Monday, 29 March 2010

Josep Guardiola Is At The Emirates This Week, I Hope It May Become More Permanent One Day

This may read more horrid than a Derek McGovern column but we have to concede that one day there will be life at Arsenal without Arsene Wenger at the helm.

Whoever steps into his shoes will have an absolutely massive job on their hands, most probably the second biggest job in football. The first, begrudgingly, I have to admit is whoever takes over at Manchester United after Ol' Red Nose.

It's going to take someone who can cope with the pressure of succeeding Wenger. Someone with nuts bigger than an unfortunate Elephantiasis sufferer, but also someone who shares the same philosophy as Arsene.

As Arsenal supporters we have become accustomed to watching the best style of football in the world. In truth the only other side to rival our brand of football is Wednesdays visitors to the Emirates, Barcelona.

I like watching Barcelona. Like us, they play football the right way and are very entertaining. Our Champions League tie will be spectacular and a great advert for the game of football.

This will be down to two managers with the same principles and ideas. Arsene Wenger and Josep Guardiola.

I honestly feel that Guardiola could be the man to lead Arsenal in our next era. In fact, I'm convinced he is the right man to do the job. And I think he would relish the opportunity to do so to.

In the past it has been said that the Barca manager would love to manage in England and especially in London. I think he is far too classy for that lot down at Slagford Bridge and definitely too good for the other mob at Shite Fart Lane. That only leaves us doesn't it?

We will see Guardiola patrolling the away technical-area, well I hope that he will be the next man after Wenger to patrol the home one.

Despite writing all this I still believe that Arsene Wenger is the man for Arsenal. I hope you, my fellow Gooners, don't think that I am trying to write him-off! Far from it in fact.

I love the man to bits but its just an opinion of mine that I'd like Guardiola to eventually take over his mantle. He'd be the right man.

Whoever gets the job in the future will be a very privileged man but also one who has to walk into Wenger's shadow. Josep is strong enough and more than good enough to do so.

Guardiola has great qualities and has been very successful in recent times but I wouldn't put him in Wenger's league yet. He will be, eventually, and I hope that he is Arsenal gaffer when he gets there!

Keep it Goonerish..............

Monday, 22 March 2010

Arshavin Needs Our Support, He Doesn't Deserve Any Grief

I think it could be fair to say that Andrey Arshavin isn't in the best of form at the moment but while this maybe the case I don't think we should get on his back for it.

Seeing his little red face puffing away breathlessly after 30 seconds of the match may frustrate you, as may his 'not bothered' demeanor, but the truth is the little Russian has been an unsung hero for Arsenal this campaign.

He may not hit the heights we know he is capable of all the time. But who could? We expect so much from Arshavin, maybe too much but the truth is Andrey is one of the most important players in this Arsenal squad.

It's obvious that he is not playing at the top of his game but he is a player who the opposition fear because he is unpredictable, a massive advantage for Arsenal.

I've seen people have a pop at the way he acts and his lack of form, some even say that he is selfish and doesn't care for the good of the team. I disagree.

Andrey Arshavin played a long time completely out of position, with an injury I might add, for the team. Did he moan? No, he got on with it. Does that sound like a selfish person?

I think at the moment we need to get behind everyone of our players. We are on the verge of something truly special this season and the more support, the better.

Arshavin needs our backing. He doesn't need any grief. Yes, he is off-form but he has done a lot for our club since signing last season.

The squad, and most of its players, are hitting form at the right time. Andrey Arshavin will turn his form around. Imagine when he does!

Remember, form is temporary, class is permanent. Arshavin is pure class and he is an Arsenal player. And I'm glad of that.

Keep it Goonerish.......

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Big Sol Is Bringing The Best Out Of These Players

When Arsene Wenger brought Sol Campbell back to Arsenal I actually felt for him.

For years many people, including lots of Gooners, said that Wenger needed to bring experience to this Arsenal squad.

Well you won't find many players more experienced than Sol Campbell will you?

Despite Campbells wealth of knowledge the move was probably criticised more than it was acclaimed.

Arsene couldn't win!

He did what people said he needed to do but it was wrong somehow. I can't help but think that if Sir Alex Ferguson took a gamble on Sol it would have been deemed a master-stroke.

Anyways, the former Gunner is now back at his 'spiritual-home'. And I'm glad.

I know Campbell isn't the player he was in his first spell with us but he isn't 'over-the-hill' like people say. In fact, its the opposite. He could be more important to us now than he was before.

Since his return it seems the 'never-say-die' attitude of previous Wenger-title-winning teams is back. Campbell obviously has had a big part in that.

I'll never forget how after beating Stoke City at the Brittania Stadium, the game in which Aaron Ramsey had his leg broken, the whole entire Arsenal team had a post-match huddle. The orchestrator? Sol Campbell.

It was brilliant to watch and I think that his influence is clear to see on these players.

Even the skipper, Cesc Fabregas, appears to look up to Campbell. In my opinion, Cesc has become a better captain since Sol returned. He has learnt, and is learning more all the time, from Campbell just being at the club.

It's no coincidence that Arsenal are hitting form at the right time since the re-arrival of our former defender. His experience must be a calming influence on the squad.

Of course its not the only reason for us peaking perfectly in the campaign, but it has helped and I believe that Arsene Wenger deserves a lot of credit.

Campbell may only be at the club till the summer but if he has helped us win the title, Champions League or even better, both, then he will have enforced his legendary status even further.

Me, I'd keep him for next season too as a player/coach. But then I'm not Wenger and I don't know whats on Le Gaffers mind.

Like many Gooners say, Arsene knows. And I suppose he does.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Is Mocking Arsenal His New Sexual Thrill Or Something?

I have come to the conclusion that Stan Collymore is sexually attracted to Arsenal Football Club.

He continually digs Arsenal out and I can't think of any reason why he does it except that he fancies us.

Its a little bit like when you are a kid and you fancy the girl next door. Only every-time you see her you get embarrassed, so you act like a cunt, be really really mean and try to make her cry.

That's what he is doing. It's just a divvy way of trying to get someone to fancy you back and lets be honest here, they don't come a lot divvier than Stan Collymore.

I think the novelty of dogging and woman-beating has worn thin with Stan so he needs a new sexual thrill to chase.

Trying to mug Arsenal off is his new thing. I bet he bashes one out every-time he writes something about us.

I can just imagine him sitting in his plush broom cupboard at Daily Mirror HQ. The lights are dim, the door slightly open so he might get caught, trousers round his ankles with lube squirted in one hand while he uses the other to scroll his lap-top on for wanking material.

Nikki B's profile is his new fave.

The man needs to stop having these depraved thoughts about the Gunners and see a doctor. Fancying a football club cannot be good for your health.

I've read about his mental health in his book and to be honest, that is no laughing matter. But even that cannot be used as an excuse for his obsession with all things Arsenal-related.

Collymore says that we Gooners need to eat humble pie over Bendtner because 30,000 of us booed the boy in the past. When was that?

It's just another blag from the dopey bastard who, like many others, has egg on his face from dismissing Arsenal only to be proved wrong.

If anyone needs to eat humble pie it is Stan Collymore. Then again he'd probably like that because he'd think he had just been cream-pied.

The pervy bastard.

Collymore is a joke. An ex-pro who believes he was better than what he was. The chip on his shoulder is larger than J-Lo's arse after a cake binge.

I suggest Stan gets a new 'fantasy' because the Arsenal one is getting mightily boring now.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

He is my new hero!

There is always one player that you would pick as your 'favourite' at any given time.

My all-time favourite has to be Thierry Henry. I loved that man like a brother. In fact, I'd probably let him do my missus.

Looking through this current mob of Arsenal players I have to say that I have become particularly taken by a young Belgian, signed by Arsene Wenger last summer.

Thomas Vermaelen has pulled on my heart strings and I have to say that he is my new Arsenal hero!

The man is immense. I think that Wenger deserves a lot of credit for taking a gamble on him and bringing the man to Arsenal.

He was virtually unknown outside of Holland and Belgium. But buying an unknown player is Wenger's favourite type of signing.

I'll be honest, the only time I had ever heard of Vermaelen before he signed was when he grabbed Robin van Persie by the throat in the Amsterdam tournament!

Well, Arsene has done us proud with this one. In my opinion Thomas has been the signing of the campaign by far.

The way he has settled into Arsenal and English football has been amazing. It's like he has played over here for years.

Bacary Sagna had a fantastic first season with us and I was very impressed with how he took to the English Premiership. I believe that Vermaelen has surpassed Sagna's first year with us and has been even more impressive than his team-mate.

And that was no mean feat.

Vermaelen is a warrior and as tough as the best of them. You could almost say that he is the complete defender. My guess is that he could become one of the best defenders in the world.

And that is no exaggeration.

You need players like Vermaelen in the team, and I'm glad that Wenger bought him. In my opinion Thomas could be a future Arsenal captain. I'd select him as the vice-captain to Cesc Fabregas right now. He seems like a born-leader to me.

I think he is absolutely crucial to the rest of Arsenal's campaign. If we lost him to injury or suspension who knows what would happen?

Cesc Fabregas is the star of this team and quite rightly will grab the head-lines but the quiet consistent players who you can rely on are just as important.

Surely Vermaelen will be in the Premiership's best eleven?

Also check out my view on England's World Cup hopes on the A2BWorldCup site here.

It's a fantastic site on all things involving England and the upcoming 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Many thanks to Joppa of Shout From The Crowd for asking me to guest write on there.

Keep it Goonerish................

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mexico Internationals Could Kill Carlos Vela's Arsenal Career

It's not Carlos Vela's fault that he is a Mexican, and I have no doubt that he is fiercely proud to be one, but going away to play for Mexico is having a bad effect on his Arsenal career.

In fact, it could be killing it.

Of course being chosen to play for your country is a fantastic honour, it would be for anyone, and you cannot stop players from doing so. But to me, it appears that Vela plays more for Mexico than he does Arsenal.

He is such a big talent but it's such a bigger shame that we have yet to see the best of Carlos in an Arsenal shirt. We've seen flashes of what he can do, but we haven't seen enough because frankly, he hasn't played enough.

I know that he is young and that Arsene Wenger is easing him into English football but I thoroughly believe that the Arsenal gaffer would use him a lot more if he was actually available!

It seems that when Vela goes on these long trips to play for Mexico he either comes back injured or is suffering from jet-lag and it must be very frustrating for Wenger to consistently not be able to pick Carlos in his squad as a result.

Vela's Arsenal career has been stop-start and you have to feel for the boy because, as promising as he is, he isn't actually getting the chance to have a run in the side and I think its because of the games he plays for Mexico.

The likes of Brazil and Argentina come over to Europe quite a lot to play their international friendly matches. This is mainly because their players are based in Europe so maybe an option for Mexico would be to do the same.

It would certainly help the jet-lag factor!

As frustrating as it is to have yet seen Vela's Arsenal career explode I think we have to have patience with him. I know we've had plenty of patience over the years but in my opinion Carlos Vela is a special case.

This kid will make it and make it big. I really believe that. Wenger has faith and has invested a lot of time with him so I know that Carlos has a great chance at Arsenal.

I only hope that that patience doesn't wear thin because of the fact he never seems available! That may sound stupid but I'd hate to see him shine at another club, because he would.

The question is; How do you deal with it?

Keep it Goonerish.................

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Wheres The Support For Our Aaron?

This may be a recurring theme on this blog for the next week or so but things still have to be said.

I still can't believe that the general feeling amongst most in the British media/game is that Stoke City Ryan Shawcross is the victim in this situation!

It's that bad I believe that if you had not heard of the whole situation until today, you would have thought that Shawcross is the one with the broken leg, not Ramsey.

The amount of sympathy towards Shawcross is unreal. We keep hearing about messages of support for him. Well I hope that the same people are giving their support to Ramsey too.

Sir Alex Ferguson delighted in telling us all about his phone call to the Stoke City defender. I just wonder if his reaction would have been the same had it been Wayne Rooney lying in hospital with a busted leg.

If I were in poor Aaron Ramsey's shoes I would be sitting there in disbelief with what I was hearing. But do you expect anything else?

Only in this country would a player breaking a leg be defended.

I've read that Ryan Shawcross has rung Aaron Ramsey, well that is a good start. What I would like to see is a public apology.

If Shawcross came out in the open and said "I'm sorry for breaking Aaron's leg. I didn't mean too, but the tackle was recklessly dangerous and out of control" then I'm sure that it could go a long way to sorting the situation.

He won't though because in his eyes (and it seems most others too) it was 'just an accident' and he did nothing wrong. Well, accidents happen for a reason and when you go into a lunging reckless tackle with your eyes closed, sometimes the result is what happened to Aaron.

I can't believe the amount of stick that Arsene Wenger is getting either. Like he said, it is like facing a tribunal.

I genuinely feel for Arsene Wenger. It must be like talking to brick walls for him.

Why should he have to explain himself? He is the one sitting there with one of this players written off for the long term.

Why shouldn't the likes of Stoke manager Tony Pulis be sat in front of a 'judging media' to explain why he tells his players to 'rough Arsenal up'?

Because, with Ramsey as proof, roughing Arsenal up results in broken legs.

It's said the likes of Stoke play the same way against everyone. Bull-shit!

Tony Pulis, Sam Allardyce and Phil Brown would never instruct their players to 'rough up Manchester United' because Alex Ferguson, the King, would have a hissy fit.

We wouldn't want that would we?

Keep it Goonerish...........

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Wrighty7 And Derek McGovern-The Replies (Read For The Good Of Arsenal!)

Had you read my blog earlier you would have seen an e-mail that I had sent to Derek McGovern (betting expert) in response to an article he had written in the Daily Mirror today.

The link to the earlier blog is here. It would make sense to read it.

Despite my doubts, he did reply, and for that I thank him.

It seems that many Gooners wrote him an e-mail. Well done! I have an e-mail that one Arsenal fan sent Mr McGovern and the reply to his.

I won't reveal the Gooners name, he is welcome to reveal himself in the comments section.

I'd like to say thanks for passing it on to me mate, you know who you are.

Anyway, here are the replies.

Derek McGovern to Wrighty7;

Campbell first. His reactions were not those of someone sickened by the grisly injury to a team-mate. They were the reactions of a man who wanted the perpetrator (however innocent) punished.
Shawcross's 'previous' is irrelevant. If someone defends himself against a nutter in the pub, should he be found guilty of assault just because somewhere in his past he has had something similar happen to him? I notice that though Arsenal fans have been quick to bring up the Jeffers injury, not one holds Shawcross accountable. To be honest I have not seen that tackle on Jeffers so cannot comment but I have seen the one on Ramsey countless times. It was hard but 100 per cent fair. Were you not blinkered, you would say the same.
I would be interested if someone could point me in the direction of Jeffers' comments on the challenge. And I find it strange that no-one has yet heard Ramsey's view.
If you seriously believe Wenger was not attacking Shawcross, then there really is no point in continuing this correspondence.
Sky's decision not to show the tackle was unforgivable. A major news story and they ducked out. So Wenger was allowed to trash-talk a player with no fear of challenge.
By the way, of course I have sympathy for Ramsey. I thought that went without saying.
All the best

Wrighty7 to Derek McGovern;


Thanks for your reply. It is appreciated.

How can you say that about Sol Campbell's reaction? To me, he seemed maddened and distraught at his team-mate having his leg snapped in half! How would you react? Make the man a cup of tea?

And why wouldn't he want the perpetrator punished? It was disgraceful.

You say Shawcross's 'previous' is irrelevant. I say different mate. We are talking about a man who has done this type of thing before and he is 22 years old. If you broke someones leg once in a whole career that is bad enough but to break two players legs and almost a third at his age?! He has maybe another 13 years ahead of him, how many careers or legs is he going to threaten?

(I've actually seen another horrible tackle by him when he was on loan to Belgian club Antwerp.)

What I can't understand is how you guys in the media are trying to paint Shawcross as this 'whiter than white' character when he has smashed numerous legs and when William Gallas (admittedly it was bad and Wenger apologised) tackled the Bolton player (Davies?) a few weeks back he was vilified! I'd honestly have thought Gallas might as well have killed someone.

The difference in the tackles were unreal. Look at them again, you will see that Gallas goes to block in a 50/50 challenge (Davies actually lunges) and in the Shawcross tackle Ryan does the lunge in a reckless uncontrollable way and you say it wasn't even a foul?! It was bound to hurt because it was out of control and full of intent!

Regardless of what you 'believe' Wenger has not 'assaulted' Shawcross's character, just the tackle. As I've said he doesn't mention the players name once. But that is far from the point. If you want to talk about trash-talking how about Tony Pulis trash-talking Wenger?

Also I don't remember Pulis actually saying sorry for the tackle but I remember Wenger saying sorry for Gallas's. And whose player broke a leg?

You say Wenger has been unchallenged because of Sky's lack of coverage. Nonsense mate! Look at the likes of yourselves with newspaper columns! A lot of you guys can't wait to have a go at Arsene Wenger or anything Arsenal related.

What I can't believe is how you are all backing Ryan Shawcross like he is some kind of victim. Who is the real victim here? Shawcross or Ramsey?

By the way, I've taken my blinkered glasses off and I still see the same reckless, out-of-control, career threatening challenge by Shawcross. Nothing has changed in my view. Maybe I need to change opticians as I've heard a rumour that Wenger uses the same one as I do.

You find it interesting that no-one has heard Ramsey's view? I must remind you he is in hospital at the moment Derek. I find it even more interesting that Ryan Shawcross has yet to say anything.

Of course I believe that you have sympathy for Aaron Ramsey, I've never doubted that but I can't believe is your reaction to the situation. I honestly thought that you were better than that.

All the best,


Derek McGovern to Wrighty7;

we will have to agree to differ. But if you think Shawcross's tackle was worse than the Gallas display of thuggery, then I suggest you follow another sport
all the best

Wrighty7 to Derek McGovern;


Then maybe I have to follow another sport because whilst (as I've admitted) Gallas's tackle was horrible, Shawcross is the only thug I see. Who has broken the most legs?

All the best.


So there you have it! As I've said I'm thankful to Derek for replying because I truly believed he wouldn't.

However after reading his response it doesn't change my views on his column. For me it shows a clear anti-Arsenal feeling.

At the beginning of the season Derek tipped Arsenal to finish out of the top four, perhaps this is the reason he dislikes Arsenal?

Anyhow, he has a lost a reader in me. And I'm pretty sure that a lot of Gooners are feeling the same way.

Keep it Goonerish.................

An Open Letter To Derek McGovern. Anti-Arsenal? Maybe This is Proof?

Derek McGovern is a Betting columnist from the Daily Mirror newspaper. I'll be honest, I usually find him quite funny.

Today however, he disgusted me. You can read his article here. If there is any proof needed that an anti-Arsenal feeling is doing the rounds in the media then maybe this is it.

Below is an e-mail I've written to him. I hope to get a reply although I doubt it. It would be even better if he came on here but does he have the bollocks? Again, I doubt it.

Dear Derek,

I just wanted to say that I'm very disappointed with your article today titled "Wenger paranoia is Shaw embarrassing".

I usually love your column and have even defended you from my father who thinks you are a "donut". After reading today I'm inclined to think that he maybe right.

First off how can you say Sol Campbell ensured that Ryan Shawcross got a red card? Maybe the fact Aaron Ramsey, a 19 year old with a fantastic future, was lying there with his leg hanging off could have had something to do with it!

You then say that Shawcross is 'wholly innocent'. If you have done any research then you have known that the 'innocent' Shawcross has previous. At 22 years of age he has now broken 2 legs of fellow professional players (Francis Jeffers and Aaron Ramsey) with rash horrible tackles and also badly damaged Emmanuel Adebayor's ankle in a challenge that wasn't even on the field of play!

Next off you speak of Wengers 'spiteful comments' about Shawcross. Where, in any interview has he named Ryan? He hasn't. You have fallen for the media spin, much like Tony Pulis. Arsene speaks of bad tackles on his players, he doesn't mention Shawcross but then you wouldn't notice that would you?

You talk of Arsene Wenger being a 'visually-impaired Frenchman who has lost le plot', well maybe you need your eyes tested too and even your ears syringed. Maybe you are from France too.

Derek, you say Sky's decision to not show the incident meant it allowed 'Wenger's disgraceful assault on Shawcross's character to go unchallenged'. Can you please point out to me where Wenger does 'assault Ryan's character' please, because I can't see it.

Maybe Sky have learnt from the Eduardo situation and decided that the viewing of a 19-year-old having his leg snapped was a little distasteful. Who knows?

The next point is laughable, almost as laughable as your joke of a column, you say that Shawcross's tackle was never a red card-it wasn't even a foul-while the penalty decision was a sick joke.


What warrants a red card or a foul then Mr McGovern? Someone pulling out a machine-gun and slaughtering the opposition? Maybe that is not enough for someone as bloodthirsty as you. How about a nuke bomb taking out England and the rest of Europe? Maybe a booking?

As for the penalty decision being a joke, was it not handball? And as a matter of fact, did you actually watch the game? I ask because Aaron Ramsey should have had a penalty early in the second half and Nicklas Bendtner should have had a blatant one in stoppage time.

Derek, you say Wenger seemed unwilling to pontificate on that, so why have you not mentioned the two 'other' stone-wall penalties we deserved? By my reckoning Arsenal should have had 3 penalties.

Egg on your face?

I'll leave it at that and I doubt you will reply because you will probably be too busy making up other hilarious quips on distasteful matters. If you want you can even reply on my own Arsenal blog and maybe explain your article.

I look forward to hearing from you. As I'm sure many Gooners are.


Keep it Goonerish....................

Monday, 1 March 2010

Glen Whelan-Credit's Due Where Credit Is Due

My last two posts have undoubtedly been emotional. It's been over 48 hours since the horrific injury to Aaron Ramsey and despite that fact I still feel the same way.

I'm still seething.

Despite the anger I have overlooked an important fact in this whole situation and I believe it needs to be addressed.

When Ramsey went down injured any player within the vicinity of him looked repulsed, traumatised and obviously shocked.

One man reacted quicker than anybody else and I have to applaud him. Stoke City's Glen Whelan.

That man ran to Ramsey and comforted him. His quick thinking helped Aaron in his time of need.

Not only did Whelan provide our Welshman with comfort, he kept him still and prevented Ramsey from seeing his leg which could have panicked him further.

It was nice to see from a player who was on the opposition.

Glen Whelan is someone who doesn't have a bad bone in his body and I think that credit's due where credit is due.

Well done that man.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Not A Bad Bone In His Body? Well Aaron Has Thanks To That Mug! At Least Wenger Is A Man!

So Ryan Shawcross doesn't have a bad bone in his body eh? Well, he might not but courtesy of his 'hard, but fair' tackle Aaron Ramsey certainly does.

I'm still fucking seething and it gets worse whenever I hear twats like Rory Delap and Tony Pulis defending the inbreed cock that is Ryan Shawcross.

People are going on about the boys tears. Well, he is only crying because he got caught. Did anyone else notice that he only started the tears when he was shown the red card?

Those tears were not for Aaron Ramsey, they were for himself.

It wouldn't surprise me if he knew he was was on the verge of an England call-up and then thought that he had blown it with that assault.

Luckily for him, it didn't matter.

That bastard has smashed three players legs in his career. That is a disgrace. He is only 22 years old. He could have another 15 years in front of him so how many more careers is he going to threaten?

What amazes me is people like Rory Delap defending him. I understand he is a team-mate but why not speak the truth? Why can't Delap just say that it was a horror tackle? Just admit it!

The tackle was not warranted. It was near the half-way line. Is there any need to launch yourself into a challenge like that? But that's Shawcross all over isn't it? Fuck me, the mug tackled Adebayor off the pitch last season!

The likes of the Match Of The Day and TalkSport pundits wind me up even more. They are disgraceful. Quick to defend what Shawcross did but never to condemn it.

Martin Samuel goes against the grain and writes quite a decent article. My only gripe is that in my opinion Shawcross tackled with intent. Why else go in that hard?

If Ryan Shawcross is such a nice guy where is his public apoligy? If I was a professional footballer and I had just broke someone's leg on a football pitch I would want to say sorry; Regardless of whether it was an accident or worse.

People are quick to make excuses for tackles like this. It bugs me something cronic. Jamie Redknapp is at it too. I even read somewhere that Ramsey was just too quick for Shawcross!

Incredible! Lets shift the blame of a disgusting tackle onto the victim. Then again that makes sense in this country.

Through this tackle English football has been dragged back to the dark ages again. The likes of Tony Pulis are the dinosaurs of the game and I couldn't care less if they became extinct.

I have no doubt that he told his players before the game to rough Arsenal up. With instructions like this in his ear it is little wonder that Ryan Shawcross has smashed three ankles in his short career as a footballer.

All week leading to Arsenal-Stoke City games you read and hear interviews from Stoke about how they are going to rough Arsenal up. So well done, you roughed us up and in doing so broke a 19 year olds leg.

Even after Pulis has had a dig at Wenger. Yes, the Stoke manager is defending his own but he has to take some responsibility. Admit it, it was a bad tackle. None of this 'he hasn't got a bad bone in his body' shit.

The press went ballistic when, against Bolton, William Gallas made a bad challenge. Gallas didn't break a leg but he may as well have killed a man going by the reaction.

And you know something? Wenger apoligised for that tackle. That is a proper man. Pulis isn't worth the dogshit that Arsene trod on.

Keep it Goonerish..............