Monday, 21 November 2011

Away Day Gooners, I Salute You!

People always knock Arsenal fans for being as quiet as a library that is situated in a cemetery but I think that is unfair.

Sure, the Emirates probably doesn't have the greatest atmosphere in the world, but it has it's moments though.

Who can forget how the place was rock and rolling louder than an Elvis Presley concert when Manchester United came in the Champions League semi-final?

The place was buzzing more than Lindsay Lohan's favourite vibrator on top speed. There was a fantastic vibe around the place. Then United fucking ruined it.

We get mocked for this 'lack-of-noise' by rival supporters all the time and I suppose it is something we have learnt to live with.

Despite this, and until the day I croak it, I will always say that the atmosphere at our ground isn't any less than that of other big clubs in England.

As I have said, our 'lack' of loudness at home is well documented. However, one thing is for certain, they can not knock our away fans.

Away day Gooners, in my unbiased opinion, are the best bunch of supporters in the English Premier League.

They do us proud at every stadium they flock too and in my view deserve the upmost respect.

Not only do they provide fantastic support for the team but they continue to sell out the allocated seats every game.

A Norwich fan wrote on the Sky teletext letters page that he was a season ticket holder at Carrow Road for 30 years and the Arsenal faithful on Saturday was the best away support he had seen there.

That, for me, speaks volumes and just enforces my view that Gooners are the best travellers on the road in the league.

Every away day Gooner out there gets a massive thumbs up from me. I salute you in every way possible.

Keep it up, and keep doing us proud like you always do.

Keep It Goonerish......


Apesville said...

Your only here to see THE ARSENAL

AshburtonMark said...

Spot on mate. Our support at away games is second to none! Away Day Gooners take-a-boo!

Anonymous said...

Great shout mate. I think the Gooners at the Chelsea game really showed what The Arsenal are about.Top fans.

visionary said...

wrighty, your spot on, they are loud and proud even more-so lately as they have a strong physical team who are prepared to put in a descent shift and scrap like alley cats for the points, and each other

Andy arsenal said...

I was proud to be at the bridge the other Saturday !
We couldn't hear the Chelsea even when we were behind we out sung the Chavs!
The support is embarrassing ! Their fans were just watching us and taking photos! Ha ha
AFC till I die

Anonymous said...

a big holllaaa 2 the away fans......keep doin us proud........n drive our team on..........