Monday, 31 March 2008

Sorry Arsene, Diaby's tackle was BAD

Arsene Wenger has rejected claims that Abou Diaby's tackle on Bolton's Gretar Steinsson was as bad as the one that broke Eduardo's leg.

I'm sorry Arsene but Diaby's tackle was bad and those challenges need to be wiped out of the game.

When you see the challenge in slow motion it looks a terrible attempt to get the ball. It seems Diaby hits the standing leg, the same as Eduardo's and luckily for Steinsson no real damage was done.

Having been the victim of a bad challenge from Sunderland's Dan Smith in May 2006, I'd have thought Diaby would know better.

That tackle kept Diaby out for nine months and having recently seen a team-mate ruled out for at least that amount of time, I would have expected better from him.

The pitch was wet and that made tackling harder to judge. But this wasn't a tackle, more a lunge and he 100% deserved the red card.

I only hope he learn's a lesson from this. And other footballer's learn the same. Some tackles being made lately are on the verge of assault and I'd have thought the injury to Eduardo would have a positive effect on lunges being wiped out. It hasn't.

Tackling is part of football, but we are seeing more bad tackling than good. I don't want to see red cards all the time but if ref's need to send people off to eliminate these challenges, I'm all for it.

Diaby will now miss three of our remaining six Premiership matches. I hope he reflects on his stupidity while watching his team-mates play.

Keep it Goonerish.......

Rocky-We must never forget him

Today marks the death of Arsenal legend David "Rocky" Rocastle. It's been seven years since Rocky, as he was fondly known by Gooners, passed away. He tragically died at the age of 33. That's no age for anyone to die. Especially having a wife and four kids.

He was a class football player and loved Arsenal so much that he cried when sold to Leeds. That's how much Arsenal meant to him.

It was strange to see him in another shirt, and although I was only young at the time it just didn't seem right to see him wearing the white of Leeds when he should have been wearing the red and white of Arsenal!

He went on to play for Manchester City, Chelsea, Norwich and Hull as well, but to me he will always be a Gooner.

I'm sure that the mentioned clubs above will be remembering Rocky in their own ways too.

See, we have had English players! Happy days for Rocky.

He played for England on 14 occasions and should really have played alot more for his country. It seems wrong that he only played that many games for England considering his talent.

My best memory of him was the goal against Manchester United when he dribbled past a few United defenders and chipped Schmeichal, it hit the bar and bounced down into the net via Schmeichal's head! I loved that goal!

He will always be remembered, especially by us Gooners. Arsenal have also opened up a new youth team indoor training facility named after him, as a tribute to his contributions to the club.

He deserves to be remembered, not just for him. But for his family who he had to leave behind. His wife Janet, son Ryan and daughters Sasha, Melissa and Monique must all be very proud of him and his achievements in football.

Thats why it's important to keep his name alive, because of them. And I'm sure that us Gooners will do that year after year.

You can leave a Rocky tribute here, or on the official Rocky website at

Lets chant his name against Liverpool, and make his family even prouder.

Rocky-A true Arsenal Legend-Rest In Peace,

Keep it Goonerish........

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Henry to join Beckham in USA? No chance!

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has been linked with a move to mega-rich Seattle.

Seattle will join the MLS in 2009 and are keen to sign the French man. It is claimed in the US that talks are at an "advanced stage".

Henry left us only last summer to join Barcelona for £16m and admittedly has struggled to match the form he showed at Arsenal.

I don't want to knock a man when he's down but the move to Barca showed the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

However, the man is, and always will be a legend for us Gooners and is still one of the best players in the world.

With no disrespect to the MLS, Henry is far too good for that league. The man deserves to grace the biggest stages in football and that means Europe.

He could walk into any side in Europe (except us!) and needs the chance to prove his worth to Barca. And I hope he is given that chance.

Will he be joining Beckham in America? No chance!

Keep it Goonerish......

Whats your favourite Wenger comeback?

Arsene Wenger hailed yesterday's comeback against Bolton as the best he has seen in his Arsenal reign.

Arsenal came back from the dead to beat "Bogey-side" Bolton at the Reebok 3-2 after being 2-0 down with ten men.

Although estastic at the result yesterday, my favourite comeback is a different one to Wenger's.

The fight back favourite for me was at Stamford Bridge against the Chav's when we were again 2-0 down, but battled back to win 3-2 with 15 minutes to go on the clock.

A certain Nigerian Gooner favourite called Kanu scored an incredible hat-trick to stun the Bridge and send the Gooner's into raptures.

The winner, and Kanu's third was one the best goals in Premier League history from the tightest of all angles. What a day!

What is your favourite Wenger comeback?

Keep it Goonerish........

Saturday, 29 March 2008

It is NOT over! I REPEAT, not OVER!

Happy?! How about fucking estastic!!

At half time I said the second half of this game will decide the rest of our Premiership season. Well the boys have done us proud!

Its on! I've never stopped believing that its over until its over! And after today, it is certainly not over!

Its time to see the glass as half-full, not half-empty!

This result could ignite our season. The players will be full of confidence now and thank god the rots over.

To get a victory from being 2-0 at half-time with 10 men is the stuff dreams of made of. Its been a nightmare lately.....

But for us Gooners, the title could be reality.

Keep it Goonerish.......

Our title hopes rest on the next 45 minutes.

Dominating at the Reebok, but the harsh reality is that dominating games doesn't mean you are winning.

We're losing, 2-0 in fact and the stupidity of Diaby getting sent off have not helped matters.

The next 45 minutes will decide our Premiership fate. Our dreams will be shattered if we don't turn this game around.

Football is a funny old game, and I hope we can turn it around.

Keep it Goonerish.........

No more Bolton bully-boy tactics?

In the last three Premiership visits to the Reebok, Arsenal have been "swatted" aside.

The bully-boy tactics employed by ex-Bolton boss Big (fat) Sam no doubt caused us problems everytime we faced them.

Bolton were very direct and used alot of muscle that we struggled to cope with.

That threat has gone now. With Faye, Meite leaving the Bolton colours and Nolan suspended, the only player who still fits in that category is Davies.

I feel that this is a game Arsenal can end the poor run and take the three points. Bolton are in poor form too and the oppertunity to win at the Reebok has never been greater.

We must still believe the title is in our grasp. To give up on it now, after working so hard all season would be wrong. It isn't OVER! And today is the day to stop the rot and take nothing less than three points.

Adebayor is likely to be rested. He has looked jaded lately and has carried alot on his broad shouldiers this season. It will do him good to have a breather.

Theo maybe given a start on the right and he has looked good in recent games.

One player who will relish today is Bendtner. He scored for Denmark in the week and SHOULD be up for today.

My prediction:

Bolton 0-2 Arsenal

Keep it Goonerish......

Friday, 28 March 2008

This is URGENT! My fellow Gooners your help is needed

My good friends down at Le Grove (a fantasic Gooner site) have begun a campaign to bring the noise back to the Emirates.

I think this is an excellent idea and I'm 100% fully behind it.

Now I know over the years us Gooners have suffered with a tag of being, well, quiet. But that could change and that means needing all the help we can get from yourselves.

There is no doubt that there will be further ridicule from other clubs fans for doing this. Just ignore it. We've had it for years so a little more wont hurt.

What we need is ideas on how to turn the Emirates into a very intimidating atmosphere. When the place is rocking, there isn't an atmosphere better, anywhere. Thats what we want more of.

We get 60,000 people week-in, week-out at the Emirates and for rival fans to claim our ground is one of the quietest around is slightly embarassing. Its time to do something about it!

There have been many ideas bandied about. My favourites are to unleash a massive Arsenal flag before the game and pass it around the stadium. My other is for every Gooner in the ground to simply start to clap. This creates an eerie atmosphere which can shit the life out of the opposition!

So leave your ideas in the comments section. No matter how mad they may sound. Its important that my fellow Gooner voices are heard! (or not) excuse the pun! Many thanks to the guys at Le Grove for doing this, but they need help. So c'mon!

Keep it Goonerish......

Thursday, 27 March 2008

TRUST ME. Cesc is going nowhere

Rumours are flying around in Spain that its only a matter of time before Cesc says adios to Arsenal and holla to Barca.

He has gone his seperate ways from his agent, who is believed to be very pro-Real Madrid and very anti-Barcelona. The agent has the total trust of Arsene Wenger and has Almunia and Merida on his books.

The spilt has caused huge excitement in Barcelona as they now feel the time is right to make a move. My advice to Barca; DO ONE!

Cesc has stated time and time again that he is happy at Arsenal and in particular working with Arsene Wenger. He is intelligent enough to know that leaving Arsenal would a huge mistake. As plenty of ex-Gunners can vouch for.

The grass is not always greener on the other side!

Cesc realises that leaving the club at stage in his career could damage it and he knows that he owes Arsenal and in particular Wenger his loyalty. Not forgetting us Gooners! We love him, and he has stated in the past, several times, how much he loves and adores us.

Most of this could be paper talk. So dont read into it too much.

I accept that it inevitable that Cesc will go back to Spain one day. But not anytime soon. So Barca, JOG ON! Cesc is going no where.

Keep it Goonerish......,

Sagna's injury hard to take, Justin to the rescue!

Bacary Sagna has been ruled out of action for around 3-5 weeks after injuring his ankle against Chelsea at the weekend.

He opened the scoring in that game and his influence on the game was clear to see, as when he came off the balance of the team was affected, and the game completely turned around.

He has been superb for Arsenal this season, and has looked like he's been at the club for years with his assured consistant displays at right-back.

In my eyes he has been one of the best players at the club this season and to lose him at such a crucial stage of the season is hard to take.

He will be out until at least mid-April and will miss the crucial Champions League tie with Liverpool and the now even more massive clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Justin Hoyte will no doubt be called into the team and I hope that the youngster can fill the Frenchmans boots.

Justin has shown his loyalty to Arsenal and deserves the chance to stake a claim for first-team action. He never moans about not being selected and just gets on with the job, playing for the team he loves.

Good luck Justin!

Keep it Goonerish...........

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

When have you been most excited about Arsenal signing someone?

There has been alot of talk lately from Gooners about Wenger getting out the cheque book and signing some stars for Arsenal. I've even been writing about the need for a couple of signings to boost the squad myself.

No doubt we will sign players in the summer, but they will most likely, knowing Wenger, to be someone young and someone we haven't heard of! I know that we cry out for a superstar to arrive at the club. But the reality of the situation is that we properly wont be getting one.

So I ask my fellow Gooners, who was the signing made at anytime in Arsenal history that got you the most excited? It could be from any era, I'd just love to hear about it.

I remember starting to watch Arsenal around the age of 6. So my era for beginning the love for my club began mainly in the early 1990's. I began to get heavily into football then and could reel off Arsenal stats in an instant. However my most exciting signing Arsenal have made in my mind was soon to be made.

In September 1991 for a then club-record fee we signed my then hero and namesake Ian Wright. I remember him playing for Palace in the 1990 FA cup final and coming on as a sub and scoring two goals for the Eagles. I loved the way he played and wished that he would join my club and score goals for them.

I loved the romance of him not giving up his dream to become a footballer and that he was rewarded with a contract at Palace at the late age of 22. I was given a video of him called "Do the Wright thing" and that just sealed it for me! He was a legend!

I remember his first league start against Southampton at the Dell and him banging in a hat-trick whilst wearing the most "colourful" kit, in Arsenal's history.

We all know how Wrighty's career at Arsenal ended up. He became the leading scorer in our history until Thierry Henry came along and stole the title! Ha ha!

I think I just loved his personality and the way he just loved scoring goals. Lived for it, and when he signed for the club it became the biggest signing Arsenal had ever made for me.

He definitely made an impact on me. He has always been my favourite Arsenal player and most probably always will be. The day he signed was a great moment in my Arsenal memories. But most probably because he shared my name!

What I'd like to know is who is your most exciting Arsenal signing?

Keep it Goonerish.......

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Fergie, Mourinho, and the rest not a patch on Wenger

I understand the frustration of my fellow Gooners. The title seems over (to most) and the season could end without silverware unless, according to some, a minor miracle occurs.

Some are now starting to lay the blame at individual players (which I find unfair) and some are even starting to turn on the previously untouchable Arsene Wenger.

Now don't get me wrong. Our manager is a very stubborn man, especially in his beliefs. It could well be his stubborn nature that costs us this season.

It's obvious that the squad is thin in numbers. Its full of quality, but short in reserve. This should have been addressed by Wenger, but wasn't, and we're paying for it now.

Now, us Gooners have high expectation levels and in my eyes, this is down to one man. Arsene Wenger. The man has revolutionised our club. He has turned us from a mid-table club, "boring boring Arsenal" into a club who have a brand new stadium, an exciting squad, and world reowned attacking football.

I'm not prepared to jump on his back. The man has done too much for our club to do this. I admit, it's been very very hard to watch our rivals win titles and cups while we "seem" to have been left behind. But Wenger is the man to lead Arsenal into what could be the most successful period for Arsenal ever.

Who else could have dealt with the financial restrictions when building the new stadium like Wenger did? I doubt very much Fergie or Mourinho could have. Thats why he's class.

It's easy to throw money around to get what we want. It worked for Chelsea and United, and now because of the hard work Wenger has put in, in the last few years, Wenger has money to spend.

Whether he uses it is difficult to say. I think he needs to add a couple of faces to the squad, but doesn't need to throw money around for the sake of it.

Fergie and Mourinho need hundreds of millions to spend to be successful. There is no way had they been at the helm at Arsenal in the last few years they would still be at the club.

Thats why I'm prepared to wait as long as possible for Wenger to get it right. He is owed that. Its been 3 long years since our last trophy, a long time I know to be patient. But we're almost there. Wenger will sign players at the right price and who are right for Arsenal.

We may or may not win a trophy this season. If we don't I'm still backing Wenger, because I know it will be the last season we go trophy'less for a long time.

Keep it Goonerish......

Monday, 24 March 2008

WANTED-A bigger squad

Although it may seem like it, this title challenge is not over. I refuse to hold up the white flag until it is impossible for us to catch Manchester United.

Sure at the moment that looks beyond us, on current form at least, but I still think that there will be surprises for EVERY team at the top.

Its heartbreaking to look at the league table at the moment. We set the pace for so much of the season and at one time looked like we were going to run away with the title.

To see us in third place after being on top of the table for so long this season is almost soul destroying. But I don't think its a lack of experiance that has cost us this run of form and our place at the top. I think its a lack of squad cover which has been the main reason.

There can be no doubt that Arsenal have a match-day squad that easily competes with United and Chelsea. But when we have injuries or suspensions to these players our lack of cover from of the rest of the squad catches up with us.

Thats where the problem is and it means we have become too reliant on certain players and have been unable to rest people. Like United and Chelsea can.

As i've said, the title isn't beyond our reach, as yet. But I cant help but wonder that if Arsene was more active in the transfer market, then would we find ourselves in this position?

There can be no doubting the quality in this squad, its just the quantity that may be proving our current plight. With a couple more players added, mainly at centre back, wide midfield and a striker then this thin squad would look alot stronger.

This season will make this squad stronger whatever happens. I urge Wenger to keep his philosophy of playing beautiful football.

Just get out the cheque book, add a couple more players and this squad will reap the rewards its football deserves. I'm not talking major changes, just a couple of signings to boost the numbers in the squad. Heck, if u like Arsene, u could even sign someone us Gooners could get excited about!

Keep it Goonerish..........

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Lets have your Chelsea v Arsenal predictions.

Arsenal always seem to perform in the big games and tomorrow is HUGE. I'm backing Arsenal to go to Stamford Bridge and get a victory. We were the last side to win there in the league and I fancy us to get the three points and get our title challenge back on track. If we play our football, keep it tight at the back and are patient I think we will win. I fancy 2-0 to Arsenal and Adebayor to get them both. He always gives John Terry a rough time and I think he will tomorrow. What are your predictions?.........keep it Goonerish.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I wish the vulture's would fly away!

Just a quick post as I'm going out my fellow Gooners. Just read on Sky Sports text about Inter apparently making an illegal approach for Hleb. I'm getting fed up with teams like Barca, Inter, Madrid making these illegal advances to our players. It may unsettle them and its about time that FIFA, UEFA, whoever, proper punished these teams with a points deduction, massive fines and hit them where it hurts. These clubs think that they are above the law because they are "big". Am I alone in thinking this? Anyway, c'mon Bolton and dare I say it, the Spuds?!.............. Keep it Goonerish.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Mark Clattenburg announced as ref for sunday showdown-Oh no!

Mark Clattenburg has been announced as the ref for the title clash between us and Chelsea on Sunday. This would have been a good thing when he first started as a ref in the Premiership. He wasn't to be bad then!

When he began his career in the Premiership I actually thought that he was quite a good ref. He is young and became the youngest ref to officiate in England in living memory. He seemed to let games flow and didn't really book a huge number of players.

Then the ego began to surface! He seems now like Graham Poll junior and this is without doubt a bad thing! There has even been a website made in order to get him banned from taking charge of a game again!

Is he the right man to ref such an important game when his ability's as a ref are being questioned? In previous big games he has got HUGE decisions wrong, namely the Liverpool v Everton game earlier in the season.

I can't forget the amazing blunder made by Clattenburg when Mendes launched a shot on goal for the Spuds against ManUSA from the half-way line which clearly crossed the line and he didn't give it.

His decisions be will be under huge scrutiny for this game. It is massive and tough decisions will have to made. One wrong move by the ref could influence where the title ends up.

I understand that it is a very difficult job to be a ref in a game like this, but I just hope that Clattenburg goes back to the style of reffing that he had when he first began in the Premiership.

I hope that he lets the game flow, isn't biased and just does a job that we won't even have to discuss on monday. Thats when a ref does a good job, when he isn't noticed.

Keep it Goonerish........

Monday, 17 March 2008

Is Adebayor really that bad?

I've read alot lately from disgruntled Gooners about Adebayor. On the most part people have started to doubt him and believe that he isn't that good a player. I think that people are being a bit harsh on him in fairness. Is he really that bad?

I admit that at times he can be a very frustrating player. He can miss the easiest of chances, his first touch seems to have deserted him, and he seems to have developed the trait of throwing his hands in the air that Henry used to have when a team mate misplaces a pass. But his goals have kept us in the Premiership title race.

The goals have dried up recently and he isn't playing that well at the moment but doesn't that apply to most of the squad? I don't think that we should start to make scapegoats for the team beginning to lose focus in the title race. It is, after all, a team game.

If you look at the amount of goals he has scored in the Premiership this season and the person at Arsenal closest to him its astounding. Adebayor has scored 19 and the closest is Cesc on 7! And most of Cesc's goals came in the first quarter of the season!

For most of the season Adebayor has played as a lone striker too. That is a very hard job to do and you never heard him moaning about it. He gets on with the job and causes a huge amount of problems for the opposing team. Ask John Terry and Rio Ferdinand, they have both said in the past how hard it is to play against Ade.

He is a constant threat and does not stop working for the Arsenal cause. Alot has rested on his shoulders this season with the departure of Henry, the injuries that Van Persie has suffered, the settling period of Eduardo and Bendtner to the Premiership, and finally the injury to Eduardo.

Lets cut the guy some slack. I didn't hear people moaning about him when he was banging in the goals and chasing the Arsenal goal-scoring record. Lets not forget that he is still only 24, and add's a different dimension to Arsenal's play.

Lets not forget the important goals he has scored in the past for Arsenal and the important things that he does for the team, like chase down opposition and willingness to graft to win back the ball. His contribution to the side cant be measured just for goals. He adds a huge amount to Arsenal.

He loves Arsenal and we love him. The song that rings around stadiums at the moment he scores raises hairs on the back of my neck. He isn't replacing Henry and in my eyes is very effective at his job for Arsenal. It's time we stopped the Henry comparisons and got off his back for Arsenal slipping up. It's not all his fault.

He has a great future ahead of him and I'd rather him be wearing the red shirt of Arsenal then playing against us. You might not agree with me, that's your opinion but I think that Adebayor has alot to offer Arsenal and hopefully will justify my thoughts of him.

Keep it Goonerish.........

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Gilberto may be off in the summer and could another Brazilian be coming in?

Arsenal's Brazilian captain maybe off in the summer. He lost his place in the side to Mathieu Flamini at the start of the season and hasn't been able to force a way back into the side due to the Frenchmans superb form this season.

He has a contract until 2009 and maybe it will be the right time to let him move on-providing Arsenal get Flamini to sign a new contract that is!! He has been linked away from Arsenal all season and that's hardly a surprise going by the playing time he has had this year. He spoke about his current situation.

"I'm trying to adjust to the situation, but I confess it's not been easy," stated Gilberto.

"I love the club and Arsene is a good man and a good manager - but there are only two months to go and I haven't played much."

"I will wait until the end of the season and then make my decision. If a good opportunity comes along then I don't see any other option"

Sound's like he's off to me. It's a shame because Gilberto has been a great player and servant to Arsenal, but he has been on the wane this season. Whether that's due to lack of playing time or just a drop in ability I don't know. All I know is that his experience will be crucial for Arsenal for the remainder of the season and a lovely parting gift would be the title or Champions League.

We've been linked to another young player. This time a Brazilian called Diogo. I havent heard of him but he is a "sensation" by all accounts. They usually are when they are young and come from Brazil!

Diogo below:

He would need a work permit, so if the deal went ahead then he would proberly go on loan to a Spanish club for a couple of season's.

He plays for Portuguesa, a club based in Sao Paulo that sounds a bit like a Portuguese Cockney! He is also a Brazilian under 20 international. The President has said that he is better than Pato and Arsenal have been scouting him for a few years.

Whether this is just a President using Arsenal's name to increase the players worth or not we shall see. But if he is better than Pato then we better get in quick!!

Keep it Goonerish........

Lets not get too downbeat, you would have accepted to be where we are now at the beginning of the season, wouldn't you?

Arsenal are in a rut at the moment. The flowing football hasn't been flowing that much lately and after four draws in a row, at possibly the worst time in the season, people are starting to doubt Arsenal. Even some gooners.

I say don't doubt this team. Things may seem down-beat at the moment and I know results haven't gone our way in recent matches but lets have a look at where we are.

We are level points with the current champions after 30 games albeit having played a game more. We are in the Champions League quarter-final after playing the current holders and playing them off the park. We have a side that WILL dominate English football in the future and on our day play the best football that I dare say, the Invincibles wouldn't have coped with.

Things have taken a knock lately with the results, but United and Chelsea will drop points as well. In recent games I think we've been unlucky more then anything. Decisions and luck have gone against us. Take for example yesterday, Adebayor's "offside" goal. Never in a million years was he offside, the 'Boro player put it in his path! and the ref was only 5 yards away!

By all accounts, things even themselves out over the course of the season, so Arsenal are due a bit of luck in the closing games!

I understand that it seems Arsenal are throwing it away and we can't blame anyone but the players for that. But lets not get too down-beat about it. It may seem like the end of the world at the moment but we are very much in the title race still and it's the first time in a long time that we have been involved in the running.

We need a little change in luck and something positive to happen. And where better to start than Stamford Bridge next week? You know that this squad rises to the occasion the bigger the game. Ask Milan.

The character of this team will show next week, of that I'm certain. We must go to Chelsea and show that we will fight to the end. They know the recent results are not good enough.

Have a good look at Arsenal this morning. We were written off all season by everyone and we sit level on points at the top of the table and are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. This was a season when we were meant to be in decline. The season where even the Spuds were meant to overtake us. We are doing well. The title race is far from over and we are firmly involved. Till the end.

Lets get behind the team not on their backs and show them how proud we are to be Gooners. Remember how good it is to be a Gooner. The players need us now more than ever and we need them. They have got us this far, and at the beginning of the season wouldn't you have loved Arsenal to be in the position they are in now? I know I would. Lets help them over the finishing line.

Keep it Goonerish........

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Arsenal are due to give someone a hiding. Is today the day?

I think Arsenal are long overdue giving a team a real going over with plenty of goals to boot. Today could be the day that a team gets it.

It seems a long time since we gave a team a real battering with a high score. Sure there have been plenty of superb football played and at times we piss all over teams with ease.

We have dominated games this season and recently the half chances that went in the net in the early part of the season haven't been going in nearly as frequently. That luck must surely change soon and I think it will today against 'Boro.

'Boro are the only blot on our Premiership season so far and the Arsenal players will be desperate to rectify that. Up at the Riverside we gave our poorest performance of the season in my eyes. We were terrible up there.

Every season 'Boro manage to shock and raise a few peoples eyebrows by beating one of the big four and this season it was our turn. We couldn't have made it any easier for them up there although a big amount of credit must go to 'Boro for playing well and making very difficult for us.

Today is going to be different I'm sure. As we are the later kick-off we must react to what United and Chelsea do. I'm sure that they will pick up three points so the pressure will be on Arsenal to do the same.

After recent results in the Premiership this game is huge for Arsenal. We need a victory as we are likely to start the game in second place and in my eyes a home game against 'Boro is a game we should win at ease.

With no disrespect meant to 'Boro this game should be viewed as home banker and it could be high scoring. With 'Boro getting knocked out of the cup last week it will be interesting to see how they react. They got a respectable draw at Villa in the week and I think we will be too much for them today.

I expect a big performance from Arsenal today and I think it will happen. Van Persie may be in the starting line up and he will be hungery for it. It's a key match and one that Arsenal should get all three points from. And a high score at that!

Prediction: 4-0 to the Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Friday, 14 March 2008

Would people be so forgiving if it had been Rooney on the end of Taylors tackle?

I believe that if it would have been Wayne Rooney on the end of Martin Taylors "tackle" then the reaction from certain people would not be so forgiving. There is a "little Englander" attitude from us English at times and this is one of them. Many people have different opinions on the Eduardo incident, most feel what Martin Taylor did was a complete accident and that he is feeling huge remorse and is not the sort of player who would intentionally injure someone. I think he DID try to injure Eduardo.

Now I don't think for a second though that he tried to break Eduardo's leg and I do feel that he feels terrible about what he has done, but I do feel that he set out to let Eduardo know "that he is there". It's a mentality that is brought through the ages of British players. Even now on a sunday morning when I play the general instruction is to "get in hard" "show them your there" "give it too them first and play later". An injury like this was due, especially with some of the flying stud's up challenges that have been seen this season.

If the tackle had been on Rooney then there would be a huge outrage and Martin Taylor would certainly be the English Public Enemy Number 1. If Rooney was sitting in hospital now with his career in the balance we wouldn't be hearing how it was an unfortunate accident. Look at how the public and media treated Ronaldo in 2006 and all he did was "apparently" help get Rooney sent off.

The media have an xenophobic attitude to this incident. Because it seemed a horrible accident and that Taylor wouldn't do such a thing then Eduardo's welfare seems to be swept under the carpet. Lets not forget who is the REAL victim here, it's Eduardo NOT Martin Taylor who the English media and people like McLeish, Gold, Hansen and Lawrenson seem to think. They seem to think that its OK to kick Arsenal off the pitch because they can't match them football wise. It's not OK and if I did it in the street I'd get arrested for some of the tackle's I see.

Rooney is the jewell in the England crown, just as Eduardo is the Croatian crown. Now if England had qualified for the Euro's in the summer and Rooney was the victim of a tackle bordering on assault, and would miss the Euro's and the rest of the year and maybe even have his career ended would the attitude of the press and others who dismissed the incident as an accident react the same? I doubt it somehow.

The simple fact is that tackles like that are dangerous and lengthy bans should be brought into practice to cut them out. It is something that is through all the English game into grass-roots level and something needs to be done to sort it out. The "little Englander" attitude of kicking and rushing needs to be rectified then hopefully tackles like this will be a thing of the past.

People should remember that Eduardo is the victim here NOT Taylor, but had Taylor done the same to Rooney then would the reaction be the same?

Keep it Goonerish.............

Is Rafael van der Vaart coming to Arsenal and Champions League draw is upon us!

Is Rafael van der Vaart set to become a Gunner in the summer?

Van der Vaart is a very gifted footballer with a very good left peg on him. He plays for Hamberg in Germany and he has performed at a high level all season which made clubs around all of Europe notice him.

He is young, only 25 and would have the technique to play for Arsenal. He has a contract until 2010 but has stated that this summer could be the time to leave Germany and start pastures new in a new country.

He cost only £3.5 million in 2005 and the fee for him now would be around the £15 million mark. He knocks in a few goals too, especially long range efforts, as Arsenal found out!

I think that he would be a good signing for Arsenal too add to the squad. Many speculate that Flamini is leaving but I don't see this happening. With Diarra gone, Van der Vaart would add quality and I've no doubt that Gilberto will be leaving in the summer so a space will need to be filled and Van der Vaart could be the man.

The Champions League draw is less than four hour's away now and I think it's very likely that at least two English clubs will face each other.

I really hope that Arsenal get a team from the continent. Not through fear of facing United, Chelsea or Liverpool. Far from it, in fact. I'd like a side from another country because thats what the competiton is all about.

Testing yourselves against sides from abroad and showing your talents on a wider scale. Thats what the Champions League is all about.

Although a clash with United would wet the pallet I'd much prefer Barcelona! I reckon that we will draw an English club and I bet that we get United as well!

Keep it Goonerish..........

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Will Wenger sign a new striker in the summer after Eduardos injury and some people doubting that Bendtner will be at the club for long?

Arsene Wenger today revealed that he will stick to his usual cautious spending in the summer but WILL spend big if the right player came along, at the right price of course. He quite rightly wont interfere too much with the current squad but if the opportunity arose to sign another striker would he take it?

Eduardo's injury has left us short upfront and with the future of Danish star Bendtner in some doubt (according to some) will Wenger be tempted to dip into his riches and sign another striker?

I don't think that he will. Looking at the squad we have it's more likely that Wenger will move another player in the squad into the strikers role namely Theo Walcott.

We have Carlos Vela coming back in the summer and he will provide competition but that will be as a wide player, especially as it seems that Wenger likes to blood players into the side by using them wide. Vela has played wide all season and I expect no change when he comes back to Arsenal.

Bendtner's future has been discussed many times. He is a very confident player and no doubt sitting on the bench will be a bit of a kick in the ego for him. However if he bides his time and doesn't get to impatient then he could have a great future at the club.

Theo has been seen by many, including Wenger as having a future as a forward. I agree that he should eventually play there but at the moment I don't feel that he is ready to have the responsibility on his shoulders if Arsenal had injuries to the other strikers to step in.

What I mean is that if Arsenal had two out of four strikers out injured I don't feel that Theo is quite ready to play regularly to provide goals for Arsenal. He will be, one day, but I wouldn't want him to have that pressure on him. He has enough already.

This squad is highly talented, but at times has looked thin. I would like us to sign another striker. It would add competition and keep players on their toe's as well as providing enough cover so we aren't so bare when we get a few injuries. Which doe's seem to happen alot!

The question is who? If Arsene did sign someone the player would have to be young and adapt to Arsene's ways at the club. He moulds players into his style of play and there aren't many about that Arsenal would splash out huge money on. Maybe Agbonlahor would fit the bill?

Keep it Goonerish........

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

If the players focus on one game at a time then Premiership glory will be ours!

We've had the winning habit all season so far until recently. But I wonder if the player's are looking too far ahead and are just losing a little focus in recent games. If we focus game by game then we can start picking up victories again and win the title...................... Maybe the Champions League tie with Milan distracted the squad slightly and made us go off the boil in recent weeks? I dont think it is the pressure getting to us....................... Although the finishing line is close and the players can almost touch the trophy they need to stop looking so far ahead and concentrate on the next game. People say the pressure is getting to the squad but I feel that the hunger is there and if the squad give everything then us Gooner's cant complain come what may......................Although we have dropped points recently in games the quality is still there at times. All we need is a little turn of luck and the half chances we've missed lately (which were going in when we were in form) will go in and the lads will return to winning ways....................I dont think the player's have lost any of their belief, just a little focus and when that comes back against 'Boro at the weekend then we're be back on track. I expect United to drop points and there will be some surprises remaining in this title race. One things for certain, we can go to Old Trafford and win. But for now, lets focus on 'Boro!...............Keep it Goonerish!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

This wasn't a San Siro "hangover" just a poor poor performance. Gooners, your a credit to Arsenal.

This was a poor poor performance from Arsenal today. We looked out of sorts against a Wigan side content with putting everyone in their own half and grinding out a draw. I will take nothing away from Wigan. They set out their stall to get the point and they achieved it. They deserved the draw and will feel that they did the job........... However Arsenal didn't do their own job. There was an oppertunity here to increase the gap at the top and we haven't taken it. We blew it. It is difficult to play a team whose main concern is just to earn a point, but it's something we had to solve. We ran out of ideas and although we had a couple of decent chances we was never at the races. We made a half decent start but just faded away as the game wore on..........This game had the potential to be a banana skin on the fixture list and has proved to be right. The main thing is how do Arsenal react? We've reacted well to bad results all season and I expect the same against 'Boro next Saturday. There will be plenty of surprises in the remaining games for the title race. This is one of them, but the boys will bounce back.........Must add this. The Gooners who went today, I have one word. SUPERB. All game we did not stop singing and to take 4,000 to Wigan is brilliant. A credit to Arsenal and yourselves........KEEP IT GOONERISH!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Our season may rest on the first two weeks of April, RVP will be like a new signing and why is it the media have an agenda with Arsenal?

The first two weeks of April may decide Arsenal's season. It will be crunch time for this Arsenal side as we face two Champions League games, Liverpool and Manchester United in this period.

1 Tue Champions League N Quarter-Final 1L TBA
(Match to be played on either Tue 1 or Wed 2 April)
5 Sat Barclays Premier League H Liverpool 12.45pm
8 Tue Champions League N Quarter-Final 2L TBA
(Match to be played on either Tue 8 or Wed 9 April)
13 Sun Barclays Premier League A Manchester Utd 4pm

That's how our fixtures line up for us and will be a very difficult period. It's a time when we won't be able to rest anyone as we must have our full strength line ups for these games unless we get a decent result in the first leg of the Champions League tie. Which will be difficult as every team left will be hard to face.

Every game from now until the end of the season is a cup final. These two weeks may stretch a squad that isn't the biggest squad around and I hope that we can keep players off the treatment table and as fresh as possible.

We will know what our season rest's on after the two week's. Hopefully we will still be fighting for both trophies but I think alot rest's on the result from the first leg of the Champions League. Hopefully we can get a decent enough result to be able to "rest" a few for the second leg. Only time will tell.

Having Robin Van Persie back is a big big boost for Arsenal. He is without one of Europe's most exciting players and alot may rest on his shoulders for the remainder of the season.

He has missed so much football for Arsenal this season that having him back available will almost be like signing a new player. It may take him a couple of games to get in the flow but the important thing is that he will be fresh when others around him won't be. He will also be very hungery and eager to play his part after watching his team mates play for the last few months.

It's hard to pinpoint how Wenger will bring him back into the side after the way Van Persie reacted to his latest come-back. No doubt he will play some part tomorrow in the game at Wigan, but how?

Will Wenger play him from the start and give him maybe 60 minute's or doe's he bring him on from the bench for the final 25-30? It's difficult because the last thing we want is him to suffer another set back. I'd give him 25-30 minutes at the end and start him in the game against Middlesborough next week to ease him back into things.

One things for certain, it will be great to have him back. He was superb at the beginning of the season and if he gets back into that form then he may prove the difference between Arsenal going another season without a trophy or Arsenal winning something. He add's that extra quality that other teams don't have.

And why is it that the media seem to have an agenda against Arsenal? I know alot of blogs have picked up on this but I can't stay silent about it any longer. It really winds me up!!

I drove to work yesterday listening to Alan Brazil spouting on about Wenger having a whine about David Bentley's comments on Walcott and it really pissed me off. All him and his side kick kept saying was Bentley was just expressing his opinion and that Wenger was throwing his toy's out of his pram. Now don't get me wrong. We all know Wenger can do that at times but that's another story. But Bentley put his opinion forward and all Wenger did was offer his opinion on what Bentley said.

Alan Brazil was so anti-Arsene and Arsenal it was unbelievable! Loads of Gooners rang in and when Brazil hated or couldn't handle their calls he cut them off! What a tube (How he would put it!)

It's annoyed me all season and especially at the moment when every little thing that is negative about Arsenal is highlighted so much. Last week against Milan is a prime example. Before we knocked them out they were the best in Europe and were certain to knock Arsenal out. When the opposite happened all the sudden Milan were past it and Arsenal caught them at the right time! Opposing to last season when United were thrashed by them and caught them at the wrong time! Milan were in thier prime then but over the hill when Arsenal beat them!

I know we are top of the league and there to be shot at, but I feel that the pundits and media are embarrassed by how well Arsenal are doing. They all wrote us off and how now looking stupid. And they do not like it. So they now try their best to unsettle Arsenal with all their nonsence reporting and opinions. Watch them change their tune in the summer. They now know this Arsenal side is the real deal so listen out for them all backing Arsenal to do well next season. The hypocrites......

Keep it Goonerish..........

Friday, 7 March 2008

English threat scares Arsenal?!!

I had to laugh today after reading "The Chief sports writer" Steven Howard's article in the Sun. According to him Arsenal will be keen to avoid United, Chelsea and Liverpool in next weeks Champions League's draw. The three know how to play Arsenal and will press, press and press and will suss us out......................... Sorry Mr Howard I dont buy it. If Arsenal faced any of these clubs and they played with the bully boy tactics that you suggest they use then they would quickly get players sent off. They may get away with it in England where the ref's seem to allow the stupid tackles and rough house tactic's but the game would have a FOREIGN ref and he would stamp out any such tactics straight away. How many times have u seen a "Premiership tackle" in the Champions League immediatley pulled up by the ref from abroad? Plenty I'm sure. So these tactics wouldn't work in Europe..................... It also wouldn't matter how any of them played if Arsenal were at top form. Arsenal, on their day, are untouchable by ANY of these teams. I hate to sound arrogent and I apoligise for it but it's true. And most people know it too. I'm not scared about who Arsenal draw. I'd prefer a foreign side because it's a European trophy and we play English side's week-in week-out but thats the only reason! It's certainly not fear as Mr Howard would suggest!...............Keep it Goonerish.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Lucky punter lands £70k win from Cesc and Co!

A punter from Plymouth was double celebrating last night after the Gunner's superb win over AC Milan. He placed a £400 scorecast of Fabregas being first goalscorer and a 2-0 Arsenal win just 60 seconds before the kick-off getting odds of 175/1! His winning's totalled £70,400. Nice one son!

Last night means nothing if we don't win anything this season.....

Last night was one of the proudest night's that I've ever had as a Gooner. The way we went to the San Siro as complete underdogs, lambs to the slaughter if you like and produced one of the most complete performances that I have seen was like a dream. And Arsenal may even bring out a DVD recording of it!!

I've always had confidence in this Arsenal squad, even when we sold Thierry Henry in the summer. In a previous post I said that I really fancied us to beat Milan and that if we played the football that we know these boys can play, then there isn't a team in Europe, let alone Milan who can cope with us.

I'm not over-reacting to a night where the Arsenal "Boys" turned to "Men", I really believe that this side can dominate English and European football if it stays together. Wenger has assembled a team that can rival the best in history, but in order to do that then we must start bringing in silverware.

The sensational win over Milan will mean nothing if we don't go on to win the Champions League. Sure it will go down as one of the greatest nights in Arsenal's European history but at the end of the day without the trophy to show for it then it means nothing except for us Gooners to brag about.

We need to keep our heads and just focus on every game remaining this season as if it is a cup final. The team know that if we produce football like that from now until the end of the season then we will be almost impossible to stop. The manner in which we dominated Milan can serve as a huge confidence booster. They know what they can do, now go out and win the trophies to prove how wrong everyone was to doubt us.

I really believe that there will be silverware at the Emirates at the end of the season. Whether it's the Premiership or the Champions League, I don't know. What I do know, and of this I'm 100% certain, is as soon as that fist piece of silverware arrives at the Emirates then it will start to flow in.

The result last night will give the Gunners a lift and the squad and Wenger will feel that they have as much chance as anyone remaining in the Champions League to win it. It was just the lift that we needed after recent results and they should now become a distant memory.

But it will all count for nothing if we don't go on and win either the Champions League or the Premiership. The football we've played, the unbeaten run's, the goals, it will mean nothing. It's time for the club to start winning trophies again and with this squad of players and the greatest manager of all-time at the helm. The good times should be just around the corner.

Keep it Goonerish........

Last night means nothing if we don't win anything this season.....

Last night was one of the proudest night's that I've ever had as a Gooner. The way we went to the San Siro as complete underdogs, lambs to the slaughter if you like and produced one of the most complete performances that I have seen was like a dream. And Arsenal may even bring out a DVD recording of it!!

I've always had confidence in this Arsenal squad, even when we sold Thierry Henry in the summer. In a previous post I said that I really fancied us to beat Milan and that if we played the football that we know these boys can play, then there isn't a team in Europe, let alone Milan who can cope with us.

I'm not over-reacting to a night where the Arsenal "Boys" turned to "Men", I really believe that this side can dominate English and European football if it stays together. Wenger has assembled a team that can rival the best in history, but in order to do that then we must start bringing in silverware.

The sensational win over Milan will mean nothing if we don't go on to win the Champions League. Sure it will go down as one of the greatest nights in Arsenal's European history but at the end of the day without the trophy to show for it then it means nothing except for us Gooners to brag about.

We need to keep our heads and just focus on every game remaining this season as if it is a cup final. The team know that if we produce football like that from now until the end of the season then we will be almost impossible to stop. The manner in which we dominated Milan can serve as a huge confidence booster. They know what they can do, now go out and win the trophies to prove how wrong everyone was to doubt us.

I really believe that there will be silverware at the Emirates at the end of the season. Whether it's the Premiership or the Champions League, I don't know. What I do know, and of this I'm 100% certain, is as soon as that fist piece of silverware arrives at the Emirates then it will start to flow in.

The result last night will give the Gunners a lift and the squad and Wenger will feel that they have as much chance as anyone remaining in the Champions League to win it. It was just the lift that we needed after recent results and they should now become a distant memory.

But it will all count for nothing if we don't go on and win either the Champions League or the Premiership. The football we've played, the unbeaten run's, the goals, it will mean nothing. It's time for the club to start winning trophies again and with this squad of players and the greatest manager of all-time at the helm. The good times should be just around the corner.

Keep it Goonerish........

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Are u watching Tottenham!!!

Every player and Wenger deserves eleven out of ten! Two words, F*CKING BRILLIANT! I'm so proud to be a Gooner and the boys were giants tonight, even getting a standing ovation from the Milan crowd, too all the Gooners out there singing your hearts out, you were all superb! You did not stop singing and flew the Arsenal flag high and proud!!! Enjoy these moments my fellow Gooners, for there are many more nights and moments like this we will have. Lets go and win the double!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Are Arsenal in a title race or are they out of the title race? You tell me....

The title of this post even looks stupid to me and I'm writing the thing! The question that I would like to put to everyone reading this is,

Are Arsenal involved in the title race or are they out of it?!!

The reason I'm writing this is because of a drunken rant/argument/quarrel/disagreement between me and a pal last night that went on for about an hour and my poor other mate was just sat for the most part in silence for the duration, every now and then chipping in his opinion and agreeing with me!

My friends view basically is on the fact that he thinks Arsenal have blown it and that won't even finish in the top two. By all account's we are finished and ManUSA and Chelski will finish above us. In his simple mind Arsenal are now out of the title race and can kiss goodbye to the Premiership.

His other view is that we are over because we have an ego-maniac as a captain. He hates Gallas as much as I hate Robbie Keane at Spuds (By the way, my mate is a Spud!) In his eye's Gallas shouldn't have been made captain after the way that he spoke of Arsenal in the summer, basically saying he mugged us off. He also added that only Gallas would demand the number ten shirt because he is the best!!

Well my friend, Gallas was offered the number ten shirt because if a striker wore it next they would be compared to the legend that is Dennis Bergkamp. By giving Gallas the shirt, it meant no comparisons could be made as Gallas is a defender and Bergkamp was a striker therefore no pressure on him wearing it.

As for you saying that Arsenal are no longer in the title race, go see a shrink!!! The last time that I checked the league table Arsenal were top. Where are Tottenham? I admit that Arsenal are going through a bad patch at the moment and that this is the worst possible time for it, but the fact that we are top of the league with ten games to go surely means that we're in a title race!!!

The simple fact is that the title is in Arsenal's hands. It's ours to throw away. If we win every game that we have remaining this season we are Champions. There will be many twists and turns left in the run-in, and plenty of surprises. I'm not saying that we are guaranteed to be champions, but we are in the title race mate!!

I understand that you have never seen your team in race for the title, and have never felt that excitement but don't take it out on me and my club. Your club won a trophy last week and I congratulate you for that. You definitely deserved it. But don't spit your jealousy at me pal. I'm lucky that I was handed a chance to support my club, you drew the short straw.

But I ask anyone who reads this.....

Are Arsenal in a title race or not?...........

Keep it Goonerish........

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Bendtner late than never! Us Gooner's should be so proud of this squad.

A late late goal from our Danish star Nicklas Bendtner has kept us at the top of the table after a 1-1 draw with Villa at the Emirates. After conceding a goal so late last week which made the draw at Birmingham feel like a defeat, this is in stark contrast to this week. It feel's a bit like a win today after scoring so late and this will surely buoy the players and give them the confidence to go to Milan and get a result...............This Arsenal side showed their resiliance again today and simply refuse to be beaten. It takes alot for us to lose and us Gooner's can be proud of this squad for the way they have performed this season. There is a real fighting spirit amongst this side and I think that Gallas has alot to do with this. Making him captain has installed a 'fight till the end' mentality to the team and we are seeing this all the time. So all those anti-Gallas anti-Arsenal prats, like that muppet Mark Lawrenson, do one. You all want Arsenal to fail because you all will have egg on your muggy faces after writing us off. Well this team have the balls and the bottle to fight for this title all the way and it makes me so proud to be a Gooner................Keep it Goonerish...