Saturday, 31 January 2009

Adebayor should have been "rested" not van Persie!

When I saw the team selection today I was gobsmacked. Why on earth was Robin van Persie on the bench?

The Boy Wonder is on fire and brimming with confidence. He should be starting EVERY game at the moment because every game is a MUST-WIN game.

We are trying to gain ground on the sides above us and van Persie's class and form is crucial to how Arsenal's season shapes up in the final furlong.

He really could be the difference between a Champions League place and a UEFA cup spot next season. He is that important.

Instead we see Wenger persist with a player who, for me, thinks he now has it made. Adebayor.

Since the summer we have only seen glimpses of Adebayor's form of last season. I've seen too many frustrating performances from him and I think he needs to be "rested" to get his head straight.

Perhaps if he gets some splinters in his arse from a spell on the bench it will do him good. The mega-money contract he earned in the summer has clearly gone to his head. He is half the player from a year ago.

I think he believes he has made it. He believes he is irreplaceable in the team and Wenger has to take some blame for that. Adebayor needs a kick up the arse and Le Boss obviously hasn't done it.

Adebayor had to step into Thierry Henry's boots but Henry he isn't. But he thinks he is.

I'm hoping the return of Eduardo will put pressure on Adebayor's first team place. We may then see the Adebayor of old.

He isn't even grafting for the cause anymore. I liked that about him. He always worked for the team but now we see a prima-donna Henry wannabe.

He wanted to build bridges with Gooners after his antics in the summer. He began too. He even started to win me round for about ten minutes.

I can see those bridges burning if he doesn't start to earn his money.

Come on Adebayor, step up to the plate.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Friday, 30 January 2009

Come on now, let's not turn against Arsene Wenger

There are times that I feel like pulling my hair out at Arsene Wenger's antics.

He can be a very frustrating man and at times, can seem quite deluded! But I still love him and I want him to be given the chance to rectify his mistakes.

It's obvious that he has made mistakes in recent times, even more so lately, but some of the venom I've seen spouted at him can be a little under the belt.

Wenger has left himself wide open for criticism but I think sometimes some Gooners can go over the top, especially after everything he has done for us.

Of course Arsenal are bigger than Arsene Wenger and Arsenal will always be around after Wenger has gone but he has helped us become as successful as we are.

The standard Wenger has set over the years was extremely high. Nowadays we don't reach those standards and I can understand peoples frustrations.

Perhaps we have been spoiled? Who knows. One thing I do know is Arsenal would be a lot worse off without Wenger.

Trust me, if Wenger left tomorrow there would be a queue of clubs wanting to take him on.

I don't want Arsene Wenger sacked but I do want the standards of old to return and I want Arsene Wenger to deliver those times back to us.

He deserves that chance at least. Yes, I agree its been a while since we saw silverware arrive at Arsenal but I honestly believe Wenger is still the man to deliver at Arsenal.

It could be a classic case of you never know what you've got till it's gone if Wenger went tomorrow.

Keep it Goonerish............

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Still think Arsenal can win the league then Arsene?

I said a long time ago that the league title was beyond Arsenal this season and I've seen nothing tonight that will change my mind.

We are too inconsistent and you have to say that is because we have such a young side. The players have hardly anyone inspirational to look up too. Except maybe one player at the moment, Robin van Persie.

It was another poor performance and we should thank our lucky stars that we have Robin van Persie in our ranks.

The boy wonder is dragging us through games by himself at the moment and really is beginning to fulfill his potential. He has always scored important goals for Arsenal and now, free of injury, we are seeing the best of him.

His goal tonight was special, and he is a special player. More importantly the goal came in stoppage time, it probably felt like a winner to the Arsenal side.

Despite the empathic feeling of a stoppage time leveller we have to take a reality check. The top four has to be the target and this was an important point to take from a game we looked like getting nothing from.

The undefeated run of course continues and that will give the players a big boost, hopefully the squad can kick on from here and now get a winning streak together.

I'm confident of a top four finish despite Aston Villa, Chelsea and Liverpool being the obvious favourites to finish above us. I don't include Manchester United, to be honest I think they will be Champions, although it pains me to admit it.

I think that Liverpool are feeling the pressure now and will begin to slide. Aston Villa's luck cannot continue and I believe they too will faulter as the season goes on.

I think Arsenal can finish in the top three but it will be difficult. The title though, is sadly beyond us.

Keep it Goonerish............

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Why do we REALLY want Arshavin to sign?

I'll be honest here,

I want Arshavin to sign but do I only want him to sign because we haven't seen a "star" name sign for Arsenal for ages or because I believe he could benefit the team?

I think its a mixture of both really.

Over the last few years we have seen the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Tottenham spend big money on "star" name signings.

I'll admit that maybe I have become a little jealous because I know deep down that we won't be spending big money on anyone.

We have become accustomed to spending very little on players and it's difficult to watch the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea spending money and winning things while we are not.

I understand its difficult for Wenger to break his habits but there are times he needs to break the bank.

However, I believe that Arsenal have done well in this transfer saga involving Arshavin. I think that Zenit have been a disgrace throughout the whole thing.

In other transfers I'd urge Arsenal to maybe go that little extra like we should have for Alonso but Zenit are being so difficult I want Arsenal to stick to their guns.

The situation has become tedious and almost farcial and despite me wanting Arsenal to sign a big name, I don't want them to pay over the odds in this deal.

Keep it Goonerish............

Surely there's more to Arsenal than Arshavin!

I'm really starting to become sick of the Arshavin situation.

Every day I wake up thinking, is this the day?? Only to go to bed disappointed every night!!

I go to sleep at night with the word "Arshavin" swirling round my head! It's starting to become an obsession. This Arshavin saga is turning me crazy.

The situation has become tedious and although I will be pleased if he does sign, the enjoyment has been sucked out of the deal because of the way it has paned out.

I just want the Arshavin saga to end, regardless of how it does. It needs to end because the health of my keyboard is at stake. The F5 refresh button on the keyboard has worn thin and in this day and age, what with the recession and all, I can't really afford to buy a new one.

I'm looking for Arsenal news other than Arshavin stuff and it appears that there is hardly any.

Some good news is that Rosicky is apparently back at training. I really like Rosicky and think that we have missed him more than maybe we expected we would.

Even if he is training I doubt we will see him this season. It will take a while for him to become match-fit or gain any fitness at all and I don't see the point of rushing his return.

I hope his injury problems are over and he gains a good pre-season under his belt for next season. I think we will see a hungry rejuvenated Rosicky and that can only be good for Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Monday, 26 January 2009

Give Fabianski a run in the side!

In Manuel Almunia's early days at Arsenal I never thought that he had the potential to become Arsenal's number one.

Jens Lehmann stood before him and I felt that Almunia was a solid replacement for the German if he was ever needed.

Last season Almunia replaced Lehmann as number one choice and although I still preferred Jens to Manuel, the Spaniard become increasingly at home between the posts.

Almunia was consistent and I wonder how much of a part Lehmann had in that. Almunia had to keep on his toes because Lehmann was a world-class keeper ready to replace him at any time.

This season Almunia doesn't have too much competition because despite how good Fabianski is, it seems Wenger feels Fabianski isn't ready to play week in, week out.

Almunia has become complacent and I believe his performance level's have dipped as a result.

There is no doubt in my mind that Almunia is a good goalkeeper but I don't think he is a great one. He needs to be pushed to be at the top of his game, like last season, but he isn't getting the competition.

Without being harsh, if I categorized goalkeepers throughout Europe into ratings or for example a league format, I'd have Almunia as Championship level.

For example,

Premiership-Buffon, Cech, Casillas etc

Championship-Almunia, Green

Blue Square Premier-Gomes

The levels of Buffon, Cech and Casillas are extremely high and I doubt that Almunia could reach those heights.

However, I feel that Almunia could reach the performances of last season again if he was challenged for his place more.

Perhaps Arsene Wenger needs to have more belief in Fabianski and give him a run in the side. He kept a clean sheet against Cardiff and he is Poland's number one choice. Almunia is probably about Spain's fourth or even fifth choice.

If Almunia began to believe he wasn't guaranteed his place every week then we may see the Manuel of last season who kept a world-class player out of the side.

Until then, I think that we may have seen the best of Manuel already.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Potential banana skin avoided!

I'll be honest and admit that when Arsenal were drawn away to Cardiff I wasn't filled with glee. I thought that the tie could be a potential banana skin for us and defeat would give the Arsenal haters another reason to have a pop.

An away draw in the FA Cup at Cardiff is a very difficult game. Cardiff can cause any team big problems at home, the crowd are very intimidating and this almost acts as an extra player for them.

We've come through a potentially difficult afternoon with a draw. Admittedly a draw isn't the best result because of an already hectic fixture list now becoming even more hectic, but at least our name is in the fifth round and we find out who we will play if we beat Cardiff in the replay.

We have to try and take the positives from this. As I've said, a draw wasn't the best result but we've remained unbeaten for a while now. It's another game undefeated and the side can gain confidence from that.

Arsenal have found clean sheets hard to come by this season and today's was a bonus. It gives the defence a boost and defenders always cherish not conceding as much as strikers score goals.

Song had his best game in an Arsenal shirt but we must remember that it came against a Championside side. He still has to go a long way to convincing me he is Arsenal quality but credit is due where credit is due.

The FA Cup is full of shocks and I'm glad that Arsenal have avoided one. I'll admit that being happy we avoided a shock doesn't show the greatest of ambitions but at least we are in the draw for the fifth round.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Friday, 23 January 2009

Have Arsenal put all their eggs into one basket?

The Andrei Arshavin saga drags on. The circumstances appear to change from one moment to the next. We've got him, we haven't got him. It appears never ending!

Despite this I'm starting to believe it's just a matter of time until terms are agreed and Arshavin is pictured holding up an Arsenal shirt.

I'm sure when that time comes most Gooners will be happy people! The transfer has taken a long time to be concluded and it has turned into a tedious process. It will be a relief when he is (hopefully) unveiled at the Emirates.

It seems to me that Arsenal's transfers, whether in or out, always take an age to be sorted out. I don't have the answer as to why this happens but it always seems to be the case.

With Arshavin's (hopefully) imminent arrival taking place, I've started to think about other potential Wenger targets. Having strained my brain, I can't think of any realistic possibilities.

This brings me to the title of today's blog; Have Arsenal put all their eggs into one basket?

I think we have. I believe the only recruitment(s) to the Arsenal squad this January rests on the shoulder's of Andrei Arshavin.

I'm sure nobody else is coming in because surely this could or would have happened during the time we have been chasing Arshavin?

If the Arshavin deal does collapse then I don't think there is a plan B. I think Wenger will shrug his shoulders and say that he tried. We can't deny that he tried but I would hope there was a back up plan if it goes tits up.

We saw in the summer that Wenger tried to sign Alonso on the very last day of the transfer window. He put all his eggs into that basket and was bitten on the arse.

I hope the same doesn't happen with the Arshavin deal. I'm sure that Arsenal have learnt their lesson from the summer and to be fair I think the move to sign Arshavin was made early in this transfer window. It's Zenit who are being difficult.

I do worry though that while we have just concentrated on securing the signature of Arshavin, other areas of the team need to be strengthened also. It appears that Wenger has identified that we need a creative player more than a defensive midfielder.

I happen to think we need someone to protect the back four. I doubt this will happen because I feel that it would have happened by now if it was going too.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Thursday, 22 January 2009

So whats the difference between Arsene Wenger and Harry Redknapp then?

I had a superb comment on my blog today that mirrored my own thoughts, almost exactly to the word.

I wasn't going to write this but after reading the comment I felt I had too. My mind was made up after arguing my point with a Spud I work with all day! Some might not understand but I'm sure most will, especially Gooners.

Cast your mind back to last season. Arsenal were drawn against Manchester United in the FA Cup and Arsene Wenger fielded an almost reserve side. We were hammered and deservingly so, but we wasn't as hammered on the pitch as much as Arsene Wenger was in the aftermath to the game.

Every pundit and newspaper couldn't wait to have a pop at Arsene Wenger for fielding an understrength side. So how come we haven't seen the same with Harry Redknapp?

For the FA Cup game with United at the weekend Redknapp has admitted he will play the weakest team he can find because that's how it has to be. I'm sorry but the Spuds might as well not bother turning up!

Where is all the criticism for Harry Redknapp? I suppose he is immune to it from the media because his son is in the game and Harry is such a nice chap.

Maybe it goes deeper than that. Maybe because he is an Englishman he is exempt from being criticised and the horrible foreign lot at Arsenal, who are ruining the English game by the way, deserve to be shot at at every opportunity there is.

From my knowledge Arsene Wenger has never ducked a press conference and always tries to answer a journalist's question. Yet despite all this the media cannot wait to dig the knife into his back, as deep as possible.

In the past Harry Redknapp has shown himself to be treacherous, especially to Portsmouth, and he never seems to receive any negative press. He even contridicted himself by saying he inherited a great squad at Tottenham, when they were doing well, and now he says that are not good enough because he is struggling and being found out!

Arsene Wenger on the other hand has been loyal to Arsenal and his methods have helped revolutionise the English game. Despite this he is probably the first manager in the Premiership to receive any negativity from the English media.

Perhaps Arsene Wenger should throw a strop, like Alex Ferguson has many a time, and refuse to talk to the media. Perhaps he should perfect a cheeky cockney accent and then maybe he will get the same treatment as the little darling Harry Redknapp.

It's xenophobic, plain and simple and this little Englander attitude most of us have is a reason that England are shit as international level. The more we bum-lick the likes of Harry Redknapp the longer England will suffer at the highest level.

So can anyone tell me why this hasn't been picked up by the media? Whats the difference between Wenger and Redknapp?

I think its because Harry Redknapp is an Englishman.

Keep it Goonerish............

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

We pay over the odds for youngsters, so why not established players?

In many ways I admire Arsenal for refusing to pay over the odds in transfer fees. The likes of Manchester City and Chelsea have inflated the market prices by paying ridiculous amounts for players and the rest of football seems to be suffering for it.

Arsenal have always done it a different way that I think is admirable but I'm starting to worry that when it comes to big money signings Arsenal will always refuse to haggle.

We put a price on someone and refuse to budge. The result is we always seem to miss out.

We missed out on Xabi Alonso in the summer for the sake of a couple of million. The Arshavin deal looks to be going the exact same way and I'm starting to think that we will miss out on him too.

As much as I respect Arsenal's transfer policy there are times when the bank needs to broken. Not all the time obviously, but some of the time.

Arsenal can't afford to be involved in bidding wars with other clubs because we would be blown out of the water. But Arsenal can learn to negotiate better when there is no direct competition, which appears to be the situation with Arshavin and of course, Alonso in the summer.

Wenger can't rely on finding raw players and turning them into quality all the time. Sometimes we need to buy proven quality to help the club progress.

Of course if clubs are asking for stupid money for players then I think Arsenal have every right to tell the club to clear off. But I think there are circumstances when Arsenal need to maybe be prepared to pay a little bit extra or we will always struggle to buy new players.

We do it with young players, so why not established players?

Keep it Goonerish.............

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Suspension for Gael Clichy could be a good thing in a strange way

In a strange way Gael Clichy being suspended could be a good thing.

Of course Arsenal will miss him against Cardiff City but the player himself could do with a breather after a hectic campaign so far.

The suspension will also give him a chance to clear his head. He has made several errors that have cost Arsenal at times.

Clichy is a marvellous player who I believe can develop into the best left-back in the world but he can only achieve this if he cuts out the mistakes.

I think its a concentration thing with Gael. He can just switch off and this is the problem he needs to deal with.

He comes across as a highly intelligent young man and I believe that when he gains more experience he will cut out the mistakes and improve his concentration.

This "mini-break" could do him good. He can reflect on his errors and become a better player for them.

I have every confidence that Gael Clichy will become the best left-back in the world and he will iron out these mishaps on his way to doing so.

Keep it Goonerish................

Monday, 19 January 2009

F**k Arsene Wenger, Says Noel Gallagher. I say, F**k Noel Gallagher!

“Bring it on, I say. F**k morals. F**k Arsene Wenger and his socialist football nonsense.

“F**k all that bollocks about the club losing its identity. What identity?? The fact that we've been skint for 30 years?”

I think Noel Gallagher should just stick to playing the guitar instead of offering his opinions on football.

It's obvious that all the rock and roll has frazzled his brain. He sounds confused.

I thought that Manchester City fans were proud of their identity. I thought they believed that they are the peoples club in Manchester.

Manchester City fans like Noel Gallagher shouldn't forget their roots but it seems they are blinded by money now.

What will happen to Manchester City when the Sheiks decide they are bored? Who will pay Kaka his extraordinary wages then?

Perhaps Noel Gallagher will dig into his pockets and help out.

I have a message for Noel Gallagher, fuck you. Realise that Kaka would rather play for Arsenal than Manchester City and if he goes to you it will only be for money, not footballing reasons.

I cant wait for it to go tits up.

And one more thing, Blur were always better than Oasis anyway.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Sunday, 18 January 2009

I hate people who say that late winners are lucky ones

A game of Premiership football is decided over 90 minutes and if needed, stoppage time.

That means you have 90 minutes, plus any stoppage time, to score a goal or win the match, right?

So why is it I hear that Arsenal were "lucky" or "fortuitous" because we won by late goals at Hull City yesterday?

Should late goals not count or something?

Strong teams will always score late goals because they never give up. Manchester United do it regularly and that's a reason why they are champions.

According to Wenger Arsenal have scored important goals in the last ten minutes 16 times in 33 games. I don't think that's lucky. That's a fact I'm proud of and long may it continue.

Especially against little runts like Phil Brown.

Keep it Goonerish........

Friday, 16 January 2009

Get Mat-Tuso back!

Many players leave Arsenal and most regret it.

It's too early in Mathieu Flamini's AC Milan career to say whether he will eventually regret leaving Arsenal but I'll be honest and say I miss him at the club.

Throughout his time at Arsenal I really endeared to him because he always gave 110%. His attitude was always top class despite the fact he was never a first team regular until his final season.

In recent weeks Arsenal seem to have been slowly turning the corner after a horrible start to the season. The rest of the season could be good, especially with Andrei Arshavin (hopefully) on the way.

While I agree that a creative player is necessary because Arsenal appear to find it hard to break down sides at the moment (not unsurprisingly I might add with Fabregas, Walcott, and Rosicky unavailable) I also believe that a defensive midfielder should be a priority.

The defence has looked vulnerable this season, a big reason for this is a lack of protection from the midfield.

There aren't many about at the moment and one I always look out for is Mathieu Flamini. I'd love him back at the Arsenal.

Milan have just brought David Beckham into their squad and I suspect Flamini will suffer as a result. Maybe a short-term solution for him, and Arsenal, would be for him to "come home".

Wenger has spoken about a possible loan deal for someone so why not Flamini, even if it was just until the end of the season. His winning attitude could really help Arsenal at the moment, his drive could benefit us hugely.

It's said Wenger never goes back. Well, he has been linked with a move for Matthew Upson recently. Why not Mat-Tuso?

Keep it Goonerish.............

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"Its my dream to play for Arsenal"

I'll be straight. I'd like Andrei Arshavin to play for Arsenal because he is a quality player.

However, despite this quality, I would be very wary of him joining if he forced the move through by striking against his current club, Zenit St Petersburg.

I've read that he has threatened to go on strike if he doesn't get his move to Arsenal. I don't like this one bit.

I agree it puts us into a strong position to gain Arshavin's signature but put yourself into a Zenit supporters shoes. Would you like your best player forcing a move through?

We Gooners wouldn't like it if he played for Arsenal and forced his way out of the club because he wanted to play for someone like Barcelona would we?

I keep thinking that whilst him on strike benefits Arsenal in the present, how do we not know that he wouldn't do the same to us in the future?

If he did sign for Arsenal I'm sure he would only have a three year contract offered to him because of Wenger's over thirty policy. We could be in the shit!

I'll agree that Arshavin has been very loyal to Zenit over the years and maybe if he did join Arsenal he would stay until the end of his career but these little things worry me!

I can't wait to hear that it is his dream to play for Arsenal. I've heard him say it about Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, AC Milan, just about every top club in Europe!

Anyway, he is a good talent and one that Arsenal could do with. I just hope that if the transfer does go through, it is on good terms and benefits both Zenit and Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Monday, 12 January 2009

Kevin Davies is right, Arsenal ARE big softies!!!

When players like Kevin Davies talk, I listen. Then I laugh. Then I laugh some more. Then I throw up from laughing so much.

Despite this laughter I make him right. Football is a mans game and Arsenal are softies. Full stop.

If Arsenal players can't handle the broken ankles, fractured ribs and bruised skulls that Kevin Davies dishes out then they shouldn't play the game.

I'm being sarcastic if you haven't noticed.............

Kevin Davies is a limited player who has relied on brute thuggery throughout his career at the top level. The man is a joke.

I think if he concentrated on playing the ball more than the man then Bolton would have a better chance of staying in the Premiership.

It makes me sick to read his comments. He talks of Arsenal whinging? It sounds like he is whinging to me! He should put down the sour grapes and realise that he is making himself look stupid.

He sounds like a typical bigoted knob jockey who really thinks he is just like an old fashioned centre forward. He isn't. An old fashioned centre forward could use a football, Davies can't.

People think that Arsenal don't like it up them. Arsenal can deal with physical battles. What we can't deal with is illegal rough-house tactics that players with a lack of ability like Davies use. And referees refuse to stamp it out.

We talk of England's future in football. What future do we have if we applaud prats like Davies?

If I ever have a son and he plays football then I swear I will never ever encourage him to use tactics like Davies does. If people want to see this then I suggest they watch Thai-boxing or wrestling.

Tackling is a big part of football and so important to the game. Davies doesn't tackle, he uses illegal ways of gaining an advantage over his opponent.

I've never wanted a player to be hurt on the pitch, especially after what happened to Eduardo last season but Kevin Davies is a player I wouldn't give a shit about if something happened to him.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Aston Villa WILL run out of luck and form

Aston Villa are posing a serious threat to the Champions League places this season and a lot of people are saying they will qualify at Arsenal's expense. I beg to differ.

I think that Aston Villa are a decent side with a first class manager and they fully deserve their lofty position in the Premiership table. I don't see them lasting the pace though.

The Premiership is a marathon not a sprint and I feel that there is a huge chance that Aston Villa have peaked too early. Arsenal on the other hand have yet to hit top form and are due a bit of luck, something Aston Villa have had in bundles recently.

Villa have had lady luck smiling down on them, especially in games against Everton, Hull City, West Ham and West Brom. Surely this luck cannot last forever? Arsenal are due some luck and if we get half as much as Villa then we will be very lucky indeed. Although I will say we were lucky at Villa Park to come away with a draw!

Arsenal are slowly putting together an unbeaten run which will give the Arsenal squad some much needed confidence. It's seven games undefeated now and a clean sheet yesterday will give the defence a boost.

There will be a time when Arsenal go on a winning streak and it will be too much for Aston Villa to handle. I feel that Arsenal are slowly edging to this now and a big win is just around the corner.

I also think this is worth pointing out. People forget that we are halfway through the season and whilst Aston Villa have been playing out of their skins, Arsenal have struggled and yet we are only three points adrift. That to me says a lot and if Arsenal had made a better start to the campaign then we wouldn't even be worried about Villa.

We can only improve this season and the only way for Aston Villa is down. I expect this to happen and Arsenal to claim fourth spot at Villa's expense.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Abou Diaby is not taking his chance

Abou Diaby has been called the new Patrick Vieira by some but I think the comparisons are unfair.

I'd love him to be a Vieira clone but unfortunately the only similarities between Diaby and Vieira is they are both tall, black and French.

Diaby has always wanted to be given the chance to play in the centre of midfield. He now has the opportunity and he needs to take it with both hands.

At the moment he isn't doing that. Yesterday was another poor display and he was even shifted to the left of midfield, eventually being subbed.

Diaby has plenty of ability but we aren't seeing it. Maybe its a lack of confidence? Whatever the reason, he is frustrating to watch because you know what he can do! With his talent he should be dominating games against the likes of Bolton.

He could become a great player. The injury that left him out of the game for a long time hasn't helped his progression but he is young and has time on his side.

He won't get a better chance to make the central midfield role his own. At the moment he isn't living up to expectations and you worry he never will.

I hope Diaby can step up to the plate and nail his place in the side being Cesc Fabregas's long term partner but he has to do a lot more than he is at present.

Keep it goonerish.............

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Why is Kolo Toure so silent?

One minute Kolo Toure is leaving, the next he is staying.

One thing for certain is that Kolo Toure handed in a transfer request that was rejected by Arsenal and he withdrew the request.

Since then I've read that Kolo has cleared his locker and said his goodbyes. Nothing has come of this but I want to know why Kolo has remained so silent on the matter.

If he withdrew the request why hasn't he come out and stated his reasons?

I remember Steven Gerrard doing the same at Liverpool and then doing a u-turn. He came out and explained his reasons.

Kolo is someone I don't want to see leaving the club but it's obvious he has thought about it and wanted to leave.

I think he still wants too. Maybe he has been banned from talking about the situation by Wenger but I'd like some answers.

Perhaps he will be allowed to leave, perhaps not.

I think it's surprising that Kolo has remained silent. Especially if he really wanted to stay.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Is Arshavin a smoke screen for someone else to arrive?

Arsene Wenger is usually very quick to deny any transfer rumours that head Arsenal's way but he hasn't for Andrei Arshavin.

He obviously rates the Russian but the amount of publicity over the move has put slight doubts about it actually happening in my mind.

Arsene Wenger is very secretive about who his targets are and a signing normally comes out of the blue.

The Arshavin business has become very public, not Wenger's usual way, and I wonder if Zenit Saint Petersburg and Arshavin's agent are just using Arsenal's interest to try and create a last minute bidding war for the player.

A club like Manchester City who can throw silly money away may become interested because Wenger is and outbid Arsenal or anyone. I'm sure Zenit would prefer this.

Wenger has not denied any interest in Arshavin and why would he? It gives Gooners hope that a big name maybe arriving at the club but Wenger is smart enough to use the story to his advantage.

The media are over this like a rash and it gives Wenger an opportunity to sign someone else. While attention is drawn to the Arshavin deal, Wenger may use it as a smokescreen.

Who really knows though? He maybe actually trying to buy Arshavin!

Keep it Goonerish.............

Monday, 5 January 2009

If we sell Kolo Toure then expect Philippe Senderos back

I've read that Kolo Toure has played his last game for Arsenal and has emptied his locker at the training ground.

If this is indeed the case then it is truly a sad day at Arsenal. Kolo Toure is loved by Gooners but it appears his career with Arsenal maybe over.

He has suffered numerous set-backs over the last year and although it will be sad to see him go perhaps now is the best time for both club and player to split.

Perhaps Kolo needs a fresh challenge to give his career a boost. He has become stale in a way and a new challenge maybe just what he needs.

Arsenal will need a replacement and unfortunately I don't expect Arsene Wenger to sign one. Not whilst he can bring Philippe Senderos back anyway.

We all know that Arsene Wenger is prudent with his war-chest and I don't expect this to change for a centre-back.

Senderos hasn't set Milan alight and has rarely featured for the Rossoneri. I'm surprised because I believed that he would do well in Italy and thought that Serie A would really suit his ability's.

I'm not guaranteeing that this will happen or do I have inside information but I wouldn't get excited about possible names like Upson or Chiellini. Not while there is a chance of Senderos coming back.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Is Nicklas Bendtner the new Gooner whipping boy?

Every club usually has a player that the fans don't really take too. Over the last couple of seasons it has been obvious that Emmanuel Eboué isn't the most favoured of players with Gooners. It now appears that a new face is fast becoming a rival for Eboues title of "least favourite player".

Nicklas Bendtner is becoming a player that is taking a lot of stick from Gooners at the moment and while I'll admit some is warranted, people getting on his back is certainly not going to help improve his game.

Bendtner comes across as arrogant and this does not help his cause. Nor does the fact that he can be extremley lazy at times. Gooners will forgive a player who has a lack of ability but who works hard in a game. Bendtner has ability, but at times will not work for the team.

The flashy boots he wears are making things even worse for him. Yes, he is young and trendy, but the footwear he is wearing at the moment doesn't give off the right signals to the Arsenal faithful.

I suggest leaving the green or pink boots at home. Leave them to the players of the world who have achieved something in the game. Nicklas has achieved nothing yet but I think at times he believes he has made it. He needs to back up those boots.

Bendtner can be frustrating and I don't think that he has improved as much as a lot of people believed he would of. Like some of the other young players really. But we forget that he is young and still learning the game.

He can make things hard for himself by not working hard in a game but it seems now that even when he is trying some Gooners are just waiting for him to fail so they can say I told you so. Bendtner is a confidence player and he obviously can sense the tension from the crowd.

Being a young player it must be difficult to have the crowd breathing down your neck every time you have the ball. It can be confidence sapping and for a player who thrives on being confident to be on top of his game, its little wonder he is playing poorly.

I've no idea whether Nicklas Bendtner will make it at Arsenal. What I do know is he has got ability but we've only seen glimpses of that this season and he hasn't improved as much as I believed he would.

Only he can improve his game. He has a long way to go and if he thinks he has made it then he is wrong. He needs to work hard at his game and I sometimes wonder if he needs some senior guidance from an older player in his position. Unfortunately for him he doesn't have that available to him.

If he begins to work harder in games then Gooners will get behind him, but that is down to him. He cannot continue to waltz through games, because every club has a player who is berated more than others. If he is not careful then that player could be him more often than not.

And he could see himself at Goodison Park on loan in exchange for Arteta!

Keep it Goonerish.............

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Nasri and Vela can be the creative spark for Arsenal

I've seen enough of Samir Nasri to convince me that he can play a more creative role in the middle of the park for Arsenal.

While Arsenal have been suspect at the back for a while now you could always count on us creating numerous chances throughout a game.

With Fabregas, Walcott and Rosicky missing we have lacked a creative spark in the team and Nasri, with a more central role, can provide us with that.

By moving Nasri into the middle of midfield and playing Vela on the left, Arsenal would cause teams plenty of problems.

I'm sure Vela is ready to play more regularly now and despite Wenger saying he is a striker he looks comfortable down the left flank.

With Vela naturally left footed it will provide the team with more balance. I know throughout the years Arsenal haven't played the game with natural wingers but Vela can come inside as well because he is confident to do so.

We still need to buy players though, and I think that despite this "remedy" another creative player is needed. Arteta is a player who could do a job in the middle or out wide but I think another type of player is needed first.

I still feel Arsenal need to buy a defensive midfielder and that should be at the top of Arsene Wenger's shopping list.

I know Wenger loves to attack but defence is the most important part of a successful team. I honestly feel that a defence made up of Sagna, Gallas, Djourou and Clichy is solid enough.

However, the defence seems to have a lack of protection from the midfield and that is why we look so vulnerable at the back.

A player who can allow the midfield to attack and protect the back-line is something Arsenal have been missing this season.

If we get the right player to play this role it would cut out a lot of goals that we concede.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Gallas and Toure???? It's all about Djourou!

A lot has been made of Kolo Toure and William Gallas "spat" but Wenger has poured cold water on it.

These things happen all the time between players and it's been said that Kolo Toure handed in a transfer request over the "bust up".

I'd be very disappointed if the reason for Kolo wanting to leave was down to an argument. I suspect it's really to do with a lack of playing time.

Arsene Wenger said that the transfer request has been withdrawn which is great news. Now all Kolo needs to do is get his head down and work hard at becoming the Kolo we all know and love again.

Toure and Gallas have been in the news for all the wrong reasons this season and it's easy to forget the emergence of Johan Djourou throughout this.

I have championed the cause of Johan all season and really feel that he can become a great centre back for the club.

He has pushed himself into regular first team contention and certainly deserves his place in the side.

I really like the partnership Gallas and Djourou have formed and it's up to Kolo to work hard and get his place back.

One things for certain. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Johan Djourou as the number one centre back next season.

Keep it Goonerish............

Friday, 2 January 2009

The Arsenal contradictions keep on coming!

Its great in this day and age that a football club as big as Arsenal is run sensibly amid all the uncertainty of having a billionaire owner who really doesn't give two shits about the club.

However, what isn't so great is that we Gooners are forever being fed untruths by our club and even more disappointingly, our own manager.

What is going on at Arsenal? People keep on contradicting themselves at the club. One moment we are being told there is no money to spend, the next we are told there is.

Saying this, at the back of my mind I'm hoping that all this talk of having no money is just a bluffer. The transfer market is very over-inflated at the moment and maybe it is a ploy by the club to try to keep prices for any transfer targets down.

Whatever the case, we need to qualify for the Champions League. We Gooners want to see Arsenal play in the Premier European tournament and the board need the money that comes with it.

Bearing in mind how much Arsenal money stand to lose if qualification for the Champions League is not achieved then I'd argue it would be worth spending some money now to help make sure we do.

It would be a disaster for Arsenal if we didn't qualify for the Champions League. We seem to be selling players every year regardless of qualification, we would probably have to sell the whole squad if we didn't!

Another worrying aspect the club need to consider is the fact that Gooners pay a huge amount of money to watch the club. Things are very tight in the current financial climate and it is hard to afford these prices.

Will Gooners still pay the asking price if Arsenal are in the UEFA Cup? I don't think they will and who could blame them?

I think that Arsenal could buy better and more experienced players than what we have and it wouldn't cost a fortune. Every club is suffering financially. Take advantage of it.

Keep it Goonerish............

Thursday, 1 January 2009

If Kolo Toure has lost his fight then maybe he should move on

Kolo Toure has put in a transfer request and it seems to me he is just trying to take the easy option.

What happened to the fighter that we all loved? Why has he given up so easily?

Kolo Toure and William Gallas have apparently had a falling out, so what! People fall out all the time. Its called life.

I suggest that Kolo pulls his socks up, gets his head down and works hard at trying to regain his place in the Arsenal side.

Now is the time to show what he is made of instead of sulking because he isn't in the team. Believe me, thats what this is really about, not the argument with Gallas (if that really did happen)

He has no one to blame but himself for not being in the side. He has been woeful over 2008 when played and seems out of condition.

If he loves Arsenal as much as he says then he shouldn't give up so easily. He should fight for his place and earn it back.

He owes it to us Gooners. We love him and don't want to see him leave the club. I want to see the old Kolo back, not the player we are seeing at the moment.

Having said that if he has given up then sell him. I don't want to say it but its the only option really. There is no point having a player who doesn't want to be there, regardless of who he is.

We must remember that the club is bigger than any person, and that includes Kolo Toure.

Keep it Goonerish...........