Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hleb is the same as cAshley Cole, I couldn't forgive him if he stayed

The rumours surrounding Hleb leaving Arsenal have been around since the end of last season. His future is still unclear and needs to be sorted before pre-season begins, which is just around the corner.

The interest of his preferred destination, Inter Milan, has cooled after Jose Mourinho took charge. The club who he may leave for seems to be Barcelona, who appear to have made a solid bid for the player.

So much for the quiet life eh Alex!?

Arsenal are making Barca sweat at the moment and won't begin to negotiate with them until Le-Boss gets back from his Euro 2008 media work.

Wenger wants to keep Hleb, and you could understand why, he is a great player. However do we want a player who quite clearly wants to leave?

All summer we've had the media speculation about his future, mainly coming from his agent. Sure all agents do it, but if Hleb wanted to stay he could have put a stop to it by simply saying he was staying and by signing a new contract.

His silence on the matter says it all.

His last statement projected his love for Wenger and Arsenal, I feel this was just an act to try to butter us Gooners up for his departure.

If Wenger gets his wish and Hleb stays at Arsenal, could you forgive Alex for the emotional roller-coaster he has put us through this summer? I couldn't. I like him as a player but he doesn't want to be at Arsenal, that is clear.

He wants all the ice-cream and money that he can get, and Arsenal haven't got enough cones and coins to keep him. He's had his head turned and I don't want him at Arsenal while his head is clearly somewhere else.

I can't forgive him for what has happened this summer. He had the power to stop all the bullshit that his agent spouted, he didn't. His agent works for him, if he fancied a change of scenery why not go about it in a dignified way? Why do it the way he did?

If he simply said that he fancied a new challenge and a new country I would have been disappointed, but would have accepted it. But he didn't.

He has tainted himself now, I don't want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again. I can't forgive him, as much as I couldn't forgive cAshley Cole. For me Alex is in the same mould as Cole now.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

Well, you'd better start preparing yourself, because it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. This sort of view is perfectly indicative of the type of fan who believes every quote and every nonsense story they read in the paper and is far, far too quick to condemn our players. A rankly pointless article. Wiat until something happens before you start writing guff about it...

Anonymous said...

Morning Wrighty

Agree, he knew what his Agent's agenda was - after all didnt he say he wanted a little peace with his best buddy... his agent

Take the money AFC and replace him with a goal scoring midfielder.

Anonymous said...

Alex is 27 yrs.
2 yrs left on his contract.
how much extention can the club give him?
Apart from Dennis recently, who has finished his career in Arsenal and why is that?

Wrighty7 said...

OK anon.

All summer Hlebs agent has spoken of Alex's desire to leave, so why didn't he sack his agent and stop him from spreading the word he was available?

He didn't, and now it seems only one club is interested in him and the move may not happen he has back-tracked.

Cesc sacked his agent when he kept on about Barca and Madrid. That showed his desire to stay, Hleb hasn't.

As I've said Hleb employs his agent, not the other way round. His agent acts on behalf of Hleb.

It that enough guff matey?

Wrighty7 said...

Agreed anon 12:55.

Hleb is a good player and I like him as a player but he doesn't score enough goals,either take the money on offer or put him in the reserves.

And sign a goal-scoring midfielder

Anonymous said...

What a prat the first anon is.

Anonymous said...

The 1st anon is not a prat. He is correct in what he says. This article is childish in its approach and attitude. People do not know whats happening, like this article they assume. Yhen that assumption spreads and people then believe Hleb or Ade or whoever are bastards, cowards, not loyal etc. Some people will speak, some will not, some will commit and some will not. thats life folks and what the papers say is not. Believe it when it happens and until then keep your speculation and pre judgememtns to yourselves

Anonymous said...


If you like the author having an opinion, then may i suggest you go elsewhere

in other words - shove off

Anonymous said...


Meant to say, I you DONT like the author having an opinion

Anonymous said...

How is the article childish? I suggest that anon 13:08 is really anon 12:52 trying to back himself up.
As for the article, it is a good read. If if you don't like it then fuck off and read other sites you muppets

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you Wrighty. You take the time to write these posts and just get some idiots leaving pathetic comments.
Keep up the good work mate. Don't let these wankers get to you. I find your site to be a good one and you have the right balance in your Arsenal views.

leon said...

i dont believe hleb ever wantedto go is agent was fighting for big contact.all the specuation that hleb is going barc is generated by abrc president who is up for election,i garantee you by 6 july all non-sense will stop , this way the run thing over in spain and italy, over here you have chaiman and a manger,but over there all about politics, that most of reason beckham went to madrid , the make most of there purchases based on getting them selvs elected, have any these specualtion that hleb is going to barc ever been confirmed by wenger not evon once, as far as arsenal is concerned the matter with inter has put to bed they are not pressing charges, the bottom line wenger stated that he wants to keep all of his players and if he wanted to sell him he would have along time ago and i dont think he is waiting for nasri to and then sell him because would in same boat he would still have find at least two attcking midfielders.

Anonymous said...

But why has Hleb let his agent go so far? The article makes sense

Anonymous said...

I say' if he want to go, let him. he is a good player. but he dont score enough goals. its not about football anymore. its all the money. an thats sad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wrighty7

there should be a much firmer line at the club,and for thoose players who want to leave ,get rid of them,lets build up a Gunner team with players who are ready to die for the Adams or even Ian flams,ade,hleb,get lost....You where never a true Gunner :..
Have a great Saturday all...

Anonymous said...

Hleb: Belorussian who has no allegiance to any team in Britain. Wants to move abroad.

Cunt: Arsenal through and through or so we thought, moves to Chelsea, releases 'book' slamming 55K a week. Want more money not for himself but for his agent- Arsenal didnt want to pay Barnett for negotiating and neither did Cunt so Cunt left to save himself a few hundred thousand.

Not the same

Anonymous said...

I think you're being a bit harsh on hleb again,
like the 1st guy says, reserve judgement until something actually happens, who knows where all these "quotes" come from, some seem to contradict themselves
However, on a purely footballing level id be happy to see hleb leave If we replaced him with arshavin.
hes comfortable as a playmaker in the hleb mould Or as a proper winger and he scores as well as assisting goals.
I rate hleb a lot but i still see arshavin as superior for this arsenal side

Anonymous said...

Good article, keep it up. Part of me wants him stay mainly because his ball skills and intelligence gives Fabregas more room to get forward with confidence and also it will take time for nasri to bed in. I also think he would give his best for the upcoming season and not sulk. However if Barcelona are willing to pay £14 million+ then we take the moneyand let him go as ultimately he's far from indispensable and will give some of our younger players good chance to show what they can do.

Anonymous said...

His agent is making these comments to maximise the asking price for Hleb's transfer, or maximise a new contract with Arsenal. Either way he hopes to make him and his client more money, so I'm not surprised by this. Hleb himself says he's annoyed by all the speculation and hasn't agreed a contract yet. The rest is just hyperbole generated by blogs and tabloids. I agree, Hleb is hardly flatly denying any of this, and yes I'd imagine that he's tempted by a move. But he's nowhere near Cashley in terms of behaviour and I'd be happy if he stays.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hleb has done nothing wrong he is a foreign employee of the club and can move if he wants to, he is not an arsenal fan as we are.

however he is under contract so its up to wenger whether we keep him or not.

for the money sell him and get better. I like what wenger does, if a club taps up a player, almost always that player gets sold to someone else.

real tapped up vieira, sold to milan. real chased henry every summer... sold to barca. hleb destabilized by milan, sell him to barca. good strategy, teaches them to fuck off.

hardly the employee's fault if other offers come in for them, they aren't gooners. if they want to go, fine, if the money's right, and then buy better replacements.

its what we do,(anelka, vieira, henry, overmars, petit etc) and every time we get better players and make a fortune.

hleb's style of play is holding us back, he's half the player pires was (god, i miss pires, he was a better player than henry, in his position) and its time we got an attacking midfielder who can score goals.

no tears for hleb, at all

Anonymous said...

What about Adebayor? Has the same not happened with him?

Anonymous said...

Hleb's agent was telling anyone who'd listen that Hleb was in talks for a new deal early last season. The club said it wasnt the case. We move on a few months and now; Hlebs agent is hawking him all over the place.

Is that Hleb's, or his agents, or the club's fault???

I wouldnt be too bothered if he leaves, just for footballing reasons though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wrighty,

Although you have some points in that this sagas is both frustrating and long drawn, I think that if Hleb stays at Arsenal, he has chosen to do so. He should be respected for that, and we should not drive him away by hacking on him for transfer rumors.

Remember that every player (especially strikers and midfielders) are bound to consider their future at the age Hleb is now. He is considering weather he should stay at Arsenal or move on, be cause it is his last chance. Any move he makes after 29-30 will be a move downward.

Although he does not score many goals, he has been vital in the link up play (with Cesc and Tomas), and those three really enjoy playing with eachother.

Anonymous said...

Agree Terje - At his age, I don't blame Hleb for thinking about his future as his next contract will be his last good one. It's up to Arsenal - if he is considered important he will be offered a good contract or they will cash in by selling him to the highest bidder. Arsene has a history of selling player when he is ready to let them go or when the price is right. He always has a plan to replace them, so no one is indispensible.

Anonymous said...