Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Alex Song Is (Nearly) World-Class

A few years ago if someone had suggested to me that Alex Song would one day be (nearly) world-class I would have taken them straight to Broadmoor and had them sectioned myself.

At the beginning of his Arsenal career Song looked, in my opinion, horribly out of his depth. When he went on loan to Charlton Athletic I actually believed he had probably found his level. At best.

Well, I'm man enough to hold my hands up, and admit that I was wrong.

I am very wrong. Its the most wrongest I have ever been since 1995 when I believed that Chris Kiwomya would become the highest scoring Arsenal player of all-time. (I didn't really believe that. Honestly) 

The fact is, Alex is now one of the most important members of this Arsenal team and when his name is on the team-sheet I feel more secure than when I do my Internet banking with Barclays. 

His progression has amazed me more than the Tulisa sex-tape and I think that Alex Song is on the borders of being a truly world-class player. In fact, he isn't far from being one at all.

It's my belief that the only thing stopping the Cameroonian from being that world-class player is himself. 

At times he tries to be clever in the wrong areas of the pitch. But maybe Arsene Wenger encourages him to express himself, even in dangerous situations. Who knows?

What I do know is I give it about 20 minutes before the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona start circling Song like vultures. In fact I can almost hear Xavi talking about Song's FC Barca DNA now.

In the past Alex has spoken about his love for Arsenal, and it's that proper deep love, so I believe that he will stay at the club for as long as we, and Arsenal, want him to. So Xavi, and the rest of his crew, can leave well alone.

A player that has really helped with the progress of Song is Mikel Arteta. The Spaniard has rubbed off on him and I think he totally deserves a gee-up for helping turn Alex into the player he is today.

Unless I am wrong about Song, like I have been in the past, then I honestly believe he will make that progression into one of the best midfielder's in the world. I really do. I haven't smoked anything. Or drunk anything.

I'd consider Song to be at his best when holding the midfield. And its a bonus that he can play that lovely little beaut of a pass over the top when needed too. 

Talk of him becoming an attacking midfielder, I think, is the wrong move. He can come from deep and why try fixing something that isn't broken? Because as Rafa Benitez would say, it is FACT that Song isn't broken.

Song has become a very consistent player. Once upon a time he was consistently bad, and gave me a consistent headache, but I have learnt not to judge players so quickly due to his rise as a player.

Its fantastic to see that he has proved a lot of people, including myself, wrong. I would never have believed that Song would become the player he is today. Never. 

So the man deserves a lot of credit for that. And the fact he is currently, after Robin van Persie, the second most important player in this Arsenal team says a lot.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sagna's Return Coincides With Arsenal's Run Of Form

I don't care that Bacary Sagna looks like Serena Williams' ugly brother. 

And I don't care that, except for Cesc Fabregas' mullet, his hair-style is the funniest I've seen a player in an Arsenal shirt ever have.

Because Bacary is a hero for Arsenal. A proper hero. Like Hercules. 

Is it any coincidence, that since his return from a broken leg, Arsenal have shown the kind of fight only ever seen on the battlefields of Scotland by William Wallace and co?

The man is a warrior. His never-say-die attitude, and fighting spirit, is slowly becoming matched by the rest of the squad. 

They look at the example Sagna sets week-in week-out, and think, 'Hang-on, we better match this desire or he will destroy us. Or Vermaelen will Verminate us at least'.

In my, completely unbiased, opinion, Sagna is the best right-back in English football and the second best in Europe. After Daniel Alves. No mean feat.

Arsenal are on a fantastic run at the moment, which makes a change for this time of year, and Sagna is a key reason for that.

You need characters like Bacary around the club. Not only is he a brilliant right-back but he is influential too.

Players look up to him, except Per Mertesacker, and realise that this is a man who gives his all. Every game. That's the kind of attribute we have lacked in the past. 

Even Theo Walcott looks a different player now Sagna is back in the team. 

His form has improved drastically and it seems Theo can relax, playing his game more naturally, when he knows that the Frenchman is behind him. 

Arsenal have shown some amazing character in recent weeks. We have even set records in the come-backs we have produced.

Now, for a change, it would actually be nice if Arsenal went a goal up tonight so I don't pull ALL my hair out but I'd take another win, regardless of how it is done.

Hair aside, this bunch of bananas, sorry I meant Arsenal players, have the kind of battling quality's I haven't seen since the Invincibles. 

They don't when they are beaten. Except when we play Manchester United away.

The players are beginning to match Sagna, his extraordinary fighting spirit, and that should take us into the Champions League again, and stand us in good stead for next season.

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Harry Redknapp Is Rattled

Some bitch must have twisted Harry Redknapp's melon because he seems to be cracking right up.

Having pops at Chezza. Blaming his taxes on his poor dog Rosie, who has never done anything wrong as far as I am aware. And now losing three games in a row has got to him.

I understand it must be hard for him to look in the mirror, what with nearly getting his dog banged up and his ugly baggy face staring back, but he is losing it. And losing it fast.

He has never been in this position before. A man under intense pressure all of the sudden and he can't deal with it.

When things are going well, Redknapp is the cheeky cockney chappy the media love. A guy who has plenty of banter, especially when leaning out of his car window.

But when things are bad, Harry can't take it. He spits his dummy out quicker than my baby nephew. And I haven't mentioned throwing his toys out the pram yet.

This man is meant to be the bloke every one wants as the next England manager. Do you honestly believe he could cope with that? The expectations of a nation of his shoulders.

All season long he has spoke of where S*urs are in the league and that they deserve to be there. I agree with that, they do.

But now he is saying they are punching above their weight despite saying his side is as good as any other in the league. Including Wigan.

Redknapp contradicts himself left, right and centre and for a long time I have told many of my S*urs supporting pals what a shyster the man is. Now even most of them are starting to agree with me.

It makes me laugh to see good old Harry squirming under the pressure because he beginning to show his true colours and blaming every one else for his downfalls. Even his little dog got it.

Its clear to see he is struggling now. When people raved about S*urs being the best team in the world he lapped up the applause faster than Rosie eating her Pedigree Chum.

Now the shoe is on the other foot he is hates it. It wouldn't surprise me if he blamed Darren Bent.

All this plays into Arsene Wenger and Arsenal's hands. We have top four experience. Harry, and S*urs don't have much of it.

I'm not going to start getting all cocky and say we will come above them. In fact, if you offered me the finish of 4th right now I would take it. Even if it meant coming below S*urs.

And I might be taking the safe option there, because 3rd is well up for grabs, but the re-emergence of Chelsea will be a threat too.

Harry Redknapp though, is in trouble. The cracks are showing and that could well mean advantage Arsenal.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Arsenal Have A Siege Mentality

It's almost come as a shock to some people that Arsenal are kicking into gear and are starting to fly like R. Kelly believes he can.

It doesn't surprise me though. Not at all. There is too much quality in the squad for us not to be.

Of course, this current group of players is arguably one of Arsene Wenger's weakest since he joined the club but that just shows the strength of the previous teams he has had.

We aren't title challengers, and we suffered the worst start to a season since 1876 when John Lukic was in goal, but the place is buzzing at the moment.

The players are playing with confidence and really seem to enjoy each others company. I could imagine them all having tea and scones together.

I think Robin van Persie is key to this. Not just going by his magical form on the pitch but also the fact he appears to be a proper leader and captain.

In the past Wenger has often used the term 'mental strength'. So much so, you can be sure he used it in at least 99% of his previous interviews.

Admittedly I often rolled my eyes when he remarked on the 'mental strength' of the squad. I almost thought he was taking the pee a little bit because 'mental strength' was a quality I thought we lacked.

However you cannot throw that accusation at Robin and co. This lot have it in abundance. Not an ambulance.

To come from behind 34 times in a row is an achievement. I even think it could be a record. But this squad don't know when they are beaten.

There appears to be a siege mentality within the squad. Has Steven Seagal given an Under Siege motivational speech or something?

They have been knocked, been popped at more than someone on Poppers, ridiculed and written off faster than my Ford Fiesta.

Yet they STILL are in the top four, only a point off the best team in the whole wide world.

I'm actually starting to get a little excited for next season now. I know that is premature, and that's enough of my sexual problems, but this squad will grow and with a couple of decent acquisitions can really challenge.

The siege mentality developed by this bunch has become a joy to see. They fight for each other and battle as hard as those warrior's from Sparta.

On a completely different level check out the 1 Nil Down 2 One Up site by Dave Seager for a lovely tribute to another Arsenal legend and warrior, Rocky Rocastle, here.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Robin van Persie Won't Go To Manchester City

The speculation surrounding Robin van Persie's future has become hotter than the vindaloo I had just before Christmas. It was so hot, I haven't had one since.

Such is his form, every top club in Europe will be keeping their beady eyes on him and his contract situation at Arsenal.

Roberto Mancini is the latest man to start talking. To be fair he was quite complimentary about the club, and of course, the man he is trying to butter up like a slice of bread, van Persie.

Despite Mancini flirting and sniffing around I'm not worried about Robin leaving Arsenal to join Manchester City. 

I don't believe that he would join another club in England because he loves Arsenal too much and deep down I really believe that he will sign another contract with us anyway.

Of course in the past I have been wrong. I said Cesc Fabregas would stay at Arsenal but the pull for him to go back home was an exceptional situation, what with his Barcelona DNA and all. 

Not too sure but I have never heard anyone talking about Robin van Persie's Manchester City DNA, and I don't think he has any family living in Manchester, so the emotional pull isn't there.

His heart strings are pulled by Arsenal though, and maybe Feyenoord, so his love for the club will be a crucial factor in his future. 

In my opinion, money isn't the be-all and end-all with Robin. Of course he want's to win trophies, and he'd have a great chance of that at City, but most of all he wants to win them with Arsenal.

I have said that even if we didn't qualify for the Champions League next season I feel he will stay if we show intent in the transfer market. I still have that opinion.

The Dutchman has become the darling of the Gooner faithful. We love him more than Wayne Rooney loves the bum-hair transplanted onto his head.

He knows that love can quickly be turned into something more sinister and a move to Manchester City would be the ultimate sin in many Gooners eyes. Seeing him in a City shirt would make our eyes bleed.

When van Persie kisses the Arsenal badge you know that it means something to him. He is a Gooner too and someone who is desperate for the club to do well.

And we will do well. If Robin van Persie stays.

In the past Arsene Wenger has had close affinity's with his captains. But I get the feeling the bond he has with van Persie has developed into something bigger than anything before. 

I think the fact he has seen Robin progress from a temperamental little git into a proper leader of men will persuade him to listen to the striker. And his opinion.

Our previous skippers like Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas have been given the armband based on keeping that player at the club. You could argue the same was done with Robin. 

The difference is van Persie has truly thrived on it and has become a very good captain. In my eyes better than Thierry and Cesc hands down.

Robin van Persie can become a true legend at Arsenal Football Club. Everything is set for him to be spoken about in the terms of Tony Adams, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and most of all Igors Stepanovs.

He wouldn't risk that status to join Manchester City. No way.  

Loyalty is something that is very rare these days in football. Its even rarer than Frank Lampard leaving any of his dinner.

Robin has bundles of loyalty to Arsenal because Arsenal were loyal to him when he was always keeping Tomas Rosicky company in the treatment room. He owes the club and I think he knows that.

He knows the feelings of Gooners. We are desperate for him to stay and he wants to. Now its over to Arsenal to back-up his, and our, the supporters, ambitions. 

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