Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Arsene and Arsenal: My thoughts

Football is about enjoyment is it not?

Well, I think so. I enjoy football and I particularly like Arsenal Football Club. I also like big butts and I cannot lie.  

Now let's be honest, last season was a little bit pony weren't it in many ways? 

We were disappointing in the league campaign to say the least and I hold my hands up, baby hands up, give me your hea......Sorry went off track a bit. 

Where was I? Oh yeah, I hold my hands up, I was wrong. I was certain we was gonna win the league. 

Deluded? Maybe.

Mad? Possibly.

I was Jean Claude van Dammmmmme certain we were going to win the league. And we didn't. In fact we ended up 5th. Not even in the Champions League places.

And below Spurs. For the first time in 22812 years. 

However, we still won a trophy, and yes that does cover up a few cracks, maybe more cracks than my mirror has after doing my barnet when it's seen enough of my ugly mug, but it's still silverware. 

The FA Cup is a great achievement and we knocked out some massive clubs in Lincoln and Sutton so let's not knock it. 

Of course the league campaign didn't quite go to plan. It was pretty disastrous at times to be truthful.

And I will admit this, because I feel like I need to cleanse my soul, there were times when I felt that maybe Arsene Wenger's time was up at The Arsenal.

There I've said it. I feel clean again. 

Over the season, at different times, I honestly felt that maybe a change would be needed at the club. Either Arsene or just get rid of the players and use my old Sunday league team instead.

I felt like a right old sl*g to be honest. Like I was cheating on Arsene by having these feelings. 

Now let me tell you straight, right here, right now, them (or those) feelings hurt me. Because I love Arsene. I love him like a brother and I felt saddened. 

The man is a Legend and I would never abuse him. I would never sink to the lows I've seen lot's of people do regarding him. And them people really fricking annoy me. 

At the end of the day we all want what's best for Arsenal. We all supposedly love the club. And Arsene loves the club too. You must remember that. 

In truth if the right man came along then I would be all for change in the managerial ranks. 

But who is the right man? And who is available?

For me, and it's probably about as realistic as me having a second chance with Margot Robbie now she's got herself all married and shit, the only man I'd want is Carlo Ancelotti. 

But would he leave Bayern? What with all that Bavarian beer, bratwurst sausages, first dibs on a sunbed abroad and lovely German ladies? 

The next man has to be steady. He would be. 

It makes me laugh when I see certain names bandied about to replace Wenger. I'll be honest, about 99% of them ain't fit to lace to lace his boots let alone manage Arsenal.

What's certain is Arsene will be with us for another two years. At least. I wouldn't be surprised if he managed into his 80's. 

For those two years he will have my full support. Like any manager who is in charge of the club. I am behind him.

I am behind him because despite having these disgusting thoughts I am confident the 'complacency' around the club is gone. The players, and Wenger, may have took things for granted. 

Something happened to make us go off the rails in December. I don't know what, but it seems to be sorted now.

And you know why else I am confident these next two years can be successful? Because we finally have a plan B! We are not so predictable.

This squad has massively underachieved this season. I'm a firm believer that the players AND Arsene are equally to blame. Just as I'm a firm believer the same set of players, and manager, can turn it round and push on from here. 

On paper, for me, this squad is very strong. Lose a bit of deadwood and add the couple needed and this time next year the feeling around the fans could be very different.

Maybe I sound like a record player but I think Arsene will be ruthless this summer. I could be wrong, like I normally am, but he put a lot of trust in this squad and the attitude was wrong. 

If this set of players can sort out their mentality issues, and battle like they did against Chelsea and Man City week in and week out then I truly think next season we will do more than compete. 

Arsene is here now for another couple of years. You will not drive him from the club, he is here to stay. I understand the reasons why some think change would be good, but it's time to face up. 

The man is the greatest manager in our history and without doubt will be the greatest manager we ever have in my opinion. 

He's been here 21 years. What's another 2 more? Let him have the chance, like he deserves, to go on top. To go out as a champion and for Arsenal to be the best again.

There's every chance it could happen. 

Keep It Goonerish............