Tuesday, 5 April 2011

How To Win In Madrid

(Cheers Gooner Chris!)

Keep It Goonerish........

Monday, 4 April 2011

Does This Kid Remind You Of Jack Wilshere?

Every time I see this Disneyland advert I can't help but think of Jack Wilshere.

About 12 seconds into the clip there is a little kid dancing about on the bed wearing blue and white checkered pyjamas.

My girlfriend can't see it but for some reason he really reminds me of Jacky boy!

I dunno if its the fact the child looks a little cheeky, and his barnet looks a little like Wilshere's does, but I think there is a resemblance there.

I swear if Jack scores this season and celebrates his goal like this boy celebrates going to Disneyland then I will piss my knickers.

Does anyone follow him on Twitter? If so could you pass a message on to him and see what he thinks.

Keep It Goonerish........

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Am I Bothered Though?

That killed me yesterday.

You would have thought that Arsenal were playing in a pre-season friendly the way they performed.

Arsene Wenger described the performance as 'flat'. Well I'd use another term to be honest. Very shit.

And that's being generous too.

I can't believe that the players were not up for this game. It was the start of a run of cup-finals and just like the Carling Cup final we didn't turn up.

My great, great, great, great, great great, great, great Nan has more urgency than that Arsenal side yesterday and she has been dead over 150 years. I think.

In the past Wenger has always advocated that this Arsenal squad has strong 'mental-strength'. They just drive me mental.

I will always support any player wearing an Arsenal shirt and I try my best to be upbeat in any given situation but yesterday I couldn't defend them.

The way the players strutted about made me feel more deflated than Donatella Versace lips after someone has attacked them with a pin.

Did they really care? Do they care enough? They talk a good game that's for sure.

I'm not going to jump on the Arsene Wenger out band-wagon that is gathering pace quicker than Road Runner can do the 100 metres but he needs to do something before its too late.

I know he isn't Merlin but we need him to do some magic.

The attitude of these players at the moment has to be questioned. I can't work whether they are bottle-jobs or just not bothered enough.

They are running out of opportunities and I'd say we are in last chance saloon now.

I really hope they are hurting like us Gooners are right now. They don't get the stick on a Monday morning at work like we do.

Keep It Goonerish.........