Friday, 31 July 2009

I wouldn't take Arsene Wenger at face value!

Listen, I know that Arsene Wenger's latest comments about the possibility of bringing players in doesn't look good but I really wouldn't take him at face value for it!

Wenger is not going to let the world know that he wants to make signings because it immediately gives the target's club a leg-up. The price for the player would go up because the other club would get the vibe that Arsenal are desperate for new faces.

I've never taken Arsene at face-value because who really knows what is going on behind those glasses? Only Wenger does.

The geezer has the best poker face in the world of football and there is hardly ever a hint of who is coming in or going out.

What I do know is that we should all wait and see what happens before we make assumptions on Wenger.

Of course it is frustrating when you see the likes of Manchester City spending more money than Michael Owen does on the horses and Arsenal aren't spending any but that has always been our style.

Then again, barring Manchester City and Real Madrid, nobody else really is. Its a sign of the times.

It's clear Arsenal could do with strengthening and I wouldn't mind betting that Wenger is working on this. He knows where we need to improve and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because there is such a long time to go until the transfer window closes.

I have to or I might lose my sanity!

I'd like to take the chance to say RIP to Bobby Robson, a gentleman.

Keep it Goonerish............

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Now is not the time to go crazy!

Reading around you would have believed that Arsene Wenger was a mass murderer or something!

People are screaming after the departures of Adebayor and Toure but lets give Wenger time eh?

We have until midnight 31/08/09 to sign players. That, believe it or not, is quite a long time away.

I remember last summer getting the right hump with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger because of the same situation we find ourselves in right now. I'm not going down that route this time.

I honestly believe that we WILL make a signing or more before the transfer dead-line and I'm going to do my very best to keep calm about the situation. We will challenge this season.

Of course I understand the frustration of Gooners and I can completely understand Gooners worrying but lets try and keep calm.

Our frustration is being cottoned onto by the media. Lets not feed the vultures!

You never know, this time next month we might be extremely happy with the squad.

Keep it Goonerish................

So why is Alex Ferguson a genius and Arsene Wenger is a donut then?

Let me get this straight.

So Alex Ferguson sells Cristiano Ronaldo, a player who is about to hit his peak and is recognised as the best player in the world, for a massive profit, right? He is seen as a genius who made a hell of a lot of money on a player.

Arsene Wenger has sold two players to Manchester City for a massive profit too. Adebayor, a player who most Gooners were glad to see the back of, and Kolo Toure, who despite being a favourite at the club, has appeared to be on the wane over the last 12-18 months. He is seen as a donut despite making huge money on the pair.

I can't understand this!

All of the sudden people are getting on Wengers back when surely Ferguson should be a target? I've heard hardly a murmur in the media.

Nobody questions Fergie because Arsenal are the easy target.

All we hear is that Arsenal is a selling club and that Arsene Wenger has to sell because we have no money. Even Fergie himself is an expert now.

Ferguson 'knows that Arsene has no money to spend' but why isn't he bombarded with questions over his club?

It's a well-known fact that Manchester United are in deep-debt and my opinion is that Fergie has no more money to spend despite making such a big profit on the Winker.

I reckon that the Glaziers have taken the money to pay off some debt.

How come it isn't in the papers everyday?

I actually think Wenger isn't getting any credit here. He is selling two players for massive profit. Two players who are more than likely to be unavailable in the new year for a period of time due to the African nations cup. He is selling a player no longer wanted and a player who appears to be on the wane.

Yet all I hear is doom and gloom!

Listen, I get frustrated too but I believe that Arsene will buy this summer. Its just a case of getting the right available players. I'm sure Wenger is working on this.

Mark my words Arsenal will be up there challenging this season. Despite everything you read and hear in the media.

Here we have two men doing the same thing. Making a massive profit for their clubs. Yet why is Fergie, a man who sold the best player in the world, heralded as a genius? And why is Arsene Wenger supposingly damaging his club?

What is the difference?

Keep it Goonerish............

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Could Arsene Wenger be suggesting we are short in midfield?

I'm not trying to twist Arsene Wenger words here but I'm trying to read into something he has said about Kolo Toure's possible transfer to Manchester City.

"We will see what's happening in the next 24 hours, nothing is decided yet," said Wenger.

"We have seven centre-backs and I am in the position where I have to play some in midfield but of course Kolo is a very good player and we will see what will happen in the next 24 hours."

My take is that Wenger is saying we have too many centre-backs and that he is having to play them in midfield to give them playing time. If this is indeed the case, then surely that means we are short in the midfield area because Arsene is using centre-backs there?

I believe, and don't take my word for this, that AW will strengthen this area over the summer. I wouldn't say the midfield of Arsenal are desperate for a tough-tackler but lets just say it would improve us greatly!

Keep it Goonerish............

Monday, 27 July 2009

Nikki B deserves a massive Gee!

Nicklas Bendtner has moved faster than Usain Bolt and committed his future to Arsenal amid rumours that AC Milan were sniffing around.

"I haven't heard anything about [that],"

"As far as I know I am totally with Arsenal.

"This is where I want to be. This is something special and I want to be a part of it.

"This is the club I want to play with and it has always been that way."

Commitment in football is rare these days so I say well done that man!

In the past I reckon Nikki B has had a raw deal from Gooners but this kind of commitment is very pleasing to hear.

I think the main reason for people getting on his back is because Bendtner has given off a cocky vibe that hasn't really endeared him to Gooners and we have been spoilt with the calibre of the strikers at the club in recent years.

It would be hard for anyone to match the likes of Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp but maybe if Bendtner works hard and is prepared to put in the effort then who knows? Maybe he could develop into a world-class player himself.

I believe Nicklas knows that now. It appears his cocky demeanor has gone and has been replaced by a more professional and hard-working character.

With Adebayor gone this is Bendtner's chance to take a great opportunity. With our support he can achieve great things with Arsenal.

He is saying the right things and deserves the chance to become a regular. Wenger obviously rates him and I do too.

If Cesc Fabregas had said these things then we Gooners would be cheering from the rafters. Nikki B has so I believe he deserves a big gee-up!

Keep it Goonerish............

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Squeeze everything out of Manchester City

It's a summer of transfer and rumour madness that I'm sure will get even more mental than Britney Spears over the course of the next few weeks.

Manchester City and Real Madrid are the main reason for bigger sums of money being spent than Beth Ditto's chocolate bill.

To be fair to both clubs, if you've got the money then why not spend it? Of course there is an element that it is unfair but if you are a Manchester City or Real Madrid supporter then there is no doubt that right now would be a very exciting time for you.

Manchester City are trying to gain ground on the top four so you can understand their reasons for spending more money than Frank Lampard does down the local chip shop on players.

They keep being linked with our very own Kolo Toure and if Wenger is interested in selling, then I'd bleed those suckers dry.

I've just seen Barcelona involved in the most stupid deal in my whole entire stinking existence. Splashing out £38m + Samuel Eto'o + Alex Hleb for Zlatan Ibrahimovic is ludacris. But it may work to Arsenal's advantage.

Maybe Arsenal could come to a similar arrangement with City. Without any disrespect Manchester City are trying to act and think like a big club. If they want Toure that much then Arsene should call their bluff.

Get Micah Richards included in the deal and receive maybe £8m or no deal. I wouldn't want to see Kolo go but if he does the blow would be softened with Richards' arrival.

I don't want any of this loyalty stuff. It should be on our terms. Toure shouldn't be allowed to leave because he wants a last big pay-day. Not that I believe Kolo is motivated by money anyway. Like his mate at Eastlands.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Arsenal will surprise everyone this season-by winning the Premiership

It makes me laugh it really does. Almost every bastard out there has written us off before the season has even begun and I can't wait till those wankers are made to eat their words.

There is no doubt about it. We go into the campaign as complete underdogs and I reckon that suits Arsenal just fine.

If you believe what is being written or said about us then we are going to struggle to finish in the top four and maybe the top five. I say arseholes to that. We will end up in the top four alright, and even better, we will finish as Champions.

Yes I'm sticking my neck out and I can hear the laughter from here but I really do believe it. I have a feeling in my gut and it aint that kebab I had last night. Its a gut feeling that Arsenal are on the verge of something great.

I had the same feeling in 2006 that Italy would win the World Cup and people thought I was mad then.

If I was Arsene Wenger I would piece together every little newspaper scrapping of people slagging us off and stick the pieces to the changing room wall. That ought to liven everyone up.

What we Gooners need to do is get behind these set of players and become a solid unit. Let every other bastard slag us off. Lets create a them against us mentality.

Of course we can criticise but lets do its constructively. Lets not slag the team and Wenger off for no reason.

I don't think that Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and certainly not Manchester City are any better than us now. The title is seriously up for grabs and I fancy Arsenal to get it right this season.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Ashley Cole meant no malice to Arsenal

It appears that a tongue-in-cheek comment made by Ashley Cole has turned a molehill into a mountain for some.

He said that he hopes Manchester City finish above Arsenal and I think it was just some friendly banter really.

I'm not sticking up for him, I can't stand him either but it has to be put into context. If he made the comment with some real malice then I would be bouncing off the walls but the fact is he said it with a smile.

It's a shame really that it has even come to the fact that we hate Ashley Cole. Of course it was his own doing but the reality is he could have become an Arsenal legend. I don't doubt that he would have been captain now as well.

If I had the opportunity to play for Arsenal, the club I love, then I know I would ever leave the club. For anything. Even the cash that undoubtedly turned Cole's head and made him a mercenary.

He is a cocky little fucker but I'd hope that he might have some regrets about the way he left us. It was not the right way to do things.

I wouldn't become upset by his comments, it isn't worth it. Just laugh it off. He wants a reaction. And that is a real shame.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Can Nikki B be a world-beater?

Nikki B is a player who usually sparks a mass debate between Gooners.

He has his critics, mainly a section of the Gooner faithful that decided booing him was the best option last season. I didn't agree with it but it seems that the booing gave him a proper kick up the arse.

I think in a strange way it changed him for the better. I haven't really seen the arrogant Bendtner of old since.

There is no doubt that Arsene Wenger rates him. I do too. I happen to think that he has a brilliant future in football and hopefully that is with Arsenal.

He has a great chance to become the club's main target man now that Adebayor has left. Every club needs one. Arsenal probably more so than any.

Of course we don't play direct football but it is a plan B when necessary. Ade, despite not being the best footballer, provided us with a plan B when needed. He gave us a physical presence.

Nikki B can give us that presence. And he can play a bit.

I like his attitude now since his public slating by Gooners. He has rolled up his sleeves and works his socks off. A good attribute.

He is a confidence player and I believe if Gooners get behind the new improved Bendtner then we will reap the rewards. Yes he was a cocky little bastard but the important word here is was.

Lets get behind him this season. I'm confident that the young Dane, with support from Gooners, can become a world-beater. Sooner rather than later.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Sunday, 19 July 2009

I DON'T fear Manchester City

Manchester City are spending more money on players than Elton John does on flowers and most people I know are immediately assuming that a top four finish on the cards for them at the expense of Arsenal.

It makes me laugh. Of course if Manchester City keep spending at the rate they are then they will eventually challenge for a place in the top four. Despite signing our very own Adebayor and about 95% of the other strikers in world football I don't see it this season.

In fact I think it will all go tit's up at the Eastlands this campaign and Sparky will find himself at the Job Centre around March/April time. I think he has made some very interesting signings but its all about balance.

I look at the Manchester City squad and I see a half decent starting eleven beginning to shape up. Now unfortunately for Hughes, more than half of those eleven are strikers so unless he goes back to the 1930's style of 2-3-5 then I can see a lot of disgruntled players in the City squad.

There are a lot of trouble makers and volatile players in that squad. Bellamy, Robinho, Adebayor, Santa Cruz and especially Carlos Tevez will not be happy with squad rotation. Bellamy may even get the golf clubs out again. Who would win a Royal Rumble out of those lot? My money is on Bellamy. He is wicked with that 7 iron.

I honestly believe that Manchester City will come out of the blocks flying this season and many will jump on the 'I told you so' bandwagon. Despite this I reckon the wheels will come off and there will be a lot of grumbling coming from the City of Manchester stadium around February/March time when the going gets tough and players are being rotated more than they would like.

I understand what a great time this must be for Manchester City fans. Being linked with all the big names and actually signing some of them must be very exciting and for some they can have some bragging rights over Manchester United, especially over Tevez, but I think this will still be a transitional period for them. They can't expect success straight away and I'm sure most of them don't.

Despite Arsenal selling Adebayor to City I actually believe we will be stronger for it; as long as we keep the rest of the squad together. We have developed this squad and sooner or longer it will just click. I'm actually optimistic that will happen this season.

By strengthening in the right areas we can compete for the title. Wenger has a rumoured £25m from the Ade transfer and I hope he spends it. A strong midfielder is a must and another defender is a close second.

The Arsenal squad appears to have a strong bond and it should have. The players have had time to gel now and I'd say it could be a make or break year for some of them. Actually not could, but is.

A title challenge, not a top four finish, is the minimum I expect. Manchester City on the other hand want a top four finish so our ambitions are different.

I wish Manchester City good luck for the season but I don't expect them to threaten us. Not yet anyway. Don't believe all the newspapers and everyone saying they are guaranteed success because they are spending plenty of money.

I respect Manchester City and I don't want to sound 'top four' arrogant but I don't fear them. In fact I reckon Arsenal will rise to the occasion and the doubters will inspire us. Its time to stand up and be counted!

Manchester City will be a major force in a couple of years but they are not a threat right now. Even if Arsenal don't spend another penny.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Lump on! Lump on! I'm Russian to the bookies!

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it........

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it....................

It's here! The new season is finally upon us and despite all the negative shite I have read in the papers over the summer I'm actually feeling pretty positive going into the new campaign.

Let me tell you something. I'm so happy to see Tomas Rosicky back on the field and wearing the red and white of our proud club. The geezer is a class act and there is no doubt in my mind that we have missed him during his 183 year absence.

If he can keep fit then he will become a huge player for Arsenal this season. Imagine Rosicky, Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin and Eboue (he is a pass-master you know!) spraying the ball round the park this year!

Flipping heck, the opposition will be more dizzier than Vic Reeves.

I have to say this about Arshavin. Apart from having one of the best names in football, after Arsene Wenger, I reckon Arshavin will be immense this season. Remember when Dennis Bergkamp had that inspired 1997/98 campaign? That's the impact I believe our pocket-sized Russian will have on Arsenal.

And remember, its not the size that counts, its the motion in the ocean or what you do with it. Apparently.

I'm getting down the bookies and lumping on the Russian being voted player of the season. And not just at Arsenal. I reckon he will be crowned the best in the Premiership. By everyone. Including my cat.

We saw his talent last year and he hadn't even settled down properly then. Imagine what he will be like after acclimatising to the Premiership and having a proper pre-season at Arsenal? I think I've just pissed myself thinking about it.

Now I may suffer from incontinence but Arshavin doesn't suffer from being incompetent so that backs me up. Have I lost you? I've lost myself. One thing I haven't lost though is my viginity.......Erm, I mean my view that Arshavin is ready to rip the Premiership a new arsehole.

I fancy Arshavin (not in that way!) to finish his career at Arsenal and become a legend at the club. He says the right things, he does the right things and we've seen how loyal he is to a club. He was at his former club for a very long time and that impressed me. He showed loyalty.

Loyalty. A nice word to use. Unfortunately some players don't know the meaning of the word. Adebayor for instance. Yes I know its boring. I'm on the Adebayor hating band-wagon but I've read he wants a loyalty bonus from us.

Fuck your loyalty bonus Ade. You fucked that up when you and your agent whored yourself around Europe last summer. You were even at this summer when you were on your way to Manchester City. What a whore.

Do the right thing and wave the bonus away or if you are so bothered about your precious image in Africa then if you do receive it, give it away to those who need it in Africa. That way your precious image is kept.

Sorry for the rant at the end!

Keep it Goonerish.................

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My opinion? We won't replace Ade

It seems that the Togonator is off to sunny Manchester. And that is the real reason for his move. Because it has been scientifically proven that Manchester is more sunnier than London. It has nothing to do with money. I promise. (fingers crossed)

When the deal finally happens every striker in the world of football will be linked with a move to Arsenal. I'm gonna try my hardest not to believe any of it. Actually, I won't try. I will refuse to believe it. And I'll wear a blindfold and ear muffs.

I can't spend all my summer, and my holiday to Lanzarote, getting all excited with the news that David Villa or Klaas-Jan Huntelaar are set to wear the Arsenal shirt. I don't want to wet my knickers in excitement only to find that Villa has signed for Barcelona and Huntelaar has ended up at Stuttgart.

I don't actually believe we will sign a striker to replace Ade. I reckon that Wenger will look at the current squad and see that we have enough talent at his disposal already. That could be dangerous but when you look at who we have available upfront I could understand why Arsene wouldn't feel the need to sign a striker.

With Adebayor's departure we could use Arshavin in his favourite role behind the front-man. Holy shit I'm looking forward to that!

The worrying thing for me though is I'll now turn my attention to Arsene signing a defensive midfielder so instead of wetting my knickers despairing over us not signing a front-man I'll probably be pissing my pants over that instead!

It's going to be a long summer. And an expensive one. I'm gonna be buying a lot of knickers and pants.

Keep it Goonerish........

THAT IS BLASPHEMY!!! I hope Micah Richards gives Ade swine flu!

Wanna hear some blasphemy? Fuck. Shit. Bollocks. Cunt.

Wanna hear some more? Patrick Vieira is interested in a move to Tottenham Hotspur. Yes, Tottenham Hotspur.

What a pile of doodoo.

The geezer is one of the greatest players to have ever worn our shirt. The fifth best in fact. Could you see him wearing the white and blue of Tottenham? Never.

He is a man of principle. A man who would laugh in the face of Harry Redknapp. I think he would rather retire than wear that piece of shit.

If Vieira should go anywhere it should be back to us or a retirement home in Ligue 1. Yes his legs may have gone more bandy than Bambi's but I reckon he could be a good influence on this Arsenal squad.

Maybe as a squad player/coach? Who knows?

I've made myself look a right donut by ridiculing Sky Sports News 'sauces' aint I?

I pissed my pants and poured scorn on the news that Adebayor would join Manchester City. Well, I was wrong. I admit it. I was as wrong as when Wenger didn't see it.

Ade and I shared a love-hate relationship. He loved me and I hated him. Seriously though if we could have got the Ade of 2007/08 back then I would have told Manchester City to stuff their money up their arse.

I don't think that was ever going to happen. The man seems to be trouble and I say let him cause trouble elsewhere.

I can't wait to see the tantrums at the City of Manchester next season when the 47 man front line actually realise they can't all fit into the team. I reckon Adebayor will be the hardest there though. Unless Bellamy gets the golf clubs out again.

Adebayor will be like a man possessed at Manchester City for the first half of the season. He will then get lazy. Then lazier. And then fall asleep on the pitch like he did during Arsenal's semi-finals last season.

I hope Micah Richards passes Adebayor some of his swine flu! Only joking. No, but seriously, I hope he does.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Monday, 13 July 2009

'Our sources tell us'........

How many times have you heard Sky Sports News say those words?

Just exactly who are Sky Sports News' sources? Heinz, HP and Tesco Value are my guesses.

The latest coming from SSN's 'sauces' is that Adebayor is in advanced talks with Manchester City. If they do manage to prise Adebayor away from us then fuck knows what formation they will play next season.

As I write Manchester City have, according to SSN's 'sauces', signed Carlos Tevez. That signing was inevitable. So HP was right. Heinz however could be way off the mark. Heinz started the Adebayor link and if it happens, then he will become the 112th striker at the Manchester club.

How Sparky will manage to keep that lot happy is any one's guess. The ego's of Tevez, Robinho and Adebayor almost reach the height of Ronaldo's alone. Fuck trying to control that lot!

Do I believe the rumour? Not sure. City are trying to sign everyone in world football. Would Adebayor go there? Without doubt he would. According to Heinz Adebayor would be offered double his current misery wage at Arsenal.

Now we all know that Adebayor earns a very good wage at Arsenal despite the fact he doesn't earn it! But hand on heart, could you turn down a double your wage offer? I'd like to think that I would if I was earning the money he does at Arsenal but I couldn't guarantee it.

A word for John Hartson. Good luck in your battle mate. I know close at hand the damage Cancer does to a family.

I lost my mother to this horrible disease and I hope that John beats it. It is going to be a long road to recovery but we all know Big John is a fighter and fingers crossed it has been caught early enough for him to have a great chance.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Could summer '09 be the most settled at Arsenal since...Forever?

I'm feeling strangely optimistic about Arsenal at the moment. Almost content. It's almost as good as eating BBQ spare ribs and I love BBQ spare ribs. Loads.

Fingers crossed the media have given up on bitching about Arsenal. It'd make a change! At present it seems that they are focused on John Terry filling his wallet even more at Manchester City.

I hope this rumour goes on throughout the summer. Let Chelsea be unsettled for a change. It makes me wonder though, why would John Terry want to join City? The obvious choice is money.

Maybe his mother's thieving sprees at M&S aren't bringing in the readies as much anymore so he needs a more legit way to earn his dough. He has a 50% stake you see.

Something else I'm fed up with hearing is that Chelsea were robbed against Barcelona last season. Now they know how M&S feel after Terry's mum has been in there.

As I say, long may it continue. The robbing sprees and links to City are keeping the media off our backs and it is as refreshing as that first pint after work on a Friday.

Back to Arsenal I get the vibe that there is real harmony in the squad at the moment. It gives me a warm feeling inside. Not that sicky feeling when you are pissed and the room is spinning but a nice one.

In recent weeks we've had a number of players signing new contracts and I think there is a real bond at the club at the moment. If we can keep everyone, even that useless more off-side than not tosswank Adebayor and add one or two more then we have a real chance next season.

I really believe that. I look at the squad and I'm so excited. With that little extra I might even piss my pants with excitement.

This summer could the most settled at Arsenal since Wenger was appointed manager. The first I can remember that I'm not shitting myself expecting one of our star players to leave. I hope it will continue and next summer I'm thinking the same!

Keep it Goonerish......

Saturday, 4 July 2009

It's time for Adebayor to be a man!

I won't deny the fact that Adebayor has pissed me off over the last 12 months, even more than when I heard that a Spud had 'apparently' buried a Spurs shirt under the pitch during the construction of the Emirates.

He has pissed a lot of Gooners off and the worst thing is it seems he doesn't really care. Instead of being apologetic he has thrown his toys out of his pram and moaned about the fact that some Gooners had got on his back.

Adebayor could have just rolled up his sleeves, put in hard-working decent performances and won the fans back. We haven't seen that. Last season we saw the opposite. We saw a player who just went through the motions picking up his fat cheque every week.

It was stark contrast to the season before where Ade grafted for the Arsenal cause and that endeared him to the Arsenal fans. Well, it did me. Thierry Henry he wasn't (although he thinks he is!) but he worked hard and scored goals.

True he was injured a lot last season, but even when he wasn't it appeared he was! He didn't put in the work of the previous campaign and appeared content with his big pay-rise.

Football fans aren't stupid. We can see when someone isn't pulling their weight and sometimes, even when things aren't going well it pays just to work hard and at least put in some effort. Effort is a word that Ade didn't understand last season.

I think he has a chance to redeem himself. If he leaves us he is taking the easy option. If he stays and we see the Ade of old then there is every chance the bridges he burnt between us and him can be rebuilt. He just has to want it enough.

This is his chance to prove us wrong and I would be more than happy for him to do so. I have slated Ade over the year and if he shut me up then I wouldn't be complaining because an Ade with a point to prove is a dangerous weapon in Arsenal's armoury.

Adebayor, when he wants it, is a thorn in any one's side. Ask John Terry and Rio Ferdinand. Both have said how tough it is to play against him. He is a menace when he wants to be and a big threat, who gives us a different option in our play.

I hope he wants it. I don't like his behaviour over the last 12 months, I don't think Arsene Wenger does either but there is no doubt in my mind that Adebayor can become a major player for Arsenal again.

Lets wait and see. Is he man enough?

Keep it Goonerish................

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Why can't people forgive William Gallas?

William Gallas is like marmite; You love him or you hate him.

I happen to love him. Lots. Like a brother. And will continue to do so at the best of my ability.

Most people hate him. Cool, that's their opinion. But I can't really understand why.

Sure, he made himself look a bit of a croissant when he started crying on the pitch at St Andrews but why is the grudge still held?

I reckon it's because of his Chelsea roots. Some still see him as that Chelsea bastard. I've heard with my own ears.

Yes he is outspoken and clearly has a high opinion of himself but after the things he has achieved in his career hasn't he got every right to be?

Remember back to the time he was stripped of his captaincy for 'that interview', can you honestly say that you didn't think the same things as he did?

As I read that interview I found myself nodding more than that damn Churchhill dog in agreement. The bloke made sense and it clearly hit home in the squad.

I don't think it was coincidence that performances began to pick up soon after.......

I still hear Gooners say get rid of him. I don't agree. How do you replace the best defender at the club?

How do you replace the most experienced player at the club?

The man has won plenty of silverware. He is a proven winner. We need more players like Gallas in the squad. A man with a winners mentality.

The only thing most of this Arsenal squad have won is a pound on a lottery scratch-card.

Gallas became the most hated man in the world after the incident at St Andrews. Judging by the reaction from the media and some Gooners you would have thought he had pulled down his pants and had a shit on the pitch.

He had just seen a fellow team-mates leg snapped worse than snap, crackle and pop, seen his side's title chances slip away and his only crime was it became too much for him.

Hand on heart can you tell me how you would have reacted? So what if he is a footballer, he is still human and has emotions.

Had Fabregas done the same would you react the same? Had John Terry done the same would the media have hounded him out like they did Gallas.

I thought it was a witch hunt!

If Arsenal cash in on William Gallas because he has one year on his contract and is coming up to 32 years of age then something is wrong. If anything we should be looking to increase his stay because believe me, we are a better side with Gallas than without him.

Forget his Chelsea roots, forget his outbursts, forget the media perception of him. Gallas is world-class and the best defender at the club.

Keep it Goonerish................