Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Is Drogba Still In Djourou's Pocket?

At last Johan Djourou is beginning to gain some recognition.

I've rated this fella for a long time and have always believed that he could become a top-class centre-back.

The other night he had Didier Drogba in his pocket so much so I wouldn't be surprised if Drogba was still in there next to some lint and a two bob note.

Granted, the Chelsea man has chewed up our defence and spat them out more times than a Native American munching on tobacco but what a performance by Johan! He was smoking.

The geezer was immense and it seems at last we have someone in the ranks who can handle a powerful striker and lets be honest, they don't come more powerful than Drogba.

In the summer I think a lot of people had Djourou down as Arsenal's fourth choice centre-back, that was something I didn't agree with, but the fact he is getting so much praise now is testament to how far he has come.

Gooners now believe in him and that is very important. It will mean a lot to Johan and now I'm sure he will have even more belief in himself.

Of course he has had injury problems, like many have in our squad, and if he can overcome the niggles and grief I have no hesitation in saying that Djourou will become one of Europe's best defenders.

When Thomas Vermaelen returns from injury I'm sure that it will be him and Johan as the first choice pairing at the back. I'm more than happy with that.

Keep It Goonerish.........

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Some Chelsea Fans Are Just Bitter W*nkers!

I've thought this for a long time but I have to say that it was finally confirmed to me about 22:34 last night; Chelsea fans irritate me more than any other.

I'm not knocking all Chelsea supporters. I'm sure that there are some nice ones out there. This fella on the Chelsea Daft blog seems like a reasonable bloke. He even gives us some credit.

But most of the others (not on that blog in particular) are just bitter wankers.

You have to admit that their recent silverware collection is quite impressive but with that trophy haul the Chelsea fans have developed a very arrogant attitude. Fuck knows why. They were fuck-all until a Russian gangster saved them from extinction.

To be truthful I'd have thought that maybe they would be a little more humble considering they were on the brink of going more skint than MC Hammer. I might have thought being humble would have been a good option after being outplayed for 90 minutes and soundly beaten, but no. The arrogance and bitterness still shone through.

Especially at 22:34 last night.

I have to hold my hands up here, I did begin the wind-up as soon as the final whistle went at the Emirates. I had typed a text message into my mobile phone ready to be sent to two Chelsea supporters I know. It simply stated; "Too easy".

Now this may seem as arrogant as those mugs but there was a reason I sent it. Earlier in the season when Chelsea beat us I received that exact message myself from one of those pals of mine. So really me sending it back is just a bit of friendly banter right?

What I got back made laugh and realise that I can't stand Chelsea fans, even more so than Spurs supporters. It was solid abuse and to be honest they made themselves sound like spoilt little brats. They proper spat their dummies out.

You know the funniest text I got? That we were lucky. Now I'm not sure what game the sender of that message watched but to suggest that Arsenal were fortunate to win is at best deluded.

It's this arrogance and mugginess that I can't bear and Chelsea fans have both in abundance. I know that the Gooners sworn enemies are Tottenham but I'd say that I hate Chelsea fans more than them.

In the Gunners pub last night I saw a Gooner with the words on back of his Arsenal shirt saying "You can't buy history". That couldn't be more true and unfortunately though it appears that you can buy pure 100% unadulterated arrogance.

The bitterness shone through last night. I can understand being disappointed at being beaten, especially by a club they usually rob three points off every game but just show a bit of decency and admit defeat. It might even endear people to you a little bit.

Keep It Goonerish.......

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

So, What Is The Difference Between Fabregas, Rooney And Tevez Then?

Since Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney handed in transfer requests something has really bugged me.

Why does nobody really question either players loyalty to their clubs?

They both told their employers that they wanted to leave, made it public, and put it in writing.

Of course the pair retracted the requests in the end but to me it almost seems as though the fact both want(ed) to leave has been swept under the carpet.

Especially in Rooney's case.

In the summer it was clear that Cesc Fabregas was torn between staying at Arsenal or leaving us for a club very close to his heart.

Barcelona, the club he has supported his whole life, managed by his footballing idol Pep Guardiola, made a very public chase for him.

No wonder he was torn between staying with us or leaving.

One thing he never did was throw his toys out of his pram. Fabregas never did what Tevez and Rooney have done.

Cesc never put in a transfer request yet his loyalty to Arsenal is forever being questioned, tenfold now we have drawn Barcelona in the Champions League again.

Fabregas never went as far as either of those two yet the story of him joining Barcelona still lingers.


As far as I am aware Fabregas has shown a lot of loyalty to Arsenal and yet his integrity towards the club is always questioned.

Rooney and Tevez went a lot further than he did yet it appears that they have been forgiven and the episode forgotten.

Why can't Fabregas be given the same treatment?

Keep It Goonerish................

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Why Not Try Thomas Vermaelen (When Fit) At Left Back?

I agree with many Gooners out there that Gael Clichy has been out of sorts in recent times.

It's a shame because he is a such a loyal player to the club and is the last link we have to the Invincible team of 2003/04.

It's hard to pinpoint the exact reason why Clichy seems to have regressed.

Maybe the current formation doesn't suit him as he doesn't seem to get a lot of protection from whoever plays in front of him.

I'd say that Gael looks a lot more comfortable in the 4-4-2 formation Arsene Wenger used to use.

So much more comfortable in fact a couple of years ago I was confident that he would one day become the best left-back in the world so I'm certain that he can't have turned into a bad player overnight.

Maybe Gael needs a time-out to recharge his batteries and get his head together.

Obviously Kieran Gibbs is next in line for the left-back slot but his injuries are so common at the moment a regular run in the side for him is impossible.

I feel for Kieran. He clearly has potential but every time he gets a chance to shine he gets injured. Despite him being injury-prone I've no doubt that he will be Arsenal and England's future left-back.

Whilst Clichy has been inconsistent and Gibbs spends a lot of time in the treatment room I think that Thomas Vermaelen could be a short term answer to the position.

Of course he is injured at present but when he recovers he could play there and a back four of Vermaelen-Djourou-Squillaci-Sagna looks very solid in my book.

There is the problem that Vermaelen is probably our best centre-back so it may seem daft to take him out of the centre of defence but surely it would tighten us up at the back?

Thomas plays left-back for Belgium quite regularly and did so for Ajax too. He is used to the position so I'm sure he would be comfortable there.

We all know he likes to get forward and Wenger encourages his full-backs to roam forward at every opportunity so he would enjoy it.

The most important aspect though in my opinion is that he defends first and obviously is a natural defender, definitely more so than Clichy and Gibbs at present.

And Arsenal need to defend better.

Keep it Goonerish.........

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I never thought I would say this but sometimes I am sick to death of the whining and whinging of my fellow Gooners.

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. I respect that. But sometimes the criticism of Arsene Wenger, the players and the club in general borders on the verge of hatred.


Look around and you will definitely see that isn't a lot of harmony amongst Gooners at the moment.

Supporting a club is about being there for the good times and the bad times. We are lucky that we love and support a club like Arsenal.

We should uphold our motto, we have a duty to and we need to do so, especially with the challenges ahead of this season.

Who knows? In a months time things could so much more rosier. And, if you are completely honest, things aren't really that bad at present are they?

Of course things can be frustrating, I will never deny that, but surely a little harmony amongst us Gooners would go a long way?

Supporting a club is about respecting everything about it. Its history and what a club stands for. Sometimes I wonder whether some Gooners do that.

In my opinion constructive criticism is fine but when I see some Gooners slagging off Arsenal just for the sake of it and with no real reason to do so it annoys me.

I'm not suggesting that everything is perfect at the club, I know that and you know that, but at the moment there is a real split amongst us and that is worrying.

I don't expect everyone to agree with me on this but surely we should uphold our motto a little more?

Keep it Goonerish...........

Sunday, 12 December 2010

I'm Glad We Didn't Sign Joe Cole Now

I'm soooooooo glad we didn't sign Joe Cole in the summer now.

In fact, I even wonder whether Wenger made an inquiry at all?

Don't get me wrong, Cole is a very good player but he hasn't exactly hit dizzy heights at Anfield has he?

I admit I was slightly gutted when Liverpool signed Joe Cole on a free transfer. I concede that I really really wanted him to arrive at the Emirates.

Here was a player, available on a free transfer, who from what I heard, wanted to sign for Arsenal.

I thought it would have been a great signing and another added bonus would have been we nicked him off Chelsea under the noses of Spurs!

When I think about it now maybe I was blinded by the fact Cole is a big name player.

We don't seem to sign many of those and the excitement could have caused me to be slightly blind to the fact we had an emerging player coming through the ranks who was ready to make a breakthrough into the first-team.

Had we brought Cole to the club then obviously it would have blocked young Jack Wilshere's path into the side.

Wilshere has been brilliant this season and is probably my favourite Arsenal player these days.

Don't get me wrong, Joe Cole is an experienced player with plenty of ability but I'd rather have Jack Wilshere all day long.

While I don't doubt that Cole would have done a decent job with us I'm glad that Arsene Wenger knew better than the likes of me and resisted signing him knowing that Wilshere was ready for first-team action.

I've always rated Jack but if you would have told me 12 months ago he could be starting at Old Trafford, in such a crucial match, I would have been slightly worried.

Now I have no such worries and I believe he is ready to play anywhere despite his age.

Wilshere played at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season and more than held his own. In fact, he was marvellous that day and impressed so much.

The boy has so much talent and the fact he has been raised through the ranks with us makes him extra special.

I hope he starts tomorrow night against Manchester United. I really believe he would shine there.

He has the potential to become an Arsenal great and I cannot speak highly enough of him. I'm so pleased that he is a first-team regular.

Sometimes we criticise Arsene Wenger for his dealings in the transfer market.

Of course sometimes he gets things wrong. Who doesn't?

What I will say is this is one decision he got spot on.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Friday, 10 December 2010

Patrice Evra's Comments Should Be Taken As A Complement

I'm sure many Gooners will be pissed off with Patrice Evra after his comments that Arsenal were a 'training centre' and that we have 'nothing' on Manchester United.

Do not give him the satisfaction of letting him wind you up! The gobby little shite wants a reaction and wants to get underneath Arsenal's skin.

Arsene Wenger's team-talk has now been done for him. He only has to pin this up on the changing room wall before the game and that is motivation in itself.

The reason Evra pipes up about Arsenal every time we play them is because he sees us as a threat.

He rarely says anything about any other club and for some reason we rile him.

Perhaps it is jealousy? Perhaps its because Wenger loves signing French players and Evra feels left out?

All I know is Patrice Evra sees Arsenal as a rival, and perhaps at the moment, the direct rival to Manchester United for the Premiership title.

He can say what he likes. I quite like it. It reminds me of the days when Vieira and Keane did battle. It means we are back and in the mix.

I'd love a new decade of Arsenal and Manchester United dominance. Those were good days and exciting to watch.

Now we have to contend with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City too.

For Evra to dig us out makes me feel that Arsenal and Manchester United are proper rivals again. I see it as a backhanded complement.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Yeah It Was Laboured, Yeah It Was Sh*t, But It Can't Always Be Sublime!

Right, lets be honest, that performance was an absolute pile of shite. Pure and utter dookie.

But really who cares?

The main thing is that we are through to the last 16 stage of the Champions League isn't it?

Sure it was more painful to watch at times than having an ingrown toe nail but at the end of the day our name is in the hat for the next round.

Of course we know we can play better than that, in fact my Nan could play better than that, so things can only get better. Right?

Obviously the performance was pony and Wenger left the changes too late (in my opinion) again but we won. That's all that counts.

Maybe we have been too spoiled over the years. We expect super sublime performances every game and that is just not possible.

Footballers have off-days too, they are human, and tonight was an off-night.

There are question marks over whether we can win the Champions League but when have we ever done things easy?

We should have qualified to the last 16 in the Stone Age but we decided to make it hard for ourselves.

That's cool.

We face one of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Schalke. Not the easy route but I guarantee none of that lot will fancy playing us.

You have to play the best to win the Champions League. Bring 'em on!

I wasn't expecting to play any big guns until later in the competition but shit happens.

We've scored the most home goals in Champions League group history and the best progression rate to the last 16 of the English teams involved.

Not too bad eh?

A win is a win. Ugly or beautiful. They all count.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Monday, 6 December 2010

Adebayor Has F*cked Himself

I'd love to say that I feel sorry for Emmanuel Adebayor but I just can't.

The man has completely and utterly fucked himself. His career at the moment is right in the balance and it appears that nobody wants him.

It seems Manchester City, his employers, do not want him and even that shlaaaaaag Harry Redknapp, who tries to turn all his clubs into mini-Arsenals, has turned a blind eye.

It could have been all so different for Adebayor.

Had he stayed at Arsenal I firmly believe that he could have progressed into one of the worlds top strikers. Honestly.

He can say all he wants that we should be grateful for receiving the sum we did for him from Manchester City but deep down I'm sure he regrets leaving Arsenal.

Of course Adebayor earns huge money at City. Those earnings probably soften the pain from the splinters in his arse gained from the bench, but surely playing regularly is what most professional footballers want to be doing.

Under Arsene Wenger he could have become an Arsenal icon. Instead he saw pound notes waved in front of him and took the bait.

His career and reputation is in tatters and I remember all those City fans coming on here to gloat when they signed him.

Now they curse him.

When at Arsenal Adebayor needed the right guidance. He isn't the brightest bulb in the box. Instead he got the wrong advice and look where he is now.

I know almost 99.9% of Gooners were glad to see the back of him, I was one of them. But he had talent and nurtured the right way would have made the most of that talent.

The money maybe greener but the grass isn't always greener and Adebayor has truly mangled his career.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Andrey Arshavin Has Got His Enthusiasm Back!

Samir Nasri has been Arsenal's best player so far this season and quite rightly is the name on all Gooners lips.

I'd even go as far as saying that had he been born on these shores then the English media would be wanking furiously over him just like they are over Gareth Bale.

Unfortunately a French man will never get the plaudits like a British man over here!

Thanks to France leaving him out of their World Cup squad Nasri seems to be a man possessed this campaign.

Eager to prove himself and France wrong, he has been a revelation. Dragging us through sticky situations he has been compared to past Arsenal greats Robert Pires and Freddie Ljungberg for his new-found goal scoring ability from midfield.

I kind of feel for Samir. He has been compared to so many players. The new Zidane, the new Pires and the new Freddie. I think he is just Samir Nasri and a player in his own right.

The summer of 2010 has seen a new Nasri. Reborn with a point to prove. And we are reaping the benefits!

As I've said Nasri is THE man at Arsenal right now but someone else's recent improving form has gone relatively unnoticed.

Like Samir Nasri's, Andrey Arshavin's form is getting better in recent weeks too.

I don't know if its anything to do with the weather conditions in England getting rapidly colder but I have definitely seen an improvement in the little Russian lately.

I think it would be fair to say that over the last 12 months we have only seen glimpses of Arshavins talent and what he can actually do.

It appeared that he lost a lot of enthusiasm for the game after his country, Russia, were beaten in the World Cup 2010 qualification play-offs against Slovenia and although its taken a long time to get rid of that hang-over I think he is finally turning the corner.

He has that ability to do something special and he is a match-winner. Frustrating at times but an important player none the less.

If Arshavin can continue to improve his form and get back to the top of his game then he will be just as important to Arsenal as Nasri is proving to be.

Keep it Goonerish.........

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Are Gooners Hypocrites Or Just Desperate?

In a way I find it slightly embarrassing that we are chasing the Carling Cup 'trophy' after dismissing it as being 'Mickey Mouse' in recent years.

When the Spuds won it I laughed. It wasn't a 'real' trophy and we had better things to aim for. Watching them parade the Carling Cup had me pissing my knickers.

We were the mighty Arsenal and 'that' trophy was beneath us.

Even the FA Cup, a competition Arsene Wenger used to take seriously, took a backseat as we pursued the major honours in the game.

The Premiership title and Champions League were our targets. Especially Arsene Wenger's.

Now what? Finally the Carling Cup is being taken seriously because we haven't won a thing for nearly six years.

I don't buy it. How can I?

Sorry, I know it would be great to actually win something after so long (despite the longer periods of not winning things in our history) without silverware but for some reason I'd feel a bit hypocritical to celebrate winning the Carling Cup.

Of course I want Arsenal to win the damn thing. I want Arsenal to win everything but we usually 'dismiss' the Carling Cup as a youth exercise and that is down to Arsene Wenger.

Over the years Wenger has blooded his youngsters through this competition and now we have to win it, to keep the pressure off him, we are using stronger team-sheets and it all seems slightly fake to me.

I know the players are professionals and should aim to win every trophy but they would have noticed that Wenger in recent years has seen the Carling Cup as second-rate. A cup not really worth winning so why now?

I hate having a pop at Wenger, believe me I do, but how can we go from not caring about the Carling Cup to it suddenly becoming a major honour again?

By treating the Carling Cup (and FA Cup) as being not that 'important' to win Wenger has bred complacency in the squad. They are both more than winnable competitions and maybe if taken a little more seriously in the past, and not just now, we wouldn't have gone without a trophy since 2005.

On the positive side winning the Carling Cup could springboard this Arsenal squad onto future success. That would be brilliant and of course that is the view of a lot of Gooners these days.

I do understand that reasoning. I believe that could be the case too.

However I think raising the Carling Cup is more down to keeping people off Wenger's back. People have been banging on about us not winning things for a while now and Arsene is under-pressure, probably the most pressure in his Arsenal career, to win something.

I'm just finding it hard to get excited about the Carling Cup. I've spent so long not even considering it as a 'proper' trophy that I feel a bit embarrassed that now it is considered a priority.

Maybe I'm just being a mug and should be more grateful that we are in with a serious shout of winning something but its just the way I feel.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Invincibles Would Have Gone TWO Seasons Unbeaten These Days!

In recent weeks Arsenal have left me more gutted than a Tuna fish fresh from the Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, the way things are going we might even be watching Arsenal on a Thursday night in the Europa League!

Arsene Wenger really needs to kick this lot up the arse. And quick. No more excuses, just be brutal.

The Premiership is there for the taking and yet we seem to be bottling it. This could be the easiest title that Wenger has ever won for Arsenal.

We should have qualified from the Champions League group stage already. Instead we are left sweating it out in the last game.

Just what is going on?

I used to laugh at teams having a serious go at winning the Carling Cup. I called it a joke.

Now I realise by disregarding it, and in some ways the FA Cup, Wenger has just bred complacency throughout the club.

That winning mentality has left the club.

"The Invincibles" would have smashed this seasons Premiership title by a record number of points.

In fact, "The Invincibles" would have gone TWO seasons unbeaten.

I'm telling you now, the state the Premiership is in now that side would crushed any fucker in the way.

It's not that the other teams in the division have improved rapidly, its that the so-called top-four have deteriorated and gone down in standards.

If any team put a run together then the title is theirs. That's what frustrates me.

We lack winners and that's why I worry so much. Cesc Fabregas looks like a beaten man. He is a World Cup and European Champion. He wants to win.

He looks round at this side and how many are winners?

His team-mates are bottling it. But they are not completely to blame.

Arsene Wenger needs to shoulder some blame too. He built this side but it has been built on complacency. As long as they play pretty football its ok. Winning isn't everything.

That's what most of this squad believes, with a couple of exceptions.

We need to change something. Maybe its the back-room staff that needs a shake-up? It's obvious Wenger needs to buy players who have won things.

What ever it is, something needs to be done or we will be kicking ourselves come May that we haven't won the easiest title we ever could.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Friday, 12 November 2010

JET Wonder Goal, If Ronaldo Or Messi Did This You Wouldn't Hear The End Of It!

My mate just sent me this via the wonderful creation that is 'e-mail'.

I tells ya, this JET fella must be knocking on the door to the first team harder than those little gits banging on my door on Halloween the other night.

Just look at the size of the geezer! And too have that much skill, ability and the damn right cheek of actually attempting this tekker!

All I could do was sit there with my mouth open wide and dribble.

If Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi scored this goal I have no doubt that football fans across the globe would be cumming in their pants/knickers.

Just enjoy it. I did. Gone through five pairs of pants.

Keep it Goonerish.........

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Kick 'Em Up The Arsenal Arsene!

I know Arsene Wenger is a genius and I am a mere mortal but I'd love it if sometimes he just lost the plot in an interview.

People probably won't agree with me here but I'd find it refreshing if Arsene really gave it both barrels to the squad in public after suffering such a sloppy defeat like we did against Newcastle United.

Don't get me wrong, in my opinion, Chris Hughton's side deserved the win but that was a game we should be winning if we want to nick the title off Chelsea this season.

Maybe Wenger gave it to the players in the changing room, maybe a few tea-cups were thrown around, but I still feel a public dressing down would give these players a kick up the arse.

For me saying we were unlucky in defeat just breeds a little complacency. Sure I can understand Arsene wanting to protect his players but sometimes a bit of tough love can go a long way.

I saw Jack Wilshere's twitter (he said it was just a bad day at the office) and whilst I agree to a certain extent it has to be more than that.

Was losing at home to West Brom a bad day too? If so we are fast running out of 'bad days lives' and need to address it. Sharpish.

We were bailed out by Chelsea losing too but that doesn't really make me feel any better about it. I view it as losing vital points and ground in the title race.

The next three league games will shape our season. Three games tougher than the steak I had at the weekend and we have to bounce back. Hard.

Arsenal cannot afford many more slip ups. We face some potential banana skins in the next couple of weeks. Its a big big test.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Robin van Persie Needs To Take A Leaf Out Of Michael Essien's Book!

I cannot believe that Holland have called-up Robin van Persie for their friendly with Turkey on November 17.

What surprises me even more is that van Persie will actually join up with the Dutch.

Surely Arsenal should be Robin's priority?

It seems he has spent more time off the pitch than on it in recent years so doesn't he owe it to Arsenal to get fit, actually play for us, earn his wages, and not swan off to play in a meaningless friendly?

Of course I can understand that being called-up for your country is a major honour and privilege but look at Michael Essien. The Ghanaian has stopped playing for his nation in the short-term to focus on playing for Chelsea.

Maybe Robin van Persie should do the same thing and focus his career on Arsenal, the club who nurse him though the injuries, the club who pay his wages, and the club who stay loyal to him despite him never being available.

I'm not having a pop at van Persie here, I just think his priorities are wrong. He owes it to Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and us, the fans, to begin playing regular football.

Robin, for me, loves Arsenal and clearly loves playing for his country but he needs weigh things up. I'm sure a break from international football would help him in the long-run despite it being painful turning down Holland in the short-term.

Essien has done it, so can van Persie.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

When Will Gael Clichy Ever Learn?

I love Gael Clichy. I think he can be an amazing left-back.

A couple of years ago I even thought he was going to surpass Ashley Cole and become the best left-back in the world.

In fact, I even believed Clichy could have become the best left-back I've ever seen in my whole entire stinking existence.

So what has happened?

For some reason in the last couple of years he has appeared to go backwards and not pushed on with that potential he has shown in the past.

He seems to have a major error in him at least once a game. Sometimes we are punished when he cocks up, tonight being an example, and at other times we get away with it.

I don't think there is anything wrong with his ability. But I think there is a slight problem mentally perhaps. I'm not saying he is mental like William Gallas or Britney Spears but he must suffer from some kind of mental block at times.

Clichy seems to get a rush of blood to the head and he loses concentration at crucial times. Either that or he is worried to kick the ball out of play in case he busts a spectators nose or something.

I'm not trying to kick a man when he is down but his mistake was just basic. And that is embarrasing for someone who plays football for a living.

If this was just a one-off I'd keep my mouth shut but he has done it so many times in the recent past.

Cutting out these mistakes can put Gael back up there with the best of them. Ability-wise there isn't a left-back in the world miles ahead of him. He isn't far off the likes of Ashley Cole in that respect but his errors will always hold him back.

Arsene Wenger needs to do something. It isn't just down to Gael Clichy. Get someone in to help and advise him. And the rest of the defence too. Because if not these mistakes will continue to haunt us.

Step forward Martin Keown on a full-time basis and not just part-time.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Who Cares?

I have no doubt we will hear a lot of moaning and groaning about us 'only' beating rock-bottom West Ham 1-0 today but truthfully I couldn't give a shit.

A lot of people were expecting a cricket-score but football doesn't always go as expected.

Personally I think Robert Green deserves a gee-up for his performance.

Once again he was outstanding against Arsenal. I've never really rated Green but for some reason he seems to turn into a brick-wall whenever he plays us.

I think he might hate Arsenal or something.

If Chelsea won 1-0 with a late goal then they are resilient and its a reason that they are champions.

We win 1-0 with a late goal and we are lucky.

See the difference?

Who cares that it was a late winner? Who cares that we didn't win by four?

At the end of the day, its three points on the board and another win.

I'm starting to feel really confident in Arsenal again. In the days when Thierry, Patrick and co were in the side I was confident that we would overcome any hurdle.

Be it playing against side intent on putting everyone behind the ball or being 2-0 down, I'd still have the belief that Arsenal would come through.

We have been too soft for too long and finally we are becoming strong again.

For the last few years watching Sky Sports News during game time could be torture. Hearing a 'goal in the Arsenal game' made me nervous. Who scored us or them?

Now I'm confident when Jeff Stelling utters those words WE have scored. Like I used to be.

Grinding out results is what champions do. We cannot win by hammerings every week. Even if the opposition are bottom of the table.

A win is a win and I will take that every time.

Keep it Goonerish.........

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sorry To Burst 'The Manchester City Bubble'!

I haven't wrote a blog for a while (really getting lazy!) but thought that whilst the missus is watching the X Factor I'd get behind the keyboard again. I should do it more often really as I find it very therapeutic and wonderfully invigorating (check out my big words) especially after nine pints and two cheeky tequilas.

What a fantastic performance today and I'm very proud to be a Gooner but going by the commentators on Sky Sports I think we upset them a little ickle bit. I know Andy Gray is a lead commentator every week but I'm not sure who was alongside him today. I hope it wasn't Martin Tyler because I actually quite like him.

All I know is (and its all I kept hearing) Manchester City were 'very courageous' and were unlucky. Courageous? In what way? Because they went down to ten men? Do me a favour! And before anyone grumbles that Arsenal only won because Manchester City only had ten men better think again.

Of course the numerical advantage helped us but the way we played today they wouldn't have beat us even if they started with twelve players. I have no doubt we will hear plenty of moans about the sending-off but the truth is it was the right decision and Boyate gave the ref no choice.

I think hardly anyone expected Arsenal to go to the City of Manchester Stadium and win, let alone win so convincingly. And it was massively convincing too. The commentators did their best to take their shine off the Arsenal win and their tongues were so far up City's arse it was unbelievable.

Had Chelsea or Manchester United gone to Eastlands and won 3-0, albeit against ten men, we would be hearing nothing but praise and how ruthless they were. All I heard today was of Manchester City's bravery. Did everyone think they were going to just lie down?

I think we burst the Manchester City bubble today, from the media point of view. Nobody gave us a chance and every man and his dog wrote us off. We really upset the form book.

In the bookies for the first time in my whole entire stinking existence (that I know of) Manchester City were favourites to beat us today. Not surprising when they've spent a record £3456324 billion on players really.

I really fancied us to win 3-1 and Nasri to score first. The odds? 200/1. So on goes a fiver. I think its the only time in my life I wanted the opposition to score. My arsehole was really going when we scored the third and when Fabianski saved in the last minute I really rued the day he became good. Wanker.

Anyway we've proved we can beat a 'strong side' like Manchester City so maybe a mental barrier has been lifted. It's true we've struggled to pick up points against sides like City, Manchester United and Chelsea recently but maybe this is the turning point.

I'm sure some people were urging us to lose today just so they can say 'I told you so', well we've stuck two massive fingers up at them and given them the wanker sign. Any doubts that we can win the league surely have evaporated. We CAN win the league and we CAN beat the so-called other big-guns no matter what the likes of Andy Gray say.

Keep it Goonerish............

Sunday, 17 October 2010

At Least We Don't Defend It You Mugs!

I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I didn't say that Jack Wilshere's tackle on Nikola Zigic was out of order.

After all, if it had happened to an Arsenal player I have no doubt I would be doing my nut.

The only reason I can think of for Wilshere making the 'challenge' on Zigic was that he was looking for a little bit of revenge.

Earlier in the game, despite it seeming impossible because of the height difference, the Serbians shoulder had connected with Jack's face.

This is no excuse though.

Wilshere's tackle was wrong, plain and simple, but at least he admitted it and apologised.

And guess what? Arsene Wenger admitted the red card was the right decision. He doesn't suffer from myopia all the time as suggested.

Of course tackles like this are becoming the scourge of our game. It seems every week a bad challenge is being made. We Gooners should know, it usually happens to an Arsenal player.

From my point of view it couldn't have happened at a worse time for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger either.

Wilshere's sending-off for a rash tackle will give the likes of Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce some much needed ammo to have yet another dig at us.

The Stoke City and Blackburn Rovers mugs/manager don't need an excuse to have a pop and I have no doubt that in the next week or so there will be some bleating coming from their direction in one form or another.

While none of us are defending Jack Wilshere I do believe that Arsenal cannot win.

If we are kicked off the park then we are too soft but the minute we kick back then we are hypocrites and cannot moan about being booted around the pitch.

That's not to say I agree with what Wilshere did though.

Jack will learn from this. It seems he has that 'nasty' side to his game, a bit like Dennis Bergkamp, which I suppose is a good thing. He can look after himself. But it has to be in the right way.

How do you stop the naughty tackles though? I suppose the only thing the referee can do is send players off but is that going to be enough?

How do you prove intent in a tackle? How do you prove that a player deliberately wanted to hurt someone?

It's so tough.

I've seen the idea bandied about that if a players commits a dangerous tackle, injures a player, and the injured party is out for a long time, then he should be banned for the amount of time that person is injured for.

Maybe this the way forward. At the very least these reckless tackles should be punished by being banned for a long period of time. In my opinion at least a five match suspension.

Nobody wants tackling to be outlawed. It is an art unto itself. Like passing, shooting. A skilled attribute to have. What we want is the recklessness squeezed out from the game.

What Wilshere did was reckless and luckily for him, Arsenal, Wenger and us, a bone wasn't broken in Zigic's ankle. Or we, and the Birmingham striker, would be fucked.

See the difference though? At least we accept that Wilshere was in the wrong.

Keep it Goonerish............

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Would You Take Him Back?

Scrolling and rolling through the NewsNow headlines I was intrigued to see one of the top stories in the last couple of days was one that involved Lassana Diarra 'demanding a January move to Arsenal or Tottenham'.

It was from the Metro newspaper and I would to know how the story came about. Could it be possible that Diarra would come back to the Arsenal? I can't see it. But would I have him back? I'm not sure!

I know he was a little fucker when he was here but if he had been a little more patient I have no doubt he would have developed into one of the top defensive midfielders in the world and been a crucial player for us.

I could kind of understand why he wanted to leave us after only five months at the club. It must of been frustrating to sit on the bench despite having obvious quality.

He was in the same situation at Chelsea before he joined us so he probably felt he was just switching one bench for another. The splinters in his arse must have been excruciating.

I think Arsene Wenger dropped a bit of a clanger here. Despite the fact Mathieu Flamini was playing out of his skin, Diarra should have been given more game-time because Flamini's future wasn't secure at Arsenal as his contract was running out at the end of the season.

Since his departure Lassana Diarra has been less than complimentary about Arsene Wenger. That's what makes this story about him coming back appear more fishy to me than Diarra's dolphin shaped head.

He seems to get upset when he isn't played and is up to the same tricks now at Real Madrid. Threatening to leave another club again gives me the impression he throws his toys out the pram rather quickly.

The question I'd like to ask is would you take him back? On the pitch I rate him very highly and in my opinion he is one of the best in his position. The question is his attitude. It's clear he can be a petulant little bastard but I think if he is playing regularly then you wouldn't get a peep from him.

I'd take him on loan, if possible, to test the attitude.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Monday, 4 October 2010

Are Things Really That Bad?

Oh the despair! The agony! The torture!

On a serious level are things really that bad?

Blimey the way some people are going on I'd have thought that the world was just about to end.

Of course yesterday was frustrating and disappointing but take a reality check!

We have just lost to the champions, worthy champions at that, on their home turf. No disgrace for anyone.

In fact, I'm proud of the way the boys played and proud of the fact that Chelsea, the champions, completely changed their usual pattern of play just to deal with us.

How often do you see Chelsea put ten men behind the ball, for the most part of 90 minutes, at home? I guarantee you will not see them play like that at home again this season.

At the end of the day, in my opinion, Arsenal are the better side. Yes, I said it, better than Chelsea. BUT, and there is a but, Chelsea are miles ahead of us tactically.

Obviously Arsene Wenger needs to learn how to beat Chelsea again, he used to be able to, but I really think a big factor in the defeat was the choice of players available.

Don't get me wrong, I hate to use injured players as an excuse, but we lacked a cutting edge and I have no doubt that had Cesc, RVP and Walcott been available we would have won yesterday.

The game was made for van Persie and especially Cesc Fabregas. A game where you have so much possession needs a cutting edge. Those two would definitely have provided that.

Things aren't as bad as they might seem and Arsenal are certainly not as bad as people are suggesting!

The title isn't decided in October. True, we aren't in the position we'd like to be but I'm sure we will still compete for the championship.

Look at it this way, things could be worse. We could be in Liverpool's position.

Keep it Goonerish......

Thursday, 30 September 2010

I Think Arsene Wenger Deserves A Gee-Up!

In recent times Arsene Wenger has taken a lot of stick. In my opinion some of it is right and some is wrong.

He is often criticised for his transfer policy. I'll admit that it can be frustrating at times. Especially when you see the likes of Manchester City spending more money on players then Katie Price does on botox.

But they are on another spending level to us and everybody else. While it must be nice to have unlimited cash available and signing all these superstars it must be slightly worrying to think it could all go tits up if the sugar-daddy gets fed up and jogs on.

We have no such worries under Arsene Wenger. I know we have no 'pimp' in charge but rest assured we know he won't take the piss with the club's cash and make us skint.

Of course I would like him to sometimes 'push out the boat' and spend a little more than he could be willing to but at least we know our future is safe. And I'm sure in years to come we will be thanking Wenger for being so prudent.

As I've said, Arsene has been under the cosh for his ways of using Arsenal's money but he always seems to pull a little gem out of somewhere doesn't he?

Marouane Chamakh has been a great signing and will be become a key figure for Arsenal. You could say he is now but the little gem I think Wenger has pulled out of the bag is the signing of Sebastien Squillaci.

The Frenchman isn't a massive name in football but he has been a very good purchase for Arsenal.

After the departures of four million experienced centre-backs Squillaci arrival has been welcomed and after the start he has made, even more so.

He cost about a fiver and I'd rather Wenger went out and spent that sort of money on players than spending £24m on a player like Joleon Lescott.

Sebastien has settled in at Arsenal with ease. I have to admit I was a little worried at how quickly he would become accustomed to the English premiership but he seems comfortable here.

He will be tested by Didier Drogba this weekend but if truth be told the Chelsea striker will test anyone. Even Superman.

I think Arsene Wenger deserves a gee-up for getting Squillaci's signature.

People are quick to jump on his back for his lack of spending but in this case he has done well. An experienced classy defender who cost less than a cheese and onion sandwich from Tesco.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

And We Think We've Got Keeper Problems!

Take at look at this link here.

You gotta feel for the poor bastard aint ya?

I've heard a rumour this fellow is on his way to Arsenal in January.

A big talking point is who will be between the sticks against Chelsea this Sunday.

I can't see Arsene Wenger throwing Wojciech Szczesny in goal despite the young Polski claiming he is the best goalie in the history of the universe.

Szczesny is like the Nicklas Bendtner of the goalkeeping world. He believes he is better than what he is.

Whilst this self-confidence is admirable it can also be seen as delusional. Declaring he is better than Iker Casillas and Gianluigi Buffon put together is an amazing claim.

And while I made the last sentence up I have no doubt that he actually believes it.

I like a bit of self confidence in a keeper though. The best all have that arrogance and from I've seen of Wojciech (and heard about him, a pal of mine plays for Brentford) he has what it takes to go all the way.

I just feel the Chelsea game would be too much for him.

I wish he could lend a bit of that confidence to Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski. It has to be said though that Fabianski is probably feeling the most confident he has ever been in an Arsenal shirt.

Surely Lukasz is number one choice for Sunday?

I seriously think that Manuel could run off the pitch like the keeper does in the link above if he made another serious mistake in a match. Especially in a game as high profile as this one.

Almunia is a confidence keeper and his must be at an all-time low. There is no way (in my opinion) he is injured at the moment. In his frame of mind the last place he wants to be is in between the goal-posts.

I feel for Almunia. It was clear that Arsene Wenger wanted a new keeper over the summer and truth be told he should have got one.

By failing to succeed all Wenger has done has undermine the Spaniard. It was only a matter of time before he fucked up and when he did it is clear to see the effects of him.

He is gone. Devastated, and I wonder how much more we will see from this season. Seriously. I reckon that is it.

I asked for support for Manuel at the beginning of the season, well now we just need to support whoever is in goal.

Perhaps we could play monkey-rush?

Keep it Goonerish...........

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Are Barcelona Not "Mentally" Tough Enough Either Then?

Today's performance was piss-poor and painful to watch. In fact I'd rather have the raging hangover I had this morning again than watch that pile of shite. And that hangover was bad.

But I must say this, while we were worse than my Sunday morning football team, West Brom thoroughly deserved the win. Well done the Baggies.

Of course this is a set-back in our title bid, but it hasn't killed it. It's how we react to the defeat that counts.

I've no doubt that we will hear the critics loud and proud and maybe they will feel justified by watching us lose at home to a newly-promoted side but shit happens sometimes.

I'm not happy with the performance and I feel that we succumbed to our old ways a little by thinking all we had to do was just turn up and we would win. Maybe it was arrogance, I think it was complacency.

All I know is that I hope it gives us a massive boot up the arse and we realise we have to at least match the opposition for effort or you get nowhere.

I'm sure we will hear that Arsenal probably don't have the mental strength for a title push and that Manchester United or Chelsea wouldn't have lost like we did to a newly-promoted side.

Well Barcelona did......

A couple of weeks ago I watched Barca beaten at home by Hercules. Not the Greek demi-god, but a real football club recently promoted. And Barcelona are the greatest side in the entire universe. And beyond.

So it does happen and even the masters of the universe can be beaten by newly-promoted sides deemed inferior to themselves. Not just Arsenal suffer from this disease.

It may seem like an absolute disaster today but if we learn from the mistakes then we will be okay. Barcelona reacted with three straight (not gay) wins.

If we react the same then the defeat will be forgotten in no time. But we must learn, and learn fast.

It's not the end of the world but it is a kick in the nuts. Please though don't be suckered into thinking that Arsenal aren't title challenging quality on the back of a disappointing performance and defeat.

Keep it Goonerish............

Thursday, 23 September 2010

He Amazes Me!

This kid. He amazes me.

Jack Wilshere, in my opinion, could have the world at his feet. And what's so thrilling is the fact he plays in the red and white of Arsenal.

I love the boy already.

This might sound crazy but I'm more excited about his breakthrough than Cesc Fabregas's. Of course I'm not saying he is better than Cesc, but when both were 18? Who knows?

Fabregas had the guidance of several world-class players whereas Wilshere doesn't. I only hope that Cesc is helping Jack with advice and that the young Englishman is taking it on board.

Jack has come through the ranks at Arsenal and I genuinely believe that he could remain at the club his whole career and be a future skipper. That may seem a little over the top but I hope it can happen.

Then again, I thought Ashley Cole would have been a Gunner forever and the leader of the players one day!

Many English people knock Arsenal for our lack of English players. Personally I don't care for where a player comes from as long as they do the business for Arsenal.

But regarding Jack, I think the English public will be thanking Arsenal for a long time. This kid is special.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Get Behind Almunia Now

Sorry for the lack of posting recently only I was 'kidnapped' by the missus and taken hostage on the sunny isle of Lanzarote for two weeks.

It was horrible. All that boozing, eating and all those late-night activities.

I'd much rather have been in rainy England......

Anyway I'm back now and pissed off. I miss Lanzarote but I'm pissed off today that we haven't signed a keeper.

I suppose there is no point dwelling on it anymore. We can't do anymore about it.

So moaning and bitching that we are stuck with Manuel Almunia between the sticks isn't going to do anyone or anything any good.

Especially Almunia's confidence.

We need to get behind Almunia now. Yes, Wenger should have signed a better keeper but he hasn't. What more can we or Manuel do about it?

He was brilliant against Blackburn and more than dealt with everything thrown, kicked or hurtled in his direction.

That's the Almunia we need to see more of.

I said in the past (rather naively) that the Spaniard had become one of the top keepers in Europe. I must have seen something to say that. Or I must have been pissed.

All I now is at the moment he is the Arsenal number one. Like it or not.

Personally I'm glad that Mark Schwarzer hasn't signed. I don't think he is any better than Manuel Almunia so he wouldn't have improved us in anyway.

The Aussie has played near on 15 years for clubs like Bradford City, Middlesborough and Fulham. If he was any good he would have played at a higher level ages ago.

I know Almunia's former clubs list the dizzy heights reached of Sabadell and Albacete but I still don't think Schwarzer would have been an improvement on him.

It may feel like a kick in the mouth but its the hand we have been dealt with. Its not Almunia's fault so support him. He'll need it.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Double Standards From Arsenal?

I don't want anyone to get their knickers in a twist but is the official Arsenal website taking the piss?

All summer long we have moaned (and rightly so) about the way Barcelona have conducted their business in their chase for our skipper Cesc Fabregas.

Is it me or is this story on the site a tincey wincey little bit of double standards?

Cool, we haven't gone into a whole summer of tapping-up overload with this chap, and I haven't heard Bacary Sagna talk about Emir Spahic's Arsenal DNA, yet, but surely after the summer we have had, Arsenal would have used their noddle.

How can we grumble when this is on the actual Arsenal website?

We can't scream and shout about Barcelona when we are doing it ourselves. Of course Barca took tapping-up to another level. In fact, it was an outrageous level, but we aren't exactly doing ourselves any favours here.

Maybe I've got this wrong. Maybe I'm being a little touchy. But in my opinion, after what we have been through since May, we shouldn't be putting out things like this on our official site.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Saturday, 7 August 2010

He Is The New 'Mr Arsenal'

In my opinion Robin van Persie is now 'Mr Arsenal' at the club.

In recent years I have been really impressed with how he conducts himself on and off the pitch.

He says all the right things and I don't think you could ever doubt his commitment to Arsenal.

I hope that he gets a bit of luck and stays fit this season. If he does (and this might sound outrageous to some) then Arsenal have a great chance of winning the league.

Van Persie has become a very important member of this Arsenal squad. Now one of the senior players, he had to become a leader. And I think he has.

He'll be the next captain of Arsenal and Thomas Vermaelen will be his understudy.

I know its only a shirt number but now he has the number 10 on his back I believe he will get even better. He feels privileged to wear it and will want to live up to Dennis Bergkamp.

What a challenge!

At the end of the season I reckon he will be named the Premiership player of the year. I think we are in for quite a treat regarding the Dutch Man this campaign.

Keep it Goonerish............

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Exclusive: Cesc Fabregas Is Back In England.

I love the word 'exclusive'.

Anyway, just a quick one.

A few moments ago a pal of mine text me saying that he has just seen Cesc Fabregas at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3.

He couldn't speak to him.

Our skipper is back home. And home is the right word despite what those prats at Barcelona think.

Show him the love. Show him Arsenal is the club for him.

Barcelona have had all summer to love him up. Now it's our turn.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Too Proud For Manchester City's Cast Offs?

Two years ago I would have said it would be unreal to even suggest signing any of Manchester City's cast offs.

Now I'd probably welcome one or two!

City are signing anything that moves and with this new 25-man squad rule coming in force, and baring in mind they have about 326 players in their camp, they are gonna need to offload a few.

I know Arsene Wenger isn't going to scroll through Arsenal News Now, see the title of this blog and think to himself, hmm that Wrighty7 fella has given me an idea now, but the thought may have crossed his mind to raid the blue half of Manchester.

Of course Manchester City might not want to help a rival by selling us any players but they have to sell and Arsenal need to buy.

It could be the perfect solution!

I can think of one or two I'd gladly take off their hands.

People say Micah Richards has gone backwards but I'd snap him up in a flash. Form is temporary, class is permanent. I honestly think he could be a very good partner to Thomas Vermaelen.

And he is a Gooner too.

We need a keeper. Neither Joe Hart or Shat Given will settle for a place on the bench. Maybe either of those two could be an option. I'd prefer Hart but I'd still be happy with Given.

Do we need to strengthen in defensive midfield? Alex Song has come on leaps and bounds and Emmanuel Frimpong looks to have a bright future. Are they enough?

Manchester City have about a million of this type of player, especially now Yaya Toure has joined. Could Nigel De Jong be an option? Stephen Ireland perhaps? Both could be surplus to requirements at City now.

Obviously this is a fantasy post. But would you take any of their 'unwanted' players?

Keep it Goonerish..........

Thursday, 29 July 2010

It May Not Be Wenger's Fault!

There are a lot of frustrated Gooners at the moment. The main reason seems to be the lack of signings coming into the club.

Of course I can understand that because we need to strengthen the squad. Especially in defence where we are losing players left, right and centre.

I can see why people are beginning to panic but I don't think now is the time to do so. And I don't believe people should have a pop at Arsene Wenger. Yet.

If we haven't added to the squad by the time the transfer window closes then questions should be asked. But we have plenty of time to do so.

Many Gooners are beginning to question Arsene Wenger and his transfer dealings or rather lack of transfer dealings again this summer.

But are we targeting the right man here?

Of course being in the hot seat Wenger is there to be shot at. He is the easy target but he might be the wrong one in this situation.

We blame Arsene for not bringing players in but it isn't his job anymore to do so. That job is down to Ivan Gazidis.

Wenger targets the players he wants and leaves it to Gazidis to bring them in. If the CEO fails to do so then that is hardly the gaffers fault is it?

Maybe it isn't Wengers fault we haven't signed anyone and its highly unlikey he will come out and say anything. He has always been honourable to Arsenal and his employers.

I'd said before bringing David Dein back could be the answer but I doubt that could happen and I don't think he will be welcomed back. A real shame.

Keep it Goonerish............

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I Think This One May End Up A Little Bit Special

Marouane Chamakh is not a house-hold name. In fact he is barely known in most places.

He is known in France, and in the Shockwaves wet-look gel section at the supermarket, but probably most people would pass him in the street and not take a second glance.

He isn't a superstar and he didn't cost a penny.

Sometimes I wish he did cost some money though because I guarantee there wouldn't be as many Gooners out there having a quiet moan about Wenger not spending any then.

I think that if we had spent £15m on signing Chamakh people would be more optimistic about our chances this season.

It seems because we didn't spend anything on him the signing 'doesn't count' and because he was a free transfer it means Arsenal are going to be shit this season.

He came on a Bosman so a lot of people are already forgetting about Marouane coming to the club. I think that's good. Less pressure on him then. It will give him time to adapt to England.

And I think when he adapts he will become a special player. He has all the attributes to wreck the joint with our club. Become a folk-hero with the fans.

I reckon he will be the surprise of the season. Already I like him. Not because of a penalty in some pre-season friendly but because he has real quality and he has real quality whilst wearing an Arsenal shirt.

Keep it Goonerish........

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Trying To Rebuild Bridges Now Are They?

So it begins.

After a summer of pissing Arsenal off at every opportunity possible in their pursuit of Cesc Fabregas it looks like Barcelona are trying to begin peace proceedings now.

We've heard it all from Cesc's Barca DNA to his heart and little toe being in Catalonia already. The relentless bleating coming out of the Camp Nou about Fabregas 'going home' has been non-stop.

I think the main perpetrator has been Xavi. It appears that he has an obsession with Cesc Fabregas. He is a little creepy and his love for our skipper reminds me a bit of that film Misery.

Andrés Iniesta is another from the Barcelona school of charming Fabregas. Only now he is trying to charm Arsenal too.

“Cesc wants to be with us (at Barcelona), but he told me how close the Arsenal fans are to his heart,”

“He is a special player and I hope he wins the title at Arsenal this season. For them to win Cesc will have to stay fit and injury-free but he deserves to finish with a title.

“For all the work and effort he has put in at Arsenal it would be a shame if it was all fruitless.

“I have seen time after time Lionel Messi win games for Barcelona when the rest of the team have not been on form and Cesc can do that for Arsenal this season.

“Cesc is such a special player that he could carry a team to the title on his own and I hope he does it this coming season. It would be brilliant if Arsenal’s hero could lift the title as captain during his last season. I think that it would be fantastic for everybody.”

How lovely is that Iniesta fella? And there was me thinking he was a cunt. I was mistaken and all is forgiven. Not.

It's a little late to try and build bridges now Andrés my little cockle. You lot should have thought about that before you launched the biggest tapping brigade ever seen in the entire history of football.

If I was Arsene Wenger I would have two words to say to Barcelona. Fuck off.

Keep it Goonerish............

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

F*ck You Martin Taylor!

Well done Martin Taylor you big fucking sop.

I don't give a shit that Taylor was 'devastated' or 'didn't mean to hurt Eduardo' because he isn't 'that type of player'.

Talk is cheap.

The biggest fact is that lanky lump has single-handily ruined Eduardo's Arsenal career.

By all accounts Eduardo, our little Crozillian, is set to leave the Arse and I think that it is a real shame.

It's been clear for a while that Premiership football has become too much for Eduardo ever since he had his leg busted.

To be fair, its even amazing that he came back into football after suffering that 'assault' from a talentless wanker who without doubt was told to get stuck into Arsenal because 'they don't like it up 'em'.

See, that's the attitude mugs like Ryan Shawcross and Martin Taylor have. Get stuck in and break some fucking bones.

I don't actually mind sides getting stuck in, what I do mind is career-threatening tackles that players like Eduardo and Aaron Ramsey have suffered.

What makes me laugh is the World Cup final commentary team, people like Alan Hansen, going mental at Holland being more than brutal and not agreeing with it. That's fair enough.

But the same wankers like Hansen sit on Match Of The Day and watch teams kick the shit out of Arsenal week-in week-out and say its the only way to play against us.

Sure, a bit of rough is fine but damn right GBH is not. If Eduardo suffered that tackle on the street Taylor would be looking at 5 years eating porridge.

Because of this twat Arsenal are seeing a talented player leave the club and English football.

I reckon had Eduardo not suffered that injury he would have become the Premierships leading scorer within two seasons. That's how highly I rated him.

I'm gutted he is leaving us but to be fair it's probably best for Eduardo.

Get a fresh start and put the nightmare of English football behind him.

I'll always look out for Eduardo, a class act and a class player, and I wish him well.

I hope he score 30 goals next season.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Monday, 19 July 2010

Phil Jagielka?!

On a serious level can you really see Arsene Wenger bidding £18 million for Everton's Phil Jagielka?

I don't mean to sound disrepectful but in my opinion Jagielka is not even worth £10 million let alone £18 million.

The money that clubs expect for English players these days is out of control. It's little wonder most shop abroad.

I don't doubt that Phil Jagielka is a good player (not great) but he has just spent the best part of a year injured and not only that, hasn't ever played at the highest level.

Yes, I know he has played for England but the Champions League is the top level in football, not international football.

For around £8-9 million I'd say he might be worth a punt. Not for anymore than that though.

I don't want to offend but I think that some Gooners in recent seasons have been getting a little desperate for signings.

I suppose who can blame us really? Wenger rarely makes 'exciting' signings so we seem to get a little flustered when linked with players.

I do too.

Of course it's nice to be linked with big signings but for me Phil Jagielka, at £18 million, is crazy.

Just because we are in the market for a centre-back it doesn't mean that we will bid silly money like the amount I'm seeing.

I don't believe that Wenger will bid £18 million for the Everton defender. No way.

In fact, I don't see Arsene Wenger bidding £18 million for any defender. Ever.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Karma Can Be A Bitch!

I'm not sure I believe in Karma. I suppose I do when I've done something wrong and I'm begging for forgiveness but that's a little out of order. Just using really.

I haven't had an epiphany and gone all religious or anything but if Karma is in fact real then I'm hoping that it will be a right bitch for Barcelona Football Club!

The way they have acted this summer has been a diabolical liberty and if anything deserves a slap in the face for their actions it is them.

Even now, after pretty much admitting defeat in their chase for our skipper this summer they are still saying he will be theirs one day.

They have the most outrageous audacity don't they?!

I think Barcelona's tactics in trying to sign Cesc have been scandalous and quite how they haven't been warned for doing so is unreal. It has been the most blatant of tapping-ups and if UEFA or FIFA had any balls then Barca would be reprimanded.

How can Barcelona and Real Madrid get away with this type of thing every summer? Basically they eye-up the target and tap away more than a tap dancer. And they often succeed.

Something needs to be done but it won't be. Unfortunately it appears that the two Spanish giants are above the law.

I think Arsenal need to be praised for how we have dealt with Barca. We have shown our class and in truth shown Barcelona up, portraying how much class they lack.

I hope Fabregas sees Barcelona for what they really stand for now. A bunch of mouthy cunts who don't back up what they started.

Cesc has been left hung to dry in this situation. I feel for him.

I don't think Barcelona really had any intention of putting in a realistic offer for Fabregas this summer because in truth, as daft as it sounds, they don't want him yet. They probably don't need him yet.

All they have done is put the thought in Cescs mind and they didn't have to do that.

Throughout Fabregas' time with Arsenal most of us Gooners have accepted the fact that Cesc would end up back with Barcelona and none of us would have begrudged him the move. Before this summer.

Barcelona didn't have to go through with all the shit they have spouted since the end of last season. He would have signed for them one day anyway.

All they have managed to do is piss Arsenal off, very badly, and any negotiations in the future will now be more tense than bumping into that ex-girlfriend you dumped by text.

I really hope, more than most things to happen, that next season Arsenal win the Champions League by smashing Barcelona in the final and that Real Madrid (hate them a little less than Barcelona) clean up the Spanish honours.

I also hope that Barcelona, with all their money problems, have to have a clear out of their squad and Arsenal sign Pique, Puyol and Xavi.

We wouldn't use them for football. We could torture them.

Before every home game we could hang them from a tree and fire cannon balls at them or worse for Puyol, cut off his hair.

It'll be good if Karma is a bitch for Barcelona in the future and get their comeuppance.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Halla Madrid!

I don't mind banter. In fact I indulge in a friendly bit of banter daily.

What Carlos Puyol and Gerard Pique did to Cesc Fabregas was not banter.

What they did was cuntish and showed a distinct lack of respect to Arsenal Football Club, Fabregas personally and the rest of the Spanish squad who do not play for Barcelona.

I don't give a fuck if they had each drunk 7 pints of San Miguel, 2 litres of Sangria, 3 glasses of Chinchon and were pissed out of their brainless skulls. There is no excuse for such arrogance.

Apparently it was a prank.

Excluding Pepe Reina, I'm sure the non-Barcelona playing members of the Spanish squad found it hilarious that their moment, their moment of World Cup triumph, had turned into a BarcaFest.

Yet again.

I hope Joan Capdevila is so pissed at the antics that he cuts off Puyol's hair in his sleep tonight. And his fucking cock.

These Barcelona people really do believe that their shit doesn't stink don't they?

The audacity they have shown over the summer in their pursuit/kidnapping of Cesc has been unreal. They have more front than Brighton. The total disregard shown to Arsenal is unbelievable.

I'm sure I read something earlier in the summer that Barcelona would 'respect' us.

Respect? They wouldn't know what the word meant even if it smacked them round the chops with a tooth-pick.

Also I've seen people have a little pop at Cesc Fabregas over this incident. Personally I think that is a bit unfair.

It's clear he didn't know what was coming. It's very clear he was embarrassed by the whole thing.

If I was Fabregas I'd have punched Puyol in his curly mop and pulled on Pique's beard but I'm not Fabregas am I?

You can tell by his reaction he didn't really know what to do. He wanted to get the shirt off quickly but you can tell he kind of wanted to laugh it off.

What I do know is that it must have been a very awkward moment for Cesc and I feel for him. A great moment in his life was ruined by a pair of arrogant toss-fucks.

How much more of this blatant tapping-up are FIFA/UEFA going to allow? It's becoming outrageous and the more FIFA/UEFA allow it to go on the more Barcelona will do it!

Again and again.

Despite hating Jose Mourinho I really hope that Real Madrid win La Liga next season and I'd love it if he began to tap-up the likes of Messi and co.

Teach those Barca cocks a thing or two!

Keep it Goonerish............

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Shay Given To Arsenal???

I may get this all wrong. Horribly wrong. More wrong than wrong itself but I'm hoping that the goalkeeping situation at Manchester City will benefit Arsenal.

Our former stopper Stuart Taylor has re-signed for Manchester City just 9 days after being released from them.

Of course at City Taylor is only a back-up keeper but the question is to whom?

Neither Joe Hart or Shay Given will be happy getting splinters in their arse by sitting on the bench.

So surely one of them has to leave and find pastures new?

Like most people I've suggester either Hart or Given would be great between the sticks for Arsenal. Fuck, even Krusty the clown would be better in goal for us than what we currently have.

Who is more likely to be available though?

I think Shay Given.

Joe Hart is ready to take the England number one shirt AND Manchester City's. He is the up and coming keeper whereas Given is coming to the twilight of his career (which is perfect for Arsenal).

It seems Arsene Wenger wants a keeper for the short-term, a couple of years or so, because he really rates that young Polish geezer we sent on loan to Brentford last season and won't want to block his progression to the first team.

Targeting Fulham's Mark Schwarzer indicates this.

I'd rather Given over Schwarzer any day. Or night. Or week. Or month. Or year.

Given would be ideal for Arsenal. A top-class keeper at the pinnacle of his career and I'm sure he would jump at the chance of joining us.

I've read somewhere before that he wanted to join us when leaving Newcastle United but Wenger squabbled over £3.40 or something.

I'm sure he would be cheaper than that now.

As I've said, I maybe wrong on this. I might have added 1 + 1 and got 3. Mathematics has never been my strong point but surely this could happen?!

Keep it Goonerish...........

Saturday, 10 July 2010

How Many Spurs Players Are In The World Cup Final?

The stick we Gooners take from the Spuds about Arsenal hardly having any English players always makes me giggle.

The stick we Gooners take from the Spuds about Arsenal not having any English players in the England World Cup squad always makes me laugh even more.

I've even wet myself on certain occasions.

That's something the Spuds are very proud of. Having several players in the England squad. But not just any England squad. The World Cup squad.


I'm actually glad Arsenal didn't have any of our players playing for our sorry excuse of a national team in the World Cup. We were an embarrassment.

How can the Spuds brag about it? What is there to boast about? Having a bunch of players in a side who limped through the group stage of an 'easy' group and then were hammered by our biggest rivals.

It was a shambles!

Sure, the Spuds could counter that Arsenal had a few players in the France squad who failed so miserably but the difference is we Gooners don't brag we had several players in the French squad do we!

What is the big deal about nationality anyway? Why do so many people moan about Arsenal having so many foreign players?

Of course there could be a xenophobic attitude to it, that's probably the main reason, but surely in this day and age that is almost wiped out. Or not.

When the England national team fail we look for excuses. Why do we English always do this? We never look to ourselves, we look to blame others.

Look at the latest shit we come out with. It was too strict under Fabio Capello at the World Cup. The players didn't like it whereas under Sven-Goran Eriksson it was too relaxed.

Why are we blaming others? The core of the players under both these managers is pretty much the same.

Both times this set of players have failed yet we don't look at them. We blame others when its clear our bunch of prima-doners have a massive opinion of themselves and aren't really as good as they think.

Bit like the Spuds. Bit deluded.

That's why I don't give a shit about not having any England players in the World Cup. I don't care because most English players are wankers. And the Spuds brag about it.

That's why England will never win the World Cup in my life. I'm 27 years old. I've got maybe 11-12 World Cups left in me if I'm lucky. Or unlucky.

I won't see England win the World Cup unless we have a major overhaul. We need to change our attitude and adopt the notions of our European cousins.

You know, the cousins who we think we are superior to. Hmmmmm.

The Spuds think they can take the moral high ground because they have more English players than we do. Why? It's an English league sure but so what?

I hope those English players did you Spuds proud. How many of them are in the World Cup final?

How many Arsenal players are? Yes, Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie maybe 'dirty' foreigners but they are in a World Cup final aren't they?

In fact, how many Spurs players have ever played in the World Cup final?

One has. Christian Ziege as a late sub. Arsenal could double that number tomorrow.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Who Knows?

It's no secret that Arsenal are set to sign the French defender of Polish descent, who has a dogs cousin that comes from Switzerland twice related, Laurent Koscielny.

In fact, according to this, it could even happen today.

Whatever the case I'm sure there will be a few grumbles about the imminent signing of him.

Listen, I know he isn't the big name signing who cost over £20m that most of us seem to want (granted that would be a nice statement of intent!) but lets reserve judgement on him.

I remember when we signed Thomas Vermaelen or when Manchester United brought in Nemanja Vidic and thinking to myself who are they?

Now look at them. Two of the best centre-backs in Europe. And that's no shit.

Since Arsene Wenger has been with us he has always made this type of signing. A relatively unknown player.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Its always a risk.

Koscielny is a risk. There can be no denying that but who knows what impact he will have?

Some of Wenger's risks have ended up being some of the greatest players to grace Premiership history.

Personally I would like someone else to come in at the back too. Someone with Premiership experience.

Ideally it would be great for Sol Campbell to stay but I think he is northward bound to Celtic and who could blame him for wanting to play regular football at his age? He won't get that at Arsenal.

I've seen Phil Jagielka's name bandied about quite a bit. Whether there is substance to that I don't know.

Do I want Jagielka at Arsenal? He's steady and can play in a couple of positions so as a squad player maybe but not as a regular. Do we need another squad player though?

I happen to think that Koscielny will begin as a squad player. Rumours he will be given the number six shirt mean nothing to me.

What good is a shirt number these days? It doesn't reflect the starting eleven.

If my theory is true, and Laurent doesn't begin as a regular, then it means we need a starting partner to Thomas Vermaelen.

I've suggested that Johan Djourou will be that man. Others have rubbished my claims.

Whatever the case, Vermaelen will be number one choice next season and he needs a partner.

My money is on Djourou with Koscielny as back-up.

Unless Wenger signs another centre-back and blows that theory out of the water!

Keep it Goonerish............

Monday, 5 July 2010

This Could Be His Year

Although I was gutted for Theo Walcott missing out on an England World Cup squad place I think in hindsight it is probably a good thing he wasn't involved.

Arsenal are that hated by the English media I have no doubt that had Theo gone he would have taken the blame for England's demise. Even if he didn't play a single stinking minute.

Sure, Walcott would have been devastated at missing out, especially when it seemed so sure he was going to be included, but the way England performed means he can prove a lot of people wrong.

After the season he had with Arsenal he didn't deserve to go to South Africa anyway. I know injuries disrupted his campaign but he struggled to show his potential when he played.

People have raised doubts about Theo Walcott and his ability. I admit I've questioned him at times although I try my best to get behind him because I want him to do so well.

He needs to prove those people, and myself, wrong.

This is a massive year for Theo Walcott. He is still young but this could be a make or break season for him.

I think he could be ready to finally explode at last.

If players like Lionel Messi rate him and managers like Arsene Wenger do then there must be something special there.

It's easy to criticise Walcott. He is an easy target but I really do believe he will have a great season for Arsenal and will get himself back into the England fold sooner rather than later.

This could be his year.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Oh Triffic!

So old baggy-eyes from down the Lane says that he has spoken to Joe Cole and has a 'chance' of getting the former Chelsea player. Isn't that tapping up? I thought/heard that Joe Cole to Arsenal was a done deal?

I dunno. All this tapping up of Arsenal players is beginning to grate with me. We've had it with Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona all summer and now shit head thinks he can do it to us too! What is the world coming too?

In truth I think that Joe Cole will eventually end at up Spurs but I reckon Arsenal were his first choice, only there hasn't been any interest from us shown to him. That may sound like bitter grapes on my part but it's just a hunch I have.

During the World Cup Cole would have been surrounded by Tottenham players geeing him up to join them. Bit like Fabregas in the Spanish squad with all those Barca chums of his. If people are going on in your ear-hole all day telling you how great a place/something is then eventually you are likely to believe that. Or it could just piss you off. Probably.

Disgracefully (yeah right!) Arsenal had no players in the England World Cup squad so we wouldn't have had the opportunity to convince him the Emirates was the place for his future. I also have no doubt that baggy-eyes spoke to him during the World Cup as well and told Cole how 'Triffic' it would be for him at Spurs.

While I think that Joe Cole is a fantastic player and I admit I would have loved him at Arsenal, I'm not going to shed any tears if he joins Spurs. Sure they will think they have got one over us but have they really? How could they if Wenger had no interest in signing him anyway?

It's going to continue to be a crazy summer on the transfer front for Arsenal. We will be linked to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Most of these Tom, Dick and Harry's agents are just using Arsenal's name to win new contracts or gauge interest elsewhere so take every bit of transfer rumour with a pinch of salt. Or you will end up crazy. More crazy than William Gallas. Man I love William Gallas. He's on a free isn't he? Let's get him.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Hurrah! Super-Duper! Cushty!

These are just a few words that came to mind when I saw the new Arsenal home kit earlier today.

I'm always rather excited when we release a new home strip but I have to say that quite often in the past I've not liked it and felt rather let down by it.

That's Nike for ya though eh?

To be honest, I wanted us to jog Nike on and get Hi-Tec or Gola to design our kits. Maybe even JJB Sports. Instead we stuck with Nike and I have to say well done!

Nike have really outdone themselves with this one for a change and its about time after 16 years of the odd half-decent strip while the rest have been...........shit.

We finally look like Arsenal Football Club again and not Charlton Athletic Football Club which is quite a relief!

What a difference all-white sleeves make.


The question on most peoples lips will be; Is Cesc going to be wearing the kit next season?

I think so. Not just because of what he said today either.

In general conversations I've had with people (and status's I've had on Facebook!) I've always believed he will stay with Arsenal. At least for one more season anyway.

In fact, I was so sure he will stay that I announced everyone of my Facebook buddies could slap me round the chops with a fish from Billingsgate Fish Market if he left.

I extend that offer. I extend it to all the Gooners reading this blog today.

If Cesc Fabregas leaves Arsenal this summer I'll allow one slap, one slap only, to my face with a salmon from Billingsgate Market from each and every one of you.

Keep it Goonerish................

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Laurent Koscielny? He Won't Be The Last Defender Coming In

This summer the Arsenal back-line has taken a bigger pounding than Lindsay Lohan's back-door.

Big Sol looks like he's off to Celtic to enjoy an easy ending to his career, Fish-Head is going home to the Atlantic Ocean, while Big Willy has not been seen since France's exit from the World Cup. He is rumoured to be in a mental home.

This leaves us with TWO centre-backs in Johan Djourou and Thomas Vermaelen. It that enough for an entire campaign of football?

Of course it's not I hear you scream!

It's widely believed that Laurent Koscielny, the Polish-French centre-back, will be signing for us in the next couple of days.

So with him signing, and going by my mathematics, that makes three centre-backs at the club.

We really could do with another. I think Arsene Wenger will sign another too.

In my opinion Thomas Vermaelen and Johan Djouoru will start as the first-choice pairing this season.

What's that you say Wrighty? Wenger has just spent £8.1m on Koscielny so surely he will start as one of the two centre-backs.

I think not.

Thomas Vermaelen is going to be the number one choice next season. He's earned that title and possibly a crack at the Skippers arm-band if Cesc Fabregas does leave.

Johan Djourou said that Wenger told him he sold Kolo Toure for the Swiss man to play. That's enough for me.

I think Johan has earned his stripes at the club, served his apprenticeship, and is more than good enough to start despite his doubters.

Ideally I think Wenger would like Sol Campbell to stay but I can't see it. If Sol did stay then I doubt we would see another defender joining but as I've said it looks like he is off.

For me Laurent Koscielny will begin his Arsenal career as back-up. Probably to Vermaelen due to him being left-footed like our Belgian defender.

With Koscielny being the back-up left sided center-back, Wenger will need a back-up right sided one too.

That's why I believe Laurent Koscielny will not be the last defender signing for Arsenal this summer.

Keep it Goonerish.........

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Please, Please, Please No Robert Green!

I keep hearing or seeing these rumours linking us with West Ham United and England goalkeeper Robert Green and to be honest it is giving me nightmares.

I know we need a new 'keeper but Robert Green?

Please no! Say it isn't true!

I'm sorry but in my opinion he is no better than our very own Manuel Almunia.

We need someone who will instill a bit of confidence in the back-line and for me Green is certainly not that man.

Over the last season many knocked Almunia for his mistakes. Well, Robert Green made mistakes that led to MORE goals than ANYONE else in the Premiership.

So that means he made more fuck-ups than the Spaniard did too. So why do we 'apparently' want him?

Don't get me wrong, Green is a good keeper but NOT a great one and a club the size of ours need a great keeper.

People say that the last world-class keeper we had was David Seaman. I disagree. I think Jens Lehmann was world-class too and he was outed quicker than lager turns to piss.

For me, Joe Hart is a great keeper. Yes, he isn't in the class of David Seaman or Jens Lehmann, yet, but I have no doubt he will be.

I don't think Green can improve his game anymore whereas Hart will just get better and better.

Englands number one should be Joe Hart. Yes, he lacks experience, but so does Germany's first choice keeper Manuel Neuer, and if the Germans can use an inexperienced goalie, then so can England.

With it being well-known that Arsenal made a bid for Fulham's Mark Schwarzer it is obvious that we after a new stopper between the sticks.

If we are going to take a gamble then I'd rather take one on Joe Hart and certainly not Robert Green.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Saturday, 19 June 2010

And People Worship This P*ick?

What a slap in the face for England fans.

Not only did we have to watch that pile of shit attempt to play football, we had to take abuse from the one 'saviour' in our team too.

This was meant to be Wayne Rooney's World Cup. The year he announced himself on the same stage as Pele, Maradonna and Shakespeare.

Yeah right.

Rooney has been abysmal in this tournament. I've always thought he was over-rated, now I'm definitely seeing why.

People are quick to jump on Emile Heskey's back, make him a scapegoat. He is the easy target isn't he? When he makes a mistake its well documented.

However, if Rooney fucks something up then excuses are made for him. Its a liberty.

I hope now people see what I've seen in Rooney all this time. That he is an ungrateful petulant little munster and he is not as good as people like to make out he is.

How dare he have a pop at England fans. Calling us unloyal.

Loyal? He doesn't know the meaning of the word. Didn't he once say 'Always a blue' then straight away switch alliance from Everton to Manchester United at the drop of a hat?

Those England fans out there in South Africa deserve better. Some probably saved up since the last World Cup to get out there and yet Rooney calls them unloyal?

This is why I find it hard to support England. I hate the likes of Rooney, Terry and co. They all think they are better than what they are and throw their dummy's out when the going gets tough.

The truth is England are being found out. We can talk about how great the likes of Rooney is all day long but they aren't great. They look good at club level but that's only because they are being carried by the 'dirty foreigners' that people are quick to condemn.

The fans who paid fortunes to go to Africa, to watch those wankers, have every right to boo. It was bad enough to watch on TV, if I'd have paid the money the England fans have to get there I'd expect a lot more too!

I never thought a lot of Rooney before this World Cup and I'm surprised but I think even less of him now. The man has thrown back everything in the face of us English. He needs to grow up.

Keep it Goonerish........

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Where Is The 'Dig' From Cesc Here?

Here they give us much more information than they do at Arsenal, definitely.”

“At Arsenal we don’t really look at anything from the other team, we look for ourselves and that’s it.

“Here, maybe two three days before the game, we start looking at some videos, we know more or less the starting eleven that is going to play … we know nearly everything about them.

“You just have to have your group of friends here, you play cards, you play Playstation, you have fun. We train morning, afternoon, go to sleep early … you don’t have much time to think about it really.”

I've read this comment from a Cesc Fabregas interview until my eyes have bled and I still, for the life of me, cannot see a direct dig at Arsenal or Arsene Wenger anywhere.

You can interpret and analyse these few sentences until your brain can take no more but for me, the simple fact is, there is nothing in these comments.

Fabregas was asked to compare the difference between Arsenal and Spain's preparation for upcoming football matches. He is not having a dig!

Its a well known fact that Arsene Wenger pretty much concentrates on just what Arsenal do, not what the opposition do.

Whether this is right or wrong I don't know but what I do know that Wenger knows more than I do!

Of course I can see why this comment could be taken out of context. All summer we've had this shit from Barcelona and the media twisting anything that Cesc says into something more than what it is.

I look at it like this; Whatever will be will be.

It may seem all doom and gloom surrounding our skipper at the moment but I don't think he would disrespect the club and the man who made him into the superstar he is today.

He is better than that. He is classy. Just like Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish................

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Yaya Yaya Yaya Yaya Yaya!

How about Na Na Na Na Na and one more for luck, Na.

This is one transfer that will never, ever, ever happen. Never in my whole entire stinking existence anyway.

Why are Arsenal forever being linked with Yaya Toure? I know his agent (pimp) has been whoring Kolo's little brother around like a little hoe but flip de flop I wish there would be an end to it all!

Everywhere I look I see the speculation linking him with a move to Arsenal or even rejecting us!

Now that makes me giggle like a school girl. Yaya Toure, rejecting a move to Arsenal? Does nobody actually remember the fact that he was on trial for Arsenal once. And was rejected.

So who has done the rejecting?

I can't doubt that Yaya is a quality player but there is no chance of him joining Arsenal so whenever you see that he would consider a move to us or that he has turned us down don't pay attention.

The story, like my blog, is boring now.

Of course Yaya Toure is at the World Cup and putting himself in the shop window. Did you know that he has even rejected Arsenal?

Talking of the World Cup a pal of mine runs a World Cup blog called A2BWorld Cup. Check it out. It has some interesting articles. I wrote on there once too about England's chances of glory.

Slim to fuck all if you ask me.

I can't wait till tomorrow. The Premiership fixtures are announced and finally proper football will be back soon.

Is it me or has this World Cup been shite so far? As for those poxy trumpet things..........

Keep it Goonerish.............

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Where Is The Love?

I felt a right wanker last night. Still do a little bit.

The reason? I just can't muster up the love for England and still haven't caught World Cup fever or even a cold.

How bad is that? I don't even feel that bothered about England. There must be something wrong with me.

Even Robert Green's mental mistake didn't affect me. To be honest I laughed. I giggled at a fuck up that could cost my country qualification from the group stages.

Its unreal really because I know for a fact that had it been Arsenal I was watching last night and an Arsenal keeper making an error like that I'd have the right arse today. Proper.

So why am I like this? It's not always been like this for me. In the last World Cup I loved England, in fact I found the whole thing exciting and got caught up in the frenzy.

Last night one of my mates (a real one) asked me if I had a choice between an England World Cup victory or Arsenal winning the Premiership what would I choose. I chose Arsenal. Not even a little hesitation and most of my pals were shocked. They couldn't understand.

I'm sure its the same for most Gooners. Most of us would put Arsenal over their countries any day.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Gallas And Senderos SHOULD Have Been Arsenal Legends

Well Philippe Senderos has gone and it looks like William Gallas is on his toes too.

Its a shame really because I feel that both should have become Arsenal legends.

The truth is the closest they ever came to becoming icons at the club was wearing the shirt numbers of former idols Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp.

Big things were expected of Senderos and Gallas when both signed for Arsenal but neither really hit the heights expected of them.

In Philippe's case he is a confidence player and to be honest that confidence was continually beaten out of him either by being over-looked for first team action when in form or by Didier Drogba.

It wouldn't surprise me if Senderos has nightmares about Drogba. He had plenty against him on the pitch.

It's funny that in this day and age we judge players so early in their careers. Back in the day players like Senderos were given a lot more time and more leeway when making mistakes.

Look at Tony Adams in his early days. He wasn't called a donkey for no reason.

The difference is that Adams had the character and self-belief to overcome the criticism and become one of the biggest figure heads in Arsenal's history. Senderos hasn't got that.

To me, Phillipe Senderos has got great ability and had his mental strength met that natural talent then we could have had a player who became even better than Tony Adams.

Unfortunately Arsenal Football Club is too big for someone like Phillipe. Fulham will be a better level for him and I expect him to do well there.

I'd like to add that people often forget that he took Cesc Fabregas under his wing and helped the Spaniard settle into London. I think he deserves a lot of credit for that.

I wish Senderos well. In his case there will always be that question of 'what could have been'.

William Gallas is a different kettle of fish.

When the Frenchman signed I was ecstatic to be honest and I truthfully believed that we got a better deal than Chelsea did in the Gallas-Cole swap deal. Especially when we received £5m too!

Looking back at his time with us I'd have to say its been a bit of roller coaster ride for him. Despite this people will know that I love Gallas and rate him very highly. Always have and always will.

I'll admit though that I thought the move would have had more success. Especially on the trophy front.

When he was announced as captain I thought at the time it was a good move. He was a winner and he could only lead Arsenal to silverware.

It didn't pan out that way.

The captaincy was taken from him in controversial style. I don't actually think he did a lot wrong. When criticising the squad he only said what a lot of us were thinking wasn't he?

Would there had been so much uproar had Cesc Fabregas said the same?

I think regarding William Gallas he wasn't really given a chance at Arsenal. He was never popular with Gooners but there are times when he didn't really endear himself to many of us.

Especially the Birmingham incident.......And surprise. I defended him then too!

What went wrong with Gallas? He should have become a legend. He is a world-class defender and I'm gutted to see him go.

The man should look back at his time with Arsenal and as in Senderos' case think 'what might have been'.

Maybe if his attitude had been a little better there would be more Gooners out there, like me, who are disappointed with him leaving the club with no silverware and really as a bit of an outcast.

It should have been a whole lot better for both.

Lets hope that the next players who grace the prestigious numbers 6 and 10 fare better than their predecessors.

Keep it Goonerish...............