Thursday, 18 August 2011

Samir Nasri, Its A Shame

For me, there is no way back now for Samir Nasri.

As soon as he had a little pop at us Gooners that was it.

His Arsenal career is as dead as the dead-leg I received at football training last night.

Cast yourself back six months. Could you imagine feeling like this towards Samir?

I hate clowns and the colour brown but even if he had worn a brown snood with clowns on it I'd have put that aside.

Because I felt he was one of us.

It's shame because I believed that he could become an Arsenal icon. Maybe he could have been as loved as much as Robert Pires.

Instead, if as expected he leaves for Manchester City shortly, he will become a hate figure with Gooners.

Nasri may even be disliked as much as Emmanuel Adebayor.

He, like many others, will go to Manchester City because they have been hypnotized by pound notes.

Now I hold my hands up here. If I was approached by a rival Window company and offered 3 times my salary I would run around my office naked screaming 'I quit'.

So I can understand why his head has been turned.

The difference though between myself and Samir Nasri is that I'm not a top-level professional footballer who could earn SIX figures a week.

I have to make ends-meet. I have to feed my BBQ spare rib addiction.

Nasri could have become an even bigger cult-hero amonst us Gooners had he snubbed the money on offer at City and signed a new, very well-paid, contract at Arsenal.

Instead we will see him as a greedy little bastard who sold his soul.

Forget the fact Nasri wanted to see our ambition in the summer with who will sign for the club because it wasn't about that for him.

It was all about money.

Samir had a fantastic first half of the season in the last campaign and then his form died off.


I think he was tapped up more than a tap dancing competition.

When Samir saw the money on offer at Manchester City or Manchester United his eyes went bigger than Beth Dittos left arse-cheek.

His agents eyes went bigger than the right cheek.

We were challenging for trophies when we first offered him a deal to stay at the club so his chat about 'ambition' is shit.

I suppose we might expect too much loyalty in this day and age from footballers. Especially me.

Well it appears that loyalty is an attribute that most of them don't have.

And in Samir's case that is a shame.

Especially when it will end more bitter than sucking a slice of lemon soaked in a dose of pine nuts.

Keep It Goonerish.......

Monday, 15 August 2011

Arsenal FINALLY Have A Better 'Keeper Than Manchester United!

Since Jens Lehmanns (first) departure from us the position of goalkeeper at Arsenal has been a source of amusement for supporters of other clubs.

I, like many other Gooners, didn't find it funny.

In fact I'd rather have stuck pins in my eyes and pull out the hairs from my eyebrows one-by-one with chopsticks made of wasps than laugh along.

It was a liberty. And a liberty of the highest order.

Finally now though we can laugh back at the jokers. We no longer have a bad Eminem look-alike Spanish waiter between the sticks.

No we don't.

We have a monster. A tall confident beast of a man who may one day become one of the best 'keepers in the world.

And he doesn't have Barca DNA. I hope.

Wojciech Szczęsny will not become a figure of fun like the poor unfortunate Manuel Almunia did.

Like the Great Wall of China he is destined for greatness.

And now, for the first time in ages, we can laugh at others.

Finally Arsenal have a better 'keeper than Manchester United. And one that didn't cost £18m either.

I have no doubt that David De Gea will become one of the best goalies in the world eventually too.

But I know who I would rather have as my number one right now. And it aint the Spaniard.

De Gea weighs about as much one of Szczęsny's legs and I hope that opposition sides notice this.

Arsenal 'keepers have been bullied mercilessly since Lehmann left the club. I'm sure the United keeper can be too.

Wojciech will not be bullied. He is too big and nuttier than peanut butter.

Ability-wise I think our young keeper is better too. Much better.

It's nice to know that we are stronger in such a key part of the field. And I don't mean that just because Wojciech would eat De Gea for breakfast.

At last we have a man of genuine class between the posts.

I have to admit, at one time, I thought Almunia was as good as the elite. I was wrong and hold my hands up to that.

But I'm sure everyone would agree with on this.

Keep It Goonerish.......

Sunday, 14 August 2011

I Like Gervinho Already

I like the looks of Gervinho.

Not his actual looks. Because to be honest, he is quite an ugly bastard.

But I like the way he plays football.

And I also like the fact that he bitch slapped Joey Barton with an open hand.

Very WWE indeed.

Usually players from abroad need a period of settling in. They need time to adjust to the way English football is played.

I think that Gervinho will hit the ground running. Or he will hit Joey Barton again. One or the other.

I was very impressed with him yesterday. Almost as impressed as when the barmaid in the boozer I was drinking in bent over and I saw her thong.

It was blue by the way.

Gervinho appeared more direct than Mike Ashleys very own Sports Direct empire.

And that is a welcome change from 'crab football'.

Arsene Wenger has done a good bit of business here.

I only hope that he doesn't try to turn Gervinho into a left-back or something like he tried to turn Nikki B into a winger.

Its a shame he was red-carded, although to be fair if you strike someone in the face then the rules are clear. Its a straight dismissal.

I only wish that he proper, and I mean proper, knocked Barton out.

It would have been banter if he had ripped off his shirt Hulk Hogan style and performed a Suplex or a DDT on the little mug.

I couldn't see the logic when we were after Gervinho at first. Then again I couldn't see the logic of Ryan Giggs doing Imogen (but then I realised that she is lovely).

But he is something that we needed. A direct player who runs at people scaring the shit out of them.

And lets face it, John Terry and co will be bricking it because they've seen how hard Gervinho can slap.

After his 'rest' I'm sure Gervinho will impress me even more. That doesn't take a lot though.

Keep It Goonerish......