Thursday, 22 October 2015

Nacho - Arsenal Player Of The Year?

Seri-arse-ly, and I mean seri-arse-ly, how good is Nacho Monreal?

When he first signed for Arsenal I couldn't believe we'd signed someone named after a Mexican delicacy. 

But all food puns aside, the man has sizzled since joining us. Like fajitas........

He's got better and better and to be completely honest, because I'm an honest kind of guy, he has become un-droppable this season.

Kieran Gibbs must be asking himself what he'll have to do to break into the Arsenal team again at the minute? The only way I think he'll break his way back into the starting eleven is if he breaks Monreal's metatarsal such is the Spaniards great form.

I don't know what Arsenal do to have such fantastic left-backs over the years but we've had some crackers. Some have actually been crackers. 

We've seen some proper talent in that position over the years. In fact there has been more talent playing at left-back for Arsenal than the talent show I saw one night at Camber Sands in Pontins back in 1992. And one bloke blew up a condom on his head too. 

Monreal is unfortunate he has only played for Spain 16 times in his career but the way he is performing at the moment I fully expect him to add to that tally in the future. 

Age isn't really on his side though. He turns dirty 30 in February and although that is the age he'll reach his peak of sexual confidence it also means he's at the age where things begin to sag too. 

I wish Naaaaacho, Nacho maaaaaaan was a bit younger. Had he arrived at Arsenal a few years previous to what he did I truly believe he'd have become of Europe's top, top left-backs a lot earlier. 

You know what else I like about Monreal? His attitude. He has a top class attitude. 

When Wenger played him at center-back he just rolled up his sleeves and got on with it. Despite playing in a position he'd never played in before he did a job. A good job.

I think Wenger was actually a bit harsh with Nacho to be honest. He kind of hung him out to dry like a pair of pants but Monreal didn't complain. He put in a shift and that earned my respect. 

If the Spaniard continues to improve and play like he is then I think we're looking at a possible Arsenal POTY here. He has become an unsung hero and an integral part of the side. 

Quietly going about his business without fuss. It's been a pleasure to see. 

Keep It Goonerish...........