Monday, 30 June 2008

Cesc could become Mr Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas has had a superb Euro 2008 and his reputation has risen to unspeakable heights. Anyone who had doubts about his ability can now see the reason why we Gooners rave about him all the time. He is quite simply put, an amazing player, and the best thing is, he can only get better.

He is a winner and no doubt winning the Euro 2008 trophy with Spain will only make him more determined to win silverware with Arsenal. The influence he had on the Spanish side was clear, he ran the game for them like he does for Arsenal, week in, week out.

He could become Mr Arsenal like his predecessors before him namely Vieira, Henry and even the great Tony Adams. He loves Arsenal and has grown from a young boy to a man with the club.

I honestly felt that one day Cesc would be leaving us for Real Madrid or Barcelona. Now I could see Cesc staying at Arsenal for the remainder of his career providing we win trophies and are always competing for them. He then would have no reason for leaving the Arsenal and could be become a true Arsenal legend in the mould of Bergkamp, Wright, Henry, Brady, George etc.

He has the world at his feet and has a true affinity with Arsenal. He shows passion for the badge and when he kisses it you know he means it. He conducts himself with a maturity beyond his age and is a real example to other youngsters who are trying to make it in the game.

He has all the ingredients to become an Arsenal legend. He must be the favourite to become the next Arsenal captain and lead Arsenal into the next decade with a barrage of trophies. Quite simply, Cesc Fabregas WILL become Mr Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish......

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Wenger is overrated and a failure

This is not my opinion. This is the view of "top French football boss" Michel Moulin. The former Paris St-Germain director of sport believes that Wenger is over hyped and and is a failure.

This dumbass has criticised Le Boss for not winning the Champions League in his time at Arsenal and that many other coaches would have won far more trophies armed with Le Bosse's transfer budget.

Now while I'll admit that the last few seasons have become frustrating with our lack of silverware, Wenger is not a failure and certainly not overrated. He does need to start winning trophies again but I'm sure that the good times are only just around the corner with a few signings.

This sounds like sour grapes from this fella to me. He hoped to become PSG president but Charles Villenuve was appointed instead, due to Wengers support.

Keep it Goonerish.......


Joker of the year award has to go to Emmanuel Adebayor. He feels he deserves a contract in parity with what Thierry Henry was earning at Arsenal.

I've news for you Ade, Thierry Henry was and is an Arsenal legend who will remembered and revered by Gooners for ever, you my friend have just come off the back of one good season season, and will be forgotten about within six months.

What exactly has Adebayor achieved in his short career so far? He got goal of the season and was joint second top goal-scorer in the Premiership last season.

What exactly has Henry achieved in his career so far? World Cup winner, European Championship winner, two Premiership trophies, three FA Cup's, Footballer of the year three times, two European golden boots and lastly Premiership top scorer four times.

So Ade, still think that you deserve that contract? Please don't embarrass yourself mate. Adebayor will not get that contract at Arsenal because he doesn't deserve it.

He had a great season last year, but he believes his own hype too much. He has become greedy and I remember reading a story that he refused to play for Togo over pay disputes. The warning signs were then, it should be an honour to play for one's country, money shouldn't be an issue. I'd play for England for free if I was good enough.

Le Boss should cash in now. Adebayor's price has become hugely inflated on the back of last season and Adebayor is clearly only motivated by money, not trophies. Sell him and sign a striker like Villa who doesn't need five shots to score. Any striker could score goals in this Arsenal team, imagine how many Villa, RVP, Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner and Theo will get next year.

Keep it Goonerish........

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Ade will follow Anelkas path in football as a nomad

Misled or just plain stupid? That's the question I keep asking myself. Announcing one moment that he is staying and the next suggesting he could be leaving suggests to me that Ade isn't the brightest fella around.

When the first statement came out I was impressed by Ade's loyalty, when the second came out I was left scratching my head feeling slightly bemused.

I think the Arsenal fans are split on Ade. I've always been impressed with his work rate for the team although I can get frustrated with his finishing at times. He fights for the team and if he left then we really would miss that work rate. Ask Rio Ferdinand or John Terry how hard a time he has given them.

He isn't all about goals, and I believe we have far better finishers at the club in Eduardo and Robin Van Persie, but they cant match Ade for graft.

If he is trying to get a new improved contract he has gone about it in a very wrong way. Arsenal fans as it is have spilt views on him and this won't endear him any further to anyone! It seems that he may have got slightly too big for his Adidas boots and he should remember that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

He could become a great player at Arsenal, but what he must remember is that the greats do it consistently for years, he has done it for one season. I believe that last season performances have made him think he is better than what he is. Can he produce the same form next season? Not at another club he can't.

He must remember that. We Gooners stuck by Ade even during the lean misfiring times, does he really think that the Barca or Milan faithful will support him like we do? I can see the white hanky's already!

And what about Wenger? Le Boss took a gamble, made him number one striker even though many of us Gooners wanted a replacement for Henry. Wheres the loyalty there?

If the offer of £23 million is there, I'd sell and sign someone else. Ade has clearly been listening to others around him who don't have his best interests at heart and are only interested in lining their own pockets.

He has been misled and very stupid in his conduct. He is replaceable, he isn't like Cesc or Sagna, and whoever plays upfront for Arsenal will score goals simply because of the chances that we create.

It's a shame, but he may find his route in football the same as Anelka has. A player who listens to others around him to much and who doesn't fulfil his true potential.

A footballing nomad.

So don't forget Ade, in six years when you are pushing thirty and playing for your sixth club in five years remember that Arsene doesn't resign players.

I hope you have no regrets.

Keep it Goonerish........

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Arshavin who? We've got Cesc Fabregas!

That was a tongue in cheek title really!

Arshavin is a class player and I'd love to see him in an Arsenal shirt but that's for another day.

Tonight though I hail the little maestro midfielder Cesc Fabregas AGAIN! My blog is fast becoming the unofficial Cesc Fabregas fan club.

He put in another top class performance again tonight and really seemed to make the Spanish tick. Cesc is pushing hard for a start in the final against Germany and I feel that he deserves to be given his chance in the starting eleven.

I'm looking forward to that game. Spain are playing great football and the second half showing they produced was superb. They dismantled the Russians and Cesc was at the heart of everything.

There is no better player than Cesc in the world at releasing the ball at the right time. He is such a clever player and picks the right pass every time. His influence on Spain is growing, almost to the extent of the influence he has at Arsenal.

He has had a great tournament so far. All the talk was about Torres and Villa, well now the Spanish have a new hero to look to as well as those two. Cesc Fabregas.

Good luck in the final Cesc and Spain.

Keep it goonerish............

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Cesc will be even more Fab-ulous after his shoot-out winner

The look on Cesc Fabregas's face after he scored the winning penalty for Spain against Italy said it all. The passion was there for all to see and it reminded me of when he scored goals against Milan and Liverpool last season.

He celebrated those goals with a similar look and it showed how much it meant to the young Spaniard. This is no ordinary player. He plays with a passion and love for football, and he consistently shows that same love and passion for Arsenal and Spain.

The pride I felt when he tucked the penalty away was immense and we can now call Cesc a man. The transformation from boy to man is now complete. The confidence and calmness he showed beyond his years in the face of all that pressure was second to none.

Cesc will grow even more in confidence after he scored and Arsenal are set to reap the benefits from this. He had the hopes of a nation resting on his shoulders and he passed a huge test. Lets not forget the man he was facing when he stepped up.

He was facing Buffon, widely known around the world as THE number one goalkeeper in football. Cesc even sent him the wrong way and for a player who doesn't take penalties this was no mean feat.

He showed guts and determination and lets not forget the impact he had on the game for Spain either. He changed it for them when he came on. He dictated the play and injected a new rhythm into the Spanish side.

He will grow even more from this tournament no matter what happens to Spain now. The confidence he had has grown even more and the belief he had in himself before will leap even higher.

This is the future Arsenal captain. His passion for Arsenal is clear and will become stronger with the undoubted trophies that are soon to enter the Emirates trophy cabinet. There will be good times in the future for Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas will be at the centre of it all.

His desire for the club cannot be questioned and has been strengthened by the way he has hit out at his boyhood club Barcelona for unsettling several Arsenal players. He doesn't like the way they show such disrespect in the transfer market and that Arsenal always do things properly.

In the future I can't wait to see Cesc scoring for Arsenal with that passionate look on his face, but this time with the captain's armband wrapped round his left arm. And believe me, that day will come.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Monday, 23 June 2008


I posted an article about Samir Nasri signing for Arsenal. The title was EXCLUSIVE:Nasri signs for Arsenal.

It wasn't an exclusive so I apologise for the head-line being slightly misleading. I was excited by the news and didn't really think about the title at the time of writing.

It was obvious that the news would be picked up pretty quick so it was far from an exclusive.

But he has signed and that is great news for Arsenal and nice to see another signing for the summer.

Once again, I'm sorry.

Keep it Goonerish.........

Nasri has signed

Nasri has signed for Arsenal on a four year deal.

He has confirmed it on his own personal website.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Cesc is flying the Gooner flag high at Euro 2008

I had an immense feeling of pride last night after watching our very own Cesc Fabregas step up to take the decisive fifth penalty in Vienna last night.

It takes a man of great courage and many players have ducked the responsibility down the years. Was there any doubt where the ball would end up? Not in my eyes.

I had a bet on Italy after their thrashing at the hands of Holland in the first game, and as Cesc lined up to take the kick I said to my girlfriend that I couldn't care less about the bet, I just wanted Cesc to score.

Fabregas showed total calmness and never even flinched at taking the chance to put his country through. This was his moment and he took it.

He didn't even start the game, but his influence was clear to see when he came on. He played the ball around the park showing Spain what he does for Arsenal every week.

I can't believe at times he isn't a regular starter for Spain. In England he is arguably one of the best midfielders in the Premiership and when he came on last night he controlled the midfield and seemed to inject new life into Spain.

The Spanish midfield is very strong, it must be to keep Cesc from starting more regularly. But his day for dominating the Spanish midfield will come.

He has come so far. Its hard to believe how young he is at times. The way he plays the game is a joy to watch and I'm so proud that we Gooners can say that he is ours.

He is flying the Gooner flag high at the Euro's, Spain now know what we see every week and I hope this catapaults him into starting more for them.

Over the last twelve months the boy has become a man. He can achieve what ever he wants.

Keep it Goonerish............

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hleb is the same as cAshley Cole, I couldn't forgive him if he stayed

The rumours surrounding Hleb leaving Arsenal have been around since the end of last season. His future is still unclear and needs to be sorted before pre-season begins, which is just around the corner.

The interest of his preferred destination, Inter Milan, has cooled after Jose Mourinho took charge. The club who he may leave for seems to be Barcelona, who appear to have made a solid bid for the player.

So much for the quiet life eh Alex!?

Arsenal are making Barca sweat at the moment and won't begin to negotiate with them until Le-Boss gets back from his Euro 2008 media work.

Wenger wants to keep Hleb, and you could understand why, he is a great player. However do we want a player who quite clearly wants to leave?

All summer we've had the media speculation about his future, mainly coming from his agent. Sure all agents do it, but if Hleb wanted to stay he could have put a stop to it by simply saying he was staying and by signing a new contract.

His silence on the matter says it all.

His last statement projected his love for Wenger and Arsenal, I feel this was just an act to try to butter us Gooners up for his departure.

If Wenger gets his wish and Hleb stays at Arsenal, could you forgive Alex for the emotional roller-coaster he has put us through this summer? I couldn't. I like him as a player but he doesn't want to be at Arsenal, that is clear.

He wants all the ice-cream and money that he can get, and Arsenal haven't got enough cones and coins to keep him. He's had his head turned and I don't want him at Arsenal while his head is clearly somewhere else.

I can't forgive him for what has happened this summer. He had the power to stop all the bullshit that his agent spouted, he didn't. His agent works for him, if he fancied a change of scenery why not go about it in a dignified way? Why do it the way he did?

If he simply said that he fancied a new challenge and a new country I would have been disappointed, but would have accepted it. But he didn't.

He has tainted himself now, I don't want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again. I can't forgive him, as much as I couldn't forgive cAshley Cole. For me Alex is in the same mould as Cole now.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Milan quit the jibber jabber, Wengers grown some nuts!!!

Fair play to Arsene Wenger. Milan officials were shocked when a fax arrived from Arsenal that was personally signed by Arsene Wenger telling them that Adebayor is not for sale.

I've called out in the past for Arsenal to brush aside any transfer bullying from the so-called bigger glamorous clubs and it looks like we are taking a tougher stance.

After the Hleb shit that we have had to deal with all summer it's been refreshing to see a firm stance by Le Boss on the Adebayor situation.

We all always seem to be shat on by the so-called bigger clubs and the media. I hope that this message is loud and clear that Arsenal won't bullied into giving in to other clubs demands.

Mr Wenger, I salute you. You clearly have been eating plenty of Snickers chocolate bars and grown some bigger nuts. By telling Milan to quit the jibber jabber you have done Arsenal, Gooners and more importantly, you have done yourself proud.

Even Mr T would be happy!

Keep it Goonerish.........

Monday, 16 June 2008

Fingers crossed for Rosicky and Van Persie next season

I really hope that Robin Van Persie and Tomas Rosicky can both overcome their injury problems and remain injury free next season.

Van Persie is obviously playing sparingly for Holland at the moment and I hope he has a great tournament and returns to pre-season with Arsenal ready for the new season.

Rosicky says he won't be back to training until August. I think that is due to recovery time from his recent operation.

They have been so unlucky over the last couple of seasons with their injuries and I sometimes worry that they won't fulfill their potential.

Both are excellent players, I'd go as far as saying World-class players, but they need to steer clear of these troubles and show us what they can do over a season, not just for a limited time.

I hate to say it but if they continued to get these injuries then they are fast becoming liabilities. It wouldn't be fair to players with so much ability to not be able to showcase it. And what better club than ours to do that?

I think we miss Rosicky so much he doesn't play. He is a very clever player and I rate him very highly.

Van Persie has the sweetest left foot in the WORLD to me. He strikes the ball so cleanly and like Rosicky is a very intelligent player.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both. A fit pairing of Rosicky and Van Persie will make a difference to Arsenal next season.

We were close last season, with players like those two fit, we might even win it.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Almunia or Given, who would you prefer?

Over the years we've always been linked with Newcastle's Shay Given. He is a great keeper and at 32 is approaching the right age for a goalkeeper to peak.

I can see why we are linked with him, the obvious reason being that Jens has left the club. But I really can't see it happening.

Le Boss has many a time spoke of Manuel Almunia earning the right to be Arsenal's number 1. If Given came to us, surely he would expect to be number 1 after being a the main keeper at Newcastle all these years.

We need to add a keeper to the squad, that is certain, but I don't think it will be Given. We need competition and Given would provide that, but either keeper wouldn't be happy with sitting on the bench.

It could also block Fabianski's progress to the first team. And Fabianski could become a great keeper.

I think Le Boss will sign an experienced keeper who maybe happy with a squad place. A number 2. Someone who is approaching the twilight of his career.

Answering my own question, if I'm honest, I like Almunia and he has improved greatly from his early days at the club. But I feel that Given is the better of the two. I still reckon that Jens should have been number 1 last season.

I'm not criticizing Almunia here, he did well last season, but I just felt Jens was the better of the pair. The same as I'd feel if Given DID sign for us. So I would prefer Given.

Sorry Manuel!!

Keep it Goonerish..........

Adebayooooooooooooor, give him a wig and he will score!

I was pissing myself with laughter after reading an article in the Star today.

Adebayor was in there talking about his goal scoring lean patch at the end of the season. The reason? His haircut, hence the song we Gooners began to sing

"Give him a wig, and he will score"

It did seem a coincidence that his goals dried up when he had his haircut. But he has promised to grow his hair back and the goals will be flowing again.

Perhaps he could borrow Sagna's hair extensions in the mean time!

Keep it Goonerish.......

Next season Arsenal will be the dog's B******s!

We Gooners know how close we were to the title last season. Fucking close. We are not far from ManUSA or Chelski.

I'm telling you now, Arsenal are not far away from being the finished article. We can score goals for fun, our only let down seems to be our lack of squad numbers.

If we can add to the squad we have, (including numbers we have lost already) then we will be champions of the Premiership next season.

We want players who can make an impact now. Ramsey is a great signing but he won't be a first team player next season. He is clearly a player for the future.

Arsenal are not far behind ManUSA or Chelski. The only difference? Squad numbers.

Our match day squad, on it's day, match's or even betters ManUSA's or Chelski's. After that, in fairness we can't compete.

We have young players stepping, Chelski and ManUSA have established players ready for action. That's the difference.

Chelski and ManUSA ARE NOT better than us. They just have a deeper squad with more experienced players.

It's not fair on our youngsters to be expected to replace our absentee's. There is enough pressure on youngsters as it is.

We are not far away. If Le Boss signs two-three players on top of the players we have/will lose, Arsenal can dominate the Premiership or even Europe for a long time.

We just need the numbers added on top of what we have and Arsenal are there.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Has Arsene Wenger changed his transfer policy to suit FIFA?

You could never guess who Arsene Wenger is about to sign for Arsenal. He keeps his cards very close to his chest and Arsenal's transfers are always kept on the quiet.

He has been criticised, wrongly in my mind, about the amount of foreign players that he has brought to the club. Why should he be criticised for this? His only concern is how well Arsenal do. If a player he feels can improve Arsenal is foreign then he has every right to sign them regardless of nationality. England are not his priority, Arsenal are.

Sepp Blatter is trying to change the face of football. He wants an introduction of a new rule that only allows clubs five foreign players in the side and six from the said teams own national pool. The proposal has been thrown out, currently, as it breaks employment rules in the EU.

Knowing Sepp Blatter, he will persist with his idea. He wont give up. That is why I pose the question, has Arsene Wenger changed his transfer policy to suit FIFA?

Le Boss is an intelligent man, has he thought that maybe, however slim the chance is, Mr Blatter could get his idea up and running? As we Gooners know, that, if you excuse my French, could bugger us right up.

Has Le Boss signed Ramsey with this idea in his thoughts? Or is it just because Ramsey is young and very talented? It's rare for Arsene to buy British, and by all accounts we have an excellent crop of young British talent coming through the youth ranks at the moment.

Is Le Boss thinking this rule WILL come into place and preparing for it now? Signing Ramsey is a great move by Wenger. But he is one for the future, he isn't ready for the first-team yet.

We'll know for sure if our next signing is Steven Gerrard or Gareth Barry!

Keep it Goonerish..............

Thursday, 12 June 2008

If we want Yaya for Hleb, DEMAND Yaya for Hleb

Hopefully the news that Arsenal want Yaya Toure in any deal for Hleb is true.

I rate him very highly and could see him doing very well alongside his brother at Arsenal. From what I've read, Barca don't want to include Yaya in any deal. If that's the case then make Barca include Yaya!

It's time to play hard-ball and get the best deal for Arsenal. I hope Arsenal do this. We seem to seen by many around Europe as a soft-touch regarding transfers. It seems that we are becoming a feeder club for all the big clubs.

WE ARE ARSENAL. We are a big club. Its time to act like one and if we want Yaya included in any deal for Hleb demand it.

Don't let Barca call the shots. If they won't let us have Yaya then tell them the deals off, and let Hleb rot in the reserves.

We are in control here. Not Hleb , not Barca. We should not be dictated to. We should be doing the dictating.

We say we are a big club, lets act like one then.

Keep it Goonerish.......

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Frings can only get better and is that Hleb on Big Brother?

Since last season ended we have been linked with about seven hundred and thirty eight players. The latest is a German called Frings.

He is seen as a direct replacement for Flamini and while I think he is a good defensive midfielder there is one draw-back. He is 31.

To the average person like myself and possibly yourself, 31 is not that old, not even in the career of a professional footballer. But to Le-Boss, being that old is the equivalent of being 67, so lets rule this transfer out straight away!

I've noted my favourite replacements for Flamini in previous post's and must say I would like Yaya Toure most of all, if not him then Vieira or Gattuso would do me fine.

I feel though that Le Boss WONT sign a replacement for Flamini and will promote from within. Expect to see either Denilson or Diaby partner Cesc next season. New signing Ramsey will start wide for us as Wenger seems to like blooding central players out there.

I read that Alex Hlebs angry at the moment. Boo-Hoo. So Alex, angry are you?

You want some peace and time to sort out your future?

You know what the funniest thing is?

Hleb wants to spend time with his agent to discuss it. His agent is the main reason Hleb's future is even being discussed!

He has been whoring Hleb around Europe and if Hleb was that bothered about it why didn't he stop him? Or better still, sack him. Cesc did.

I'm sorry your angry Alex, but spare a thought for the fans mate. Your agent has dragged us through the wringer with this will he/wont he shit, and believe me, we Gooners are more angry than you.

Did you think of us when your agent was sprouting his shit? No Alex you didn't You could have stopped it whenever you wanted mate but you didn't. You loved the attention and your head grew even bigger.

So you decide to get some peace and quiet. Well you wont get that on Big Brother, the sooner you leave the better.

Below are pictures of Hleb before entering Big Brother and during Big Brother, where he was getting bigged up so much by his agent his head grew!

Keep it Goonerish.......

EXCLUSIVE: The REAL reason Ramsey signed for Arsenal

Its because Manchester United, Everton and Liverpool are shit.

Arsenal are not.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Patrick Vieira, back to Arsenal?

Patrick Vieira, AKA Arsenal legend, has been told he has no part in Jose Mourinho's plans at Inter Milan. Mourinho is believed to have lined up Lampard OR Essian to replace Vieira at the club. (I hope Essian leaves the Chavs, he is immense.Lampard is over-rated)

We Gooners love Vieira to bits. When he left it felt like the end of the world, but luckily him leaving meant our little gem Cesc Fabregas could break through. But although Cesc is showing how good he is, we have missed Vieira's leadership quality's and his sheer physical presence.

I read that Pompey are set to make a £4 million bid for him. £4 million!!! And with no disrespect meant to Portmouth, I just could not see him wearing a Portsmouth shirt. This is Vieira we're talking about, not Diarra.

Vieira needs to be at the top level of football. He might not be the same player he was 2-3 years ago, but I'd still say that he could play for a top club, like Arsenal. Imagine the return of Vieira. As I say, he isn't the same force he was, but he is still top class.

With Flamini gone, why not bring back Vieira? Its a no lose situation. Arsenal get a top-class defensive midfield player to mind Cesc, and we Gooners get our big name signing. I know for a fact I would be happy with him coming back to end his career here.

Here's a thought. I wrote a piece about Dennis Bergkamp one day becoming manager of Arsenal. How about Vieira? Bring him back, play him for a couple of seasons and let him manage the club when Le Boss calls it a day.

His experience cannot be questioned and that's what our squad need right now. He has the big match temperament we need and he will inspire our squad, because he is a winner.

It may seem like a backward move but I see no reason why it couldn't work. I'd love it, and you, my fellow Gooners, know that you would love it too.

Altogether now.......Vieirrrrrrrrrrrrrrra........woooooooooooooaaaahhhhhh......Vieirrrrrrrrrrrrra

Keep it Goonerish................

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Do any players at Arsenal REALLY love the club? Or is it all money?

The other day Peter Hill Wood, our chairman, said that he could count on one hand the number of players at Arsenal who REALLY love the club and most are in for the money.

It's obvious that most are in it for the wonga. What can you do about that?


Its part of the attraction for some people to become a professional footballer and who can blame them? You see the things these players can possess with their wealth and its understandable that money plays a huge part.

Take a look at the Arsenal squad. They are very well paid at Arsenal, don't listen to this pauper bull-shit. Our players are looked after alright.

But who seems to have a genuine affection for Arsenal? Who really means it when they kiss the badge on the shirt after scoring?

I think the following players REALLY do love Arsenal.





Van Persie





Those are the players to me who REALLY love the club. The money they earn helps of course, but those mentioned above mean it when they kiss the Arsenal badge to me.

Who do you think REALLY loves the club? The players who love Arsenal and who think money isn't everything.

Keep it Goonerish.....

Friday, 6 June 2008

Who has the better Mexican? Arsenal or Tottenham?

Tottenham are about to sign Dos Santos, who is Mexican. Arsenal have recalled Carlos Vela, who is Mexican.

So who has the better Mexican?

Watching Spanish football last season its clear to see that both are talented players and have a good future ahead of them.

I think Vela is an exciting prospect and could become the real deal. Dos Santos looks exciting too, but if he is that good why are Barcelona only selling him for £4.7 million with the fee rising to £8.8 million?

There are rumours that he is a party animal and a troubling influence off the pitch, but that surely isn't enough to sell him on at such a paltry price.

If all the hype is true about Dos Santos then Barca wouldn't have sold him for such a small price. Somethings not right there. So maybe we haven't missed out.

But that doesn't stop me thinking that Tottenham have a real snip there.

Vela looks class and I think he could become a great Arsenal player. He excites me and seems to have his feet firmly on the ground. Perhaps this is where Dos Santos go's wrong?

They are best mates and maybe thats the real reason Dos Santos signed for Spurs. To be close to his mate.

It can't be because he's ambitious, or he would have joined a decent team! ;)

Keep it Goonerish...........

Gallas is "Mr Reliable" for France, but is he "Mr Reliable" for Arsenal?

Reading a French writer called Philippe Auclair said people in France see Gallas as "Mr Reliable" and an automatic choice for the French national side. He also says that Gallas plays better alongside a leader, someone like Thurum.

Now that doesn't make for good reading from a Gooner point of view. To say he plays better with a leader is slightly worrying. He is supposed to be the Arsenal leader. He is our captain.

Some Gooners have questioned Gallas's role as skipper at Arsenal. Some feel it was a good move. I felt it was a good choice by Le Boss and I still do.

For me William is a natural winner and that rubs off on the other players at Arsenal. It is especially good for the younger players to get that mentality early and for them to want to win. That's want we Gooners want, Arsenal to win.

People point to the situation at Birmingham and I feel that this also cause a split in Gooners views. Some felt he was pathetic and should no longer be captain. Others felt it showed how much he cared. I reckon it showed how much he cared. And lets not forget the emotions running through the players after the injury to Dudu.

I think when we signed Gallas in exchange for cAshley Cole and received £5 million we got the better deal by far. Gallas is a world-class defender, and I say defender because he can play anywhere at the back. Not just in the middle.

His partnership with Kolo hasn't gelled completely because they are very similar in style. But I wouldn't want to see either of them leave the club. They are too good to let go.

I don't think we have seen the best of Gallas yet, but I feel we will. Last season was a learning curve for him as captain and I think next season he will be a better captain for the experience. He can only improve in the role and I think he will, and will naturally become the next France captain as well.

He is Mr Reliable for France, not quite Mr Reliable for Arsenal, yet, but I can't see why he can't be in the future. As captain.

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Gudjohnsen to Arsenal?

Reading the papers today I was alerted to the fact that Eidur Gudjohnsen has been told he can leave Barcelona for around £4 million.

I've always rated Gudjohnsen and feel that when he left Chelsea, Arsenal would have been an ideal place for him to go.

He is a highly intelligent player. A natural at his game, and I feel that he could have been an adequate replacement for Bergkamp.

Now Bergkamp is a legend and a genius I know, but Eidur is a similar player and as I've said, is a highly intelligent player.

He has great vision, is experienced, and would be a snip for anyone at £4 million. It's a shame age is against him at 29, but Bergamp carried on into his mid-thirties, so why couldn't Gudjohnsen?

Bergkamp is a legend and cannot be compared to anyone, and I wouldn't want to insult him, but Gudjohnsen is a good player and could do a job for ANYONE in the Premiership. Afterall, he has Premiership experience and is versatile.

What do you think?

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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Eduardo will END the curse of the Arsenal number nine shirt

I can't wait for the day that I see Eduardo put the red and white shirt of Arsenal on his back again.

We won't know what type of player Eduardo will be after coming back from such a bad injury.

Before his "assault" we were beginning to see the reason why Le Boss signed him. He was starting to settle in and was producing some great football.

Of top of this, he seems such a nice bloke, and to see him suffer such a cruel injury just seemed damn wrong.

I've a feeling that he will come back better than before and will become one of the BEST forwards in Europe. I've rated him from when before he signed for Arsenal, and was very pleased when he signed on the dotted line for us.

I reckon that finally we will have someone who will end the curse of the number nine shirt at Arsenal. The last few to wear it have struggled, Jeffers, Reyes and Baptista, and even Eduardo himself suffered from the curse when getting injured!

The number nine shirt is prestigious in football. It's a goal-scorers shirt, and Eduardo is a goal-scorer. I've no doubt when he returns he will do us proud.

He was a hungry player before and after missing the last part of the season and the Euros, he will return even hungrier. He is a strong person and that strength is what he will need on the long road to recovery.

He will get there. And I reckon that he will score a bucketful for our club. In fact. I think he will get 100 goals for Arsenal. At least. In fact, I'm having a bet on it!

The curse of the number nine has affected numerous players, including Eduardo himself.

But he is just the man to lift it.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I know Wenger will get it right, but can't I express an opinion?

Reading through some of the comments on my article yesterday you would have thought I'd started World War Three!

What I don't understand is all I'm doing is expressing an opinion on how I see things at Arsenal. Now my blog is a place for opinion to be debated. That's what its there for. I have no problems with people who don't agree, but can't we Gooners sometimes agree to disagree?

The amount of times I got called a mug or a cunt for just expressing my opinion's yesterday was unreal. It was disgraceful at times. And it doe's piss me off. I wont bow to name calling, no matter what I'm called, I think its pathetic and childish.

If I write an article and you don't agree with it, don't call me a cunt, why not debate in a civilised way? I have no problem with people disagreeing, but theres a wrong way and a right way to say it.

It seems at times that Gooners are splitting into two camps. It shouldn't be like this at all. We should all be Gooners together and just because we may not agree on things it doesn't mean we have to argue and call each other cunts.

Yesterday all I wrote was that we were told new signings were on the way in two-three weeks, about three and half weeks ago. It didn't happen, and I was disappointed. Hardly negative stuff. I never said sack Wenger, only asked why say things and not deliver.

The response was mixed, as I expected, but some of the abuse, from my so-called fellow Gooners was despicable.

I know Wenger will sign players, I know Wenger is the best manager and best thing to have happened to Arsenal and I know he will get things right. But cant I question things from time to time? That's why I have started a blog.

People have said that my articles are getting pessimistic, when I started, people said the articles were to upbeat! Writing a blog isn't easy. I can't please everyone. I will upset some people, but it's just my opinion on things.

Read the top of my blog, what doe's it say?

"An honest opinion on all things Arsenal, well, I'll try"

That's all my blog is, my honest opinion on all things Arsenal. So if you don't agree, fair enough, just question me and my readers, don't abuse me. Just because I may not agree with you, doe's that give you the right to name-call? I don't think so.

At the end of the day, I know Wenger will sign players and will get it right for Arsenal. He is the best man for Arsenal, and everyone knows it. But doe's that mean I can't sometimes question things at Arsenal? No, it doesn't.

There will be things that I will agree with and won't agree with at Arsenal. And I will write about it. You may or may not agree, but be reasonable about it. We all want the same thing, Arsenal to be successful.

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Monday, 2 June 2008

Arsenal deliver FALSE promises, AGAIN!

This summer will be one hell of a bumpy ride, but don't Arsenal always do things the hard way?

Every year we are put through the transfer wringer. Players are linked with coming and going all summer but Arsenal and us Gooners seem to suffer most.

Expectations have been raised by Le Boss after his comments that players would be brought in within two-three weeks.

This hasn't happened for whatever reason and it should never have been said by the gaffer. It's not fair on us Gooners.

We have had our hopes raised and Wenger has failed to deliver to them. He should never have said that if it wasn't true. After all, we Gooners do have feelings! And right now I'm feeling very disappointed.

Are comments like this only made to help season ticket sales? It just a thought.

I must say that the English transfer market opened on June 1st so officially we couldn't sign anyone. But that didn't mean we couldn't agree deals to go through on that date. Look the Spuds, they signed Modric ages ago.

Players who play in the Euros will cost a fortune to sign if they have a good tournament and I think we should have done most of our business before it begins.

We can't compete in bidding wars and due to Wengers eye for talent, some managers wait to see who Le Boss targets and then make thier move on the same player.

I think we will sign players, I just don't know when. All I know it that we were promised signings and the club has so-far failed to deliver in the time they stated.

With players leaving and some not delivering, we need decent signings to reassure us we are going in the right direction. Hopefully Wenger will fulfill his promise to us.

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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Eduardo could be back NEXT month!

Some unbelievable news!

Eduardo could return as early as next month!

Well, that's according to my dad who just saw the news on the Setanta news channel. I was in the bath when he shouted up to me,

"Dudu will be back next month" and thats it!

Its fantastic news that he will even play again after the horror tackle he suffered. One thing though, Wenger will not rush him back and we need to be cautious with him.

But that's some news on a pretty news less day!

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Bergkamp as the next Arsenal boss anyone?

Dennis Bergkamp, THE Arsenal legend, is moving back to Holland this week after joining the Dutch course for the UEFA Pro License.

By completing this course Dennis can then manage or coach a club or even a country from next summer.

I would be more than happy for Dennis to complete this course and come back to Arsenal as Wengers assistant whilst being groomed to become Wengers eventual successor.

Dennis is a legend in the game, not just at Arsenal, so he could attract players to the club and he loves to play football the way we Gooners have become accustomed to.

The only real negative in this for me is Dennis's fear of flying, which could prove to be a bit of a pain when we play in Europe! Other than that I can't see any fault in Dennis becoming the next gaffer at the club.

Keep it Goonerish.....