Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Could Arsenal Be Worth A Sneaky Bet For The Champion's League This Season?

It's not been the easiest of seasons so far for the Gunners, although the news that Theo Walcott has signed a new contract will give them a much-needed lift, and the problems that they are experiencing is reflected in the long odds offered at sports betting sites on them winning the Champions League - or even beating Bayern Munich in the next round.

Arsenal are currently rated around 33/1 to win the tournament at football betting sites, and 12/5 to beat Bayern. Thus clearly most bookmakers feel they have a greater chance of the latter and, although they are not the favourites, betting on them getting past the German side is at least a reasonable outside gamble.

Winning the tournament is another thing, and it would be as unexpected as Liverpool's win in 2005 if they did - that's how far off the domestic pace the Gunners are.

Most Arsenal fans are realistic about the club's current position - which was emphasised again by Manchester City's routine win at the Emirates last week - and will not be expecting to win it, but it is unlikely that those of them who enjoy betting will fancy gambling on a rival team.

This is where online casinos can offer a pretty decent alternative option, especially as those opting to play here rather than at sports betting sites will find entertaining football-themed games.

An example of this would be the casino slots game Soccer Safari, which revolves around a goofy group of animals competing in their own World Cup-style tournament deep in the jungles of Africa and is found at http://www.luckynuggetcasino.com/au/.

For fans who are finding the season a bit hard going (which many Gunners fans undoubtedly are) this can provide a fix of football betting alongside escapism and traditional casino benefits like bonuses and the chance of a cash payout or jackpot  on the roulette- certainly a stronger chance of the latter than Arsenal look to have of winning the Champions League this season.

(This article was a guest post from Discover Media)