0 but the game will not be remembered for an Arsenal victory.

That day will be one remembered for the wrong reasons. It was the day that I thought I would never see happen. The Gooners had turned on one of their own.

Emmanuel Eboue was the unfortunate victim that day. Booed and heckled I really felt for him and seeing the man trudge off, almost reduced to tears, brought a lump to my throat.

That game he became an outlet for the Gooners frustrations. He was the easy target. It was disgusting. Almost on the verge of bullying.

It seemed Eboue was broken. By all accounts he is loved by his team-mates, and he was supported by them. Despite this support I thought that was the end of Eboue's Arsenal career.

Would anyone have blamed him for leaving? Yes he was poor that day but he seemed heart-broken by the treatment he received. It was a liberty.

He could have taken the easy option. He could have just fucked off. Instead he licked his wounds, showed true character and bounced back.

I think Eboue deserves a massive gee-up.

Since that dark day he has rolled his sleeves up and has turned the whole situation round.

You couldn't call him an Arsenal legend but you could say that he has achieved almost 'folklore' status with the Arsenal faithful.

From time to time you still see the theatrics but to be fair to him the Ivorian has cut a lot of that from his game.

How mad is it that people are now calling for him to be played more often? That's how far he has come.

I think that Eboue is a very useful player to have. He can play in a number of positions, is liked throughout the squad, loyal, has ability and is obviously strong-minded to have come back from the berating he took that day.

To turn it all around, I think Eboue deserves a lot of credit. He was immense today and if he continues to play like this, he will continue to win more and more Gooners around.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I know Wenger may suffer from selective myopia but surely he can see this?!

I can't complain about the way Porto scored their second goal last night. If the shoe was on the other foot I have no doubt many of us Gooners would be laughing.

When Thierry Henry put the ball into the back of Chelsea's net with that quick free-kick a few years back we loved it. Well, it's happened to us now. What goes around comes around.

Its no good Wenger having a go at the referee. Perhaps, instead of moaning about the ref, Arsene should take a look at some of his players. Maybe he will, in private.

I can understand the frustration because we should have had a penalty just moments before but we need to accept that the goal was purely down to a fuck-up made by us.

Why Fabianksi chose to pick the ball up is beyond me. I'm sure the best option is always the safe one. He should have just cleared his lines. It was Sunday morning football stuff really.

It appears we have a real problem between the sticks. Many feel that Almunia was dropped for this game. His 'twisted finger' a way to protect him.

If he was dropped then I think the timing was all wrong. He did well against Liverpool but if he should have been pulled at any time it should have been after the Manchester United game.

My opinion is that Wenger can not rely on Almunia and Fabianski at the moment. If that worries me, and many other Gooners, then fuck knows how much it worries our defence.

It must be horrible playing in a defence and not having faith in the man behind you.

Goalkeepers earn you points and win you matches over the season. Mannone earned a win at Fulham. Well, harsh it may sound but it seems to me that Almunia and Fabianski cost us more than they earn us over the course of the season.

I hope Wenger will address this because it may cost him his reputation.

If I was in Wenger's shoes I would seriously consider letting Almunia go in the summer. A year back I thought completely differently and perhaps, rather foolishly, compared him to the likes of Casillas, Cech and Buffon.

I can't quite believe how far backward he has gone.

In Fabianski's case I wouldn't give up on him yet. I'd send him out on a year loan somewhere. A place he would get regular football. It must be difficult to not play regularly and be at your best.

Although that is not an excuse for his amateurish attempts last night!

We need a keeper who inspires confidence in his defence. One who the defenders believe in. Surely Wenger can see that now?

Keep it Goonerish................

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

CL Play-Offs Are A Poxy Idea And Could Ruin English Chances

Sometimes things are changed in football and it improves the game.

For the life of me I can not see how introducing a play-off format to qualify for the Champions League could work.

There are problems with the idea already.

Is it fair that after 38 games in the campaign you finish fourth, only to then have to play a side who finished not only three places below you in the table, but a side who could have finished the season with 15 points less than you?

If you lose what is the point of trying over 38 games anyway? Towards the end of the season you are so clear of that 7th and final qualifying place that you don't need to even need to make the effort for the last few games.

You could field a reserve side and whilst that is happening you could influence the table because your side know that they have already qualified for that play-off place. What do they care about the table now? You have nothing to play for.

How can that be fair?

Also, with no disrespect meant in anyway, what if a club like Stoke City came 7th and then won the play-off?

Would it be a breath of fresh air? Yes, I hear the football purists say.

What the purists do not think about is that Stoke then have to play a qualifying round of fixtures in August. Like we did against Celtic this season.

What if Stoke were knocked out at this stage? It is more than likely. If this continued year-in, year-out, then England would lost the point quota that we have earned over the years and eventually we would lose that 4th qualifying place so it would then only be a top three finish that would get you into the Champions League.

Then what happens?

People will say that the so-called 'top-four' are protected. Well if it wasn't for the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, England wouldn't have four places for the Champions League.

There is always the chance that the 'top-four' monopoly could be spilt this season. At least if that happens you still feel that the likes of Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa could at least compete, reaching the group stages.

And they would have earned that chance too. Finishing fourth in this league, with its quality, is no mean feat.

But a side finishing 7th. It could be anyone.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Monday, 15 February 2010

Will Gallas And Fabregas Be Wearing The New Kit Next Season? I Know How To Keep Cesc. Forever.

I suppose we've all seen the 'new 2010/11 home shirt' on various Arsenal blog sites. Many are saying it is photo-shopped.

To be fair, it does look a little dodgy and I'm sure that someone has already pointed out the original photo.

I've also seen that Arsenal may get a new kit supplier when our contract with Nike runs out. I really hope we do.

I would love a company like Adidas to design Arsenal's kits.

Over the years I've always liked the way Adidas have produced their kits. The only one I don't really like is the Chelsea strip. It looks like an Armadillo with a bra on.

Imagine chesting the ball with that zip? Ouch.

Anyway, whatever the kit looks like I just hope that William Gallas and Cesc Fabregas are both wearing it. There has been so much speculation about the pair over the last few days.

In my opinion Arsenal should offer Gallas a two-year deal if that is what it takes to keep him at the club. Regular readers of my blog will know that I've always loved him and stuck up for him. Even during those 'dark days' when he cried at Birmingham.

The man has been immense this season.

The untrusting amongst us will say Gallas has raised his game to put himself in the shop window, earning himself a massive deal, either at Arsenal or away from us.

I prefer to think that he has been liberated by his partnership with Thomas Vermaelen. They seem to enjoy playing alongside one another.

It is no secret that Gallas and Toure didn't get on. Perhaps we are only seeing the best of Gallas now because Kolo has gone.

Yes, it may seem petty and on paper a partnership of Gallas-Toure looks a brilliant combination but sometimes things don't always work out.

Vieira and Fabregas? That never really set the world alight did it?

Gallas is experienced, and more importantly, experienced in winning the title. I still believe he is World-Class and not only that; he is a warrior. Despite crying on the pitch.

I know that I would rather have William on my side rather than against me. Look around the Arsenal side. See many warriors? Gallas is definitely one of them.

Another of the warriors is Fabregas. There has been speculation about him since the dawn of time. It can get very boring.

I feel very sorry for Cesc. There can only be so many times he can come out and tell us he is staying at Arsenal.

Despite him saying he is staying there is a growing belief that he will actually leave this summer.

I concede that there maybe a time he will leave Arsenal. But I don't believe it will happen this year and when he does make the move away the Emirates it will be to join Barcelona. Not Real Madrid. Not AC Milan, Inter or anybody else.

Who honestly would begrudge him a move back to his homeland? I wouldn't because in my opinion he has been loyal to Arsenal and in this day and age that is something to be treasured.

Fabregas could end up staying at Arsenal forever though. I'm sure I know how too.

Cesc loves Arsene Wenger and feels he owes him a lot. It could be that our skipper stays as long as Arsene does.

Cesc also loves Pep Guardiola, the Barcelona manager. He is an idol to Fabregas. Perhaps when the day comes calling Pep could take over the managers job at Arsenal.

I'm sure I read that Wenger invited Guardiola to England a few times to watch Arsenal and visit the training ground. Maybe he is keen for the Barca manager to take his place one day?

Arsenal could offer Guardiola complete freedom, something he doesn't get at Barcelona, a new challenge abroad and the opportunity to continue the way Arsenal play football. Like he does at Barca.

If Pep Guardiola came to Arsenal I would be 100% sure that Fabregas would stay. Maybe even until the end of his career.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Twelve Hours Later.......

About twelve hours ago I wrote that after tonight's results come in things could be very, very different indeed.

Well, they are.

Can people now start to believe again?

Who said Chelsea and Manchester United wouldn't drop any points? Many did.

Well, I said they would and its happened the same day.

Come on. Lets believe. Tonight was a massive test and everything has gone our way.

Arsenal winning, Chelsea losing, United dropping points and the Spuds having the double done over them by the mighty Wolves.

It could be the perfect night to be a Gooner.

Keep it Goonerish............

Twelve Hours From Now.....

Things could be very, very different indeed.

Who knows? If results go our way we could be only six points off Chelsea and only four behind Manchester United.

On the other hand we may find ourselves only two points clear of Liverpool.

Two very different scenario's but both should give this Arsenal squad enough motivation to go on and claim three of the most important points this Premiership campaign has to offer tonight.

Every game for Arsenal from now to the end of the season must be treated like a cup-final. We need to keep winning, letting Chelsea and Manchester United know we haven't given up yet.

It may seem worthless at the moment, many Gooners have conceded defeat already but don't. Please don't.

I know Wenger has made mistakes, especially not signing anyone other than Sol Campbell in January, but we have to get behind the side for the last push of the season.

Let's be like those away Gooners, who never gave up singing at Stamford Bridge despite being 2-0 down. Let's call on that under-dog spirit that Arsenal are famous for.

Chelsea and Manchester United will drop points from now till the end of the season. We have to be there to capitalise. We can help. We can be the twelfth man on that pitch.

I know we are all pissed off at the moment. Who wouldn't be? But let's show the wankers out there that we are Arsenal and we are united as one.

The media, experts, ex-players have all wrote us off and love having a dig. Let's not resort to that amongst ourselves.

In twelve hours time we may be a little closer to the top. We may not. I reckon we will be though. We can still win the league, albeit relying on others, but we are still there. In the mix.

Keep believing! Football is an unpredictable game.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lets Win The League The Hard Way Then

If everyone who read this was put in a room and asked to raise a hand if they believed that Arsenal could still win the league I doubt there would be many hands in the air.

Mine would be. Just. Because it maybe hard to believe but I honestly feel that we can still do it.

Yes it will be hard, extremely hard. Yes, it may seem impossible, extremely impossible but it isn't over until the fat lady sings and although I'm sure I can hear Susan Boyle on the radio I prefer to say she is big boned.

Of course we will have to do it the hard way. We have to rely on Chelsea and Manchester United dropping points (and they will) but after the Liverpool game we have a run-in that doesn't strike the fear of God into me.

Chelsea and United have a far tougher ending to this campaign and as long as we keep on winning our games then we have a chance.

Today's performance from the boys was in stark contrast from the United game, albeit both ended in defeat. The effort and demeanour cannot be faulted. In fact I only felt that we lost the game because of the usual mistakes we have failed to learn from; sloppy defending.

Against the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United you cannot get away with these mistakes. Luckily for us we don't have to play either again (in the Premiership) this campaign.

Other than the mistakes for the goals I don't think we did a lot wrong today. We played well and as long we keep playing like that then we will have a very good end to the season. In my opinion Drogba was the difference, pouncing on our indifferences.

Had Drogba been wearing a red and white shirt today I've no doubt we would have won. Yes Wenger should have rectified that we needed a striker in the transfer market but at the end of the day he didn't and it may cost us. It may not.

The run of games against Aston Villa, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool was a real test to our title ambitions, so far we have come up short. However, victory for us against Liverpool and if results go our way on Wednesday it could put things in a more positive light for us.

Manchester United go to Aston Villa and Chelsea travel to Everton. Do you think those games are certain wins for either of our title rivals? You may say we look far from certain to beat Liverpool at the moment but this is my point; we have to do it the hard way.

We had it in our own hands before this testing run of games. As I've said, we come up short and appear to have fucked ourselves. We have to rely on others slipping up, not ideal I know, but we are not out of it yet.

Of course I'm gutted that we have lost again and I'm sure the media and many others (including some Gooners) will cum in their pants at the thought of Arsenal blowing their own load a bit early (again) in the season but we have to still believe we can do it. Even if that seems a little mental.

Even if there is just a little smidgen of belief hold on to it because strange things can happen in football. I believe we can still win the league this season. I just hope some others do to.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Maybe this is the reason why Arsene Wenger didn't sign anyone

Since being beat by Manchester United I have seen criticism leveled at Arsene Wenger like never before. It's almost another level.

It got even worse when he didn't add to the squad on transfer dead-line day. A move that has led many Gooners to despair.

So much so I've even seen an Arsenal blog begin a petition to sack him.

Speaking of criticism, Wenger has thrown his own share on the Arsenal side torn a new arse-hole by United.

It's something that the Arsenal gaffer hardly ever does. He usually defends the indefensible. Well, he could hardly defend that performance could he?

The last time he did it was after yet another humiliating home hammering. This time it was at the hands of Chelsea.

You have to give Arsenal credit after that. The harsh words spoke by Le Boss seemed to do the trick. We went unbeaten in the league until the United game.

It seems he has tried the tactic again and will hope for the same response. Who knows? It may well work.

Obviously some (myself included) would have hoped that the defeat would have pushed Arsene into entering the transfer market. It didn't. As myself and many gutted Gooners know.

Nobody but Wenger knows the reasons he hasn't signed anyone when it appeared obvious we needed to add to the squad.

But I've come to a conclusion......

I believe that Wenger has *almost* (and I can't stress the word almost enough) had enough of this Arsenal squad. Hard to believe I know.

He has put so much belief into them that I reckon after the Manchester United game he is at the end of his tether.

Could it be that some of the Arsenal squad is now on trial for the rest of the season? Is this the reason Wenger hasn't dipped into his treasure chest again?

Perhaps Arsene has told the squad that their Arsenal future is up for grabs and that they are playing for their Arsenal careers.

Maybe he has told them that this is their last chance and they have to prove that he doesn't need to rebuild from scratch.

After the United game there is no doubt that Wenger will feel let down by a side he has shown so much faith in. He has even been ridiculed for believing in them so much.

Many of this Arsenal squad could be in the last chance saloon. Some Gooners will say Arsene could be too.

There is no doubt he has taken a massive gamble by keeping faith in this side. Let's hope for Arsenal's sake he will strike lucky.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Monday, 1 February 2010

Frustrating but let's judge in May not February.

I'm frustrated but not surprised that Arsene Wenger hasn't added anyone other than Sol Campbell to this Arsenal squad.

Maybe I am slightly deluded but I honestly had the belief that Wenger would bring someone else in. I guess that from now on in the future I'll have to take his comments on signing players with a pinch of salt.

In fact I'd rather it if Arsene Wenger didn't mention his plans on buying players at all. I fail to remember how many times in the past I've heard Wenger say something that raises my hopes only to feel let-down when it doesn't happen.

I guess I should learn from my mistakes and not expect anything that comes out of Wenger's mouth to be gospel but I suppose that is what near desperation can do to you. Funny things.

The true fact is that we haven't brought anyone other than Campbell in and nothing can be done to change that now.

So what do we do?

I've spoke of my frustration but I'm going to support my team through thick and thin like a good supporter is supposed too.

I'm also going to judge the team in May. Like Wenger has asked. I'll do this because I love Arsenal and respect Arsene but I also believe that he has created a rod for his own back by saying this. Bit like his transfer remarks.

I'll wait to May and I hope that we have had success. I backed Arsenal to win the league at the beginning of the season and I'll keep with that prediction. I have to keep showing that faith despite little doubts beginning to creep in.

These little doubts are only beginning to show because of the fact that we suffer so many injuries to players in key positions but then again doesn't this always happen? I actually feel like I'm going over these things round and round again!

This current Arsenal squad, fully-fit, would win this league. But when is this squad ever nearly even 3/4's fit? Wenger could have rectified this by signing someone but he hasn't and we have to try to trust his judgement.

That is the key word here; Judgement. There will be a lot of that in May if we go trophy-less again this campaign. There will a lot of very disgruntled Gooners and I hope that Wenger is prepared for that.

The season is far from over and it could still be a fantastic year for us. A football season doesn't end in February, it ends in May. So save your judgement until then but Arsene Wenger better be ready because it might be harsh.

Keep it Goonerish..............