Saturday, 1 September 2012

Arsenal Will Be The Surprise Of 2012/13

There are many people out there spitting feathers over Arsene Wenger not bringing in some 'super, super quality' players yesterday.

Or any players. I even saw some Gooners so desperate for Arsenal to get someone in they wanted Micheal Owen. Even Emile Heskey's name was bandied about.

While I can understand the frustration brewing there's not a lot we can do about the fact we didn't make any signings.

Don't get me wrong I would have loved Arsenal to have brought some new blood in yesterday. In my opinion, and most other peoples, we look a little short in certain positions.

I look at our current squad and I see a very, very, very, very, very strong starting eleven. Probably stronger than any side we've had in recent years. Possibly even stronger than Jodie Marsh on steroids.

Now whilst I think we have a powerful first-team I worry about what happens if we get injuries or suspensions because I hate to say it but we lack options in certain areas.

Honestly, and this is my Pinocchio honest face because my nose is big enough, I think we will still finish in the top 4.

However I genuinely feel had we pushed the boat out, and made a couple of signings, we would have won the league. We still might, but we will need a lot of luck on the injury front to do so.

I am still optimistic about the season ahead, I always am, but I have to concede that Arsene has taken a big gamble going into this campaign. Possibly the biggest gamble since Paul Merson in 1994.

Maybe if Wenger had just come out a week ago and said we wasn't bringing anyone else in then the furious reaction from some would have been less harsh?

Having said that I'm sure he was looking to bring players in but couldn't find someone suitable. I wouldn't want him to sign someone just for the sake of it.  

It's easy to say we should sign, 'A, B or C' but this is real life and not Football Manager. There are many factors when bringing a player in.

The player could be an absolute 'C' Bomb and ruin the dressing room harmony. He might get homesick. Some even want a night light and that would piss his room-mate off on away-day trips.

Of course there are many if's and but's. At the end of the day we have brought in 3 very good players, who once they gel with the rest of the team, will benefit us.

I dare say had we signed only two of them a few months back, like we did, but then added the third yesterday, I doubt people would be as angry.

This time last year many had a pop at Wenger for 'panic-buying' on transfer deadline day. This time round however he is criticised for not bringing players in. Fickle? I don't know.

What I do know is Wenger has taken a chance. We all thought, especially me, that things had changed when we signed Podolski and Giroud early doors. Adding Cazorla to the mix and it looked great.

Then we sold our most influential players of last year and things seem grim again.

Despite this I think we will surprise a lot of people this season.

Nobody expects us to do well. And while I think we will fall short of winning the league we will be in the mix and I genuinely think we will win a trophy. I really do.

But there will be that slight niggle inside that says had we really gone for it we would be top of the pile come May.

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