Monday, 26 October 2009

F**k me, its only 26/10/09 and the doom-mongers are out already!

Shall we just give up now? Fuck the title race, fuck the cups and fuck Arsenal. Lets just give up because we drew with fucking West Ham. Excuse the fucking French.

I had a look round some of the Arsenal sites today and I wished I hadn't of bothered. It depressed me. Some of the comments I've seen made me shake my head with despair. It's the end of October and the doom-mongers are out in force already.

Lets get some perspective people!

I know it was frustrating, I know it does your head in but I get the vibe that some Gooners have given up. And we ain't even reached Halloween yet!

At the end of the day think about the result yesterday. It was a balls up but I've seen a lot of people having a dig at Arsene Wenger. What more could he have possibly done?

Listen, Wenger has all the excuses in the world usually and it can be embarrassing but I sympathise with Arsenal and Le Boss.

We were Tom Cruiseing it until a bad decision from the ref gave The Hammers a chance from a free-kick and they duly scored. Ahh you say, thats an excuse Wrighty, you blamed the ref. Yes I am blaming the ref my little sweetheart, but I'm going to blame Mannone as well.

What can Wenger do if his side is 2-0 up in the 74th minute, looking comfortable, the ref gives a shitty decision and then his keeper makes a terrible save to allow West Ham back into the game? Could Wenger have saved the ball?

What happens next is all the sudden West Ham, who looked beaten and more dejected than Nick Griffin on Question Time, get a lift and the crowd are sniffing blood.

West Ham then get a debatable penalty. Personally I think giving that penalty was a soft decision but the ref was probably influenced by the shout for another penalty he turned down a little earlier. Is that fair? Nope.

Look at the TV replays and it may seem that Arsenal and Gallas got away with it. It appears that Gallas made contact but look again very closely and you will see that Scott Parker wasn't touched, in fact he fucking dived. Ask yourself, what can Wenger do about that?

I don't really recall West Ham threatening Arsenal in open play the whole game, Diamanti livened West Ham up but all his shots were from the halfway line. We looked very secure and the game certainly changed when West Ham scored from a poor save and a very poor decision to the give the free-kick in the first place.

Yes it is two points dropped but we aren't the only club that is dropping points and I'm sure that there will be more point-dropping in the future. From everyone.

Of course yesterday will feel like a defeat but it's October and people are already writing us off. Are these the same people who were geeing us up before the last two games? When we were on a winning streak?

Also I've noticed that the digging out of certain players is happening again, especially Diaby, Song and Eboue. I must say this. If you dig those players then you need to dig out everyone. Did Arshavin play any better than those mentioned? Did Fabregas? It can't be one rule for some and not others.

How about we get over this disappointing result, not dig anyone out and back the team. I think it would be wise considering we have the Spuds coming up.

Keep it Goonerish............

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Diaby causes stains in my Arsenal pants!

Have you ever warmed up before a game of football, given a sneaky little glance at the opposition and seen some big lanky lump lumbering around the pitch?

If you have, I'm sure that nine times out of ten you will think, 'I bet that player is strong and is good in the air'.

Is that what opposing teams think about Abou Diaby?

There is a problem with that though. The opposition may believe this, but when they actually start playing they will probably realise that Diaby isn't a danger to their own side in the air. Noooooo, in fact Diaby is a danger to Arsenal!

Remember the own goal against Manchester United? What a bullet of a header that was! Well, Diaby even tried outdoing that shenanigan last night.

Having scored the most bizarre own-goal of the season already, Diaby decided to try and beat it by scoring an own-goal with his chest which, unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us, hit the bar.

Diaby was also out-jumped for the AZ goal by a player, who was at most, half the size of him.

Now, when you read this please don't think that I hate on Diaby because I don't. But lets be honest, Diaby is tall, he should be a threat for Arsenal at set-pieces and he should be able to help us in a big way at defending them. Really he does neither. Except cause immense panic. Causing stains in my Arsenal pants.

We should either;

A) Keep Diaby away from our area when defending absolutely anything or;

B) Teach Diaby how to head the stinking ball.

On his day Diaby can be incredible. When he isn't on his day then frankly I'd rather have John Jensen back in the fold.

Diaby has brilliant attributes but also equally bad attributes. I'm sure he is working on his weaknesses and when he improves them we will see a player who can compete with the best and even better them.

Imagine a Diaby who can head the ball and tackle? Exciting.

Keep it Goonerish................

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Henry or Fabregas in Manchester City shirts?? Do me a favour!

Who hates international football week(s)? Hands up. You at the back? Yep, me too.

International football week(s) means no Arsenal, so that means no proper football. I hate that. Almost as much as I hate treading in dog-shit as soon as I've slipped on a brand new pair of white Reebok work-outs fresh from the box.

It also means that there are newspaper columns and Internet web-sites to fill despite there not really being any news to fill the empty spaces. So that results in stories being made up. A bit like Father Christmas. Apparently he doesn't exist. Yeah right. How else do those presents get under my tree?

Anyway, the newest piece of shit, I mean made up news, I've read/heard is that Manchester City are set to prise Cesc Fabregas away from us. For £45m. Yes, £45m! £45m wouldn't buy Fabregas' right ear-lobe.

I know news is hard to come-by but please, could you see Cesc in a Manchester City shirt? I mean really? Go on try. It aint gonna happen.

The reason? Money isn't the be-all and end-all with Cesc Fabregas. He is an actual dying breed in the game. He is loyal. Like Thierry Henry.

I'll be honest and admit that Manchester City's emergence is good for the English game. It raises the bar. But can anyone really tell me that players would have gone there if it wasn't for the cash they are offered and finally earn?

Gareth Barry would only leave Aston Villa for a Champions League club? Apparently! Would Carlos Tevez have left one of the biggest clubs in the world to join their neighbours if it wasn't for the cash? Nope, and he'll do the same to City in two years.

Adebayor? The biggest cash-whore in the world. He actually bathes in money. Lescott? He loved it so much at Everton until he was seduced by the green offered to him. Robinho? Ha. Maybe even Kolo? I could go on.

Thierry Henry wouldn't join City out of respect of Arsenal, Wenger and of course, us Gooners. No matter what money was offered to him. I would bet my house, car, dog and my new shit-stained Reebok work-outs on that. The same with Cesc.

Henry would hate to play against Arsenal and he would hate to have to win against them. In a Manchester City shirt he would have to do just that. If Cesc Fabregas left, I have every reason to believe the same.

They have red and white flowing through their veins. Could they bleed for Manchester City? Nope! Unlike most who end up in a City shirt, things mean more to those two than money. Loyalty, love and the fact they aint mercenaries help!

Keep it Goonerish.............

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Will you just F**K OFF? Seriously, isn't it time Barcelona were done for tapping up?

I've lost all respect for FC Barcelona.

Of course they have the living legend Thierry Henry and on their day football-wise they are almost as good as Arsenal reserves but thats about it for me. To put it politely, they can go fuck themselves.

Its not Chico time but it has to be time for UEFA, FIFA or the WWE to throw the book at the Catalan's. They almost spend as much time tapping up Cesc Fabregas as they do playing football.

I'm sick of it!

Every week there are fresh reports coming from Spain that Fabregas will be a Barcelona player one day or that Barcelona are after him and will definitely get him in their ranks.

Is it not immoral and illegal to do what they do?

People like Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini are quick to have a pop at Arsenal for signing youngsters and pretty much any English club, for anything, at every opportunity possible whilst the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid get away with, well, pretty much everything!

It makes me sick!

I accept that tapping-up is part and parcel of football. Of course it is. But to do it so blatantly? It's seems like Barcelona are above the law and a blind eye is given to their infuriating antics .

Is it different rules for Barcelona? It seems like it.

Will Blatter and Platini do anything? Of course not. They are wimps.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Patrick Vieira? A perfect move for Arsenal AND Alex Song

Recently many HP Sauces, I mean 'sources', have revealed that a return to Arsenal could be on the cards for Patrick Vieira.

If this was indeed the case, I would welcome it more than a naked Rihanna fetching me a Chinese meal consisting of sweet and sour pork hong-kong style, BBQ spare Ribs, special fried rice, and a bottle of Peroni whilst jumping up and down singing 'Vieeeeeeeira, woooooooah'

That would be nice indeed!

I reckon, and this is scientifically proven, that Vieira coming back to Arsenal would perfect for Arsenal, my ego, and Alex Song. In the past Arsene Wenger has refused to sign players because he believes in this squad and the new player could interrupt the progression of some of his young stars. Well Vieira could be an exception.

Vieira knows the Arsenal way, and more importantly, the Wenger-way. His long legs may not be the force they once were but the old brain stills knows what it is doing.

The new 4-3-3 formation would suit Vieira more than Cristiano Ronaldo in a room full of mirrors. He could sit in front of the back-four all day long, winning the ball and distributing it on more ways than one.

He would provide more experience than that Granny brass who Wayne Rooney shagged and that is more experience than you could imagine. More importantly, he has winning experience. He knows how to do it in the business end of the season. From January onwards we will need that when chasing the title.

Alex Song will be away for a holiday to Africa for about six weeks in January. Looking through the squad who else can do that holding role? Senderos? The move for Vieira makes even more sense.

When Song returns from holiday with Vieira in the squad he will have one of the best players in the world to listen and learn from who plays in his role. I mean really, what other defensive midfielder can Song learn from in the Arsenal squad? Some 12 year old from Austria?

I'd love it if Vieira came back. It would give everyone at the Arsenal a huge lift. We are flying high at the moment, could we get any higher? With Vieira and the title we could.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Monday, 5 October 2009

I love you too Cescy baby!

I love our little Catalan-kid, we love our little Catalan-kid and best of all, our little Catalan-kid loves us too!

Usually when a player kisses the badge of a football club I wanna violently puke up my dinner because nine times out of ten that player doesn't mean it really. It's for show.

Now with Cesc we all know that he does mean it. He truly truly truly loves Arsenal and us Gooners. He has a close bond with us like Thierry Henry still does to this very day and probably will have for the whole entire stinking future.

There was slight criticism towards Cesc Fabregas recently from some Gooners. I know because I was one of those Gooners. I didn't slaughter him, I never would, but I admit that I believed that he had his head turned slightly and he needed to sort it out.

Well, he has shut me up!

It must be frustrating for him to be asked the same questions all the time about Barcelona or Real Madrid but the best way for him to answer is to perform like he did yesterday. He was immense.

I'm sure there will be a time that Cesc eventually does go home to Spain, none of us would begrudge him that, but nobody could say that he isn't loyal. And I thought that loyalty is out of the game these days? It's refreshing to see.

I've heard people say that foreign players will never be loyal to a club in another country, well Arsenal have proved that notion in the ocean wrong. We have/had loads of players from other countries that have been at the club for donkeys years and that is something to be proud of.

Cesc Fabregas is a special person and player. I apologise wholeheartedly for even half-thinking that he had his head turned.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Saturday, 3 October 2009

A message to Harry Redknapp; Keep it shut!

I wanted to write this the other day when I actually read a piece that Harry 'check out my eye-bags' Redknapp wrote in his column in the Sun newspaper. My apologies for it being later than a London bus.

He seems to have a massive opinion on Adebayor-gate and my advice to him is to keep his mouth shut. He hasn't stopped going on about it. It's obvious that he is just trying to knock Gooners so that the Spuds will take to him a little more.

Redknapp spoke of contrasting celebrations by players who scored goals against their former clubs and I can't believe that he justified Adebayor's celebration but slaughters Carlos Tevez who, when scoring against former club West Ham, gave a dignified wave to the Hammers supporters and actually wanted forgiveness.

He actually criticised Tevez for NOT celebrating his goal and I find that amazing. What did he want Tevez to do? Incite the crowd like Adebayor did? Did Redknapp want a near-riot? I actually believe that Redknapp is jealous because the Argentinian is loved in the East-End and he is far from loved there these days.

He then uses his own nephew Frank Lampard as an example. Now readers of this blog know that I also use Lampard as an example quite often, usually as a piss-take. One thing I have to say though is that Lampard gets a lot of stick down at West Ham but I have yet to see him run the length of the pitch and sliding on his knees after scoring against them just to say 'I've scored, 'ave some of that' as Redknapp puts it himself.

Redknapp seems to forget the reasons why Adebayor is hated at Arsenal now. He wrote about the good bits, the fact we signed him for £7m and sold him for £25m but he forgets that Ade professed his love for Arsenal one minute and the very next was whoring himself to everyone.

He forgets the last season Ade had at Arsenal. The season that Adebayor actually thought he had made it and was as good as Thierry Henry. The lazy Adebayor who wasn't earning his big-money contract and who was basically mugging off Gooners who pay a lot of money to watch their heroes every week.

Good old Harry forgets that Adebayor has done nothing but slag Arsenal off since he left the club and has probably inflamed the situation ten-fold. It was always gonna be a pressure cooker game. Adebayor made sure of that. Who could blame Gooners for being a little upset?

Perhaps Redknapp wants to look a little closer to home before he embarrasses himself anymore. He forgets the abuse that Sol Campbell received at the hands of his very own club. Did Sol Campbell ever react to years of stick from the Spuds, and abuse that was far worse than what Adebayor had, whilst wearing an Arsenal shirt? Of course he didn't. That showed a real man.

Adebayor had 80 minutes of it and lost the plot. Before Harry Redknapp actually wrote his piece did he actually think about it? Of course not. He has no brain. Would Gooners have reacted so angrily if Adebayor didn't celebrate the way he did? Noooooooooo. Sure there would have been abuse, but the near-riot was caused by the Togo-Twat. I don't care that football is an emotional game and that poor Ade took a load of stick, what he did was ridiculous. It was asking for trouble.

Imagine for a second that the Togo-Twat had the savvy to do what Tevez did, that would have said a lot for the man and probably would have stunned us Gooners into silence. Instead we saw the true dick-head he is and Redknapp defends that but knocks Tevez??? Shows me what type of man Redknapp is actually.

Keep it Goonerish............