Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Get Behind Almunia Now

Sorry for the lack of posting recently only I was 'kidnapped' by the missus and taken hostage on the sunny isle of Lanzarote for two weeks.

It was horrible. All that boozing, eating and all those late-night activities.

I'd much rather have been in rainy England......

Anyway I'm back now and pissed off. I miss Lanzarote but I'm pissed off today that we haven't signed a keeper.

I suppose there is no point dwelling on it anymore. We can't do anymore about it.

So moaning and bitching that we are stuck with Manuel Almunia between the sticks isn't going to do anyone or anything any good.

Especially Almunia's confidence.

We need to get behind Almunia now. Yes, Wenger should have signed a better keeper but he hasn't. What more can we or Manuel do about it?

He was brilliant against Blackburn and more than dealt with everything thrown, kicked or hurtled in his direction.

That's the Almunia we need to see more of.

I said in the past (rather naively) that the Spaniard had become one of the top keepers in Europe. I must have seen something to say that. Or I must have been pissed.

All I now is at the moment he is the Arsenal number one. Like it or not.

Personally I'm glad that Mark Schwarzer hasn't signed. I don't think he is any better than Manuel Almunia so he wouldn't have improved us in anyway.

The Aussie has played near on 15 years for clubs like Bradford City, Middlesborough and Fulham. If he was any good he would have played at a higher level ages ago.

I know Almunia's former clubs list the dizzy heights reached of Sabadell and Albacete but I still don't think Schwarzer would have been an improvement on him.

It may feel like a kick in the mouth but its the hand we have been dealt with. Its not Almunia's fault so support him. He'll need it.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Double Standards From Arsenal?

I don't want anyone to get their knickers in a twist but is the official Arsenal website taking the piss?

All summer long we have moaned (and rightly so) about the way Barcelona have conducted their business in their chase for our skipper Cesc Fabregas.

Is it me or is this story on the site a tincey wincey little bit of double standards?

Cool, we haven't gone into a whole summer of tapping-up overload with this chap, and I haven't heard Bacary Sagna talk about Emir Spahic's Arsenal DNA, yet, but surely after the summer we have had, Arsenal would have used their noddle.

How can we grumble when this is on the actual Arsenal website?

We can't scream and shout about Barcelona when we are doing it ourselves. Of course Barca took tapping-up to another level. In fact, it was an outrageous level, but we aren't exactly doing ourselves any favours here.

Maybe I've got this wrong. Maybe I'm being a little touchy. But in my opinion, after what we have been through since May, we shouldn't be putting out things like this on our official site.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Saturday, 7 August 2010

He Is The New 'Mr Arsenal'

In my opinion Robin van Persie is now 'Mr Arsenal' at the club.

In recent years I have been really impressed with how he conducts himself on and off the pitch.

He says all the right things and I don't think you could ever doubt his commitment to Arsenal.

I hope that he gets a bit of luck and stays fit this season. If he does (and this might sound outrageous to some) then Arsenal have a great chance of winning the league.

Van Persie has become a very important member of this Arsenal squad. Now one of the senior players, he had to become a leader. And I think he has.

He'll be the next captain of Arsenal and Thomas Vermaelen will be his understudy.

I know its only a shirt number but now he has the number 10 on his back I believe he will get even better. He feels privileged to wear it and will want to live up to Dennis Bergkamp.

What a challenge!

At the end of the season I reckon he will be named the Premiership player of the year. I think we are in for quite a treat regarding the Dutch Man this campaign.

Keep it Goonerish............

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Exclusive: Cesc Fabregas Is Back In England.

I love the word 'exclusive'.

Anyway, just a quick one.

A few moments ago a pal of mine text me saying that he has just seen Cesc Fabregas at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3.

He couldn't speak to him.

Our skipper is back home. And home is the right word despite what those prats at Barcelona think.

Show him the love. Show him Arsenal is the club for him.

Barcelona have had all summer to love him up. Now it's our turn.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Too Proud For Manchester City's Cast Offs?

Two years ago I would have said it would be unreal to even suggest signing any of Manchester City's cast offs.

Now I'd probably welcome one or two!

City are signing anything that moves and with this new 25-man squad rule coming in force, and baring in mind they have about 326 players in their camp, they are gonna need to offload a few.

I know Arsene Wenger isn't going to scroll through Arsenal News Now, see the title of this blog and think to himself, hmm that Wrighty7 fella has given me an idea now, but the thought may have crossed his mind to raid the blue half of Manchester.

Of course Manchester City might not want to help a rival by selling us any players but they have to sell and Arsenal need to buy.

It could be the perfect solution!

I can think of one or two I'd gladly take off their hands.

People say Micah Richards has gone backwards but I'd snap him up in a flash. Form is temporary, class is permanent. I honestly think he could be a very good partner to Thomas Vermaelen.

And he is a Gooner too.

We need a keeper. Neither Joe Hart or Shat Given will settle for a place on the bench. Maybe either of those two could be an option. I'd prefer Hart but I'd still be happy with Given.

Do we need to strengthen in defensive midfield? Alex Song has come on leaps and bounds and Emmanuel Frimpong looks to have a bright future. Are they enough?

Manchester City have about a million of this type of player, especially now Yaya Toure has joined. Could Nigel De Jong be an option? Stephen Ireland perhaps? Both could be surplus to requirements at City now.

Obviously this is a fantasy post. But would you take any of their 'unwanted' players?

Keep it Goonerish..........