Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Why I Am Backing Arsenal to Be Premier League Winners 2013/14

Some people say I am far too optimistic for my own good. For me that glass isn't half-full, it's full to the brim.

Most, in my view, are probably just being polite and nodding away, whilst inside thinking I am a raving lunatic when I say this, but I think Arsenal will be champions next season.

They are great value to win the league at Betfair and I have to admit I have put £30 at 10/1 for them to do so.

Now please, don't rush me to the funny farm because I am being serious. I haven't gone crazier than the time Frank Lampard entered a pie-eating contest. 

I believe it can happen, just as R Kelly believes he can fly, and I have put my money where my mouth is and backed Arsenal to win the title. Our first since 1543.

We can spend the big money for the first time since, well ever, and are on the brink of signing world-class talents like Higuain and Gareth Barry (cough).

Not only, according to Ivan, can we splash the cash like Elton John in a flower shop but I think the likes of Manchester City and Manchester United will find it difficult this campaign.

David Moyes is a solid manager. In fact he could be a member of the notorious So Solid Crew but I reckon it'll take him time to find his feet at United.

Manuel Pelligrini is another who take time to settle. He is the first Chilean in English football since Adrian Chiles and I think the Premier League might be a culture shock. Well Manchester will be.

For the first time since I was a wee nipper Arsenal seem to be keeping the core of this squad together. It isn't being ripped apart, and with us seemingly looking likely to add decent players, this could be the best chance we've had in a long time to be champions.

Keep It Goonerish......    

Monday, 20 May 2013

Champions League Final (That Could Have Been Us)

Again The Arsenal have qualified for the Champions League for the millionth time in a row and this time it feels better than the first time I had sex. And the feeling will last longer no doubt.

The final of this holy grail is upcoming this week and I often wonder had we defended in the first leg vs Bayern a lot better then it could have been us at Wembley sucking Dortmund's eyes out instead.

Bayern Munich have looked unstoppable this season. Like a big German Juggernaut powering their way through teams like Frank Lampard eating a Krispy Kreme. Not surprisingly they are massive favourites for the final and you can see those odds here at Unibet.

If I was gambling man, and I am, I would be lumping on Dortmund. Arsenal proved by winning in the Allianz Arena that Munich are human and not some form of extraterritorial football Gods.

Dortmund are a fantastic little outfit and as long as outgoing Mario Gotze doesn't score an own-goal to provide his future club with a victory in the last minute I believe they are a match for Bayern.

This is what it's all about. The Champions League. And despite thousands upon thousands of Germans descending into London early to put towels on the Wembley seats its going to be a great game to watch.

With our win yesterday Arsenal have guaranteed that we will be in the same company as the Germans for next seasons premier European competition.

That means no Thursday night games for us which is handy because I play snooker Thursday evenings but not so handy for my S*urs supporting snooker partner.

When I watch the game on Saturday I'll feel a pang in my stomach and I doubt it'll be the result of my usual Saturday fry-up but a little bit of jealousy.

I want those big nights for Arsenal and I'm confident that in the future we will get them.

For now we've made sure we have a chance to play the likes of Bayern again next season. Who knows? This time next season it could be us in the final.

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Legend In The Making At Arsenal?

The term 'legend' is thrown around rather loosely these days. In fact the word legend is almost on a par with being as loose as Katie Price's muff. 

Some footballers are given that accolade well before they deserve it. And some aren't even given the status when it's clear they should have it. 

For example, was Cesc Fabregas a legend at Arsenal? In my opinion, no. Was he an icon? I think yes, but he certainly was not a legend. 

I hear people all the time say that the Spaniard was a legend at Arsenal Football Club but I don't know why. I'm not having a dig. I love the man like he was my own brother.

Fabregas could have been one of the biggest legends in Arsenal history if he had stayed at the club. 

He could have been up there with the likes of Bergkamp, Henry, Adams and the chef who worked at the Marriott Hotel, Canary Wharf, in 2006.

Instead Cesc left us and he now spends a lot of time plucking splinters out from his buttocks that have cruelly been inflicted from the Barcelona bench.

Nowadays at Arsenal we need a hero. Well, we have one I suppose in Jack Wilshere. But he can't carry all that hero status on his back. It'll weigh too much.

We need more heroes and one man who I think is fast developing into a fans favourite is Carl Jenkinson.   

If a year ago I would told you that Jenko should be first choice over Bacary Sagna I would have been shipped off to the funny farm, given an umbrella, had my head shaved and told to beat up a car.

Well now that doesn't seem so doolally does it?

Jenkinson has easily become the most improved player at the club and when I see him wear the Arsenal shirt I feel prouder than the time I drank 22 bottles of Budweiser in Lloyds Bar, Bexleyheath.

I love the fact he is a Gooner living the dream. Playing for Arsenal. And I also love the fact that he is fast becoming one of the best right-backs in England.

When he first played for Arsenal I felt sorry for him. It was like he had been thrown in at the deep end without so much as a 10 metre swimming lesson in the shallow end.

Jenkinson looked well out of his depth. But he worked at it. And worked. And worked. And that work has paid off.

You just know that Carl Jenkinson would run through a brick-wall for Arsenal. He would put his head, legs and bollocks on the line for the club because he loves Arsenal. Like us.

I've always said don't judge players straight away. I went against my own advice because in Jenko's case I was concerned. But I shouldn't have been. He's a top player who will only get better.

I'm not going to say Carl Jenkinson is a legend. Although him telling that interviewer last night to pretty much f*ck off could give him a case to be called one!

What I will say is here we have a legend in the making. A Gooner, playing for the club, getting better all the time who will, and I say will, have a long career with Arsenal.

In ten years time we might be saying that Carl is an Arsenal legend. In fact I think we will be. And who would have thought that a year ago?

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Friday, 1 March 2013

I Love It When Gooners Play For Arsenal

Bacary Sagna has been ruled out of the North London Derby this coming Sunday after busting two of his dreadlocks and there seems to be a mass debate (not masturbate) as to who will replace him.

I'm seeing plenty of opinions about the subject and one bloke even went as far as saying that Arsene Wenger should bring Lee Dixon or Lauren out of retirement as a one-off.

Of course whoever plays there could be in for the ride of his life. Gareth Bale has been playing out of his skin recently after AVB, the gravelly voiced S*urs manager, offered him a lifetime supply of bananas if Bale managed to help them finish above Arsenal.

Now I don't think its fair at all that monkey's as talented and fast as Bale are allowed to play in the Premier League but there's nothing in the rule book to stop it apparently. 

So we have to stop an in-form primate without using a tranquilizer and we have our 'best' right-back ruled out. Triffic.

People have said that Bale won't play down the left because he has this new free-role but if S*urs had any sense they would use him there because our number one right-back is out. It could be our weakness.

That said, funnily enough, I'm more than happy for our supposed second choice Carl Jenkinson to start on Sunday. And I don't think it would be too much of a weakness either.

Jenkinson is a Gooner. He is one of us. If he didn't play for Arsenal then I've no doubt he would be in the stands with us telling AVB to suck on a strepsil or tormenting Bale about that Orangutan who banged his sister.

He'll want to play more than anyone in that Arsenal squad because he knows what it means to play against them. He had Arsenal bed sheets for crying out loud. 

Not only is Carl a Gooner, but he is a decent fullback too who started the season in more decent form than my pal down the bookies last Saturday.

He may only be young, and has a lack of experience in this type of game, but he is fast, athletic and could be just the type of player who should start because he will want to win so bad.

I've seen it said that Laurent Koscielny or even Aaron Ramsey might start at right-back on Sunday and in my opinion that would kill Jenkinson. Having someone playing ahead of you in your position who doesn't usually play there would be soul-destroying. 

Arsene Wenger bought Jenkinson into this Arsenal squad to fill in when needed and to learn from Bacary Sagna. He should be used against Sp*rs this weekend. He can cope.

I love it when actual Gooners play for the club. It fills me with a lot of pride. Jenkinson is living the dream and I wish someone like him all the luck in the world. 

Imagine playing for the club you love? How good would that be? I could have played for Arsenal but I was too good and banned from English football. That's a true story. I swear.

There won't be as many players in the Arsenal squad pumped up as much Carl will be for this game. Play him.

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Give Wenger A New Contract But With Less Responsability

Arsene Wenger's contract at Arsenal runs out next summer and although people are saying it may be time to replace him I think that would be the wrong move.

He's been with Arsenal for a zillion years and sometimes change can be good to freshen things up but I genuinely believe that Arsene has it in him to end his days here on a high. 

Wenger does an awful lot for a manager. He pretty much runs the whole club from top to bottom and I think if he could just focus on the football side of things and get some help then we can compete for titles again.

The board need to help him a bit more because the likes of Stan Kroenke are about as useful as a chocolate teapot at the moment. 

They need to take the pressure of the clubs finances away from the gaffer and let him get on with the playing side of things again. 

We all know that Wenger is incredibly stubborn. In fact I've seen mule's gaze at him in awe. But if he can get some guys with the clubs best interests at heart alongside him then it can only be good right?

I'm sure the likes of Keown, Parlour, Henry and Bergkamp would love the chance to work at the Arsenal again. They hold the clubs values to this day and Wenger can trust them.

And it may put a few noses out of joint but maybe the bullet could be bitten and David Dein, or a man Arsene can work with, could be brought in because that would benefit the club.

What's most important here is Arsenal Football Club. We all want to win things and need the right man to lead us back to those days.

In my view Arsene Wenger can be that man again. Give him a new deal but with less responsibility.

Take the finances away from him. Let him run the footballing side of things and get people in to help. People that he trusts.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Could Arsenal Be Worth A Sneaky Bet For The Champion's League This Season?

It's not been the easiest of seasons so far for the Gunners, although the news that Theo Walcott has signed a new contract will give them a much-needed lift, and the problems that they are experiencing is reflected in the long odds offered at sports betting sites on them winning the Champions League - or even beating Bayern Munich in the next round.

Arsenal are currently rated around 33/1 to win the tournament at football betting sites, and 12/5 to beat Bayern. Thus clearly most bookmakers feel they have a greater chance of the latter and, although they are not the favourites, betting on them getting past the German side is at least a reasonable outside gamble.

Winning the tournament is another thing, and it would be as unexpected as Liverpool's win in 2005 if they did - that's how far off the domestic pace the Gunners are.

Most Arsenal fans are realistic about the club's current position - which was emphasised again by Manchester City's routine win at the Emirates last week - and will not be expecting to win it, but it is unlikely that those of them who enjoy betting will fancy gambling on a rival team.

This is where online casinos can offer a pretty decent alternative option, especially as those opting to play here rather than at sports betting sites will find entertaining football-themed games.

An example of this would be the casino slots game Soccer Safari, which revolves around a goofy group of animals competing in their own World Cup-style tournament deep in the jungles of Africa and is found at

For fans who are finding the season a bit hard going (which many Gunners fans undoubtedly are) this can provide a fix of football betting alongside escapism and traditional casino benefits like bonuses and the chance of a cash payout or jackpot  on the roulette- certainly a stronger chance of the latter than Arsenal look to have of winning the Champions League this season.

(This article was a guest post from Discover Media)