Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I'd rather Arsene Wenger sign Mikel Arteta than Andrei Arshavin

Over the past twelve months Andrei Arshavin has become a big name in European football. He has undoubted talent and announced his intention of leaving Zenit St. Petersburg of Russia.

The price bandied about for Andrei Arshavin is £20m, extortionate for a player who is unproven outside of Russia. £10m would be worth a risk but probably a risk worth taking.

Arsenal have been linked with a move for him since the summer and while I agree that a player of his ability would be welcome at Arsenal there could be someone a little closer to home, who I believe would be better value too!

For me Mikel Arteta would be a perfect signing for Arsenal and I'm sure he would cost a lot less than £20m!

In Arsene Wenger's programme notes for Sunday’s match against Portsmouth he admitted Arsenal might need a creative spark due to the injuries Fabregas, Walcott and Rosicky have suffered.

Arshavin and Arteta are players who can provide that spark but Arteta has something that Arshavin doesn't possess. Premiership experience.

Arteta wouldn't need time to settle in at Arsenal. He has played in the Premiership since 2005 and Arsenal need players who can make an impact now. He is used to the league and I'd argue that Arshavin, despite his talent, would need at least six months to acclimatise to Premiership football.

Mikel Arteta is very versatile and that would appeal to Arsene Wenger, who as we all know, loves to play players out of position. Able to play anywhere across the midfield, Arteta would be
a vital player for anyone to have.

We could use him in the middle of the park to provide cover for Cesc's absence and when Cesc returns he can quite easily play on either side of midfield where he has excelled for Everton.

I think he would relish a move to Arsenal. Without sounding disrespectful to Everton, it would help his chances of international football too. He would be playing in the Champions League regularly and that always gets the eye of a national coach.

I read that Everton are in need of money and David Moyes needs to sell before he can buy. I wonder if Wenger could put in an offer that just maybe too good to refuse.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Carlos Vela can smash Pompey to bits!

There has to be a time when Carlos Vela is let loose on the Premiership and today should be that day.

Pompey come to the Emirates after being battered at home by West Ham and should be there for the taking.

I'd start Vela on the left and Nasri on the right and really take the game to Portsmouth.

Carlos Vela played in Spain for 3 seasons on the left wing and absolutely destroyed Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid in one game. That is no mean feat.

Vela has been slowly acclimatised to the Premiership by Wenger, used sparingly. Now is the time to begin to play him.

I love to watch Vela as he plays with a smile on his face and I have no doubt that he will become a great player. Maybe one of the best in the world.

Pompey coming to the Emirates brings the return of an Arsenal legend, Tony Adams.

I hope he gets the chance to continue his job at Pompey and I hope he does well because of who he is.

I also like Portsmouth and the Pompey faithful, who I believe, aside from Gooners of course, are the best fans in the Premiership.

But I still want Arsenal to smash Portsmouth regardless of Tony Adams or the Pompey crowd!

I really believe we could be about to embark on a long unbeaten run soon. Its got to happen at some stage of the season and a big win today could spark our season back into life!

Also keep an eye on Distin, have a feeling he maybe a Gunner in January!

Arsenal 3-0 Portsmouth

Keep it Goonerish.............

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Do you really believe Arsene Wenger?

In Arsene Wenger's post-match interview in the clash against Aston Villa he says he has no deals lined up for the January transfer window "at the moment".

I don't believe him. Throughout Arsene Wenger's time as the Arsenal manager he has always played his cards close to his chest. You never know what is going to happen.

I wouldn't worry about what he says, just wait until something or nothing happens.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Forget the title Arsene, capitalise on Aston Villa's burn out

Arsene Wenger needs to forget about the title. Our chances of winning the league ended a long time ago.

Wenger needs to be realistic now. A top four finish has to be the priority for Arsenal and we are in for a long hard battle to achieve it.

I hate to say this but we need to forget about Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. They are on another level at the moment.

We need to concentrate on finishing above Aston Villa and claim that fourth spot in the league table.

Its not going to be easy because Aston Villa are proving to be real contenders and are worthy of their lofty position. They deserve it.

However, Aston Villa are in very good form at the moment and this cannot last forever. There will be a time in the season when they hit a brick wall and Arsenal must be there to capitalise on the situation.

Arsenal need to keep pace with Villa because the season is a marathon, not a sprint and when Villa begin to slow down then Arsenal must pounce.

Aston Villa have a small squad and tend to use the same starting eleven every week. It would be interesting to see how Aston Villa would cope with losing key players to injury like Arsenal have had to do.

They have been lucky in this respect compared to Arsenal this campaign. I think they would struggle without Barry or Young in the side. Any side would.

There will be a time when Aston Villa have to solve these problems and I don't think they could.

Arsene Wenger needs to get the cheque book out and I think he will.

A couple of signings in the transfer window would be a boost to the club and give us Gooners a much needed lift. New arrivals may also give Arsenal a new leash of life and some added verve.

This will be crucial in the second phase of the season. And it's obvious we have yet to have seen the best of Arsenal this season over a sustained period of time.

Aston Villa are on a fantastic run at the moment and that is something Arsenal haven't done this season, yet.

I'm sure at some point Arsenal will go on a long unbeaten run with a lot of victories. That, combined with Aston Villa running out of steam will be enough for Arsenal to claim fourth place.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Friday, 26 December 2008

Underdogs against Aston Villa??? UNHEARD OF!

I'm 26 years old and I've never heard of Arsenal going into a game against Aston Villa as underdogs. Until now.

Well, times are changing. I'll take nothing away from Aston Villa. Under Martin O'Neill's guidance they have proved to be a real force this season and thoroughly deserve their lofty position in the table.

Arsenal on the other hand have struggled to gain any consistency this season. Except being inconsistent and that is a kind of a consistency I guess.....

Anyhow today will prove to be a very tough game for both sides. It really is a six-pointer and could prove to be a defining moment of the season.

Victory for either side will provide a huge psychological boost in the race for Champions League places. That's how important today is. It will have repercussions for the rest of the season.

I understand the reason's for people writing Arsenal off. I've done it myself to an extent. But the season can be saved. And it will start with a victory today for Arsenal.

Without sounding arrogant Aston Villa used to be a game where I expected three points. I don't and can't anymore. Villa are too good for that and deserve respect.

But I think an Arsenal win is on the cards today. There will be hairy moments but I think Arsenal will pull through.

This is a big game and these Arsenal players appear to have a big game mentality. We've seen it against Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Both sides will want to win so much and the team that shows the most hunger will win. Villa smashed us at the Emirates because they wanted it more and deserved the three points.

Arsenal need to use that performance against Villa as motivation or they may as well not bother to turn up.

Aston Villa will be hungry today but I expect Arsenal to be starving. We will upset the odds and win today.

Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal.

A big win today could really kick-start our season. A couple of signings in the transfer window and you never know, it may end up being a great season.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Xmas, maybe Scrooge will buy us some gifts!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Arsene Wenger has been compared to Scrooge because of his reluctance to splash some cash!

Well Scrooge changed and if he can then so can Wenger.

Here's hoping that Mr Wenger has sent Santa his Xmas wish list for the new year and Arsenal get the players required to revive the season.

All is not lost on this Xmas day. A win over Aston Villa tomorrow could kick-start the campaign, add those new faces and Arsenal get a top four place easily and the Champions League trophy arrives at the Emirates!

Have a happy crimbo and never forget.........

Keep it Goonerish...............

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Arsenal will rise from the ashes..............

Arsene Wenger is facing the toughest spell of his Arsenal career but I don't doubt his capabilities to guide us through this rough patch.

Things are looking bleak for Arsenal at the moment so in theory things can only get better - and they will.

I'm worried about the direction that Arsenal seem to be heading, that is a fact I can't deny, but we are in the safest hands possible with Arsene Wenger in charge.

It's difficult at the moment and we Gooners don't have much to cheer about, especially with Cesc Fabregas ruled out for so long, but the club has been through worse times than this.

The season can still be saved. I'm not saying we can win the league but fourth place has to be the target, and I still believe the Champions League trophy is destined for the Emirates.

I admit after last season's near-miss fourth place is a step backwards but it's vital to reach the Champions League next season for so many reasons. Especially finanically.

To do this Wenger needs to dip into the transfer market - and I think he will.

The injury to Fabregas will force his arm into entering the market and it's a shame its taken an injury to do so.

We needed to buy before Fabregas was injured, even more so now. A couple of new signings will be a breathe of fresh air around the club and will give everyone a lift, propelling Arsenal's second half of the season.

It seems all doom and gloom at the moment and I must admit, yesterday I felt very pissed off about things but I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

We Gooners need to stick together and unite. We will get through this. Lets create a mentality of "us against the world".

Keep it Goonerish.............

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Mr Wenger, are you an agent or a football manager?

A shitty day has been made complete upon hearing the news that Cesc Fabregas may be out until April.

I'm seriously pissed off. We are fucked. Please, excuse my French.

Within 12 months we have gone from having the best midfield in the Premiership into having a midfield that a mid-table side would be proud of.

Arsene Wenger has hinted he may splash the cash, do you take him at face value for it?

I'm seriously worried now. I was confident of a top four finish, despite Aston Villa smashing up the Premiership, now I'm more hopeful.

Wenger says that buying players doesn't always solve problems, bollocks. We need to spend money.

I don't care that it may "kill" a young players career. I care about Arsenal. And the way things are going we are in for a very hard season.

Wenger needs to think very seriously about his next move. Arsenal are struggling, it looks like it may get worse.

It obvious to most that Arsenal need to buy. We have just lost our most influential and best player for a large chunk of the campaign. And we needed to buy before that happened!

Please Mr Wenger, save the season while you still can.

Put Arsenal first, not a career. Who knows, signing some class may even give the club a boost and the young players who's careers are threatened may even have some influential figures to look up to!

Keep it Goonerish........

Monday, 22 December 2008

This is why it's frustrating to be a Gooner!

When Arsenal went down to ten men yesterday I must admit I feared the worst.

Liverpool were controlling the game up to that point but the sending off changed everything, surprisingly in Arsenal's favour.

The attitude shown from the Arsenal players after Adebayor's dismissal was top class.

The red card created a siege mentality throughout the Arsenal ranks, the players worked their socks off.

Gooners who attended the game should be proud of themselves. The atmosphere was electric and this buoyed the players who responded with a real backs to the wall performance.

The players at Arsenal really frustrate me. The commitment shown when going down to ten men is what we Gooners what to see all the time.

I've lost count of the number of times this season when I have seen lacklustre performances and the players look like they don't want to be there.

Why does this squad only seem up for it when we are up against it???

If Arsenal played like they did when we went down to ten men yesterday all the time then most Gooners would be satisfied.

We want to see the players giving everything and I couldn't begrudge them defeat if I saw that they were giving their all.

Arsene Wenger is right, these players do have character. I've seen it against Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

But the problem is we don't see enough of it.

Keep it Goonerish.................

Friday, 19 December 2008

Rio Ferdinand must be "murking" the English media

Rio Ferdinand says that Wayne Rooney can become the best centre-forward in the world. He must be up to his usual pranks then!

Ferdinand fancies himself as a bit of a prankster so this comes as no surprise. He is "murking" the English media, expect him to pop out at any time to announce that he "murked" everyone.

Wayne Rooney is good. But the best centre-forward in the world? I dont think so.

I think that he is over-hyped because he is English. We English love to go over the top. Especially the media.

If Rooney was Spanish or French we would be saying that he is good but not great.

I spoke to a Spanish guy on holiday and he said that David Villa would piss all over Rooney, I was inclined to agree with him.

As I've said, Rooney is good. He works hard for the team and you have to give him credit for that, and he does have some ability, I can't deny that but the best, I think not.

Keep it Goonerish............

No chance of De Rossi now and the truth maybe heard!

Daniele De Rossi of Roma has been linked with a move to Arsenal recently but there is no chance of that move happening now we have drawn them in the Champions League.

I'm quite happy with the draw. I would have been happy with anyone other than Barcelona really. Not through fear, I just want revenge against them in the final.

I doubt De Rossi would have joined anyway. He is Roma through and through. He was born in Rome, he came through the youth system at the club and his father also played for Roma.

Add that to the fact that Italian internationals barely leave Italy through fear of jeopardising their place in the national side and you have some valid reasons for him staying at Roma!

Major Arsenal shareholder Lady Bracewell-Smith has been given the Gooner from the board at Arsenal.

Her family have been involved with Arsenal for almost 70 years and she is far from happy. I don't blame her either!

She is a Gooner who loves the club and the way she has been ousted is pretty disgraceful.

She has explained that some of views were ignored on many occasions and I think that may have something to do with football being a "mans world" so to speak.

The Arsenal board are pretty old school and I imagine for that reason she was ignored, which is wrong of course.

You know the saying "A woman scorned"? Well I'd be a little worried if I was in the current board at Arsenal.

Lady Bracewell-Smith may at sometime in the future reveal what is really going on behind the scenes at Arsenal.

We Gooners are not being told the truth by someone be it Wenger or the board and it would be interesting to find out wouldn't it!

Keep it Goonerish...............

Thursday, 18 December 2008

2008/09 COULD have been Arsene Wenger's easiest title win

I'm really frustrated. I look at the league table and like many Gooners I hate what I am seeing.

This season could have been so different. The title is there for the taking.

Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United are not exactly setting the league alight and we haven't taken advantage of the situation.

We have struggled this season but Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United have too.

Inside Arsene Wenger must be kicking himself. If he could have managed to keep last seasons squad together and made a couple of summer signings, this season could have been the easiest shot at the title he has ever had.

Instead we face a battle for fourth place and wonder what might have been.

I have reluntantly ruled Arsenal out of the title race and hate to do so. I can't see us not losing another game this season. We are too inconsistent and lack the quality needed.

What is frustrating me is we were almost there last season and now instead of building on that we seem to have gone backwards. We have weakened when we should have strengthened.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Arsenal were back. Now I just hope for a top four finish when really I should be thinking that we are going to be champions.

Arsenal should have been in a strong position at the top of the table. The fixture list was kind to say the least.

The way the results are going if any of the top four put a run together then they would be title winners. It's too late though for Arsenal.

It may be too late but I often wonder what might have been. We could have won it this year. This could have been Wenger's easiest title win.

Keep it Goonerish.................

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The "Martin Taylor is innocent" campaign will begin again........

I can see Arsene Wenger now. Questioned about the return of Eduardo.

"Eduardo will be like signing a new player"

That's one excuse for him not signing anyone in January I suppose. But to be honest it's true.

Eduardo will be like signing a new player and I can't wait to see him wearing the number 9 shirt on his back again.

Like every Gooner I was shocked and horrified at the injury that Eduardo suffered.

I was angry at the time because I felt that he didn't get the sympathy he deserved from the media.

It turned into a "Martin Taylor is innocent" campaign. I've often wondered how the English media would have reacted had it been Wayne Rooney on the end of a foreign players tackle.....

I suppose what is done is done and we should just be happy that Eduardo can resume his football career.

I hope he has recovered well. Not only for Arsenal's sake but for his career too.

He was beginning to find his feet in the Premiership and began to show us Gooners what he was about. I liked what I saw.

Gooners don't need me to tell them to be patient with him. We all know it will be tough but I think that Eduardo has the character to continue his career.

I actually believe he will come back stronger and even better than before. It will take time but he will get there.

Many Gooners believe we lack a natural finisher. Eduardo can be that man. He reminded me of Robbie Fowler. Robbie Fowler was deadly and Eduardo can be just as deadly.

Fingers crossed for Dudu tonight in his comeback!

By the way, thanks for all the kind comments for yesterdays blog!

Keep it Goonerish.............

Monday, 15 December 2008

Wrighty7 blog is a year old!


How fast can a year go??

Its been a whole year since I began writing the blog. Many will say that I haven't improved and I'm inclined to agree with them!

I began writing Wrighty7 because I used to write a lot of comments on Arsenal Analysis and thought that maybe I should have a go myself.

I was helped a lot by 1970's Gooner who writes on the blog. To be honest he inspired me to start Wrighty7 and I'd like to thank him for all the help he has given me. It is appreciated a huge amount.

Arsenal Analysis is one of the first blogs I look for every day and I recommend it to anyone.

I'd also like to say thanks to Pedro and Geoff from Le Grove. I think Le Grove is a blog that is misunderstood in many ways. In a year it has grown into one of the biggest Arsenal blogs around. So many read it and contribute, they can't all be wrong can they?

I think Le Grove takes a lot of unfair stick. Pedro and Geoff are only giving an opinion on Arsenal. Same as all the Gooner sites around.

I'd also like to say thanks to all the Gooner sites on my blog roll. They swapped links with me and helped me to build Wrighty7.

Every blog is different and thats what makes them so good!

Newsnow, Goonernews and Arsenal News have helped put my blog out to a wider audience and for that I'm grateful.

From a personal point of view I'm over the moon that I've reached a year of blogging.

I realise that Wrighty7 is not the best written blog around. I try to keep things simple and I think that Gooners relate to me because I write from the heart about my beloved Arsenal.

I will continue to write the blog because I've enjoyed doing it. It's turned from a hobby into an obsession.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog over the past year and thanks to those who have left comments!

Keep it Goonerish.................

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Cesc Fabregas could be the key to Arsene Wenger strengthening Arsenal

There is no doubting the fact that this Arsenal squad needs strengthening. It's been a big subject amongst any conversation involving Arsenal for a while now.

Most Gooners, pundits and ex-players all agree that Arsenal need to buy. The sooner the better because the season is beginning to take shape and it seems Arsenal are in for a real battle for fourth place.

Arsene Wenger has set such high standards at Arsenal that it is inevitable the day those standards slip people will begin to ask questions.

We Gooners have watched an invincible side taken apart and replaced by a side who are struggling. It's painful to watch but it's only recently murmurs of discontent have spread amonst Gooners.

We are used to competing, thanks largely to Arsene Wenger who over the years since his appointment has maintained a high standard at the club.

Those high standards set by Arsene Wenger are not being matched anymore. They haven't been for four years.

We were unfortunate last season but even the end of season collapse may have been prevented. It was obvious throughout the season that the squad was full of talent but lacked depth. But Wenger did nothing.

Gooners have kept quiet because of Wenger's achievements. He has been given the time and patience by us because we believe in him. It's only recently Gooners are beginning to show some displeasure at what is being witnessed.

The problem is it seems glaringly obvious to everyone that Arsenal need to make signings. Only Wenger doesn't see it and seems to have his head buried in the sand.

I understand his public intentions. He wants to protect his players but the truth is Arsenal are suffering because Wenger believes he is right in what he is doing.

He isn't. Signings are needed because things appear to getting worse rather than better. Arsene Wenger doesn't seem to listen to anyone but I think there is one person he may listen too.

Cesc Fabregas.........

Cesc Fabregas is the present and the future of Arsenal. He is our captain and the team is built around him. Despite this he can't be happy with the situation at Arsenal.

He won the Euro's with Spain and has had a taster of what it is like to win things. Publicly he can back his fellow team mates all he wants but privately he must be dismayed at whats going on.

A player of his talent needs to be competing for honours and he must look at some of his team mates and think how can we achieve this?

He is the voice of the team and he needs to go to Arsene Wenger and tell the gaffer that changes are needed. If Wenger doesn't listen to Fabregas then who will he listen too?

If Fabregas doesn't feel that Arsenal are going to win things then it is unlikely he will stay. Why should he? With a click of his fingers he could go back to Barcelona who are beginning to look the real deal again.

Arsene Wenger needs to realise that his ways are beginning to backfire. In the past he hasn't been afraid to use funds available why not anymore?

Cesc Fabregas has a special relationship with Arsene Wenger. That bond could be broken unless Mr Wenger wises up and realises that Cesc needs help. He is a young man with a lot of responsibilities.

If Fabregas wakes up one morning and thinks enough is enough then I wouldn't blame him. It's time for Wenger stop being stubborn and get back to those high standards he set at the club.

Keep it Goonerish................

Saturday, 13 December 2008

The Mad Professor strikes again................

I've ended up with egg on my face. There was me telling anyone who would listen that I believed Arsenal would win today. I believed Arsenal would win convincingly too.

I even had a bet. I had a bet on Arsenal winning 4-0. That's how confident I was.

I wish I had a different bet. I wish I bet that Arsenal would turn in another shocking performance. I would have won a lot of money.

I can't say I'm surprised at the performance really. It's happened so many times this season it's becoming the norm at Arsenal.

I was tempted to blame everything on the midfield. Without doubt this is the poorest midfield that Arsenal have had under Arsene Wenger.

Its so poor I wouldn't blame Cesc Fabregas if he did want to leave Arsenal. Imagine having Song as your partner. Quite scary really.

There was no pace or penetration from the midfield. I lost count of the amount of times it became so congested in there players were getting in the way of each other.

The blame must lie with Arsene Wenger. I can't understand why he persists with playing Denilson on the right and Diaby down the left. Both were desperate to keep going into the middle, causing all sorts of problems.

Why does Wenger leave making his substitutions until it's too late? Bendtner came on with 10 minutes to go. How is he expected to make an impact?

A change around the hour mark could have changed the game. The middle of the park was congested so why wasn't Vela given a chance to stretch the play with an appearance down the left?

That's why he was on the bench. To change the game if need be. So why not use him?

The subs must have sat there thinking to themselves, "Whats the point of being here?" Arsene Wenger may as well only pick 11 for the match day squad.

I don't want people to think I'm picking on Song here but many times did he give the ball away? He is supposed to be the holding player yet I continuously saw him 15 yards further up the field than Fabregas.

Again Wenger should have acted earlier. He should have told Song to hold his position and let Fabregas go forward to influence the play more.

It is me or do this Arsenal side look lazy? For the 'Boro goal the deflected clearance should have been dealt with. Song was the closest player to Tuncay yet he reacted like he was stoned. A little glance over the shoulder was the best he could muster.

There was little or no creativity from the midfield. Le Boss must have seen this. Fabregas was being suffocated yet there was still no reaction from Arsene Wenger.

I've said in the past that the title was over. How can I change my mind when I see a performance like that?

Arsene Wenger has some serious work to do. If he doesn't make any signings then Arsenal are in deep trouble.

He also needs to take a deep look at himself. I know he hurts when he sees Arsenal play like this. He wants beautiful football but it's time to end his stubbornness.

This team needs help. January can't come fast enough for me. If Arsene Wenger doesn't make any signings then on his head be it.

Keep it Goonerish...................

Friday, 12 December 2008

Quit the talk and walk the walk

I've lost count of the number of times that an Arsenal player has spoke a good game this season, the latest being Mikael Silvestre.

Is this what we are going to hear all season? Rallying call's left right and centre?

I'd prefer it if the players actually began to perform on the pitch. Anyone can talk a good game.

I don't want to hear excuses and what needs to be done anymore. I want to see results on the pitch.

It's easy for the players to say what needs to be done. The problem is actually doing it.

I'm hearing too much talking, it's time to begin the walking.

Keep it Goonerish.....................

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Roma, Panathanaikos, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Juventus WILL fear facing Arsenal

Last night was an absolute pile of shit. How many times have we said that this season?

Its beginning to become the norm.......

Despite this inconsistency I still believe that Arsenal can win the Champions League. Call me mad or delusional, Arsenal on their day can match and beat the best.

We could draw Roma, Panathanaikos, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Juventus in the next phase of the Champions League.

I look at Barcelona as the only game I'd want to avoid at this stage. Purely because I want to avenge the 2006 final.

Arsenal can beat any of those sides. It depends what Arsenal turn up. If the Arsenal from last night turn up, expect a hiding, but if the Arsenal who beat Manchester United turn up then why should we fear anyone?

Those sides will NOT want to face Arsenal. Trust me, Arsenal are the name any side in the tournament will not want to face.

This Jekyll and Hyde team have to hit a run of form at some time this season. And an Arsenal side full of confidence is a very dangerous prospect for anyone to face.

Keep it Goonerish...............

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Was that a pre-season friendly???

What was that performance about?

Was that game a meaningless pre-season friendly?

And there was me thinking that it was a Champions League game.

The Champions League being the biggest club tournament in world football. The tournament that every top player wants to play in.

I don't care we were already through. That was a pile of shit. There was no heart, passion or any ideas.

I'm not digging anyone out for individual poor performances. There were too many of those.

Only two players can hold their heads up. Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere.

Keep it Goonerish..............

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Why buy a hamburger when you have a steak at home?

Arsenal have leaked goals this season and some people are suggesting that Arsenal need a new central defender. I don't think that we do.

The options that Arsene Wenger has at his disposal are more than adequate if he plays the best partnership.

The emergence of Johan Djourou means we don't need to strengthen at the back. Why waste money on a player we don't need?

Johan Djourou and William Gallas are the best partnership at the club and are more than capable of providing a solid back-line.

When the pair are played together they seem at ease. They suit each others styles.

Djourou is the dominant of the pair who will attack the ball at every opportunity and Gallas is left to do what he is best at, sweeping up any danger.

It works. There is no need to buy anyone at the back. When they've played together Arsenal look a lot more comfortable in defence.

If Arsene Wenger keeps the partnership then that is a very solid base to build upon.

What we lack is a protector of the defence. We've been linked with Xabi Alonso again. He would be ideal.

Liverpool haven't been hard to break down for no reason over the last few seasons. As well as having a great defence they have had Alonso sitting in the holding role in front of them.

Signing Alonso would be a superb piece of business by Arsene Wenger. He would suit Arsenal's passing game and he can mix it up with his great vision of long range balls too.

A spine of Djourou-Gallas, Fabregas-Alonso, van Persie-Adebayor would look very good to me!

Keep it Goonerish...............

Monday, 8 December 2008

Aston Villa wont last the pace for fourth place

Aston Villa have emerged into a real threat for Champions League qualification but I think that it will be a step too far for them this season.

Martin O'Neill has done a fantastic job at the club and he has turned Aston Villa into a real force in the Premiership. Their 2-0 victory over us at the Emirates proves this.

Aston Villa fully deserved that win and have players like Young and Abgonlahor who are becoming fantastic players.

Young is a Gooner too! I'd love to see him in an Arsenal shirt!

I mean no disrespect to Aston Villa but I can see them falling away from the top four in the new year. They will finish fifth in my opinion, and that will be a great achievement in itself.

Arsenal will strengthen in January, we have too. I think the likely additions will inspire Arsenal and push us on to finish in the top four comfortably.

Without sounding arrogant it worries me slightly that Arsenal are worried about Aston Villa competing with us for fourth place.

The gap between us and the other top four sides seems to have widened whilst the gap between us and the likes of Aston Villa seems to have narrowed.

It will continue to narrow unless we strengthen the squad, because I'm sure Martin O'Neill will add to his set of players.

I'm sure Aston Villa fans will believe they can finish in the top four and why not? They are firmly in the mixer. They certainly pose a much larger threat than Tottenham do!

I just think it will be a step too far for them this season. Arsenal are due a run of games where we win 7-8 on the trot and that will prove too much for Villa.

Aston Villa also are in the running for Europe, same as Arsenal, but Arsenal have more experience coping with the situation.

I'm sure I saw a stat that Villa have only used 17 players in the Premiership this season. They will be tired later on in the season and I wonder how Young and Abgonlahor will cope without having a rest.

Keep it Goonerish................

Why does Arsene Wenger torment us?

Arsene Wenger loves to let us Gooners know who he "almost" signed and if truth be told I'd rather not hear it!

Cristiano Ronaldo is a grease ball who, despite this, is a damn fine footballer who "almost" signed for Arsenal, according to Le Boss.

I'd rather not know that he "almost" signed for Arsenal because I've just seen him being named European Footballer of the Year and bang in 40 odd goals for a rival club.

It kind of makes me think what might of been!

This is not the first time that Mr Wenger has come out and said that he "almost" signed such and such.

I don't believe the current situation at Arsenal needs the gaffer to say these things.

Gooners are frustrated enough as it is at the moment without Arsene Wenger telling us what might of been.

It's almost like stirring up a hornets nest!

Please Mr Wenger, don't do it again! Or at least next time make SURE the player signs!

Keep it Goonerish................

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Would Gooners have reacted the same if it was Fabregas having a stinker?

I really felt for Emmanuel Eboue yesterday. I know his performance was shocking but the cheering from Gooners when he was substituted was in my opinion was harsh.

Gooners pay plenty of money to watch Arsenal and maybe feel that they earn the right to behave how they want at games. I agree to a certain extent but I think it is harsh to single out one player.

Eboue will never be a crowd favourite and he can infuriate me with his play-acting but you could see how much the crowd's reaction hurt him.

He was close to tears and nobody likes to see a grown man cry. To see him so distraught wasn't a nice sight.

Wenger says that Eboue is a sensitive boy who wants to do well. I hope we see a positive reaction from him in the next game he plays but I think after yesterday his confidence is shot.

He is an immensely popular lad in the dressing room and I don't think he is as bad as some people make him out to be. In my eyes he is a very good right back but Sagna is better.

Let's hope it was just an off day for Eboue and he comes back stronger from this. A little more effort from him would be a start!

I understand that we Gooners are going through a difficult period at the moment and it is frustrating but please lets not start getting on the backs on individual players.

I think we are looking for a scapegoat and Eboue is an easy target. I know he was shit yesterday but haven't you had a really really bad day at work before? I know I have and it seems once one thing goes wrong the rest of the day seems to follow suit.

It's easy to get on the back of Eboue but lets try not to. After all, he does play for Arsenal.

A little question is at the back of my mind. Would the Gooners who "turned" on Eboue have done the same if it was Cesc Fabregas having the worst game of his life?

I think not.

Keep it Goonerish.................

Friday, 5 December 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo would have been even BETTER had he joined Arsenal and not Manchester United

I always had Cristiano Ronaldo down as a show pony when he first joined Manchester United but he has improved so much.

He has developed into one of the best players in the world and a huge amount of credit must go to Alex Ferguson for the way Ronaldo has been nurtured into this fine player.

I read today that Ronaldo was an inch away from joining Arsenal. I will upset a lot of United fans by saying this (I don't care) but I think Ronaldo would have been an even BETTER player than he is now had he joined Arsenal and Manchester United.

I say this for one reason, Arsene Wenger.

There is no one better in world football at developing talent than our gaffer. The amount of young talent that Arsene Wenger has brought through is astounding.

Sometimes the youngsters leave Arsenal but look at the amount of other clubs who have benefited from players being developed by Wenger and Arsenal.

There are a number of players littered around who came through at Arsenal but didn't make the grade at the club. The standard of Arsenal's youngsters is amazing.

This isn't a pop at Ferguson (who I've mentioned has done a great job with Ronaldo) but imagine if Cristiano Ronaldo had that type of mentoring from Arsene Wenger.

He wouldn't just be European Footballer of the Year, he would be World Player of the Year too.

Ronaldo is a fantastic player who (frighteningly) will get even better. I don't doubt though that under Wenger's tutelage he would be even better than that.

Keep it Goonerish....................

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Arsenal won't be English champions but will be European champions instead!

Forget the Premiership title, it's beyond us. We've lost far too many games and are too inconsistent to mount a challenge.

The Champions League however is a totally different prospect and it's a trophy that I really believe Arsenal can win.

Our possession football suits the Champions League. It's a far slower pace than the English Premiership and there is no team better in Europe than Arsenal at keeping the ball.

You need the luck of the draw and people will say if Arsenal draw an English team, then we will struggle because they know how to play against us. I beg to differ.

If a side resorts to the usual bully boy tactics employed by Premiership teams then the European referees will stamp down on it. The harsh tackles will not be allowed.

Liverpool and Chelsea have knocked us out in the past but we outplayed them both in those ties. I'd say a great deal of luck enabled them to overcome us. Surely that luck would change?

Successful sides are built on the foundations of a solid defence. The defence made up of Gallas, Djourou, Clichy and Sagna is more than solid enough to keep clean sheets.

We didn't keep a clean sheet against the "almighty" Chelsea but the goal we conceded was an own-goal and could have been prevented had Almunia not suffered a rush of blood to the head.

A Chelsea side at home, had one shot on target against us in 90 minutes. That alone proves to me the back-four of those mentioned above are more than capable of shutting out Europe's elite.

Arsenal always have goals in them. We can score against anyone, especially those crucial away goals.

If we can keep it tight in the home games then we can beat anyone over two legs. Teams will not want to face us.

I see so many parallels between this season and the 2005/06 season when we reached the Champions League final. The inconsistency in the league, the rumour's of infighting. It's uncanny. I don't however see us struggling for fourth place this season. We will get there comfortably.

People are speaking of another trophyless campaign for Arsenal. I don't agree. I genuinely believe the Champions League will be ours in May.

Keep it Goonerish......................

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What was worse, John Terry's tackle or William Gallas' sulk?

I've tried to forget the two-footed lunge made by John Terry on Bacary Sagna but I just can't. It was a disgrace and Sagna is lucky that he did not suffer a broken leg.

Chelsea have grumbled about Arsenal's opener being offside, I'd say it was justice after John Terry nearly crippled a fellow professional.

How he can make a tackle like that and get away with it is unbelievable. It was a straight red. In fact, I'm surprised that Sagna wasn't sent off for damaging Terry's studs with his leg!

I'm fed up with the media. This incident has hardly been mentioned yet we hear that Arsenal's opener was offside. Whats worse? An offside goal or a tackle that could have maimed someone?

The media's darlings are the England players and with John Terry being the captain I guess he has special treatment. Whenever he does something bad it is swept under the carpet.

Fuck me, whats worse? John Terry's tackle or William Gallas' tantrum at St Andrews last season?

Gallas was in the paper for weeks over that incident, John Terry nearly takes someones leg off and it hardly gets a whisper.

I thoroughly believe that even if John Terry commited murder it wouldn't get a mention. The man gets away with everything.

Why hasn't it been brought to anyone's attention? Could you imagine the uproar had William Gallas committed such a tackle?

Keep it Goonerish....................

Monday, 1 December 2008

Wenger needs to keep William Gallas and that defence together

People who read my blog know that I rate William Gallas very highly despite all the shenanigan's over the last year.

I felt that there would be no way back for him after he was stripped of the captaincy. Well, maybe there is.

He is a world class defender and Arsenal are much better off with him than without him. His performance yesterday was top class.

We need to keep William Gallas purely because of his ability to defend. Forget the tantrum's and the bad press, when Gallas is on top of his game there aren't many better in the art of defending.

The main reason I feel we need to keep Gallas is because of his blossoming partnership with Johan Djourou. They look very comfortable together and as a result, Arsenal look a lot more solid at the back.

The Arsenal back-line against Chelsea was fantastic. The foundations of a good team are built on a solid defence.

Many Gooners have called for Djourou to be given a chance, myself included. He has proved that he is ready to become a first team regular, with Gallas alongside him.

Gallas seems happier without the responsibility of the armband. It allows him to concentrate on his main strength, defending.

Arsene Wenger seems to have given William Gallas an olive branch. The reaction of Gooners in the games since he was demoted from the captains role suggest they have too.

I'm glad Gooners have.

Keep it Goonerish....................