Thursday, 31 July 2008

They go together like flies and s*it!.........

So Arsenal reject, David "I'm sooooo good" Bentley, has finalised a deal to join the Spuds for a whopping £15m. The fee could rise even higher based on appearances!

Arsenal have done alright from the deal as well, pocketing a lovely £7m to boost the coffers. Not bad for a player who made one Premiership appearance in an Arsenal shirt.

Nice one Le Boss!

I think he's a good player, not great, but £15m?.......

It shows how ludicrous the market is nowadays buying English players. Mind you, the deal was probably only so high because Blackburn had to pay us such a high fee.

Never mind!

I don't like Bentley as a person and I don't like the Spuds, so I believe the pair go hand in hand like flies on shit!

It does make me laugh though. I'm sure I heard Bentley say he wants to play in the Champions League, so why he chose to go to N17 I'll never know. He's joined a club that have never been in the competition, so maybe his knowledge on his "beloved" Spuds isn't that great!

I wonder how much his wage packet will be?.........

Speaking of wage packets, watching Ade play last night just shows how laughable his £120,000 a week demands are.

Granted it was his first game back from pre-season, but judging from last nights performance I wouldn't pay him £120 a week!

It seems we are stuck with him but he will have to grovel and perform a lot better than that if he is too be forgiven for his bloody antics over the summer.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bischoff signs, cheers Arsene I'm wetting myself!

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of French-born Portugal Under-21 international Amaury Bischoff.

He will wear the number 28 shirt and signs from German side Werder Bremen. He plays in the centre of midfield or on the right hand side.

While I'll admit I'm not wetting myself with excitement at the news, I will not pass judgement on the player until I've actually seen him wear the Arsenal colours.

I've no doubt that he must have some potential otherwise Le Boss wouldn't have signed him.

One thing that confuses me is where he is actually from. Is he French? Or is he Portugese? I hope Portugese because;

A) I can call him a Portugeezer,


B) He may progress to full international level for Portugal and injure Ronaldo in a training ground tackle.

Anyway, Le Boss has unearthed unknown gems before, I hope this is one.

I'm also hoping that Le Boss will spend some of the reputed 50% signing on fee we will receive from Blackburn selling Bentley to the Spuds on an experienced player.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Almunia V Lehmann-ITS OOOONNNNNNN!.......

It is similar to Mr Miyagi taking on the karate kid at the Mercedes-Benz Arena tonight. Teacher taking on pupil, father pitted against son......

OK, its not really like that but you get my drift!

Arsenal play Stuttgart and the goalkeepers, who have battled for the number one slot at Arsenal for four years, are pitted against each other.

Both have wanted to be number one, now both are.


Dont be surprised to see Almunia taken out by a rocket launcher from Jens's direction.

Almunia is playing it cool,

"Jens was always a very competitive goalkeeper who always wanted to win and play. I have much respect for him," said Almunia.

Although at the time of saying this he was loading his shotgun.

Expect a hug, then the fireworks will begin..

Keep it Goonerish.........

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Fab: Maybe we lack experience

The great news is that Fabregas has insisted that he is happy at Arsenal and is there for the long-term.

"I have not spoken to any media so it's frustrating to read quotes that I have supposedly said about my future. "I have spent the summer relaxing with my family, friends and girlfriend and I return to training with Arsenal tomorrow.

"I think that some people are just trying to make mischief but my intentions are very clear." I am happy here at Arsenal, my future is with Arsenal and the priority is to achieve success and win trophies at Arsenal."

Well said that man!

But he has also warned that Arsenal need to develop a killer instinct if we are to win the title and hinted that it's because we lack the experience of Manchester United.

"We need to learn to kill games off. We play really well and dominate but the ball doesn't go in.

"United have lots of players who are experienced. They won things, know how to get a result, and know how to play in those games which aren't so nice.

"In our team, only Kolo and Gallas have won the Premiership so maybe we lack experience"

I agree with Fabregas. We do need to sign a couple of experienced players and then I truly believe we will be champions.

Maybe he is throwing a little hint to Le Boss, hopefully Le Boss will listen!

Keep it Goonerish...........

GOONERS, could you accept Henry in a Manchester United shirt?...

According to various sources Manchester United are preparing a £15m move for Thierry Henry. My reaction to this story? What a load of bollocks! Henry has always said that he would never play for another English club and I believe him.

But just imagine IF the move was actually on the cards and Titi DID sign for Manchester United, how would you feel about it?

Betrayed? Angry? Let-down?.......

Or would you be happy for a man quite rightly called an Arsenal legend because he is happy?

It would fill me with dread and disbelief!

Could you, my fellow Gooners accept this? Or would you be damn right aggrieved?

(Its all for fun, it'll never happen. I hope)

Keep it Goonerish........

Fab: Maybe we lack experience

The great news is that Fabregas has insisted that he is happy at Arsenal and is there for the long-term.

"I have not spoken to any media so it's frustrating to read quotes that I have supposedly said about my future.

"I have spent the summer relaxing with my family, friends and girlfriend and I return to training with Arsenal tomorrow."I think that some people are just trying to make mischief but my intentions are very clear."

I am happy here at Arsenal, my future is with Arsenal and the priority is to achieve success and win trophies at Arsenal."

Well said that man!

But he has also warned that Arsenal need to develop a killer instinct if we are to win the title and hinted that it's because we lack the experience of Manchester United.

"We need to learn to kill games off. We play really well and dominate but the ball doesn't go in.

"United have lots of players who are experienced. They won things, know how to get a result, and know how to play in those games which aren't so nice.

"In our team, only Kolo and Gallas have won the Premiership so maybe we lack experience"

I agree with Fabregas. We do need to sign a couple of experienced players and then I truly believe we will be champions.

Maybe he is throwing a little hint to Le Boss, hopefully Le Boss will listen!

Keep it Gooonerish...........


I read Ian Wrights column today in the Sun this morning. He is saying he is concerned that Arsenal are turning into a stepping stone for wannabe greats and is a place where world-class players are no longer happy to see out their careers.

I understand Wrighty's concerns. It has (in the past) crossed my mind that maybe Arsenal are turning into a bigger version of West Ham. It seems at times that players are using Arsenal as a stepping stone. They come young and under Le Bosse's guidence flourish into great players before leaving.

But then again look at the world-class players who have left in recent years, I think that Wenger has released players at the right time in their careers. So Wrighty can't really say that Arsenal are used as a stepping stone for bigger and better things.

We saw the best of Henry, Vieira, Ljungberg and Pires. Can their current clubs say they have? Le Boss has an uncanny knack of releasing players at the right time. He has been proved right time and time again.

Wrighty also says that if any Arsenal fan told him they expect Arsenal to finish in the top four he believes they are thinking with their heart and not their head! RUBBISH Wrighty! Come on man.

I honestly believe that we will be fighting for the title this season not for fourth place. I think we will be up there with Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool not Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester City for the last Champions League spot.

Flamini and Hleb are good players but not great players. They can be replaced, in fact Hleb already has been. I liked Flamini but there is no doubt in my mind that he will be doing to Milan in four years the same as he did to us and Marseille. Leaving for more money. Probably in Spain somewhere.

I agree with Wrighty that a signing of intent is necessary, it would be a boost to the squad and us Gooners. We could do with the "wow" factor instead the usual "who's that?" although i'm sure Sagna and Dudu would quite rightly disagree with that!

We have been written off in the past more times than I care to remember but have always come back stronger. I feel the same this season. I was worried about the lack of players coming in (and venting it on here!) but the dead-line isn't until August 31st.

I believe that Le Boss will bring in the players we need to be strong enough. So I've decided I not going to panic anymore, yet.

But one things for certain, I don't think Arsenal are a stepping stone for players, do you?

Keep it Goonerish............

Monday, 28 July 2008

The right decision.........

Gallas will be kept on as Arsenal skipper this season and I believe that this is the right decision.

Many Gooners are calling for Fabregas or Toure to be installed as Arsenal captain. Although I understand why, I still feel that Gallas is the right man for the job at the present time.

We are fortunate that we have Fabregas or Toure as possible future captains. They are Arsenal through and through, and Le Boss will have a difficult decision to make in the future when Gallas is relieved of his duties.

Gallas made mistakes last season but the important thing is that he will learn from them and be better for it this season.

It cant have been easy for him succeeding Henry in the role and lets not forget it was his first season as a captain.

I felt he led a young side very well and inspired them. He is a winner and that attitude rubbed off on the side around him.

Lets not forget that when Arsenal were top of the league last season people were saying that giving Gallas the armband was an inspired choice. I think so too. Its only when we began to struggle the appointment was questioned.

Gallas is the leader of the side but cannot be held responsible for Arsenal throwing the title away last season. The whole team managed to do that and I doubt even the Maldini's and Terry's of this world could have stopped what happened last season.

I say get behind Gallas. Toure and Fabregas will get their chance one day, its their destiny's to be the leaders of our club.

Until then we have Gallas and that's alright with me.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Sunday, 27 July 2008

EVERYONE needs to learn the lessons of last season/summer

Its fair to say that this summer hasn't been the most stable at Arsenal. We've had key players of last season leave the squad and there is still uncertainty amongst some of the remaining players at Le Bosses disposal.

However the season is just around the corner and is drawing closer as we speak. Arsenal have been written off by most already. I'm not prepared to write Arsenal off.

Remember last summer? We were in apparent turmoil after the sale of Thierry Henry and were set to be replaced by the mugs down the road in the elite top four. It didn't happen, far from it in fact.

We launched an unexpected title assault that only crumbled in the last couple of months. We were so nearly there and I expect to be involved in the title race this season.

The squad is young, but is another year older and wiser. Last season's disappointments should give the players that extra hunger too.

I think we can win it, but only with a couple of players added to the squad. This is where Le Boss needs to learn from last season.

Last season we came unstuck because the squad was not strong enough in depth. We've lost some numbers that need replacing. I hope Wenger realises this (it seems he does) and rectifies it.

I think he will. I don't think our summer transfer activities are over yet and I imagine we will see the desired faces to freshen the squad.

The media need to learn to fuck off. Their constant articles about "Arsenal in crisis" are forever being printed. I've two words for them DO ONE. We are not the media darlings that Manchester United are because of jealousy. Plain and simple.

I need to learn at times to calm down and think before I write. Regular readers of my blog know I'm an emotional guy when it comes to Arsenal. Arsenal is my Achilles heel. Call me a cunt and I'm fine, but diss my beloved Arsenal and I'm a different animal.

I know there are Arsenal blogs out there that are better and that are written better than mine, but I write with my heart and always say what I think is best for Arsenal (in my mind anyway!)

The bottom line is this: Arsenal WILL win something this season as long as Le Boss signs a couple of players in key positions (centre midfield and centre back) The media can jog on, and I'm gonna calm down!

That's the lesson of the day!

Keep it Goonerish...........

Theo Walcott is ready..........

This coming season I believe that Theo Walcott will show the reason Le Boss signed him. It has taken him a while to settle with Arsenal but for me he is finally ready.

He hasn't set the world on fire at the Emirates. He seems to blow hot and cold and can sometimes be a little frustrating to watch. But now he ready to become a first team regular and show us Gooners what he is made of.

He is the reason Le Boss let Hleb go. I'm sure Arsene thinks that Theo is finally ready to play regular football, not just cameo performances.

There is no doubt that Theo has had a lot to deal with at a young age. The fact he was picked for the World Cup in 2006 has put huge pressure on his shoulder's. It certainly didn't help his development.

Also the media like to hype up any young English talent coming through to such an extent they are bound to fail. Who can live up to the English expectation? Not many can. It proved tough for Theo but the boy is made of stern stuff and has come through it.

This season will be big for Theo. I'm expecting big things from him. This is the season he establishes himself as a first-team regular.

The question is, where do we play him?

He sees himself as a striker but finds himself playing out wide for Arsenal in most appearances. The other night he showed his lethal finishing so we've seen how good he can be in front of goal. However for me, at the moment, I think Theo should learn his trade from the wings.

He has bundles of pace and that scares the shit out of defenders. He will also see more of the ball from this position and will learn better positional play.

It important that you get goals from midfield, Theo can get those for us. We have missed goal scoring from the midfield, the days of Pires and Freddie seem long gone. However with Theo, Vela, Rosicky, Nasri and Cesc we should have no problem in this area.

If our new number 14 becomes half the player our old number 14 was then we Gooners will be lucky. I've a feeling that Theo is finally ready......

Keep it Goonerish............

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Its a total change around!......

Last season most Gooners (including myself) believed that Arsenal lacked width to the squad but were very healthy in the centre of midfield.

What a change around!...........

Now it seems the squad is heavy on wide players but threadbare in the centre of the park!

We have an abundance of talent to rely on this season in the wide areas. I'm very excited about the players we have on the flanks. I feel that we can do teams plenty of damage from out wide this season.

Its true we have lost key players in the centre of the park but Le Boss has signaled his intent to sign someone in this area. I hope that he signs someone with experience, preferably Premiership experience so it doesn't take the player long to adapt to Arsenal.

Although we have lost three central midfilders over the the year (Diarra, Flamini and Gilberto) I think we only need to sign one player for this position. Diaby and Denilson can provide cover for Cesc and his new partner and that's not forgetting Song who also looks a good prospect for the role.

I'm starting to look forward to the season. Its only around the corner and I'm excited to see how far we can go after being so close last season. We need a trophy, I feel that if Le Boss strengthens the squad with a couple of signings we will get silverware at the Emirates next season.

Keep it Goonerish........

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Ade, you better be sorry pal............

Its getting more and more likely that Togo Twat Adebayor is going to remain an Arsenal player. I hope that he apologises for the shit he's given us Gooners but I doubt very much we will hear one.

He owes Arsenal, Arsene and us Gooners for the amount of crap we've had to deal with over the summer. He SHOULD be very embarrassed with his antics over the summer but then again I doubt that he is as he obviously believes that he is better than what he is.

I hope he doesn't unsettle the team with his antics, they will be slightly annoyed because in a way by demanding huge wages he is declaring he is better than them, when we all know for a fact he certainly isn't!

I'd like to sell him as I don't want his type at Arsenal. A money grabbing shit head who was a nobody until Le Boss took a chance and gambled his reputation on him. But I won't get my way and he is staying.

So Ade, say sorry to Arsenal, Arsene and don't forget us. Then make sure you perform 10/10 every fucking game or you will face the consequences!

And you won't like them!

Keep it Goonerish........

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Who will be Cesc's new partner?................

Le Boss intends to bolster the midfield for the forth coming season. With Gilberto and Flamini departing over the summer, the centre of midfield is an area that needs strengthening.

“We will need one more body in there,” said Wenger when asked about his midfield. “At the moment we do not have Alex Song who is going to the Olympic games, Abou Diaby was not here tonight and nor was Fabregas.

“If we find a reasonable target then we will do it. But there is no special name on the list.
“We have some time. We have until August 31. We left 11 players back in Austria for this game. They will play in Stuttgart [on July 30].”

So Wenger says there is no special name on the list but he is a sly little devil when dealing with signings and in truth nobody except Le Boss knows who will arrive!

It was disappointing to see Flamini and Gilberto (especially) leave the club, but now its exciting to find out who Arsene brings in to partner Cesc next season.

It may be a typical Wenger type signing (someone nobody has heard of!) or Le Boss may surprise us with a big name.

Its very important Wenger makes the right signing, one of intent and I'm sure he will make the right signing for Arsenal Football Club.

Whoever it is needs experience. For some reason I keep getting the gut feeling that Gareth Barry is on his way to the Emirates. I think that Wenger is letting Liverpool show their cards and then will steal Barry!

I know, wishful thinking! But what a signing that would be.

Who do you think?.....

Keep it Goonerish......

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Can Senderos ever make the breakthrough?.....

Phil Senderos has been at Arsenal since 2003 and has never really established himself a role in the starting line-up.

He is now 23 and still has time on his side, so there is no doubt that he is still improving as a player and will get better.

He seems more comfortable playing alongside Toure at the back and some Gooners feel that this is the best defensive partnership at the club. The pair forged a solid combination in the absence of Sol Campbell in our run to the Champions League final and were part of the best defensive record in the history of the competition.

I'm torn with Senderos. I really want him to do well at the club because he's a nice guy and STILL may prove his doubters wrong.

There is no doubt that he performs a lot better when having a long run of games and improves as they go on. But I always have the worry that at any time there is a costly mistake just around the corner.

For a player of his size he seems to get bullied too much. Senderos is a big boy and shouldn't be letting strikers push him around. Perhaps it may pay for Le Boss to get Martin Keown back in to help Senderos use his size and aggression more.

I also wonder at times if the Premiership is too fast and aggressive for him. Maybe a slower league like Serie A would suit Senderos more? His best performances for Arsenal have been at continental level in the Champions League, and that is played at a slower pace.

The problem is at a high profile club like Arsenal every mistake is highlighted and criticism seems to hurt a sensitive guy like Senderos. If he can develop a thick skin then perhaps he can silence the critics.

He has two world class centre backs in front of him, but the two world class centre backs in front of him haven't really gelled as a partnership. So there is a chance he can break the partnership of Gallas and Toure and cement his own role in the side.

Although he is young we can't keep using his age as an excuse for his mistakes. He has been at Arsenal long enough now and needs to step up a level. He plays regularly for his country and has plenty of experience.

So the question is, can Senderos ever make the breakthrough at Arsenal?..........

Keep it Goonerish..........

Monday, 21 July 2008

It doesn't make sense!......

Le Boss has stated that he bring in at least one player before the start of the season. With the centre of our midfield looking lightweight after the departures of Flamini and Gilberto this is probably the area Wenger will be looking to strengthen.

Gareth Barry and Yaya Toure are players that most Gooners will be happy to see arrive at the Emirates. Miguel Veloso is another name linked with Arsenal who would be welcome at the club. All three are real quality and would be ideal signings.

Flamini was an outstanding performer for Arsenal last season, Arsenal need to sign a player who can make the same impact. Flamini's performances of last season will be hard to match, but I would be confident that Barry, Toure or Veloso could perform to this standard.

One thing makes me wonder though. We are in this position (of needing to buy) because we refused to pay Flamini the money he wanted. I applaud the club for not being held to ransom by players but if we sign a player of this calibre then it will cost a lot of money.

Arsenal will have to spend a lot more money on a transfer fee for a replacement and then of course there's the wages. The wages will be high because of the standard of player involved. Of course I would welcome a new signing but wouldn't it have made more sense keeping Flamini from a financial view?

It doesn't bother me how much Arsenal spend on a replacement, it's not my money. The point I'm making is that Arsenal could potentially be spending a lot more money on a replacement for Flamini than had we actually kept him.

I won't be moaning if we sign a replacement, I'll be rejoicing. But for a club known for it's keen business sense, this just doesn't make sense!

Keep it Goonerish............

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Gallas, Cesc or Kolo?........

After Cesc's recent performances in Euro 2008 some Gooners are calling for him to be made Arsenal captain. I'm all for this, but not at this present time.

Although surprised at the time, I feel that Le Boss made the right call in naming Gallas the Arsenal skipper. Pretty much everyone believed that Gilberto would be named Thierry Henry's successor and it was a shock to see Gallas as new club captain.

I feel that Gallas is a good captain. I know Gooners are split on him but I feel looking at the squad William is the right man to lead Arsenal onto the pitch.

He inspires a winning mentality and a never-say-die attitude to the team. In short, he is a warrior and winner. Arsenal came so close last season to being champions, was it a coincidence with Gallas as the leader on the pitch?

People point to his outburst at Birmingham last season as a reason for him to be stripped of his arm-band. Again people are spilt on this moment. I think it showed how much he cared about winning and lets not forget the circumstances in the game. He had just seen a team mate suffer one of the worst injuries seen in the game and Arsenal had just conceded a late penalty. Emotions are running high and isn't Gallas human after all?

Do you know how you would have reacted in this situation? You never know, you could act the same.

I can understand Gooners not taking him to heart right away. He did play for Chelsea! But I really feel that he is still the right man for the job and he would have learnt bundles from his experience as skipper last season.

Take the arm-band away from him and give it to Cesc now and I strongly believe that we would be saying bye bye Billy. He wouldn't stay if you took that away. It would undermine him, how could he stay?

The day Gallas leaves Arsenal is the day that Cesc Fabregas will be installed as Arsenal skipper. And quite rightly so. He loves the club and I can say that with the confidence it wont bite me on the arse!

Another name thrown in the hat would have to be Kolo Toure. He is very loyal and at least deserves to be in the reckoning. Although I feel he will be appointed vice-captain to Fabregas when the day comes calling.

Fabregas has all the ingredients to become Arsenal captain. But that time isn't right now. Have patience and you WILL see Cesc one day being Arsenal skipper, it is his destiny. He is made for it.

But right now I believe Gallas is the right man and will show why he is captain this coming season when hopefully he will be lifting some silverware.

Keep it Goonerish................

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Something will happen, Gallas is too quiet.......

William Gallas usually has plenty to say but this summer I cant recall a peep from him!

From team talks to transfer talk, Gallas has an opinion and isn't afraid to be heard.

In the past he has mentioned that Arsenal have an exciting squad but it needs more experience and more numbers. I'm inclined to agree with him there.

I think his silence on all subjects means he has been assured by Le Boss that new faces could be arriving at the club.

I know he has been on holiday but last summer he spoke about Arsenal from his vacation. So why the silence this summer?

I know this article doesn't have a strong basis for argument but its my gut feeling that William's silence is because he has been assured that things will happen at Arsenal.

Otherwise I'm sure we would have heard alot more from him over the summer!

Keep it Goonerish.........

Friday, 18 July 2008

Titi, you will always be in my heart too pal....

Thierry Henry has been voted the greatest ever Gunner in the Arsenal poll.

The man is a legend and deserves to be crowned the top man. Going down the list there are so many names that could all have been voted number one but I think the correct decision has been made.

A good choice Gooners!

"I loved my time at Arsenal and have many fantastic memories from my eight years there," said Henry, now at Barcelona."It was an honour to play in the historic red and white of Arsenal, especially at Highbury. "I'll always follow the team and what they do. I'll always be a Gooner in my heart"

Titi, you will always be remembered at Arsenal and could show some people the meaning of loyalty too.

You say you will always be a Gooner in your heart. Well you will always be in my heart too pal.

Thanks for the memories.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Take that chance Arsene.........

Arsene Wenger is wary of "killing" the chances of a young player if he brings in a big-name signing.

'Of course I am in a position where I can spend the money.
'But every time we have done such a great job with the young players that you are concerned 'do we kill a young player or not by bringing another player in?'
'It is a very sensitive subject which is not specially linked with money.'

Please take that chance Mr Wenger.

Over the summer we have lost four experienced big name players, so the rest of the squad wouldn't really notice the difference if we replaced those who left with like for like, would they?

It would probably refresh the squad to see some new faces around.....

Also, the main aim for Le Boss was to keep last season's squad together and then add two or three to the squad. That hasn't worked to plan so we need to replace those who left and then add the players Wenger said we needed.

I understand Wenger's sentiments to the youngsters, he wants them to progress and sees potential big name signings as blocking their paths. But we need experience to guide those youngsters.

Youngsters look up to big names and experienced players, having those at the club would help them progress.

Young players learn plenty of things from experienced big name players. Could you imagine playing alongside the great Gallas or RVP? You couldn't help but learn!

I'm not asking Le Boss to go out and spend £300m, we don't need to. We are not far away from a side and squad that could dominate the Premiership for many years. But we do need to add to this squad, that is for certain. We need experience in the games against Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool.

I'm hoping that Wenger's comments are a smoke screen and that players will be signed. Who knows what Wenger will do?

I hope he takes that chance though....

Keep it Goonerish.........

Thursday, 17 July 2008

We must be patient......

Carlos Vela can't wait to put on the Arsenal shirt whilst we Gooners can't wait to see him in one!

The Mexican joined THREE years ago but has plied his trade in Spain, having to bide his time waiting for a work permit.

He seems really eager to please and appears to have his head firmly screwed on.

I'm really excited about Vela. He seems a real talent, and Wenger rates him very highly. Whether playing upfront or on the wings this season, Vela will no doubt get Gooners on the edge of our seat's with his playing style.

Although excited I call for patience with Vela. He is young and will take time to adjust to the Premiership and English football in general.

He will have gained first team experience in Spain but we should not expect him to make the leap straight into the Arsenal first team. I'm sure that Gooners are not naive enough to expect that anyway.

I wish him good luck in his Arsenal career and hope he helps us win many trophies.

Speaking of good luck, I wish plenty for Gilberto.

He has been a superb servant for Arsenal and an excellent professional throughout his time at the club.

I won't forget Gilberto and what he has done for Arsenal. An excellent player who did a great job for us.

He has a brilliant attitude and even when he was over-looked as captain last season and barely featured, you hardly heard a grumble for him.

Young players could learn bundles from Gilberto just by the way he conducts himself on and off the pitch. And Arsenal will miss him, not just his experience but his role in the squad.

I would be more than happy for him to stay, but you can't argue that at his age he needs regular football and it's likely he won't get that at Arsenal.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

WE ARE ARSENAL! One twat down........

And I don't mean Gilberto!

Alex Hleb has finally left Arsenal. We get £11.9m for him and I'm glad that the saga is finally over.

Hleb and his agent's conduct over the summer has been a disgrace. We don't need tossers like him at the club, Arsenal are far better off without.

I won't deny I felt he was a good player but he has proved himself to be a slimy rat.

Lets see how he copes with the Barca bench and thousands of Spaniards waving white hanker chiefs at him after he refuses to shoot when put through on goal.

I WONT be wishing him good luck.

So that's one twat down...........

One more to go..............

That leaves Ade.

I want Greedybayor to leave. I'm disappointed in him. I felt he truly loved Arsenal but he has also proven that he only motivated by the dough, and as much as he can get.

The pair are good players but don't have the morals and character to play for our great club. Players will come and go but our Arsenal remains.

We want the Cesc's, Gael's and Bacary's at the club. Players who wear the shirt with pride, not mercenaries like Hleb and Ade.

After all, WE ARE ARSENAL!

Keep it Goonerish...........

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

It is my dream to play for Arsenal...............

Andre Arshavin's dream is to play under Le Boss at Arsenal.

I'm sure it is pal! It's my fucking dream as well!

This bloke Arshavin dreams a huge amount doesn't he? Only a couple of weeks ago he dreamed of a move to Barcelona. He wants to cut down on the cheese before bedtime.

It seemed that the whole of Europe were chasing him, now it is revealed not one solid offer has been put forward for the Russian.

He is a good player though and one I'd like to see at Arsenal. He has said he wants to play for us, and thats good enough for me.

PS- Whats the betting if Arsenal don't make an offer, then he will be dreaming of someone else?

Keep it Goonerish...........

Thanks a bunch Mr O'Neill!

Aston Villa gaffer Martin O'Neill has (apparently) revealed that Arsenal number two, Pat Rice, rang up his number two (confused?), Steve Walford, to enquire about Gareth Barry.

"Myself and Steve Walford both know Arsene Wenger's assistant Pat Rice,"

"He phoned Steve to ask how the Liverpool thing had gone and said that they might show an interest.
"At the end of the conversation Arsenal said 'that's fine' and that they'll let us know. That is exactly what happened."

Whether this is true, I'm not sure. It is printed in the highly reliable Sun newspaper. A-hem....

If indeed there is substance to the story I'm sure Mr Wenger will appreciate Martin O'Neill making it public knowledge that Arsenal are interested. NOT.......

So thanks for that Mr O'Neill, you may scare Arsenal off now. You should know how secretive we are about transfers (except Nasri)

I wonder if this is a ploy by O'Neill to force Liverpool to up their bid. Make it known another club are interested and Liverpool aren't too sure that the deal is 100% theirs.

It's good though to see Le-Boss looking at estabilished players to bring in. We need a couple. Mixed with our youth we really could clean up next year.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Monday, 14 July 2008

I'd bite Barca's hand off, would you?

I've read today that Barcelona are ready to offer Arsenal £15m AND Samuel Eto'o in order to get Adebayor at the Nou Camp next season.

If this is true then if I was Arsene Wenger I'd bite Barca's hand off for that offer!

I'm a huge fan of Eto'o, he is without doubt, world-class. He is at the perfect age, 27, and is a natural finisher, scoring goals for fun throughout his career.

How many goals would he score at Arsenal with the chances we create? If Ade can score 30, how many could Eto'o get?

There are question marks over his fitness but there were question marks over Marc Overmars when he signed. Look how well he did.

Eto'o scored 16 goals in 18 appearances last season for Barca. So his injuries haven't stopped him from finding the net.

I know it would be worrying to sign a player who seems plagued with injuries, after all we have RVP and Rosicky to worry about! But if this offer is true then I feel that it's an offer we can't refuse.

Or we may regret it.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Coincidence, Gilberto out, Barry in?

With Gilberto's exit imminent soon I was wondering whether his departure coincided with the fact that Arsenal have been linked with Gareth Barry.

I wrote on Friday that I think Le Boss will promote a player from within the squad to play alongside Cesc next season in midfield with Diaby the likely option for me.

However, it's clear we need to add to a squad that gets stretched during the season so a player coming in would make sense in more ways than one.

I also feel that Aston Villa boss O'Neill would rather do business with Arsenal than Liverpool after he criticised the Anfield club's conduct in pursuing Barry.

Liverpool's relationship with Villa has become frosty after several bouts of negotiations and a stalemate for the player has risen.

The obvious obstacle's are the price and the fact that Barry seems to have his heart set on a move to Liverpool. I can't see Le Boss paying £18m for Barry so a lower bid plus add-ons or a squad player in exchange is more likely.

Whether we could get Barry to join after he openly admits to wanting to play for Liverpool would be hard. However, hopefully Wenger can work his magic on Barry and persuade him otherwise.

Barry would be a great signing. He would fit into Arsenal's style of play and although he has a lack of pace he more than makes up for this with his vision and clever speed of thought.

The main thing for me though with Barry is his consistency. He performs well every game and that's what we need after the form Flamini showed last season. Barry could make Cesc tick as well as Flamini did, as well as providing balance with his trusty left foot.

Has Le Boss got an option in mind with Gilberto leaving and is it Barry? Or will he stick with what he has even when Gilberto leaves?

Keep it Goonerish.....

Friday, 11 July 2008

Could Gilberto's likely exit mean a make or break season for Diaby?

Its looking more and more likely that Gilberto will follow the Arsenal central midfield exodus by signing a deal with Greek side Panathinaikos.

If indeed he does leave then I wish him good luck. He has been a superb servant for Arsenal and an excellent professional throughout his time at the club.

I won't forget Gilberto and what he has done for Arsenal. An excellent player who did a great job for us. He has a brilliant attitude and even when he was over-looked as captain last season and barely featured, you hardly heard a grumble for him.

Young players could learn bundles from Gilberto just by the way he conducts himself on and off the pitch. And Arsenal will miss him, not just his experience but his role in the squad.

I would be more than happy for him to stay, but you can't argue that at his age he needs regular football and it's likely he won't get that at Arsenal.

This would mean yet another central midfield player leaving and you could say we need to strengthen this position for the new season. It's hard to believe the amount of players that play in such an important position have left.

We seemed top heavy with central midfielders last season and now its the complete opposite!

Many Gooners have an opinion on who play alongside Cesc next season. Mine is that I'd love Yaya Toure to sign but that seems very unlikely. My strong feelings is that Le Boss will promote from within.

Is Diaby the answer to our problems? With all the recent departures in his favourite position Diaby will not have a better opportunity to make the central midfield place his own. But can he do that and does Wenger have enough faith in him to do so?

More importantly do you, my fellow Gooners feel Diaby can take this chance and finally show us what he is made of alongside Cesc?

He has been, unfairly in my views, compared to Patrick Vieira. There is only one Patrick Vieira and Diaby is similar only in appearance. I've no doubt though that Diaby can play in this position but only when he learns to play the ball at the right time and becomes more aggressive.

He will only improve by playing there, and Le Boss has been smart by playing Diaby wide to allow him the chance to improve other aspects of his game, such as positional sense.

In many ways this is a make or break season for Diaby. He will never have a better chance to nail this position and make it his own. Lets hope he can!

Keep it Goonerish.......

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Our Danish delight

Without doubt Nicklas Bendtner is a special talent. Tall and powerful but with an elegant touch, the Danish star has a bright future ahead of him.

He may not have played as much as he would have liked last season but it was a good learning curve for him. Lets not forget it was his debut Premiership season, he impressed me with his performances and I expect a more prominent role for him this coming season.

He can seem very arrogant, but don't see this as being cocky. It's this self-belief that takes players to the highest level and I can see Nicklas being one of the best strikers in Europe if he works hard at his game and listens to Le Boss.

Afterall, Wenger is by far the best manager in the world at making stars so Nicklas is at the right club and has the right man to listen to.

I can see Nicklas making a big impact this coming season with Arsenal and also Denmark. I think he is ready to deal with the Premiership and ready to score some important goals.

I'm very happy that he will be wearing the Arsenal shirt and hope he will for many more years!

For excellent coverage of Bendtner see the Nicklas Bendtner news site on my blog roll.

Keep it Goonerish...........

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Time to scrap the one year deals methinks!

I've heard that life begins at thirty, or is that forty? In any case life at Arsenal certainly does not begin at thirty, far from it.

If you play for Arsenal and you are approaching the big 3-0, then you might as well pack your bags.

Over the years we've seen a steady amount of players leaving the club when reaching or nearing thirty due to the fact Arsene only offers one-year deals when renewing their contracts.

Is it time to change that policy?

Look at Hleb's situation. As you know, I feel that Hleb has taken a liberty at the way he is trying to engineer a move from Arsenal. But he is nearing the age of a footballer when that last long and well paid contract is on offer.

He won't get that at Arsenal. So you understand why, in a way, his reason for wanting to leave.

Most players (at that age with Bergkamp the exception) have left for the same reason. They don't have the security of a long term deal at Arsenal so they find it elsewhere.

I bang on about loyalty on my blog, but loyalty works both ways. If the club aren't willing to show their loyalty to these players by looking after them with longer contracts then the players won't return any loyalty.

Because of this policy players will always leave Arsenal when that final pay day comes. They know when they reach or near thirty, they have to accept these one-year deals or be shipped out.

Maybe it's time for a change. Maybe it's time to scrap the one year deals.

Keep it Goonerish............

Monday, 7 July 2008


Justin Hoyte isn't the type of player who will get the mouth watering. He isn't a superstar and he isn't even a first team regular at Arsenal but there is one thing he will give you, loyalty.

I've banged on about loyalty in droves lately, mainly due to the fact that some of our players haven't really shown any to the club. Hoyte is different, a local lad who REALLY does love the club.

Hoyte is at the stage of his career where he finds himself at a crossroads in many ways. He is 23 and he will find it hard to oust Sagna as the number one right back at Arsenal. But I admire his dogged determination to try and I admire his loyalty to Arsenal even more.

People may feel that he shows a lack of ambition in staying at Arsenal when he probably could be number one right back at a team with a lower standard, but for me any player who commits himself to the Arsenal cause is worth his weight in gold.

I feel we should applaud Justin for his commitment to the club, players in this day and age are proving hard to find who will stick around for the cause. Justin is certainly one of them.

I'm sure Justin would like more games for his beloved Arsenal and could get them elsewhere, but wouldn't he rather be a small part of something great at a club he loves or be at a club where he gets more games but never competes for trophies?

Justin, I applaud your loyalty to Arsenal and your determination to fight for a place in the Arsenal side. People like you are undervalued, and who else in the squad keeps Sagna on his toes?

Well done Justin, and good luck for the season ahead.

Keep it Goonerish..........

Sunday, 6 July 2008

The board reap the rewards of the Emirates, and Gooners suffer from it!

We have a lovely shiny new stadium that was supposed to let us compete financially with the big boys of Europe and catapult us into the big league. Instead it seems that the stadium has become a burden and Le Boss now has too sell every season just to keep up the £24m annual mortgage payments.

According to the News of the World, Arsene Wenger said we need to sell every season to pay for the stadium. Has Le Boss actually made these comments? Surely he hasn't, because if he has then they are very dumb comments to make.

On hearing these comments clubs could circle the Emirates like vultures picking at us like flesh on bones until eventually the flesh is devoured. How long until stars like Cesc, Van Persie, and Toure are picked at? We can't keep selling our best players just for the stadium.

Is the Emirates worth an ever-changing squad? We need continuity. How can Wenger build a squad knowing it could be ripped apart at any time? It makes depressing reading that is for certain.

I've mentioned before that Arsenal are giving the impression at times that we are indeed a selling club, I was ridiculed for it but it may be true. I'd rather be wrong though.

I can't understand why we could be in this position. Our latest turnover figures make us Britain's RICHEST club. We had over a £200m turnover at least. The comments contradict what the board say. Edelman said we have money to spend, Wenger says we need to sell. Somethings not right, and Gooners suffer for it.

I think the board are just happy to get their millions every year. We sign youngsters, then sell them on for a profit. We make the Champions League and the board get their money from it. We have a big stadium that brings in huge revenue, I'm not sure the board of directors are actually bothered if we win things as long as the money continues to roll in.

The board would only notice any difference if we didn't qualify for the Champions League. Then the panic would set in. I sometimes feel that the only reason we moved stadium was to fill the boards pockets, not to compete with the Madrid's, Milan's and Manchester Uniteds of this world.

If the comments are true then I'd be gutted. It is horrible to think that every year we have to deal with the situation of our best players leaving. This summer has been bad enough already and previous summers have been just as bad at times.

The idea, I thought, of moving stadiums, was to compete with the big boys not line the pockets of directors and board members. That's the impression I get at times. I really, really hope I'm wrong and I'm just being a tad suspicious but sometimes I wished we just stayed at Highbury.

Gooners want the best and we deserve the best. We want trophies. We have a great stadium, a great manager and the potential to be the best in Europe. We don't want to be fobbed off with this no money shit we hear all the time.

Keep it Goonerish.......

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Ade not in it for the money? Play for free then!

The Adebayor situation took yet another twist when his agent, Stephane Courbis, insisted that that Adebayor is not greedy and that Arsenal need to make more of an effort to hang on to him.

The cheeky bastard!

"It is vital that Arsenal show their motivation to keep him,"

"There has been a love story between Adebayor and Arsenal and his relationship with Arsene Wenger is based on trust and respect.

"If this was a money problem, then he would have asked to leave.
"He is a man of heart, not of money. He is not greedy."

Those were the wise words straight from the horse's mouth. I'm sorry mate but you have a fucking cheek.

What can Arsenal do to show their motivation to keep Ade? I know, how about match the ludicrous offer that you claim Barcelona are offering our super striker. Is that all you want? How about we change the name of The Emirates to the Ademirates?! Fucking hell the audacity of it!

There is a love story between Ade and Arsenal is there? More fool you pal. Half of Gooners before this sorry affair wanted Ade out a long time ago, the other half have almost converted into the first half. Confused? Me too, almost as confused as the other day when Ade said he wanted to stay and then he wanted to leave.

The relationship with Wenger is based on trust and respect? Who needs enemies with friends like Ade? I'd trust him, like shit. As for respect, where was the respect for Wenger when announcing that if he didn't get his pay demands then he would go somewhere he could. Who was Ade before Wenger snapped him up? A nobody. Nice respect shown there Ade.

He is a man of heart, not money? Then why go through all this shit then! It's all about the money dip-shit. Ade said it himself! If it isn't about the money then play for free. Ade has enough money already to go without, so play for free for a year then you might earn a little respect back from my fellow Gooners.

Ade has proved he is a greedy git. I was one of the Gooners that supported him believe it or not. I'm sick of him now, and I know that we would miss him but he is not bigger than Arsenal. Arsenal will go on with or without him.

Keep it Goonerish........

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Cesc puts Ade and Hleb to shame


That's a word that many footballers in this day and age don't have in their vocabulary. In recent times we've seen it at first hand at our own club Arsenal.

Over the summer two of our best players have shown that money is the be-all and end-all with them. Adebayor and Hleb should hang their heads in shame at their disgusting attempts to quit Arsenal to satisfy their greedy needs.

I accept that the days when footballers stay at a club for long periods of their career are pretty much over, however surely it's not hard to show some form of loyalty? Especially to a club, a manager and the fans who made you who you are today.

I accept that both Ade and Hleb have no emotional ties to the club but show some respect. The way they have both publicly courted moves away from Arsenal, inspired by greed, is a disgrace.

There was no need for either to act so distastefully in getting a move. Whilst I would have preferred both to remain, if either would have left the club in a tasteful fashion I would have been upset but would have bid both good luck on their travels.

The way both tried to orchestrate moves has left a horrible taste in the mouth and I can't see a way back for them in the eyes of a Gooner. They have both shown their true colours, proving that money is their god.

Cesc has simply embarassed Ade and Hleb. Not intentially of course, but by showing his loyalty and love for the club. This is a player who pledged his loyalty to the Arsenal cause and one who truly means it.

Cesc is not motivated by money. Of course he is well paid at Arsenal but he is one player who deserves it. His passion for the club is helped by the fact he came at such a young age and has effectively grown from a boy to a man with Arsenal.

His comments about Arsenal have made Gooners very proud to have him in our ranks and many of us can't wait for the day that he is announced as Arsenal captain, which is surely a move Le Boss has on the cards one day.

He puts Ade and Hleb to shame with his unquestioned loyalty to Arsenal. Cesc is on the verge of great things and wants to do it with Arsenal, winning trophies. Hleb and Ade care not for trophies and I don't care what they say, their pockets are their only priorities.

Cesc, you are a star and have been a shining light for Gooners in a difficult summer. Ade and Hleb, hang your heads in shame, you are both a disgrace to the Arsenal badge.

Keep it Goonerish.............