Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Tide Will Turn For Marouane Chamakh

From a Gooners perspective there are many opinions on Marouane Chamakh.

My own thought is that I think there is still a great player there but one that has hardly any confidence these days.

Like Austin Powers his mojo has been stolen.

With Robin van Persie in the form of his life Chamakh knows that he is back-up at best.

It's no coincidence that we saw the best of Marouane when he was leading the line and very much first-choice at the beginning of last season.

Most of us believed that Arsene Wenger had pulled off a master-stroke the way the Moroccan begun his career with us.

Chamakh shot out the traps quicker than John Terry nipping round Wayne Bridges house and seemed to adjust to the English league right away.

The form he showed in his early Arsenal days convinces me that deep down there is still a decent player in him.

A player who still has a part to play for Arsenal this season.

If Marouane Chamakh can gain back his self-belief then we have an asset. A different option.

He is being linked with a move back to Bordeaux but he brushed talk of that away and confirmed his commitment to Arsenal.

Isn't that what we want? Players committed to the club?

I am not saying that Chamakh will ever be a world-beater but he is a decent squad player who needs to believe in himself again.

He earned a move to Arsenal and that ability to do so hasn't gone. Just his confidence.

When he gains that confidence back I'm sure he will win round the people who doubt him.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you're full of shit

Anonymous said...

I would rather have Chamakh in my team who loves the club rather than a certain Carlos tevez or Nik B,Ade-ba-whore

Wrighty7 said...

Not anymore. Just had a clearout.

Anonymous said...

screw that - this guy is crap. You can see it when he is on the pitch. He hates working hard (you do not need confidence to put in hard work) and his finishing is a disgrace to all footballers everywhere.
This is about the 700th time he is about the turn it around. When is it enough? When lord when?

TrueGooner said...

his interview made me like him more. Very honest and understanding of the situation he faces and acknowledging of what he has to do.

Anonymous said...

those who wants chamakh to leave is idiot. u're not a GOONER.tq

Anonymous said...

the sole thing i had to say to my friends who leave comments,,,gooners we r backing arsenal and arsenal is no team without its players n chamakh is 1 of them,,,it is not the time 2 draw flaws but time to get behind every player and support them so that they play at their best and it includes the likes of chamakh,arshavin.If they were nt that gud,,they wud perhaps not b at arsenal,,,arsenal fr lif

Anonymous said...

they're good my fren, but they dont have much time on the pitch. just saying :)

Anonymous said...

what do u aspect from a free transfer? a class like messi or ronaldo? haha. i think chamakh doing just fine.

KJ` said...

Good article. I have faith in Chamakh. And he is probably the hardest orker on the team.

Did you see his goal against Blackburn? Aerial prowess even on low confidence. He is still scoring regularly for Morroco and is slowly improving this season.

Anonymous said...

Hope he gets his mojo back soon, I want to see players here who are proud to play in the red and white not use us as a career building move and run as soon as the going gets ala Na$ri