Monday, 20 May 2013

Champions League Final (That Could Have Been Us)

Again The Arsenal have qualified for the Champions League for the millionth time in a row and this time it feels better than the first time I had sex. And the feeling will last longer no doubt.

The final of this holy grail is upcoming this week and I often wonder had we defended in the first leg vs Bayern a lot better then it could have been us at Wembley sucking Dortmund's eyes out instead.

Bayern Munich have looked unstoppable this season. Like a big German Juggernaut powering their way through teams like Frank Lampard eating a Krispy Kreme. Not surprisingly they are massive favourites for the final and you can see those odds here at Unibet.

If I was gambling man, and I am, I would be lumping on Dortmund. Arsenal proved by winning in the Allianz Arena that Munich are human and not some form of extraterritorial football Gods.

Dortmund are a fantastic little outfit and as long as outgoing Mario Gotze doesn't score an own-goal to provide his future club with a victory in the last minute I believe they are a match for Bayern.

This is what it's all about. The Champions League. And despite thousands upon thousands of Germans descending into London early to put towels on the Wembley seats its going to be a great game to watch.

With our win yesterday Arsenal have guaranteed that we will be in the same company as the Germans for next seasons premier European competition.

That means no Thursday night games for us which is handy because I play snooker Thursday evenings but not so handy for my S*urs supporting snooker partner.

When I watch the game on Saturday I'll feel a pang in my stomach and I doubt it'll be the result of my usual Saturday fry-up but a little bit of jealousy.

I want those big nights for Arsenal and I'm confident that in the future we will get them.

For now we've made sure we have a chance to play the likes of Bayern again next season. Who knows? This time next season it could be us in the final.

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