Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I like Portsmouth Football Club and Jack Wilshere should go there

Ever since we smashed the shit outta Portsmouth 5-1 in the FA Cup a few years ago I've had a little soft spot for them. It helps that most of their fans now hate Harry Redknapp. I dislike the baggy-eyed bastard too.

That day we were unbelievable and the Pompey faithful were too. If I remember rightly Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira were given standing ovations. How often do you see the home support giving an away team player the time of day let alone applauding them? It really was good stuff.

Since Pompey won the FA Cup it appears things have gone tits up down there at the south coast. I even read this afternoon that Portsmouth have a 'winding-up' petition by HM Revenue and Customs.

Forgive me if I appear ignorant, and I'm not winding you up, but I don't really know what this means. That's what my accountant is for. What I do know is that when those knob-noses are on your case then you are in trouble.

Forget the fact that Portsmouth are bottom of the table because this will be like a cup-final to them. It won't be easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

A cold Wednesday night by the sea sends shivers down my spine at the best of times but I'd find a cold Wednesday night by the sea in front of nigh on 20,000 crazy Pompey fan's a little intimidating.

And that, in my eyes, is the key to this game for Arsenal. Silence those nutters and the game will become a lot easier. If it's anything like that FA Cup quarter final in 2004 you never know it may become like a home game for us!

Talking of cup-finals Arsenal must treat every game like one from now till the end of the season. We cannot go into any match half-hearted.

That is my fear about games like tonight. The players may look at the league table and just expect that their very presence is enough for the three points. At times this season I think we have been more guilty of doing that than Boy George was for hand-cuffing that geezer to a wall.

As I've said, I like Portsmouth but I hope that we smash the shit outta them. After tonight I wish them the best of luck for the rest of the campaign and I truly hope that they stay up.

A player who may help them stay up could be our very own Jack Wilshere. Arsene Wenger has said that the little maestro needs a loan spell away from Arsenal to help his development. I couldn't think of a better place for him to go. As long as they paid him.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Monday, 28 December 2009

Cesc Fabregas wouldn't get into the Aston Villa team

'Also Cesc wouldn't get into the Villa midfield. Milner and Petrov are too good together. You will see at the weekend.'

The above is a comment that was left by an Aston Villa fan on Christmas eve. I've a feeling that this person was on the sherry whilst writing the comment. It's the only explanation I can think of.

Cesc Fabregas tore Aston Villa a new hole in their arse yesterday. His performance was breath-taking and he was only on the pitch for 25 minutes! Imagine if he played the whole 90, we'd probably have got into double figures.

The game needed someone to grasp it by the scruff of the neck and the little Spaniard duly accepted the responsibility. It may have come at a cost, Fabregas limped off after scoring his second, but it was worth it because that was the best performance I've think I've ever seen in 25 minutes in my whole entire stinking existence.

It was Roy of the Rovers stuff. It was amazing. It was a real captains performance.

When he came on Cesc seemed to raise the performance of everyone yesterday. The players and the stadium was lifted. I only wish some of that would rub off on Eduardo.

It seems to me that the little Crozillian is suffering from a major lack of confidence at the moment. I'd have backed my house, my cat, my car and my lucky pants on Eduardo scoring that early chance yesterday. He did everything but score. The turn to create the chance was immense but his finish let him down. I'm sure he did the same against Hull City last week too.

I really feel for him at the moment and want him to do well so badly. After what he has been through he deserves a bit of luck. We need to stick by him because he will come good again. He is to good a player not too.

Suffering an injury like he did is bound have an effect. It would on anyone. We need to be patient with Eduardo and let him feel he way back into regular football. In my opinion he is the best finisher in the Premiership and that is an awesome weapon to have.

I won't change my mind on a fully-fit and confident Eduardo being able to score 15-20 league goals a season for us. Let's give him time and support him through this spell.

What about Diaby? Let's hope he gets a bit of luck too. He is hitting a real peak of form at the moment and is showing that he is becoming a vital player for Arsenal. He needs a bit of luck because the poor bastard has suffered injuries at the worst times.

The Frenchman can dominate the midfield and until our little skipper came on was easily the best player on the park. He made mincemeat of Petrov and Milner. If he can continue this streak then we won't lose many battles in the centre of the park.

As for Aston Villa, they will be battling for the Champions League places at the end of the season. They are a good side but I think with the likes of Heskey and Carew in the team they tend to use the 'direct hoof' quite a lot. Gallas and Vermaelen were brilliant coping with the aerial threat Villa bombarded us with. They deserve a lot of credit for that because it's something we have been criticized for not being able to deal with.

I fancied us to give Villa a good hiding yesterday and that we duly did. My only gripe is that I had a bet on Diaby being first goal scorer, not last, and I had a little sneaky bet on 3-1. I was going to do 3-0 but changed my mind at the last minute. What a twat eh?

Keep it Goonerish.............

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Villa are no mug side but they are due a hiding and we are due to give one!

Aston Villa are flying higher than David Hasselhoff after a night on the piss and coming third in a German sausage competition but I think they could be due a huge comedown soon. In fact it could be sooner than they think.

I'm laying it all down on the line here and going all out. I fancy Arsenal to win today and I fancy Arsenal to win bad. There comes a time when a team destroys a rival and I honestly feel that Arsenal could do that to Villa.

Of course I'm not underestimating Aston Villa. They are a very good side who sit high in the league table; deservedly so too. They come to the Emirates full of confidence and rightly so. After all, they have beaten Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool this campaign and will feel that they can complete the 'Grand Slam' by beating us.

After the way the weekend's results have gone for us so far its vital we win today. It would heap pressure on Manchester United and Chelsea. Those two clubs are looking vulnerable at the moment and it's important that we make them feel even more worried about us.

I can feel it in my water. I feel a big win for Arsenal today. As I say, I mean no disrespect to Villa but I just have that feeling in my stomach that Arsenal will be right up for this one and if it all clicks then Villa are in for a very tough afternoon.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Stephen Hunt/Phil Brown are the new Robbie Savage/Sam Allardyce

Two people I can't stand in football are Robbie Savage and Sam Allardyce. Absolute knobs.

Occasionally Robbie Savage's antics have made me laugh but only because they are so pathetic. It's laughing at him, not laughing with him.

I remember Robbie Savage getting Gilberto Silva sent off at Ewood Park and I wasn't laughing then. Incidents like that sum players like Robbie Savage up. Annoying little fuckers whose main aim in a game is to disrupt things and stop the opposition from performing.

When we played Hull City last week Stephen Hunt reminded me a lot of Robbie Savage. He was buzzing about kicking people and annoying them. Generally being a little twat.

Robbie Savage maybe a cock but at least he has a little character off the pitch. Having a shit in the ref's toilet and not flushing after is one example I can think of. Stephen Hunt brings nothing more than spoiling and is the modern day Robbie Savage. But without any charisma.

I suppose playing for someone like Phil Brown suits Hunt down to the ground. In my opinion the tanned one is the muggiest manager about at the moment. Even muggier than Sam Allardyce and I thought that was impossible.

Phil Brown was taught by the former muggiest manager about for over six years and has taken mugginess to an absolute new level. In fact I think the orange one has raised the bar of mugginess to an unreachable height.

Fat Sam hates Arsenal and his disciple has taken that on board. Any chance to have a pop and the oompa loopa will attack. It's an obsession.

I never thought that I would hate anyone in football as much as I do Robbie Savage or Sam Allardyce. Well, I'm as surprised as anyone to discover that there are dick-heads out there who are as irritating as both. If not worse.

Stand aside Fat Sam. Stand aside Lilly Savage. You have been bettered and I never thought this was possible. Stephen Hunt the cunt and Phil Brown the clown have surpassed even your impeccably annoying standards.

Keep it Goonerish................

Friday, 25 December 2009

Sod Christmas, I just want three points against Villa!

I'll be honest, Christmas doesn't really do it for me.

All that getting up at the crack of dawn (not Dawn French), the Queen's speech, sitting round the table playing happy families when really you wanna spark out the mother-in-law, playing scrabble or eye-spy, pretending you like the socks you were bought;

It just aint for me.

What I want on Christmas day is a plate of turkey, stuffing, copious amounts of Coors lights and about a million of those little sausages wrapped in bacon. That's what Christmas is all about for me. Those pigs in blankets. I fucking love those things.

When the day is finally over, *yippee*, we usually play on Boxing Day. In this festive period however, we do not. It seems in recent weeks that we have to play a day later than our rivals. Perhaps Wenger was right when he said that whoever produced the fixture list was 'special'.

Back to Villa. This game is massive. It's even bigger than the pants I got as a present this morning. So sod Christmas, I just want three points against Aston Villa.

Seriously though, even though I hate Christmas I hope you all have a good 'un! Be merry and enjoy. Its a day off work. For most.

Keep it Goonerish...................

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Now Aston Villa fans can start getting saucy!

We face Aston Villa in the Christmas period this season and we faced them last campaign around the same time.

At the moment Aston Villa, like last year, are flying high. I have every reason to believe that they can last the pace this time around.

About 12 months ago I had plenty of Villa supporters coming on this very site and lets be honest, they were giving it large! They honestly believed that they would finish in the top four and, of course, it would have been at our expense.

I told them to jog on and come back at the end of the season because I didn't think they could last the pace, that Arsenal would come good before the end of the season and finish comfortably above Aston Villa in the league table.

Call me Mystic Wrighty but it happened and to be honest, I've hardly heard from a Villa fan since!

This time around Aston Villa can last the pace and I expect that they will be challenging for the last Champions League place at the end of the season. I look at Villa and I see a strong side with a good manager. The disappointment of last season will be a good motivation for them.

Looking around some Villa blogs I've read a lot of Villans saying that they shouldn't fear Arsenal and many more are even suggesting that they have a better side than ours. Now, I agree Villa shouldn't fear us but they do not have a better side than ours. That would be called getting above themselves again!

At the moment the difference in ambition is that Arsenal are going for the title and Villa are going for the Champions League places. Villa are dangerous but championship contenders they are not.

Of course they will argue differently. They have beaten three of last seasons top four already this season and are aiming to make us number four. While I see this as a difficult game I think we will have too much for them.

Villa fans have a lot to look forward too. They will not fall off the pace this season and I genuinely believe that. They will challenge for the top four.

We however, also have a lot to look forward too. We can win the league! We can be champions! Chelsea and United are there for the taking and we have to take advantage. We have to win games against the likes of Villa and I'm sure we will this weekend.

Keep it Goonerish.............

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Could Klaas-Jan Huntelaar revive his career with us?

About this time last year if you were asked whether you wanted Klaas-Jan Huntelaar in your team you'd probably have been pretty excited by the prospect.

The man was a goal-machine, albeit in a weaker Dutch league, but was untested in a stronger European one. However, he has a strong goal-scoring record at international level.

He signed for Real Madrid in January 2009 and the move ended up being a nightmare for him. The Hunter became a victim of Real Madrid going back to their old-school 'Galactico’ policy and in short, was shipped as soon as possible.

The move to AC Milan in the summer of 2009 has been a bit of a bastard to Huntelaar too. He has been kept out of the team and has struggled to regain the type of form he showed at Ajax, the type of form that gave him the nickname 'The Hunter'.

His country, Holland, are one of the favourites for the World Cup in 2010 but the Dutchman has been warned that he is expected to be playing regular football if he wants to go to the World Cup. He isn't getting regular football at Milan, that's for sure.

In fact, he's probably getting the hump with all the splinters in his arse from the bench.

We have been linked with Huntelaar numerous times over the years and I have to say that many Gooners were upset that we have never signed him. Maybe Wenger has seen reasons not to sign him? Maybe he felt that 'The Hunter' wasn't good enough for Arsenal or the English Premier League? After all, he hasn't really set Spain or Italy alight has he?

My take is that in the past he would probably have cost a huge amount of money and we know that Arsene Wenger sees a players valuation and won't go higher. We were probably priced out of a move. Nothing wrong with that. I'm only assuming mind.

In my opinion, now could be a good time to make a move. It may seem that 'The Hunter' has been a flop over the last 12 months but I honestly feel that he could thrive at Arsenal. And we need a striker.

If circumstances had been different for him at Real Madrid then we could be looking at a player who is top-scorer in the Spanish league. It's not his fault he wasn't a big enough name for the 'Galactios'.

His confidence has probably sapped due to his time at Madrid and Milan have hardly helped matters. He hasn't really been given a chance to show what he can do there and to see a fat Ronaldinho playing if front of you can't help.

He needs to be revived. Arsene Wenger is the man for reviving players. A player with an undoubted scoring ability, desperate to go to the World Cup, and one who wants to prove himself in a top European league. Sounds good to me.

We need a striker, I see no reason why 'The Hunter' can't have fresh breath breathed into his careers lungs and at the same time help Arsenal to trophies.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Sunday, 20 December 2009

I was more impressed by the fight than the performance!

Have that Phil Brown. Have that right in your fake-tanned, frazzled, oompa loompa face! Did you see him? Trying to header an imaginary ball? Twat!

Sorry, rant over. I just don't like Phil Brown.

What a crucial win that was. After seeing Manchester United lose, and lose quite heavily, Spurs, Villa and Manchester City win, that was a very pleasing three points to earn.

The pressure was on the boys and they responded. It shows character and maybe in the past we haven't showed that kind of character often enough. We did it last week when results went our way but then flopped against Burnley so we do have it. We just need to show it more.

Speaking of character I was very impressed by the fight in the match. Now don't for one second believe that I am a hooligan who loves to watch a brawl. That's only on a Tuesday. I was impressed by the way the players stuck together and really looked after each other.

Now, Nasri proved himself to be a right little git by stamping on that Hull City players foot but the way he went down was embarrassing wasn't it? It was like a sniper from row Z took him out. I swear if someone in my Sunday or Saturday football team went down like that we'd have left him there.

What followed gave me a little happy feeling in my stomach. Hull players larged it, especially that midget Hunt and former Spud Barmby, but the Arsenal players responded and immediately raced in to stick up for their pal Nasri. The melee that followed was hand-bags really and it continued down the tunnel at half-time.

Now you may say Wrighty, you are out of line here, how can you give the thumbs up to that kind of behaviour? There were kids watching. My reason? It's because we have been accused of being softies and it showed that we have a lot of fight in the team. It proves that we have players willing to defend each other and stick together.

It's times like this when you know who your mates are and this whole Arsenal team proved to each other that they have got each others backs. How quick was Silvestre to race in? That's good stuff. He has his critics but I think people have a stubborn on view on Silvestre. Le-Grove think so too. And I agree with them that he had a very good game yesterday. I also agree that this game in hand has become a farce. It was cancelled in August for Jebus Christ.

So we were written off by almost everyone and in truth we have always been right bang in the mixer. What can annoy me is that it's only December and people are quick to write us off. Even Gooners do it.

Of course I can understand the frustration at times and it seems a little silly to say be patient because we have been for five years now! But we have to believe we can win the title. I do. If we can create that feeling throughout everyone then we have a fantastic chance.

Get that feeling spread around and it will show through to the players. Then maybe they will believe even more too. The fight we showed yesterday proves to me this squad have the bollocks, lets show some bollocks too and get right behind them.

Keep it Goonerish....................

Friday, 18 December 2009

Wenger you fool! Phil Brown and Tony Pulis achieve their season's targets and Le Boss to Manchester City?

Here we go again. The usual suspects are coming out in force to have a pop at Arsene Wenger. There is nothing new there really is there?

The lame-brain dimbalow's like Phil Brown and Tony Pulis were just biding their time and now they have achieved their season's target and it aint even Christmas yet!

And I'm not talking about avoiding relegation either. No, their campaign target is to have a go at Arsene Wenger because amongst the BHWB* it is the most popular thing to do.

The likes of Mark Hughes, Tony Pulis, Fat Sam Allardyce, Harry Redknapp and Phil Brown can't wait to get the claws out and dig them deep into Arsene Wenger's back. I can imagine them all having a lovely cup of British tea discussing when is the best time to strike.

Mark Hughes had a go during the game against Manchester City and did after the match too, while Tony Pulis and Phil Brown have opened their gates over Wenger's comments about fixture congestion and weakened sides. As it happens, Fat Sam aint said anything yet but I can imagine him shit-stirring the others into doing his dirty work.

Harry Redknapp? That baggy-eyed bastard can't even control his players. Here

What Pulis and Brown do not understand is that Arsene Wenger is a very clever man and he has reason's for coming out with such a barbed comment. He spoke about fixture congestion and weakened side's because he knew that it would cause a reaction; thus taking the attention of the fact we only drew at Burnley.

It's called taking the heat off your team!

Of course we can't expect the slightly dim for not realising this. But then again Phil Brown isn't the brightest spark is he? Too many sunbeds have frazzled his brain. Phil would rather hit the head-lines for the wrong reasons. He loves the lime-light and if his team suffers then so be it. Remember his half-time talk on the pitch? That just embarrassed professional football players and put his name in lights.

Tony Pulis? I think he is just trying to follow the British trend that the likes of Fat Sam, Brown and Hughes have set. In case Pulis' case, he is new to the BHWB and is just trying to fit in. Brown served his apprenticeship under the leader Fat Sam, Hughes likewise with Fergie. Fergie has retired from the BHWB.

These donuts should just concentrate on their own.

Also I read today that Manchester City have targeted Arsene Wenger. That would make him even less popular amongst the BHWB! Imagine Wenger taking one of their jobs!

Could you seriously see Arsene Wenger at Manchester City? He turned down Real Madrid for crying out loud. Not only that, Wenger has always spoken about morals and he believes that the way City are doing things is immoral.

I don't really care how Manchester City do things really. They have money so they spend it, they have every right to spend it. But could you imagine Wenger at City?

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan - 'Arsene, you have billions to spend. Why don't you use it?'

Wenger - 'Because it is immoral and I believe in this young team.'

Nuff said.

*BHWB-British Hate Wenger Brigade

Keep it Goonerish........................

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A cold Wednesday night in Burnley? These are the nights that worry me!

Tonight, in my opinion, is a bigger test than Liverpool were on Sunday.

On paper you would say that Liverpool at Anfield would be a harder game than against Burnley at Turf Moor but football is not always that straight forward!

An away game against the likes of Burnley in the cold month of December is one that Arsenal have struggled with in recent years. To prove that we are genuine title contenders, and I believe we are, we have to win tonight.

Nothing other than a win is acceptable. I'm not saying that Arsenal have a divine right to win, and I know for a fact that Burnley will make it extremely uncomfortable, but it is no good getting a fantastic result at Liverpool and losing or drawing tonight because it makes that vital win at Anfield pointless.

Burnley will be up for this. Games against the likes of Arsenal are their cup finals and we have to match their commitment. If we don't then I shudder to think what could happen.

In recent times I've always worried about Arsenal when we face games like the one tonight. We have been vulnerable.

I hope the Arsenal players don't turn up and think that just their very presence is enough to win the game because we have made that mistake in the past and paid for it. We have to want the win and want it bad.

I've backed this squad from the beginning and I thoroughly believe that come the end of the season we will still be challenging for the Premiership crown. Despite title's not being decided in December, tonight will provide a real test to this Arsenal side's title credentials and it's a test we must come through.

Keep it Goonerish..................

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

If Wayne Rooney/Steven Gerrard were foreign they would be hung, drawn and quartered!

If Wayne Rooney was called Wolfgang Roonio or Steven Gerrard was named Staffan Gerard then I should imagine that reactions throughout the English media may have been a little different over the last 10 days or so.

Remember earlier in the season when our very own Eduardo, a foreigner, dived against Celtic? Of course you do, and will for a long time. Probably because the onslaught from the English media became a massive witch-hunt.

Arsene Wenger was criticised for defending Eduardo at the time but looking back you have to make him right. I know Eduardo did go down easy against Celtic, in fact, he dived. The reaction following the incident though was unbelievable.

What I would like to know is, why haven't Rooney and Gerrard suffered the same vicious campaign as Eduardo did? The obvious answer is because both are English and when English players dive then a blind eye is turned.

No wonder Arsene Wenger felt the need to defend Eduardo.

The silence following Gerrard and Rooney's dives over the last 10 days has been deafening. Both incidents have almost been wiped off the face of the earth and the worst thing is both players have previous and yet still nothing is said.

The Eduardo situation was the first time that I have ever seen him do anything like that. People may argue but the fact is Rooney and Gerrard are serial divers. Just type in 'Wayne Rooney diving' or 'Steven Gerrard diving' on YouTube and you will see so much footage.

For a change Rooney was caught out and booked for yet another blatant attempt to con the ref at the weekend. Had he got away with it again I'd have really felt for Aston Villa because we Gooners have been cheated out of games not once, but twice by Wayne Rooney theatrics.

Steven Gerrard will probably feel harshly done by at Anfield against us on Sunday. My immediate reaction was that he dived. Replays show that the Gallas tackle could have gone either way really. Perhaps the ref had the Gerrard dive against Blackburn from the previous week fresh in his mind.

If Theo Walcott, an Arsenal and England player of course, dived and the media failed to pick up on it, like they have with Rooney and Gerrard, then I would question it. The fact is both have got away from a public mullering when really if they were foreign, like Eduardo, they would have been hung, drawn and quartered.

It stinks of hypocrisy and the smell of something else wafts stronger too; Xenophobia.

Keep it Goonerish...................

Friday, 11 December 2009

He's free, he's class, let's sign him before we regret it!

The other day, unless I'm mistaken, I'm sure heard Le Boss say that we needed a striker. Now I didn't clean my ears properly that day but Wenger also said the player had to be free and world class.

Now forgive me if I'm wrong but there are not a lot of players out there who really come into that category. It's kinda clutching at straws. One player who has crossed my mind, and many times over the years, is the Brazilian striker, Adriano.

Adriano is available on a free transfer. He has proven in the past that he is world class and I reckon that Arsene Wenger should take a gamble and sign him for Arsenal. After all, Wenger took a gamble on Amauri Bischoff so why not Adriano?

People will say that there aren't that many clubs after him, and that clubs like West Ham are interested in him so he isn't good enough for Arsenal. I say take a chance. If we don't we may well regret it.

What happens if he signs for West Ham and plays like his old-self? Give it a year and he'll be signing for Manchester United for £15m and Wenger will be saying that we had a chance to sign him when he was free. I've heard that before!

I believe that clubs may not take a gamble because of his bad-boy reputation. Who else is better than making players believe in themselves and getting them back to their best? Look no further than Arsene Wenger.

Players in this Arsenal squad would benefit hugely from having a talent like Adriano in the team. Its a win-win situation. And all for nothing?

Sometimes you have to take a gamble. In the summer I said that maybe Arsenal should make a move for Micheal Owen, who was a free transfer at the time. I was slated. Around 2-3 days later he signed for Manchester United. Now I know that he hasn't set the world alight there but he was worth a gamble and look how he repaid United the other night.

It's World Cup year and Adriano will want to go. He has a point to prove. Imagine how he will play for the remainder of this season. Out of his skin I suspect.

Some will say I'm playing Football Manager with this one. I'm just summing up what Wenger has said and I'm suggesting a target. In my eyes it's an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Strong, lethal in front of goal, good in the air and all for nothing. Come on Arsene, sign him up!

Keep it Goonerish..............

Arsenal AND Liverpool still in it

Neither Arsenal or Liverpool go into this game in the best of form but it has to said that both clubs always seem to react when their backs are against the wall.

Everyman, his dog, uncle, nan and carpet have written both clubs off. Looking at the amount of defeats we and Liverpool have suffered in the league you could understand why they may all have a point. Even the dog.

Okay, Arsenal and Liverpool have lost more times than Manchester United and Chelsea but I don't write either off. It may sound mad, it may sound that I've lost my marbles but in my crazy mind I honestly don't believe that the race is just between United and Chelsea.

The current top two are well beatable and that has been proved already this season. Of course ourselves and Liverpool have proved we are beatable too but I reckon that you could probably allow for 6-7 defeats and still be crowned Premiership champions.

It's so open this campaign and it's only Arsenal and Liverpool's inconsistancy at crucial times that is preventing us both from being closer to the top of the table. We have already gone on a long unbeaten run this season and I see no reason why we can't do it again. Liverpool haven't really been on a run as a such but you know that they are more than capable of stringing together a sequance of unbeaten games.

People will always say Manchester United and Chelsea have the strongest sides on paper. This is another thing that I disagree with. Full strength Arsenal and Liverpool sides can match those two all day long.

I hate to use injuries as an excuse but how can you not when you see the decimated squad that Arsenal have? Sometimes injuries can be dealt with but when it's at such a crucial period of the season and not forgetting the amount we have had to content with, you can understand why we have hit this bad run of form.

Liverpool have suffered too and playing a big part of the season without their two most influencial players in Gerrard and Torres haven't helped their chances. Both are available for Sunday and that's why I reckon that playing Liverpool, right now, is a dangerous time to go to Anfield.

As it happens, I fancy this one to be very tight. I expect Arsenal to play Liverpool off the park as is the case when Arsenal play most sides! My only hope though is that we actually take/create enough chances to win the game. We are always vunerable at the back and with Gerrard and Torres playing you have to say that Liverpool pose a big danger.

There will be goals. Liverpool haven't had the best record at home this season and if Arsenal were flying, like before the last international break, then I would say Liverpool were there for the taking. Le Grove believe there couldn't be a better time to play Liverpool whereas I'm slightly more cautious!

I'm reckoning a score draw is on the cards. I'd take 4-4 and Arshavin to score all eight but I doubt it will be that many this time around.

A point is always regarded as a good result at Anfield and I'd settle for that this weekend. We can build on that and get our season back on track. Liverpool can too.

Keep it Goonerish.....................

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Imagine the impact?

Whilst it can feel safe and secure having familiarity surrounding you, sometimes a little change can be good. It's a bit like me. I love a Coors Light and a Silk Cut. Sometimes though I can get a little wild and have a Peroni and a Benson and Hedges Silver. Its just the way I am.

Today I've read, and I can read, that Dennis Bergkamp has claimed Arsene Wenger wants him back at Arsenal. Not in a playing sense as the experienced striker we all want, that would be silly, but to join the coaching set-up.

What are you waiting for Dennis??!!

Of course Dennis Bergkamp is currently at Ajax, as the youth team coach. Ajax, like Arsenal, will always have a big place in Bergkamp's heart and the Ajax fans may love the Dutchman but I doubt that they love him like we Gooners do!

That's why I'm calling for 'God' to come back home now. Imagine the impact that bringing the Ice-Man back into the fold would have at the club? Not only would it raise the players but it would raise us Gooners too.

Over at Le Grove the guys talk about the impact the likes of Arshavin and Vermaelen have made with Arsenal. I totally agree. Of course as players they have an influence on and off the field but imagine the influence of someone like Dennis Bergkamp on this squad. The man has been there, done that and done it some more.

An Arsenal legend, if these players couldn't learn from him then who could they possibly learn from?

A change behind the scenes may do Arsenal some good too. It's been pretty much the same set-up for a while now and the arrival of someone like Dennis Bergkamp would freshen things up a little.

Bergkamp has said that he and Arsene Wenger share the same vision, that's great because we Gooners have become accustomed to a very familiar type of football nowadays. What Bergkamp will bring is different ideas and that will only benefit our boys.

Ajax churn out player after player of quality who play football the right way. Arsenal do too. The next step up for Bergkamp at this stage of his career would be to join Arsenal sooner rather than later.

It makes sense. Come home 'God!'

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Monday, 7 December 2009

I hope Steve Gerrard stays on his feet this Sunday!

Let me start by saying that this isn't a pop at Steve Gerrard! In my honest stinking opinion I reckon that he is the England national team's best player by far. Frank Lampard? Wayne Rooney? They couldn't lace Gerrard's boots.

But doesn't he go down a little easy??

Now Liverpool supporters will say 'What a cheek!' especially when there was the Eduardo incident earlier this season. Liverpool themselves have had the same with N'Gog. Pretty embarrassing for both clubs I might add.

But back to Gerrard, against Blackburn he went down very easily again. He does it quite regularly in fact. I've seen a You-Tube clip and I have to say that the Liverpool skipper goes down easier than Paris Hilton.

If he was from Southern Europe, played in the Premiership and did this as often as he does then he would be classed as a diver. If he was from Southern Europe, played in Southern Europe and did this as often as he does he would be seen as clever.

The fact is he is plays in the Premiership, goes down often but this is often overlooked because he is English. Pure and simple. The Match of the Day presenters laughed off what he did against Blackburn. Is this fair?

My concern is that he does the same against us at Anfield on Sunday because I have no doubt that the referee will give a penalty. It happened in the Champions League with Ryan Babal.

This a massive game for us and Liverpool. Despite people saying both clubs are out of the title race I disagree. Both are still in the race.

I just hope that another massive Anfield match between us isn't decided another dodgy penalty decision.

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, back in the race we go!

Morning all!

My football match was called off due to adverse weather conditions. Apparently it's too wet. The groundsman may have a point, I'm sure I just saw Noah go past my bedroom window. Now my problem is that football on a Sunday is one of a number of physical activities in my week. The others being getting pissed and drinking from dog-bowls. I could just go swimming. It appears that a swimming pool has formed itself in my back garden over night.

Anyway, onto Arsenal and this very rare Sunday post. So rare it could be a collectors item. We are back. We looked very impressive against Stoke City yesterday. The pessimistic will say that it was only Stoke but you can only beat what is in front of you. We did. And did it well.

A lot of stick has been thrown at Arsenal lately. Well it was always gonna happen, and we probably deserved it. Three defeats in a row aint the greatest of form but maybe this stick gave Arsenal a kick straight up the jacksie.

If I was Arsene Wenger I'd use little man syndrome for these players. We are probably the smallest team in the Premiership. Not quite Snow White's mates but not far from it either. On their day these little fellas in Arsenal shirts can play the best football ever seen to mankind. That's no joke.

Our problem is the likes of Chelsea can stop us from playing this Harlem globe-trotter style and brand of football. We seem to be out-muscled. I wouldn't say bullied but even if we eat our weetabix man just can't compete.

What do we do? I think we need to get the cheque book out. Le Boss needs to dust down the old wallet and spend some wonga. I'd sign a striker because in my eyes you defend from the front and the little fellas like Eduardo and Vela, try as they might, won't get a lot of joy from the likes of John Terry.

Nickla Bendtner could. But like RVP he is injured. RVP's season is pretty much over. It aint pretty though. You cannot rely on Nikki B all season because we could find ourselves in this position again. Like we are in now!

With this new formation we are using, one main striker, you need someone with plenty of strength and work-rate. RVP was beginning to show that side to his game before he was written off for the season.

Over at Le Grove they give Arshavin a big gee up. He signed in January last season and he gave Arsenal and Gooners a real lift when we needed it. Signing someone this January could have a similar impact.

So who do we sign? In my opinion, it doesn't even have to be a permanent deal for anyone. A loan signing could do the trick. In some quarters I've seen the name Adriano mentioned. Now I used to love Adriano. He was massive in my eyes and I don't mean his weight. He has had some well-publicised problems but he seems over them. Perhaps a loan deal for him? If, he was back to his best. And he would be available in the Champions League. Wenger would be ideal for him.

Chamakh is an obvious choice for some. It's known that Wenger has shown interest in him in the past. Like Arshavin was, he'd be cup-tied in the Champions League so it wouldn't faze Wenger to sign him. He'd probably be a cheap option. Wenger style.

It's difficult thats for sure but there are options out there for Arsene Wenger. If we do make a signing it needs to be someone with a physical presense. Little Arshavin did the trick yesterday but we can't rely on that for the rest of the season.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Perhaps Wenger's petulance is a smart move?

Well that was frustrating! I dunno what would be more frustrating to be honest. Watching that game and being beat 3-0 (again) or having all the Playboy bunnies gyrating naked in front of me, giving me the come-on, whilst having my hands tied behind my back and being blindfolded.

One thing is for certain, and in spite of this defeat being in the Carling Cup, we need to stop this rot quickly. The faster the better and in my eyes, this game against Stoke City at the weekend could be the biggest game in our season. This early!

We need to win, and need to win badly. A much needed win is vital because we have some difficult matches coming up. At the moment, hand on heart, do you fancy these boys going to tough away games at Liverpool and then a freezing Burnley on a Wednesday night and getting wins?

I'm not reading too much into this game tonight but I reckon that the manner of the defeat could be another blow to our confidence. As against Chelsea we rarely threatened to score, again, and I have to say that we are looking short of ideas in attack at the moment.

That's fair enough, you have times when you struggle in front of goal, but our problem is that at the other end we always look like conceding. We are like someone puking and shitting at the same time, suffering at both ends!

Maybe this the reason for Wenger's petulance at the end of the game. I understand that Wenger takes losing about as good as John Terry's mother takes things from M&S but at times he needs to take it on the chin.

Of course he had a barney with Mark Hughes during the game but to walk down the tunnel at the end without shaking hands is a little bit silly. It's silly because it gives twats like Phil Brown and Mark Hughes ammo in the future. Not forgetting the media who will probably have a field day.

Maybe its clever play from Le Boss? Maybe he did this to take the probable media onslaught away from the fact we have lost three in a row and deflect the attention on to him? Could be a smart move.

Keep it Goonerish.................