Saturday, 28 February 2009

Fulham could be in trouble today

Fulham are having a fantastic season. Roy Hodgson has done a great job there and made Fulham into a side that is really hard to beat.

Against expectations Fulham have taken points off the top teams in the Premiership this campaign. How can we Gooners forget that!

People have often remarked on how bad Arsenal were at Craven Cottage earlier in the season during our 1-0 defeat there. Yes we were terrible, but Fulham played well and deserved their win. They should take a lot of credit for that.

That's why I don't want to sound disrespectful when I say Fulham could be in trouble today but I really believe that Arsenal will start to score goals, and lots of them, sooner rather than later.

The signs are there. We have been beginning to create plenty of chances during our last few matches. A 1-0 win over Roma could have easily been 4 or even 5-0.

We played with so much pace against Roma. It suited us and put them under pressure. We need to do that today against Fulham. Put them under the cosh early and try to get that vital early goal.

I think an early goal could be key. If we get a quick goal the Emirates and the players will be buzzing and confidence will be high.

Someone is due a hiding from Arsenal. It's been a while since I've looked at a scoreline and thought to myself, "have that!"

Fulham are difficult opponents but I think an early goal, plenty of Arsenal pressure and Arsenal wanting to atone for that defeat early in the season could result in Fulham being in trouble today.

Today, we may see plenty of Arsenal goals. I can't wait.

Keep it Goonerish..............


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. The squad has now got more of a natural balance with Diaby, Arshavin, Denilson and Nasri in midfield. This is going to spell Danger for Fulham.

You are right. If we can get the ball moving at a fast tempo and get an early goal. Then Fulham would be getting a spanking

Anonymous said...

Hey morning mr wright.. I'm not first agaim am I?

Yes things have definataly took a turn for the better recently, better attitude and Arshavin could be the key to a 3 or a 4 niller today,

Anonymous said...

Second then.. haha

shouldn't have read the article.. :)

Wrighty7 said...

Ha ha,

Second Mr Avenell my matey!

Wrighty7 said...

I'm getting excited about the rest of the season.

It will be emotional!

Anonymous said...

I don;t like all this early morning stuff wrighty.
an hour in the afternoon is worth two in the morning..

I'm looking forwards to a slightly fitter arshavin today and a more attacking formation. No point in song and denilson if fulham are going to defend like mr wenger obe thinks they will.

Wrighty7 said...

Ha ha,

I know what you mean Ave. I think this is the earliest I've ever blogged!

I agree mate about Song and Denilson.

I'd like to see a real positive team today.


Sagna Gallas Toure Clichy

Arshavin Denilson Diaby Vela


Van Persie

Wrighty7 said...


I think you right about the midfield mate.

Its clear that Song and Denilson dont really offer any creativity.

Wrighty7 said...

When played together!

Anonymous said...

I expect a spanking and revenge for our loss at Craven cottage earlier in the season!!

Arshavin to score today!!

Anonymous said...

Denilson and Song are a pairing we should employ only if we are looking to defend a lead. I dont understand why Wenger insists in playing these odd pairing every game.

I do understand that we've had players injured, but Wenger could have given Ramsey a run alongside Denilson. Denilson is growing from game to game in that Defensive role and as long as he stays fit, and we get every1 back. I sense danger to every team that comes our way.

Up the Gunners!!!

Anonymous said...

I share your optimism but I'm cautious. Fulham lie 3 places below us on the table and that tells me they are a tactically strong side.

As some have already mentioned, tempo will be the key to this game. If the tempo is set from the start, the fans will get behind the team. I also believe Arshavin will score today. I think it will be tight but at the end we would put 3 goals past them. Arsenal 3-0

Anonymous said...

Morning all, Wrighty7 I agree with your comments but I think the score will be 3-1, with Arshavin grabbing a brace and the other going to RVP. Nothing less that a win will do. C'mon you Gunners.

Anonymous said...

I agree the diaby and denilson should give fulham more problems,
but im not expecting great things
diaby has always looked inconsistent even across a single match,
and his recent new injury may mean he wont look his best again today if he plays
if hes unfit, id prefer to see:

arshavin nasri denilson eboue

i think this has good balance as well, and eboue has looked good recently
u do lose a bit of power playing nasri, but he is a tenacious customer

Anonymous said...

song IMO should be backup DM to denilson at the moment
and really if he wants to be starting in this side should think about converting to CB full time
the only time ive ever thought he might be a really good player is hes played at the back
hes aggressive, strong, good in the air and for a CB makes some very nice forward passes - just needs to improve slightly on the positioning side

Anonymous said...

What about having Diaby, Denilson, Nasri, Vela in midfield today? I aslo want to see Arshavin behind RvP supplying quality balls fro him to score and get some himself...


Anonymous said...

arshavin will score today. i can feel it!

Anonymous said...

wrighty you got da team right mate

Joppa Road said...

I didn't want to say anything earlier knowing all the abuse I would get but the fact is some day soon you lot are going to have to face reality and start asking some searching questions like I have all season long.

Not doubt, Bendtner, Denilson, Song, Diaby etc are all still good enough in your eyes.

Not good enough - discuss.

Anonymous said...

keep the faith gooners.

it will be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Talking out your arse again. As I said last week, you haven't a clue about the strengths and weaknesses of this team. You just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Fans like you destroy the club, we need real fans that boo the players at the END of the game and ley Wenger no THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

Anonymous said...

haha another quite hilarious article..
I think you should re-think how you write your articles..
If Fulham had a striker who could finish you would of lost today.
and im sorry but real fans dont boo, what are you talking about?!!?
You need to cheer on your team, sing all the time, let them know your backing them..
Well, if we win against stoke tomorrow and the word is IF, booing isnt gonna help your team in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

thanks to your inept team i drank far to many pints of the black gold last night and will arrive at villa park hungover and having to start again
i cannot see youy coming back yes you may start winning again but you also have to rely on villa either losing or drawing 6 or seven of the last 12 sorry enjoy the battle for fifth with everton who are winning without their main strikers up front and a midfielder leading the line
up the villa