Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Has Arsene Wenger become....untouchable?

I've always believed that no man is above criticism but it seems one man, in the eyes of some, is immune from any type whatsoever.

People reading this post should not take it as a pop at Arsene Wenger, far from it, all I'm saying is surely the great man can be criticised. Can't he?

I love the man and everything he has done for Arsenal Football Club. He has given us trophies and we play the football that most teams in world football could only dream of playing.

But does that mean he can't be questioned?

Of course Arsene Wenger knows a lot more about football than me. But I know when he has made a wrong decision and I'm sure when he looks back at some of his choices he does too.

Some people take everything Arsene Wenger does and says as gospel and I don't think that is healthy. It creates complacency.

I know Wenger analyses everything he does with extreme detail, so whats the point of me doing it I suppose? But surely I can give an opinion on him can't I? Whether you agree or not?

Because that is all it is, opinion. It's not the end of the world because it isn't something that we agree on. Debate about it.

Don't come on here and just hide behind an anonymous comment calling me something because you don't agree. Talk about it.

Or do you have no argument because you are a sheep who follows every Arsene Wenger move? Can you not get your point across? Or do you not have one?

I'm of the belief that Wenger will bring the good times back to Arsenal. I trust him. But I will still question him when I believe necessary.

Look back at my posts over the last year or so. You will see a Gooner who still believes in Arsene Wenger and that he is still the right man for the job, even when some didn't.

Even when some were calling for his head. I didn't. But I still have the right to give my opinion on him whether you like it or not.

You may not agree with me, many don't. But Arsene Wenger is not untouchable by any means.

He is the right man for the job and I hope he will be for a very long time but immune from criticism? He is not.

Keep it Goonerish............

Monday, 29 June 2009

Stuart Pearce is a bit Arsene Wengerish. Just a bit mind.

I've just watched the England under-21's vs Germany under-21's final and I have to be honest; England were smashed more than a plate at a Greek restaurant.

It was embarrassing at times and it just confirms to me what I've always believed. England, at all levels, aren't as good as most of us English people think we are.

We tend to have this belief that we are as good as all the top nations of world football. We aren't. Far from it.

We talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. We are all mouth mate. Proper lippy bastards.

The game was so frustrating to watch. And that's why I say that Stuart Pearce, tonight anyway, drew slight parallels to Arsene Wenger.

As soon as ze Germans scored their second, a superb free-kick hit harder than a Mike Tyson uppercut and one that the keeper had no chance with (a-hem) went in, I was hoping that Stuart Pearce would provide some inspiration and make a change.

Just something to get England back into the game and have a chance.

What did I see? Nothing. Just the same players toiling around until the game was effectively over when ze Germans scored their third and killed England off quicker than Usain Bolt can sprint.

How many times have you seen Wenger make the same mistake? Too many?

The amount of times I've been crying, with snot and everything, for Arsene Wenger to make a change because the game is running away from us and something is needed to provide a spark from somewhere and it hasn't come.

I was doing the same same tonight. Waiting for the change. I waited. And waited. And it was too late.

Wenger is a genius. A legend. But his substitutes are rarely before the 70-80 minute mark when it's usually too late to help a lost cause.

It is a flaw that Wenger needs to brush up on and I hope next season he grabs the bull round the horns more often if need be.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Good. But not good enough

Those five words are exactly how I would describe Philippe Senderos.

I like the man. He always tried his heart out for Arsenal and for that I will always have a soft spot for him to go with the soft spot in my head.

I'm no Derek Acorah or Mystic Meg but unfortunately I don't see him having a future with Arsenal. Not after he was sent out on loan last season and after the signing of the Belgian bun.

He will be a very good centre back, just not in an Arsenal shirt. The Premiership is too fast for him.

Philippe should look for a move back to Italy, a place I've always believed would suit him a lot more than England.

Senderos did Okay at Milan but obviously not enough to warrant a permanent move there. I wonder if Carlo Ancelotti leaving the club is the main reason for the move not happening?

Arsenal now have got quite a good bargaining tool in Senderos for any potential transfer target. Especially in Italy.

We could use him in a swap-deal kind of way. Maybe Senderos+£10m could nail Melo?

Keep it Goonerish................

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Imagine the uproar if William Gallas had said we were 'impotent'

I didn't believe that Cesc Fabregas' comments were malicious even though they were screaming at me through the BP garage's window at 6:45 this morning.

The headline made laugh more than anything. Arsenal are 'impotent', Ha Ha!

Are we as impotent as Pele though? Perhaps he could lend Arsenal some of his viagra.

Of course for the millionth time in 23 minutes Fabregas has had to deny the comments and reassure Gooners of his commitment to the club. How boring! For us and him.

It quite a pain in the arse really. Its old regurgitated news from the English media with add-ons. Not strap-ons. Add-ons. Although I do wonder if the reporter who wrote this shit did so with a strap-on up his jacksie.

How many Arsenal captains are the English media gonna try to destroy? Its like its a mission to see who could hound every Arsenal skipper out of the club the quickest. Do they win a prize?

We will see this same story be repeated more than E4 shows Friends repeats on Sky TV. And that is a lot. Trust me, my missus loves the programme and it pisses me off because people say I look a little like Ross.

Do I? There's a picture of me on the blog on the right somewhere.

Anyway, it will never end unless Arsenal do something about. Sue the fuckers is my suggestion. Especially The Sun. Wanky piece of shit.

The media successfully got William Gallas removed from the job last season and will persevere until Fabregas goes back to Spain. One day he will of course but I hope it isn't because of the English press.

I can't help but imagine what would have happened had it been Gallas, still as captain, who said Arsenal were impotent. There would be uproar.

The harsh treatment of William Gallas from the English media, and some Gooners, when he was appointed captain still grates with me.

Most of what he said was true. Especially the statement that finally got him removed as skipper. He only said what many Gooners were saying at the time.

If Cesc said the same would he be as vilified as Gallas? I doubt it.

We see Cesc as one of our own and I think Gallas is still seen as a Chelsea bastard by some.

As I've said, of course Fabregas has shown his loyalty to Arsenal, yet again, but the fact is he still said Arsenal were impotent.

Why is it we react different to him saying things and Gallas, when skipper, saying things?

Double standards?

Keep it Goonerish.................

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The other lot are becoming the Hokey-Cokey club!

Ha ha!

My mate, a Spud, informs me that the little leprechaun Robbie Keane, one of the most annnnnnnoying players in the Premiership, is set to leave the other lot for the second time in 12 months to join Sunderland.

Flippin' heck! That is some crazy shit!

They are fast becoming the Hokey-Cokey club. With all the in, out, in, out going on there must be a revolving door down at the Lane.

Is Harry trying to rebuild the Tottenham side of 2005 and then destroy it? People say Arsene Wenger is the mad professor!

It's easy to laugh at them. It's quite embarrassing really. But I wonder, should Arsenal do a little hokey-cokeying themselves?

Lets bring back Igor Stepanovs through the Emirates door. He's solid at the back right?.............

Nah, let's get serious. Who could we bring back?

Despite the signing of the Belgian bun I still believe a central defender should be signed. At the expense of Mikaël Silvestre maybe?

We've been linked with Matthew Upson. He would provide us with that English 'grit' we lack. Ahem, read yesterday's post with my take on English grit.

He would be a left sided central defender though and apparently we have about 4,986,894 of those. Rule him out?

How about a goal-scoring winger? Hleb or Reyes could be available. Or maybe not. Its a shame that Bobby Pires wasn't a little younger. Mind you, he would still be at the club if he was about six years younger.

Someone that could be available, and I'm sure there will be plenty of yawns, is Mattieu Flamini. We all know how well he and Cesc Fabregas played together.

I actually believe that the Fabregas-Flamini partnership would have eventually evolved into one better than Vieira and Petit. And I believe in that more then love and Santa Claus.

What do you think? Any exe's to come back? Or should once someone has left then the door should be closed?

The other lot don't think so. But I am NOT suggesting we copy their blue-print!

Keep it Goonerish............

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Even someone from Mars could provide grit!

I think people could argue all day long that Arsenal need an English backbone and our lack of English players could be a major reason for us being starved of trophies in recent years.

I don't agree..............

Its obvious we need some grit in there. Some of our players are softer than Tesco's blue stripe toilet roll.

But why do some people always assume that English is what we need to give us a bit of 'toughness'?

Is there proof that English players are harder and provide more grit than any other nations players?

There is no proof that on those cold snowy Tuesday nights in Blackburn English players will just roll their sleeves up and get on with it more than a foreigner.

Its all about character.

And when was the last time all that 'grit' won England anything anyway?

Keep it Goonerish.............

Sunday, 21 June 2009

They call him Melo Yellow!

Cor Blimey me old chappies and chappetes it seems like ages since I last posted but I took the advice of a Wrighty7 hater and have decided to post 'like other good blogs' only when there is news to comment on.

Also I have been on the piss pretty much since Wednesday so I have been in no fit state to write. In fact, I would have been a lot worse than usual.

Let me get this straight though. Wrighty7 is not a good blog and it aint a blog that gives Gooners news. It just gives an opinion. I have no insider knowledge but I have several numerous complaints; just how I like it.

Anyway, we keep being linked with a move for Brazilian enforcer Felipe Melo who received more yellow and red cards last season than I did Christmas cards.

I heard he is a 'Brazilian Nut'. Well, £15m is a lot of money for something that is 18% protein, 13% carbohydrates, and 69% fat but if it protects the back four and kicks the shit out of Robbie Keane, Joey Barton and co next season then I'm all for it.

Phillipe Senderos wants to stay in Italy, so perhaps we won't even have to spend £15m on the nut. Perhaps we could offer Big Phil and £10m for Big Fil?

In my 'absence' we finally signed that Belgian bun Thomas Vermaelen. I honestly thought that it might drag on throughout the whole of summer. That's how we usually do things. Ask Samir Nasri and Andrei Arshavin, who sat in the cold the whole of January waiting for something to happen.

I'm glad we've done a bit of business early in the transfer window for a change but most Gooners I speak to have mixed feelings about capturing Vermaelen.

Some feel he isn't good enough for Arsenal, some are quite happy. I'm going to reserve judgement on the fella until he has actually settled into the Premiership.

It may take a while but for Wenger to spend an 'undisclosed fee' on him must mean he has a great chance because Arsene doesn't spend 'undisclosed fee's' on defenders.

Keep it Goonerish.................

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Will Arsenal ever spend £20m+ on a player?

Who is Arsenal's most expensive ever signing?

I've seen that Jose Antonio Reyes (£17m) was, Arshavin is (£15.8m), Sylvain Wiltord (£13m) is in the frame too!

However, the true fee of any player that signs for Arsenal is never truly revealed. It is a secret. Not even Arsenal know.

So those figures I have written after the names of players are just rough guides really. Not stone cold Steve Austin guarantees.

Despite not knowing the true cost of these players the fee involved is quite high but I doubt any of them have reached the £20m+.

Reyes, perhaps, could have due to the clauses in his contract but he missed paella so much he went back to Spain.

I ask though; will Arsenal ever spend £20m+ on one single player?

I doubt it because Arsene Wenger begrudges spending 20p over the top. Even his Sun newspaper.

Players don't come cheap these days. Ask Real Madrid. But to buy top, top, world-class quality you have to be prepared to spend big dough and Arsenal don't.

It would be majorly exciting to see Arsenal have splashed a lot of money on a top name but we know it isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Wenger has his ways and I'm glad he isn't prepared to dig Arsenal a financial grave but maybe, just maybe, a big money signing is what the club, and Gooners need.

It will send a signal of intent out to the world of football. And to us.

I'm not saying Arsenal should spend money just for the sake of it but when I see Liverpool spending £17m on a full-back to improve their team it does make me wish Arsenal would loosen the purse strings a little.

If we need to spend big money it has to be for the right reasons. Obviously to improve the team first and foremost.

But while the likes of David Villa, Franck Ribery are being linked with moves for stupid money to Manchester United, Chelsea it kind of makes me miss those days when we were linked with them.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Oh its all doom and gloom for Gooners!

Bloody hell!.............

If you believed half of the negative headlines screaming out from various sites on News Now lately then I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to jump off a cliff!

It appears that most of the Arsenal squad are either leaving, wanting to leave or have packed their bags already and have left the building.

I know its 'silly season' but give us Gooners a break!

The latest I seen is Bacary Sagna would consider a move away. Luckily for us, like Gael Clichy did, Sagna came out and squashed the rumour straight away.

No flirting, no fucking about, just a straight denial and putting the record straight. That's what we Gooners want to hear and I actually believe him.

Players like Bacary Sagna and Gael Clichy are good honest professionals who's word you take at face value. And they have earned that trust.

Others you don't trust and I think you know who I'm talking about. Moving on............

We have been linked with a Tool. Not a twatty tool but Thomas 'The Hammer' Hitzlsperger.

I don't remember him being a ball-winner from his Aston Villa days but I do remember him being able to hit the ball about 167mph. And that was his pea-rollers.

I can't pass judgement on whether he would be a good signing for Arsenal because I haven't seen him play since 1932 so I won't.

Maybe other Gooners can?

There is absolutely hardly anything to talk about so I'm off for another evening. Have a good one and take it easy.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Do you ever have regrets in life?

I do. And the biggest regret I have right now is those three blue aftershocks I did last night. I have the most horrible taste in world history swirling round my mouth and I blame those shots.

Anyways, I ask about regrets because I feel that Robin van Persie would regret not signing a contract with Arsenal.

Apparently talks are ongoing but if Robin van Persie did leave I sure he would find that the grass is not always greener on the other side; like many have found in the past.

He, and Cesc Fabregas, are the two biggest stars at the club and could he find that at another club? Maybe at Tottenham.

I understand if the contract hasn't been signed because he wants wage parity with Adebayor. van Persie must look at that big lump and think 'how the fuck does he get paid more than me?'

I think there are two sides to the coin though (there usually is) of course the Dutchman should be earning at least as much as the Togoman but he must take into account the amount of time he spends in the treatment room with Tomas Rosicky.

In a way van Persie owes everything to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, the man who saved Robin's career from going down faster than Paris Hilton's french knickers.

He needs to sign this contract or he will regret it. Trust me. I know these things.

Keep it Goonerish................

Saturday, 13 June 2009

STOP Dennis! Don't advise Wenger!

Just a quick one today because I'm off out in a bit.

I've read that Dennis Bergkamp has offered Arsene Wenger some advice and that it would be wise to buy some new players for the teams sake.

Let me stop you there Dennis. I totally agree with you my matey but say something to Wenger and he will do the opposite!

We all know that Wenger is more stubborn than my nan and the last thing he needs is advice.

I think we should say how happy we are with the squad we have because there is no doubt that Wenger will then spend £390m on new players. Just a hunch.

I also seen that Theo Walcott wants to used more as a central striker in the next couple of years. I don't doubt that will happen. But isn't there a trend here?

Doesn't everyone in the Arsenal squad want to play more centrally?

Maybe it's about time Arsene Wenger actually signed someone who is an out and out winger, someone who wants to play wide perhaps?

I mentioned Arjen Robben the other day and most Gooners who left messages on here didn't really want an ex-Chelsea she-male playing for the team. Have a look at this comment;

"All you need to know about Robben is the sound he made when tackled by Wes Brown in the Cup Final a couple of years back.

It's priceless and revealed what a complete pussy/bitch he really is.

If you can't find the tape and want to know what it sounded like, try sticking your TV remote up your girlfriends ass tonight. Yes that sound."

One word; PRICELESS!

I think that Robben, despite being a she-male, would be a good signing. When he played for Chelsea he was the player I feared most when Arsenal were up against them.

Fuck his personality, he is a class act where it counts and one who could improve Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish...................

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Manchester United are Real Madrid's feeder club now then? Arjen Robben to Arsenal?

It looks like pretty boy Cristiano Ronaldo is set to leave Manchester United for a world record ten bags of potatoes and his contract includes all the spray tan he can manage.

In a strange way though it could actually affect Arsenal...............

First things first, I'd like to ask the question; Are Manchester United the feeder club to Real Madrid? Does Fergie have a deal with Real Madrid that he grooms players until they are ready to join the Spanish club?

In recent years David Beckham, Ruud van Nistlerooy, Gabriel Heinze and now Cristiano Ronaldo have all left Manchester United for Madrid and I have to pose that question.

United fans are adamant that their club is the biggest and the best in the world but it clearly isn't. Real Madrid have the pulling power of George Clooney using Lynx deodorant and United fans need to realise that.

For the last few years I've heard that Arsenal are a selling club. Maybe in some ways that is true but we have reason. We have just built a new stadium. What is Manchester United's reason for continually selling their best players to Real Madrid other than they are actually Madrid's feeder club?

Anyway, enough about them.

Madrid buying Ronaldo, and Kaka, surely means they have to cut back on costs somewhere so I assume they will be looking to sell some assets.

They may be able to sell Ruud van Nistlerooy as a racing horse and even Lassana Diarra as a Flipper lookalike but realistically they wont fetch much.

Thats why I ask; How about Arjen Robben?

I don't like the personality of the guy but there is no doubt that he is a quality player and a natural winger, something Arsenal lack in the squad. Perhaps then we use Arshavin as a second striker or even put Theo Walcott upfront.

Just a thought.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

This season is make-or-break for Abou Diaby

I've a feeling that this coming campaign is make-or-break for Abou Diaby's Arsenal career.

He is naturally a central midfield player but he has often found himself on the left of Arsenal's midfield, behind the front man or on the treatment table keeping Tomas Rosicky company.

Last summer Flamini and Gilberto left the club and I thought that then was the perfect opportunity for Diaby to take his chance in his favourite position.

Instead Denilson produced the best statistics and made the most appearances ever seen in an Arsenal shirt. And I mean EVER.

Of course he doesn't pick the team, Arsene Wenger does. Wenger, after all, is almost as notorious as the Notorious B.I.G for players playing out of position. So that probably explains why Diaby is stuck out wide most of the time.

However, despite Wenger's ways has Diaby really impressed you much with his displays in the middle of the park when he does play there? I'm split to be honest.

Diaby confuses me. I never know what he is going to do with the ball and I think most of the time he doesn't either. And that, I must say, is a huge disadvantage for a professional footballer let me tell you.

People have compared him to Patrick Vieira and I think that is unfair on the lad. Just because he is tall, slim, black, French and a midfield player, it doesn't mean he is similar to Vieira. (Except for his looks)

I actually think Diaby looks like the Pepperami stick from the Pepperami advert but that's another story..............

I think many Gooners are frustrated with Diaby, the same as me. I believe there is potential for great things there but I also believe that maybe Diaby is in the last chance saloon.

His injury against Sunderland a few years back set him back in his progression as a player but that was a long time ago now.

It all comes down to trust and either Wenger trusts him or he doesn't. That is the bottom line. We will see if Wenger trusts Diaby to make an impact in the middle if he doesn't sign that midfielder we need.

Only then will we see if Diaby will sink or swim. It will make or break him.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Monday, 8 June 2009

Keep Gallas, keep Toure AND then sign Micah Richards

Kolo Toure is once again being linked with a lucrative move to Manchester City. I have no problem with this as much as my mate has a BO problem.

Manchester City will be linked with everyone this summer from Kolo Toure and the Pope. Pay no attention to it. Its as boring as my blue pants.

Of course the story has history. In January I heard that Kolo had moved his gear from his Arsenal locker to Manchester but then I also heard that Harry Redknapp doesn't take bungs. Its shit.

Whats even more shit is that when I read about this rumour it always sparks off the usual debate between Gooners that Arsenal should sell Gallas rather than Toure. Why?

Why not keep both? I actually think that Gallas is the better player by far and is Arsenal's best defender. That is just my opinion.

However, surely there is room for both in the squad? And another signing. They are both under six foot after all.

Why don't we keep both and sign a player who is actually a self-confessed Gooner? Micah Richards is young and humongously talented.

Yes he has gone off the boil over the last twelve months but maybe a move to Arsenal would rejuvenate him more than that Egyptian fella from the Mummy.

Wenger is the man for such a move. He has rejuvenated more players than Nivea anti-aging cream. Richards would be a sensation at Arsenal and whats more, he is English.

I don't care what nationality a player is at Arsenal as long as he does the business. He could be an alien from Mars for all I care. But I admit having more English players could be good for Arsenal.

The main reason being that it might, just might, keep those wanky tosspots of a so-called English media off our backs for ten minutes.

Keep it Goonerish............

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Arsenal closing in on..............?

See the title of this blog? You will be seeing a lot of that this summer.

'Arsenal closing in on....'

'Arsenal close to.........signing'

'Arsenal in talks with........'

My advise? Take no notice if you want to keep your sanity.

It's always exciting to see what players are linked with Arsenal but some I've seen mentioned are ridiculous.

The other day I saw that Gianluigi Buffon was being targeted by Arsenal. Come on man! What next? Pele is making a come-back?!

This summer is going to be more mental than Britney Spears and I'm going to do my damned best to keep my feet on the ground and not lose the plot. Its the least I owe the missus.

I hope most Gooners do the same because it is going to be one looooooooooooong hot summer.

Just breathe, count to ten and remember the last time Arsenal won anything.........Fuck it, wheres my brolly?? I'm gonna smash a car up and shave my head bald.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Thursday, 4 June 2009

£3,000,000 left to spend then! We must be calm this summer!

If you believe what you have read then Arsene Wenger has only got £3m left to spend on summer recruits.

'Reports' said Wenger had £13m available to him to sign players over the summer. 'Reports' say we have spent £10m of that on some Belgian player whose name sounds like something I bought from a bakers earlier.

Thomas Vermaelen is a player that Wenger would usually go for. Young and pretty much unheard of. Whether the rumours are true or not is another matter.

I don't know what to believe to be honest. But £10m sounds like a lot of money for an unknown to me.

I suppose there is two arguments to that though. Nemanja Vidić only cost Manchester United £7m and he was as famous as Bros. Look at how that signing turned out!

Its not about how well-known the player is anyway. Its about quality and I think we Gooners have to bear that in mind this summer with Arsene's signings. (If he makes any!)

I'm not expecting 'superstars', it aint gonna happen. I'd love to wake one sunny morning and find a lovely little surprise in that Arsenal have signed David Villa, but the truth is that something like that is as likely to happen as me marrying my dream woman Susan Boyle.

Let's try to remain calm when the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City are spending more money than Elton John does on flowers and Arsenal are still yet to make their mark in the market.

The only time to panic is when we haven't signed anyone and it is five to midnight on the night the transfer window shuts. Until then, take everything you read with a pinch of salt.


Keep it Goonerish................

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I actually feel sorry for Aston Villa fans in a way

I can't actually believe that Gareth Barry has signed for Manchester City. I thought he wanted Champions League football?

Plenty of Aston Villa have come on this blog over the last few months, especially when the race for fourth place hotted up.

There was plenty of banter and plenty of people getting above themselves. Despite the former I actually feel for Villa fans at the moment.

Gareth Barry has lied to them and I have to say I'm surprised that Barry has opted for a move to Eastlands but I shouldn't be.

Most footballers these days only say what they think supporters want to hear when the truth is that they are only interested in lining their pockets.

Barry saying that the reason he has moved to Manchester City because they are a club going places will not wear with Villa fans and it doesn't with me either.

He has gone there for money. That is obvious.

I understand Villa fans being frustrated with him and I don't doubt that he will get a rough reception on his return to Villa Park. He will deserve it too.

Last summer we Gooners had to endure Alexander Hlebs fibs when the real reason he wanted to leave was because he prefered the ice-cream in Spain.

Perhaps if footballers were a little more honest we fans would understand their actions a little more.

If Hleb had come out and admitted his arsehole went because of Eduardo's injury and he wanted out of England because of the situation then I would have been a little more understanding.

Instead he hid behind the ice-cream excuse and that didn't wash with me. Everybody knows that the ice-cream man round my manor does the best 99's in the world.

We will have the same with Adebayor this summer. He will say what we want to hear whilst engineering a move to Beyonce, sorry I mean Milan, at the same time.

I suppose I shouldn't moan and should just accept footballers the way they are. The honesty and loyalty of the old days are gone. Instead replaced by celebrity's earning money by the bucket load.

And I think that is a shame.

Keep it Goonerish..........................

Monday, 1 June 2009

Everyone is soooo divided on Denilson!

Denilson has been the cause of many a discussion between Gooners over the year.

Some think he is shit, some think he is average, and some think he is the dogs bollocks. I happen to think that Denilson is a good player who potentially could evolve into a very good player.

He has his critics, but there are stats that show he has had a good season at Arsenal and is probably a very underrated player at the club.

I'm not one for stats though. I trust my own eyes.

I believe that he needs help to evolve into that very good player. He needs someone to learn from.

Denilson has been thrown in at the deep end this season by Arsene Wenger and I think he has had to learn the hard way. Which isn't fair on the boy.

He has done well in his first season as a first team regular but I can't help but think he could still use a role model to help guide him through. Pretty much like most of this young Arsenal squad really.

An Alonso or Barry would not kill this players career. It would help him become more competitive and also improve Arsenal as a whole.

I don't doubt that he learnt from Gilberto during the time they spent together at the club but I also feel that he would have improved even more had Gilberto still been at Arsenal last season.

I think we need to cut Denilson some slack. He will get even better in the future but he will need help to do so.

But he is not the only one.

Keep it Goonerish.........